Chapter - 8 Chapter eight. An unpredictable man.

Evening sleepier John yawned with tears in his eyes the whole time after time. He, who is showing himself the word "the heaviest thing in the world is eyelids," once again yawned and talked to Seo-yoon about whether he was trying to wake up.

"Are you going to the hospital in the morning?”

"It's okay now."

Salmon was talking to John, he said, scratching his head.

"I sometimes do that, but it's better to leave it."

John was from the U.S. Special Forces even though he looked like that, although he is now a bit big and dull. John, who worked there as an instructor and came here, soon became so adaptable that he began to gain weight.

"I'm sure you'll tell me not to get stressed out if I go to the hospital anyway."

When I sympathized with John, my phone started ringing.

Seoyoon, who briefly forgot to turn it off while working, picked it up from his pocket to turn off his cell phone.

"Take it."

John said as if it was okay, but Seo-yoon shook his head. Looking at the number on the screen, it was his younger brother, Haeyoon. I had just finished talking about Ashan and his family, so Seo-yoon's eyes on the screen were strange.

"Who is it?"

Curious John asked, peeking at Seoyoon's screen with only his head pulled out.


"Oh, that beautiful little sister?"

"Our Haeyoon is pretty."

"Take it, take it. Can you speak English? Do you want me to take it?”

John, who is interested in all the women in the world, said with shining eyes, but Seo-yoon snorted and turned off the power.

"It could be an important call.”

"It's working hours, John."

"You're strict in strange places."

"The problem is that you're not strict."

When he put his cell phone in his pocket again, John turned his head again with a look of regret.

"……but was the sniper caught?"

"No, I didn't hear you catch him.”

As soon as the words were over, Seoyoon shouted.

"I'm coming in!"

When I opened the door without permission at the same time as I said, I could feel John looking at me with a shocked face. However, Seoyoon's eyes were on Ashan. Unlike when she came out, he opened his eyes and looked outside.

Despite the sudden break-in, Ashan did not budge.


Seoyoon called him from behind Ashan.

"Did you come in to spend the night with me?”


Seo-yoon, who knows well that he is not the right person to talk to anyway, grabbed Ashan's arm. Cold frozen hands are like ice sheets.

I dragged him, thinking that his temper was like that, so it would be enough for him to have poor blood circulation. He was unexpectedly attracted to Seo-yoon's hand. I let go of his hand when I got out of the window.

"Don't go near the window for a while."

I said to Ashan, closing a thick blackout curtain.

"You think I'm gonna die?”


"Isn't it better for you if I die?"

"That's right."

Without hiding it, Seo-yoon replied with a nod. The sound of John's mouth opening outside the door seemed to be coming from behind his back.

"However, he's my employer, so I'm going to do my best."

It was Ashan who eventually burst into laughter at an overly honest answer. When he began to show himself that "smile can contain cool energy," John closed the door leaving Seo-yoon behind.

"If I'd known...….”

It was a voice that still had a laugh.

"I should have finished playing hide-and-seek earlier."At that moment, I almost kneeled down to say thank you for not doing so. For at least six months I've been doing well without running afoul of Ashan. If I had experienced this a few months ago, not now, I might have been impatient and quit.

Ashan was speaking nonchalantly what would be scary to hear in a dream.

"I'd rather die than die."

When the curtains were closed perfectly, the bedroom was covered in darkness.


The flame of the Zippo lighter divided the darkness. And a faint smell of cigarettes followed. The small flame alone regained sight.

"Then rest."

Seo-yoon tried to go out after bowing again, but failed because of Ashan grabbing her shoulder. Standing right in front of his eyes with a cigarette on the tip of his lips, he sucked in deep smoke.

"You should've made up your mind if you came back in."


Every time I opened my mouth, a cigarette came into my mouth. The thought that I had been taken only after I took a sip of it unconsciously came afterwards.

"I quit smoking."

Seoyun said, taking out a cigarette that was taken in a hurry.

"Aha, it's blooming again.”

Ashan, who had ruined her three-month-long smoking ban and had no conscience, twisted her lips and laughed. He was angry and angry again at the sight of taking a cigarette from Seo-yoon's hand, biting it in his mouth, and answering without any regret.

"Why are you doing this to me?”

As soon as the words were over, Ashan's cigarette fell back into his mouth. Seo-yoon took a sip, thinking, "Era, I don't know."

Was it the third time to clear the body?

At that time, I quit smoking because I was shocked by myself who smoked more than three packs of cigarettes a day. I had made up my mind not to smoke again. So I handed over all the cigarettes I had piled up in Texfree like a mountain to John. I've been quitting smoking for three months now. I think he was a little grateful to Ashan for coming here to quit smoking, which he couldn't even quit in the military.

But for now, the thanks are gone like cigarette smoke in the air.

The cigarette re-fed was literally insanely delicious. It's the only sweet, bitter and delicious thing she's in now. d*mn it, I almost hung up on this.

Ashan, who was watching Seo-yoon, who smoked the rest of the drink, soon removed the curtain that Seo-yoon had set. He opened the window of the terrace wide and went all the way there, turned his back on the railing and stood toward Seoyun.

"It's dangerous."

"You can protect me.”

Seoyoon looked around. I watched several sniping points nearby and even looked through the Ashan swimming pool, which was overlooked at a glance. Ashan, who was watching what she was doing, soon took away the burning cigarette between Seo-yoon's fingers and threw it outside.

"If you throw it there, it'll catch fire."

"That would be nice to see.”

"……Here's your palace."

Seoyun said, "If there is a fire here, you will blame it on yourself."

"If you burn them all to the ground, it's not bad to have a fire."

I said it casually, but I felt it from the bottom of my heart. I couldn't answer back. You can't set fire to yourself by saying yes to that'

Ashan put the cigarette back in his mouth and lit it up. Then he took a sip and handed it to Seoyoon. This time Seoyoon took a cigarette without saying anything. Coincidentally, his cigarette was a favorite before Seoyoon stopped smoking. Although John likes to use it now.Seoyun breathed out smoke like a sigh, taking sweeter cigarette to her mouth after a long time. Ashan, who lit another cigarette again, also smoked it next to her.

It was a strange night.

I never thought the day would come when I would face him and smoke back.

Seoyoon looked at the side of Ashan, who boasts a perfect and beautiful appearance on a straight nose, and soon turned to Ho Gong. Ashan said to her, still slowly guarding the surroundings.


"However, these days, the scope is so advanced that you can't be relieved if it's not necessarily near."

"There's no sniper word in the papers, did you get sniper training?"

"Yes, I've never been in the field."


The class was fun, but it was hard for a woman to become a sniper in Korea. I was brave enough to be a soldier.

The Sniper-related class was one of the classes she had to attend. Although I learned the theory and simply how to deal with a rifle in a superficial way, I was quite willing. Most of them couldn't remember now, but they still knew what to keep in mind when protecting the target.

"Where would you position yourself to kill me here?”

Seoyoon scrolled around again.

"The far right terrace on the third floor across."

"Throw away the first thing that comes to mind."

"Then, 600 meters above the palm water."

"And then what?"

Seoyoon's eyes passed through the palm trees and headed to the desert, which is in vain. Looking at the desert a little higher than the royal palace, I measured the distance to it.

"The desert."

"What about distance?"

"About 1300 meters."

Seoyun said, measuring the distance, the far-looking tip of the desert.

"You're in scope.”

I don't know why I'm talking to him about this, but it wasn't bad. Seoyun asked, sucking up a cigarette.

"Was he in the army?"


When I thought about what kind of training someone who wasn't even in the military could do this, Ashan followed suit.

"I was in the mercenary corps."


I couldn't even ask what the prince of one country did to be in the mercenary corps. It was just an opportunity for his ferocity to be explained.

"If I were an instructor, I would have raised you as a sniper."

"How could you say that without seeing what I'm capable of?"

"You're hard to predict. It's hard to deal with unpredictable people. And the fastest way to respond is when a target is unexpected."

"I don't think I'm coping very well with your unexpected behavior."

At that time, Ashan put his hand on Seoyoon's head. My long fingers came in between my hair and tickled me pleasantly.

"You're doing great.”

The hair tie that I tied tightly snapped and fell to the floor.

A completely untied hair wobbled under Ashan's palm.

A little early in the morning came.

When Seoyoon came out of Ashan's room for the second time, John sniffed and buried his face on her shoulder.

"You smell like cigarettes."

"I know, 'cause I smoked.”

"Are you okay? Are you hurt?”

I wanted to drag Ashan to listen to this. This is your personality.

Seoyoon shook his head looking at John, who thought he would have used it for torture.

The time was close to the morning. The desert sun rises quickly. Despite the early morning, the year in Jungcheon was telling us that their working hours were numbered."Did you know the prince was in the mercenary corps?”

"Oh, you didn't know?"

It was obvious that she was the only one who didn't know.

"You were in Lake.”

Most mercenaries are expected to be dangerous and rough, but there were also former contracted soldiers who entered the company and worked under it.

Of course, as is often thought, there were people who were literally in charge of dangerous and rough work. Mercenaries who roam the battlefield and let us know more than anyone that today's enemy can be tomorrow's ally. Among them, Lake was a famous mercenary corps.

Usually most mercenaries are small, but Lake was the largest known mercenaries. It was a place where only those who were usually involved in the war were gathered.

I don't care which side it is if you pay me.

Although notorious, surprisingly decent soldiers sometimes turn there, and sometimes they are objects of admiration.


"Oh, I saw a polar bear when I was in Mexico for a mission."


"I'm sure Salmond and Kay have seen it before."

"What do we do?"

Kei and Salmon asked as they approached if they heard it from far away.

Usually, he works in three shifts, but one group was absent for 10 days due to vacation, so he had to work in rotation for 12 hours.

Seoyun raised one hand and pretended to be naked to Kei and Salmon, who watched it in the evening and watched it again.

"You've met, haven't you? Dear polar bear."

"I'll see you."

John shook his head and said, as Salmon answered bluntly.

"No, not here. When we were in the military."

"Oh, I saw it in Somalia."

Kay understood John and said. Salmon nodded and opened his mouth as if he remembered.

"I met him in Ghana.”

I felt something of a strange homogeneity. He saw Ashan in Afghanistan. Of course he wasn't a mercenary.

"You've all been on the same side of the battle."

When Seo-yoon nodded and said, the three of them shouted at the same time as if it was nothing.

"We met as enemies."

……I thought I'd never know the taste of the man in the room.

"We found something in common and laughed a lot for a while.”

"Who in the world scouts soldiers who meet as enemies?"

Salmon and John giggled and laughed as if it was fun even now.

"Go in and get some rest.

There was still another 20 minutes left until the shift, but Kei and Salmon, who were always fast at anything, pushed John and Seo-yoon to go in.

John hummed and began to walk toward the accommodation. Seo-yoon, who was walking next to him, asked him again.

"Was it famous?"

"Who? Polar bear?"

As she nodded, she shrank for a moment, recalling the time as if she was speechless.

"You're not just famous. It's a legend in a short time."


"You may not know because you are not in the military. It was very famous about five or six years ago. It's called "ripper."

Seo-yoon was going to ask John if there would be a Jack the in front of him, but he held back. I didn't want to cut off his conversation.

"Oh, but you don't have to call your brother?"

"I'll go back to my room and lie on a soft bed."

"He just joined the mercenary corps. Where was he? Oh, it was Chad. The head of the Resistance captain was cut off in Chad."


"It's cut off. Cut it off. Did your man find you hanging from the gate after you were fired? Anyway, that's when I first got the nickname Reaper. Before that, they just said people they knew were famous people they knew. The Chadian government forces who hired Lake said they'd pay ten times as much for cutting off the Resistance captain's throat in a joke."That's……."

"Yes, we're polar bears, that's it. Don't tell me the Chadians didn't really know I'd cut it. The captain hasn't been easy to catch the tail of the government for three years. But I tracked it down and caught it in just a week.”

Ashan does not say empty words. And I don't accept empty words from others. It was a clear example of that. It wasn't a very good example, though.

"By the way, I saw my employer's face for the first time, and I was so embarrassed to have a reaper. I wanted to beg my ex-wife to protect me even if I paid for it."

Still, John said with a dizzying look at the thought of that time. Every time I saw Ashan's actions, I predicted that he would have been in the military, but he was actually more than I imagined.

"Have a smoke?"

While talking about Ashan, John took out his cigarette and asked Seo-yoon if he needed it.

"I hung up."

"You said you were going to smoke again."

"I hung up."

When Seoyoon spoke straight, John shrugged and lit his cigarette.

"Going in first."

"Yes, see you later. Take a rest~"

He waved his hand roughly and walked to his quarters through a garden where no one was there was no one was there.

It's a reaper.

Did he stand on the battlefield with such a face as if he were carrying the death of the world?