Chapter - 9 Chapter 9. Haeyoon.

Except for the team that is on vacation, he preferred two shifts to three. It was better than going back to rotation for eight hours anyway. I was supposed to be on duty from 8 p.m. to 8 a.m. from today. Seo-yoon, who came out of the shower, buried herself on the bed as if she were falling down.

I wanted to sleep like I was dead, but Hae-yoon's phone call at dawn bothered me. When I turned on my cell phone that I had turned off, I got a text message in a row as if I had been waiting. Sometimes when Seo-yoon couldn't answer the phone due to work, Hae-yoon, who was in a hurry, would text like this.

Are you on duty? He's not picking up.》

Sister, sister. I'm at Incheon International Airport. I bought a plane ticket to Dubai. I heard it doesn't take long to get arrogance from Dubai.》

I'm going to stay at the Royal Hotel. I think it will arrive around 6 p.m. in 50,000 hours. See you then, sister!》

Seoyoon slowly closed and opened her eyes a few times, wondering if she was tired and could see something in vain. However, the letters already printed have not changed.

For a moment, I remembered the fastest person to answer to trying to understand what this situation was about. I pressed the speed dial in a hurry.

[Oh, is that Seoyoon?]]

"Yes, it's me. Dad, are you very busy?」

I have time to talk to my daughter!]

There was a commotion around. I remembered what Hae-yoon said that the newly launched store was doing well. For a moment, when I thought about Hae-yoon, Seo-yoon hurriedly said.

"I saw a strange message from Haeyoon.」

[Oh, come to think of it, Haeyoon is coming to you]

There has never been a time when my father, who is thoroughly neglectful, is as resentful as he is now. When Hae-yoon informed him that he would come here, he must have told him to have a safe trip.

What's wrong with you?]

I heard the sound of looking for the boss from afar. Seoyoon, who realized that he had to hang up soon, hurriedly said.

"No, I'll contact you again when Haeyoon comes back.」

[Hi. Are you eating well?] When will you come back to Korea?]

"I'll go there soon because I'm on vacation.」

[My eldest daughter] You know I'm always sorry, I appreciate you, and I love you, right?]

"Me too. I love you too, Dad.」

A faint smile formed around Seo-yoon's mouth. I'm relieved by the words. Hae-yoon and Seo-yoon were not awkward to say that because of their father, who always says "I love you" since they were young.

"You're really coming.」

After hanging up the phone, Seo-yoon murmured helplessly. In this situation, it was clear that Hae-yoon would not be able to take care of him properly even if he came. I wish you could come a little later.

It was clear that the younger brother, who had always said he wanted to see where Seo-yoon worked, had done it.

I heard that Seo-yoon saved the money that he sent separately to Hae-yoon without spending it at all. Then she would come with hard-earned money from tutoring, so I was worried.

knock, knock


John just poked his head out and said.

"You're not sleeping yet, are you?"


"Lend me your cleansing foam."

One day, he used Seoyoon's cleansing foam and fell in love with it, so he often borrowed Seoyoon's. I even asked him to buy the same thing when he goes to Korea. She nodded and he ran to the bathroom.

"I think everything women use is good."In fact, Seoyoon didn't really care what he wrote. It was bought by Hae-yoon and sent in a big package. I became even more tired when I thought about my younger brother again.

She had no colleagues to replace her as a pinch-hitter because she was turning to two shifts in time. If you ask Salmon or Kay, they'll be on 24-hour duty.

Ashan left his perimeter to only six, including himself.

Still, we helped each other in times of difficulty, but this time we couldn't help it. to walk around with Hae-yoon Seoyoon's sleep time is reduced, if you look at it. If he were to work in that condition, it would have been less efficient for his employer, Ashan, as well.

"What do you think?”

"……Haeyoon is coming."

"Huh, pretty brother?"

"Yes, pretty brother."

"Was that the phone call you got yesterday?”

"I guess so."

"Isn't it good to have a brother? What's wrong with you?"

"Then I'll like it, so you'll double my shift?"


Only then did John laugh awkwardly as if he realized that he was on a double shift.

"Hmmm……tell the polar bear."


"These days, polar bears are mild.”

I wanted to ask what this has to do with mildness. What kind of employee in the world can make such a blatant request to an employer? I wasn't even the one to listen to it in the first place. If I asked him to sign a life contract with Seo-yoon's mistake, I didn't want to think about what conditions he would give this time.


"I haven't seen my brother in a while, isn't that better?"

"You can't just throw me away for a few days. If it doesn't work, I'll put a guide on it."

Seoyoon buried his face on the cushion. I had to leave here at 5 o'clock because I heard it would arrive at 6 o'clock. I closed my eyes to force myself to sleep, consoling that I had time to sleep. John, who looked at Seo-yoon and told him to cheer up, slipped out of the room.

I felt refreshed when I woke up. Now, I'm more glad to see my younger brother after a long time than I'm worried. I always missed my brother and father who I saw for the last time in Korea.

Seo-yoon, who wore a clean, dry-cleaning, summer black suit and even a tie, picked up the car key. It was a car that was paid to all individuals to use information.

It was a car key that I picked up in a few months. I wasn't really a person who wandered around, so I was always stuck in the room when it was off. I didn't know it was because I wasn't ready to look around this country by myself yet.

I don't like traveling, but the place I stay was somehow overseas.

"It was Haeyoon who wanted to go abroad, but it turned out the other way around.

Mumbling to himself in the mirror, Seoyoon finally tied his hair up.

Suddenly, when I thought of the time when my hair tie broke last night, I remembered Ashan's hand, which was gently poking through my head.

Cold fingers that touched the scalp where the fever was rising.

He shook his head to shake off his thoughts of squeezing his head.

Looking at the time, it's a little past five o'clock. I thought it would be time to go to the hotel for a while to meet Hae-yoon and have a meal together if I was lucky. Then I left the room thinking I could come back and change my shift.

"I've got the car on standby."

As soon as I woke up, I asked Hazen, the servant of her convenience, and she put me on hold just in time for her preparation."Thank you, Hazen."

"You're welcome. I've never seen you go out."

"My brother is coming."

"Aha, in Korea?"


In Oman, it was difficult to meet people who could speak English, but most of the palace uses English before Arabic, so there was no difficulty in communication.

He bowed his head to Hazen, who said in fluent English that he wanted Seo-yoon to have a good day, and Seo-yoon got in the car.


While waiting to pass through the main gate, a claxon rang from behind. Looking back in the rearview mirror, I saw a heavily tinted Maybach. Seoyoon lowered the car window because Salmon, who lowered the car window and lowered his head, was shouting something.

"Where are you going?"


"I've already told John, but we're taking him downtown with us."

"Really? Where?"

"Royal Hotel."

The hand holding the steering wheel paused at the word. But soon I decided to think in a good way. If you take turns at the Royal Hotel, you will be able to eat more leisurely because your travel time will be reduced.

"I'm going to the Royal Hotel, too.”


And soon there was a small sound of Salmon answering. What Ashan, who was sitting behind, said, soon he shouted out loud to Seoyoon again.

"If the destination is the same, go, Prince!”

I couldn't think of a justification to refuse.

While Seoyoon hesitated, Salmon called the guards and ordered them to take her car back, and the guards stood at the door of her car.


As soon as he called again, he had no choice but to open the car door and get off.

Salmon and Kei were already on board in front of them, so they were forced to open the door of the seat. Ashan, who was reading the newspaper, didn't even turn his head away. The car started smoothly again when Seo-yoon hit the next seat.

"Your brother's here, isn't he?”

That's a quick piece of information.

I don't know if John told me, or if Hazen told me in the meantime. Ashan was already asking knowingly.


"Do I look alike?"

Only the clanging sound of turning over the newspaper and Ashan's voice resonated in the car. Salmon and Seoyoon's eyes met while glancing back through the room mirror.

"Since all the Asians Westerners see are alike, they must look alike."

Hae-yoon was smaller, more feminine, affectionate and friendly than Seo-yoon.

The last time I saw him was crying not to go to Incheon International Airport, so I was really curious about how he changed.

As soon as he saw himself again, Seo-yoon laughed quietly, thinking that he would not cry.

"Is it good to think about it?"

"Yes, that's great."

"That's interesting.


"It's thicker than a blood family."

I was not being sarcastic. I was still looking straight at the newspaper, but I meant it.

The car continued to drive past the wasteland desert. Ashan's palace was located in the outskirts of Muscat, the capital of Oman, so it took 30 to 40 minutes to get downtown.

As I looked at the empty desert, where there was nothing, the vibration rang in my pocket. Seoyoon took out his cell phone. Hae-yoon's number, who had been roaming, was printed intact.


"Have you arrived yet?」

[Yes, yes! Where are you?] I'm waiting for you in the hotel lobby!]

Other than her sister, the answer came from Haeyoon in English.

Hae-yoon was raised in a foreign country all the time except when Seo-yoon's mother and father remarried. Thanks to his stepfather, who was a diplomat when he was young, English and Korean were equally easy for Seo-yoon and Hae-yoon, who graduated from school in the U.S. In addition, Haeyoon chose the English major of a famous university."I'm on my way. I'll be there in 20 minutes.」

[Come on. I miss you, sister]

Seo-yoon stubbornly answered in Korean, but Hae-yoon also stubbornly spoke in English.

"I miss you, too.」

I miss you more and more. I miss you so much, sister!]

Hae-yoon has always been honest with his expression of emotions. Unlike Seo-yoon, who is plain in expressing emotions, her brother's weakness was being overly honest.

"Yes, I'll be right there.」

Seoyoon hung up the phone and turned her eyes out of the window, and three pairs of eyes were seen looking at her. Ashan was looking at Seoyoon with the newspaper folded, and Salmon and Kay were caught glancing at Seoyoon with a room mirror.

"Did I make a mistake?”

I don't think the answer will come back to Ashan, so I asked Salmon and Kay sitting in the front seat.

"No, no. Is that Korean?"


"You are very different when you use English and Korean."

"What are you talking about?"

"You're a little hard when you speak English. But speaking in Korean, it's very soft. Maybe it's because he's your sister?"

I thought about whether I did it, but Seo-yoon himself didn't feel much difference.

"Your Korean is so pretty."

Kay said with a smile.

Ashan still said nothing, and Seoyoon stared at it as if it were a newspaper.

My side face seemed to harden. Even if I didn't want to be conscious on purpose, I had no choice but to become conscious if I looked at it like that

"Is there something on my face?”

Ashan smirked at the words.

"It's hard.”

When I realized that it was my English, I wanted to rip my hair out.

When I met Hae-yoon, I wanted to ask him to be honest about the differences between his English and Korean.

Meanwhile, a car entered the city.

The Royal Hotel was mainly used for Ashan's personal appointments. Sociality was a hell of a mess, but there were definitely some people he met often.

And when Seoyoon first came to Oman, the hotel that the lawyer booked was also here. At that time, I talked to Haeyoon about the Royal Hotel, but he managed to remember this place and make a reservation.

As Maybach entered the hotel's main entrance, people stopped at once.

When the car stopped, Kei and Salmon got off and opened the back door where Seoyun and Ashan were riding.


As soon as Seoyoon got off, someone popped out of the lobby. Hae-yoon, who ran toward Seo-yoon with her hands wide open, hugged her.

"I missed you so, so, so, so much!"

When I listened to Hae-yoon's cheerful English in person, not on the phone, I realized that I had only met my younger brother. Hae-yoon seemed to be determined not to let Seo-yoon go, but he held her tightly and chatted nonstop.

"Haeyoon, wait a minute.」

It was in front of the employer. Seoyoon forcibly separated Hae-yoon because she had to introduce her to him first, if not during working hours. And I lost what to say.


Seo-yoon stuttered when she saw Hae-yoon wearing short hot pants and a yellow sleeveless shirt with a clear view of her skinny arms.

This used to be an Islamic country.

The reason why their eyes are on them now is that Ashan was a prince, and also with a foreigner who was almost half naked. In Korea and other countries, dressing up like Hae-yoon in this weather is not a big problem, but this place was different.When Seo-yoon hurriedly tried to take off his suit and put it on Hae-yoon's shoulder, Ashan moved first. Taking off the vishit (capture) around his shoulder, he quickly wrapped Hae-yoon's body, took out the acupuncture decoration and opened it in front of him.

"Huh? Huh?"

Flustered Hae-yoon gave Seo-yoon a look for help, but he was not the one she could do anything about it.

"……thank you."

Seoyoon bowed to Ashan.

"Sister, is this the prince you're serving?”

When Seo-yoon nodded, Hae-yoon screamed quietly.

"You're so handsome."

Hae-yoon jumped around wearing a black bishit.

When the people of Oman gathered around him paid tribute to Ashan, Hae-yoon quickly bowed to him.

"Good morning, Prince."

Ashan did not answer the greeting, but briefly alternated between Haeyoon and Seoyoon.

"You don't look alike.”

"We're going to...….”

Seo-yoon, who thought he should drag Hae-yoon up to the room right away and change his clothes, expressed his intention to leave.

"If you don't mind, let's have dinner together."

The first to suggest was Ashan. And before Seo-yoon refused, Hae-yoon nodded and said.

"Call, prince!"

At that time, I really wanted to shut my brother's mouth.

It was clear that Hae-yoon came without knowing that the unfamiliar country of Oman was an Islamic culture. Still, I thought I would know the least about the advanced Internet culture, so I had a little question.

Hae-yoon, whom we met after half a year, was strange.

If I had known she would be here in the first place, I would have explained some precautions, but I didn't expect her to be here. He's usually fearless. My younger brother is famous around here because he always achieves what he wants to do.

Leaving behind Hae-yoon, who went up to the room to change his clothes, Seo-yoon was now facing his guest at the same table with Ashan.

"My name is Louis Luster."

A perfect English-speaking man asked Seoyoon for a handshake.

"I'm Han Seo-yoon."

Louis was a man with chocolate hair and a soft-looking impression. The man, who introduced his nationality as Britain at the age of about mid-30s, showed no unpleasant light at all, even though someone else intervened in his dinner with Ashan.

It was the first time that I formally greeted him, although I had accompanied Ashan several times to meet Louis.

"At first, when I heard that Ashan had a female bodyguard, I thought he was very poor."

He said with a nice-looking smile.

From calling Ashan comfortably, not prince, I could tell that he was a real friend, not a work.

Seoyoon waited outside because the place they always met was also a room-type hotel restaurant. There was no telling what they were talking about.

"Don't say useless things."

Ashan said as if he were bothered, Louis was not bothered by his beating at all.

"I've always wanted to say hello, but now's the time."

He was the exact opposite of Ashan.

So I couldn't get used to it. Ashan was unable to adapt to Ashan Daero and Louis Daero.

Those who stood day by day and those who were more hospitable and kind than necessary were both considered to be on guard. In addition, Louis's observant gaze, which sometimes appeared toward Seoyun, was sharp. I didn't know what he was doing, but it would never be normal."How's Rose?"

"That's a big deal, sometimes you ask me about my wife."

Ordinary daily conversations went back and forth between the two.

I didn't see Ashan having a daily conversation with someone, so I naturally looked at him. Ashan, who was listening with his chin resting on the table, turned his eyes away and met Seoyoon's eyes.

Slowly, Ashan's fingers stopped tapping on the table.

There was a light in his eyes that looked bored.


Hae-yoon, who appeared wearing a thin cardigan and long jeans, sat down greeting brightly.

"You're a bright girl. I've never had a girl with this friend before, but it's a big deal today."

When Louis, who said so, shook hands with Hae-yoon, the food he ordered in advance began to come out.

"Prince, here you go."

When Hae-yoon tried to return the bishit he was holding in his hand to Ashan, Seo-yoon quickly received it instead.

"Thank you for earlier. I'm a bit distracted.”

Hae-yoon, who admitted his mistake and did not forget to thank Ashan, laughed Bashy.

"Even if you were out of your mind, you should have looked into the country you were going to travel to.」

When Ashan touched the appetizer, Seo-yoon warned him low instead of Hae-yoon's thanks.

"Sorry. Sorry. Hehe. Are you angry?" Did I embarrass you a lot?”

My heart dropped with a thud.

He was always a bright kid. I was honest with my feelings and overly bright, but not to this extent. It was only then that Seo-yoon realized that his brother, who knew Ichi, was strange today. A child who loved to eat so much was holding a fork and just smiling without eating anything.

"……Prince, Louis. I'm sorry. I have to get up first."

"Huh? Why?"

Hae-yoon asked, looking up at Seo-yoon, who woke up first as if he didn't know English.

"Wake up."

"I'm hungry."

My heart was still pounding. What happened to his brother. Why don't you say anything and keep your mouth shut. I couldn't wait to get out of this place.

"Tell me the truth, don'”

Ashan spat out.


"If you suddenly flew more than 10 hours from Korea, you're either running away or escaping from reality."

"Wow, Prince, you hit the nail on the head."

"That's the charm of our Ashan."

Louis laughed and hit back. In that atmosphere, I couldn't tell Hae-yoon to wake up anymore. When Ashan nodded to Seoyoon to sit down, he eventually sat back in place.

"I'm sorry, my brother is still immature.”

"No, this is not a formal place and I like it because it's free-spirited."

Louis waved his hands and said. Ashando was also keeping his seat as if Hae-yoon's actions were not bothering him.

"I had a hard time being free-spirited under my strict sister."

Louis burst into laughter at that, and even Ashan laughed.

Seoyun put the food in her mouth, but she didn't feel any taste to the point where she didn't know what she was chewing. It was a great hotel restaurant, but now Seoyoon's sense of taste was not working. My mouth was prickly like chewing sand.

Ashan put down the knife after seeing Seo-yoon, who has been searching for food hard.

At that moment, the friendly atmosphere cooled down like a lie.

"Hani doesn't seem to have an appetite.”

Ashan personally pointed out Seo-yoon. It was the second time he was told Hani.

When Seo-yoon, who slowly let go of the fork that was rummaging through the salad, tried to get up from his seat using the bathroom, Hae-yoon opened his mouth."Oh……, do you call your sister Hani here?"

Obviously, Hae-yoon didn't say the name because she was afraid she might think of an animated film that aired when she was young, but she was quick to understand.

"Haha, I guess so."

Louis laughed and responded to Hae-yoon's words.

"By the way, when the prince calls me Hani, it sounds like Honey."

"But I don't know that.”

It was obvious that he was trying to make fun of himself. Seoyoon, who woke up, touched his forehead with his hand.

Ashan's gaze did not fall from her from the beginning. I couldn't have eaten with that knife stare.

"Oh, prince, do you like my sister?"

It's rattling.

Seoyoon jumped out of his chair.

Three pairs of eyes turned to her at once. Ashan slowly opened his mouth looking up at Seoyoon.

"I've already confessed, but your sister doesn't seem to accept it."

Seoyoon ran away from the spot.

Confession? Is it a confession that only human sincerity is contained in love and murder that you heard a few days ago? It was clear that the world was going crazy.

A cold sweat ran down my shirt in an instant. Thinking about how to go back and explain to Hae-yoon, Seo-yoon took a deep breath, holding his nauseating chest.

"What's wrong?"

John, who was standing with Salmon and Kay in front of the room, asked anxiously. John's clunky hands passed over Seoyun's forehead, perhaps seeing a cold sweat on his forehead.

"I'm going to have an upset stomach.”

"Hani, now John is constantly here muttering that he's happy you're eating something delicious.”

Salmon said to Seoyoon as soon as possible.

"I'm sure it's not in John's head who he's eating with.”

"I'm sorry, Hani."

Only then did John apologize to Seo-yoon as if he realized his mistake.

The intensity of stress inside and outside the room was different, so it was funny and made me laugh briefly.

"Are you okay now?"

"Yeah, I'm gonna go back in.”

"In a little while. Tell him you've seen a big business.

"I can't let Hae-yoon deal with it alone."

Seoyoon said with concern of his younger brother. As for work, especially Ashan, he spoke on the phone. It was clear that Hae-yoon had fantasies about the prince of the Middle East because he only told funny anecdotes with his colleagues sometimes.

When I took a deep breath and opened the door to the room again, it was a tangled laugh.

"That's what I'm telling you."

The sinking heart of Hae-yoon's delightfully smiling voice calmed down a little.

Louis was smiling without eating properly in front of the food, and above all, Ashan was smiling. Hae-yoon, who found Seo-yoon who came in, lowered his voice, turned to Ashan and whispered something.

Be defenseless.

That was Ashan's first impression facing him now.

Did Hae-yoon lift the seal while he was not confident?

There was no sharp atmosphere and cool eyes that seemed to penetrate the essence of man.

Seoyoon, who discovered it, stood there frozen.

Not caring about her, Ashan burst into low laughter once again.

He was really smiling.

The stomach-bending meal is over.

Seoyoon said nothing for a short time, taking Haeyoon to the room. Looking at Seo-yoon, Hae-yoon hung on one arm and acted cute."My sister~ You're upset that I came all of a sudden?"

Maybe because I was abroad since I was young, I still talk in my sleep in English sometimes. Whether Hae-yoon was familiar with English that much, Hae-yoon sometimes spoke in English stubbornly, even though his father strictly taught Korean. Usually, when the Korean language couldn't express all of its feelings, it was time to have a complicated mind and not know what it was talking about.

Seoyoon, who has seen her for a long time, was anxious about it. I'm afraid something bad happened to his brother.


In fact, I felt as if I had been slapped in the back of my head. Ever since I saw him defenseless, I've had worse stomachs. I looked at my younger brother hanging on his arm, wondering if he felt sorry for Hae-yoon. She didn't know Seoyun's troubled mind and only showed a clear and innocent look.

Seoyoon remembered Ashanman, a long-lived enemy leader. That's what I looked like that.… as if he had seen a fatal weakness.

The elevator stopped on the 20th floor. He followed Hae-yoon, who walked toward his room with a key.

I still had a lot on my mind.

"The prince seems to like you a lot."


"When I told you about my childhood, you cracked me up."

Seoyoon when he was young was off the wall. I didn't know anything other than what I was interested in. Due to Seoyun's personality, her father and Haeyoon would still tease her by talking about the events. To say such a story in front of Ashan, I sighed out of excitement.

"What did you talk about?”

"When I was 12, I fell in love with a tiger at first sight in the Kingdom of Animals on TV. I went to the zoo 3 hours away without fear and stayed in front of the tiger cage all day. At home, I thought my sister had been kidnapped, so I called the police, and eventually I told them that she had returned home safely."

Seoyoon laughed hard because he remembered that time. I thought everyone had such an experience when they were young, and I wondered if Ashan had burst into laughter when he heard such a story.

"I thought you were a prince full of greasy oil because you said you were the prince of the Middle East, but you're more than I expected. I'm for it!"

"What are you talking about?”

"Sister, you're a prince who will inherit the country, so you'll have hardships and adversity in front of you, but you can't give up. I'm rooting for you!"

He shook his head thinking that Hae-yoon's favorite book was a romance novel.

It was clear that he was already doing his own imagination as a epic novel.

"What a load of crap."

When I fed him a light honey chestnut, Hae-yoon quickly cried and whined, saying he was sick.

"Do you think I'm still a kid?"

The only person my mother, who had raised Seo-yoon alone, thought about remarriage was my current father.

Mother who died in an accident less than six months after remarriage. Nevertheless, her father insisted on raising her until the end as his daughter.

My father was alone until now. I haven't remarried with anyone again since my mother died.

No matter what Seo-yoon and Hae-yoon did, there was no word to scold her even if she went to the zoo without saying a word or wandered around. I'm worried. Even though I look like I'm going to die. My father was just a man who hugged Seo-yoon and asked me to go to the zoo with him next time.So it was up to Seoyoon to scold Haeyoon. I raised my younger brother strictly because I thought my father's heart would hurt more than anyone else if he and Hae-yoon were separated.

"What's wrong?"

It's just the two of us now. So I was able to ask.

Hae-yoon's touch, which was turning the key to the visit, paused.

"I can't hide it from you.”

He was not the younger brother who would put Seoyoon in trouble without realizing that it was an Islamic country.


"I broke off my marriage."

Seoyoon could not say anything after hearing that.

Fiancees Eun Kang and Hae Yoon had been happily together for more than five years. I couldn't even ask why. No matter what Seo-yoon said, he almost broke through Hae-yoon's wounds.

"Dad doesn't know yet. I don't know how to put it. Wherever I go, no matter who I meet, everyone asks about him. What should I say with a certain expression?”

I thought my face was swollen just because I was tired of flying. It was obvious that he would have been here crying for more than 10 hours.

"I missed you so much. She was always with me when my mom died, when I was sick with my first love, when I failed college. No one here is going to ask about Eungang and me.

"I missed you, too.”

Without saying anything else, Seoyoon just said his true feelings.

As soon as the words were over, he swept the small body that came to Seo-yoon over and over again.