Chapter - 12 Chapter 12. Kidnapping.

Hae-yoon arrived in Muscat in time for the festival.

After seeing the sunset on the beach, I returned to Muscat after sunset, and there was no time to step. I barely parked my car at the hotel, dressed lightly, and came out with Haeyoon.

Dozens of colorful fireworks burst over the black sky excited the festive mood to the fullest. When a firecracker explodes, it stops on its way and stands there, everyone looks at the sky, and soon goes on their way when the sky calms down again.

He stood all the way to the mosque, admired the sky, and walked and stood again.

"Everywhere is a lot of fun."

Seo Yoon nodded at Hae Yoon's admiration.

It was her first time to experience the festival of arrogance. Ashan was not even in the nature to participate in such a festival, and Seo-yoon herself hated the festival because it was crowded. However, when I experienced it, I thought it would not be bad to come out and join people like this.

"Wow, look at that!"

The man, who had barely started to turn the fire cloth in an empty can, was increasing the number one by one on both hands and feet. Hae-yoon beckoned Seo-yoon in front of three or four steps, asking her to come and see if it was amazing.

"That's amazing, isn't it?"

Looking at the face of her younger brother, who was laughing like a child, suddenly Seo-yoon made eye contact with the man behind her. He didn't enjoy the festival, and he wasn't even a tourist. He was a common-clad foreigner wearing a comfortable T-shirt and jeans, but he turned his head intentionally when his eyes met with Seo-yoon.

"Sister, that would be nice, wouldn't it?"


"What, you didn't hear me?”

"No, it's because it's noisy."

Seoyoon dragged Haeyoon. Again, they turned to the mosque where they were going to go and began to walk slowly. The faces of people passing by with a big smile were filled with expectations and excitement about the festival.

"I'm going to Europe from here. I saved a lot of money, didn't I? I'm still a high-priced teacher in Gangnam."


"What if you have a plane ticket tomorrow?"

"Are you okay?"

"I'm so glad to see your face. I just came here, but you're actually working. I have to go quickly so she can focus on her work."

Hae-yoon was also realizing that having Seo-yoon by her side was Ashan's consideration.

"Haeyoon, you don't have to run away. Don't avoid it."

"No, we were going to Europe. I'll take this opportunity to go around."

I couldn't stop Haeyoon from trying to organize his mind while traveling.

Her brother was not a child to think nonsense or do bad things. Knowing that, Seo-yoon tapped Hae-yoon's shoulder.

"What a feast I had on the day I decided to leave! I feel like I'm celebrating what's going to happen.”

It seemed to have decided when I said I wanted to be alone on the beach.

Seoyoon stared at Seoyoon's clear eyes with a light face. He was a younger brother who had been looking for Seoyoon when something sad and sad happened since he was young. Hae-yoon seemed to be gradually realizing that he couldn't be a child forever.

"You're always my brother.”

"I know, that's why I ran to you first.”

I knew it even if I didn't say it. That each other is the most important thing to each other."Hey, I want this!”

Hae-yoon cried out, crouching in front of a store selling handmade bracelets and accessories. Smiling as if he had no choice, Seo-yoon sat down and looked at the ornaments, consciously looking back.


"Huh? Isn't it pretty?"

Hae-yoon wore a bracelet and waved it in front of Seo-yoon's eyes.

"I think I forgot to bring my wallet from the hotel.”

"I have money. Why would you do that?"

Seoyoon forcibly grabbed Hae-yoon's hand, smiling as if it was nothing.


"Let's go back to the hotel."

"What's wrong? What's going on?"

It could have been a falsehood.

There was no law against seeing a person who had met once as two times, but the hunch was not good.

Hae-yoon didn't do anything here that could have been blamed on anyone. Above all, it was the first time I came out of the hotel today. Then the problem was Seoyoon and himself.

Seo-yoon, who confirmed that the tailing was attached, grabbed Hae-yoon's arm close to him. Hae-yoon, who realized something was wrong only when he saw the serious face of Seo-yoon, shut up.

"Walk as naturally as you can.”


"It's okay, Haeyoon. It's nothing. It just feels a little weird."

Said to reassure Haeyoon as much as possible. But Seoyoon didn't know the truth. No one had a grudge here, and her connections were all her colleagues, Ashan and Asuka. I couldn't guess who was tailing him.

Seo-yoon, who carefully took out his cell phone from his arms, contacted the police first. The formal answer was that most of the manpower was mobilized for the festival and could not be used.

Due to the crowded crowd, he decided to meet the police in front of the hotel, and then moved quickly.

Though consciously unwilling to look back, I could feel the gaze and movement that looked at me clearly. Is there one person you've identified, or is there anyone else in your party? I couldn't guess whether it was just surveillance or what purpose it was to approach.

If you were alone, you could get out of the way, but there was Hae-yoon next to you. He stretched his right hand over his pants to pull out the belt-mounted gun.

Seo-yoon, who confirmed the existence of a man who was still following him into a mirror in front of a store selling colorful chador, held Hae-yoon's hand tightly.

"Haeyoon, you can run, right?”


It was best to keep Haeyoon away from himself. The distance to the hotel is about 10 minutes.

Seoyoon headed for the fastest shortcut. There was little human presence in the alley.

"Turn right in the alley that first appears here. And don't look back and run to the hotel. There's gonna be a cop waiting there.”

"What about you?"

"I'll be right behind you.”

Seo-yoon took a pistol out of the belt and released the safety device.

Hae-yoon's lips trembled at the gun I saw for the first time in my life.

"Go, go with me. Come with me, sister."

"Haeyoon, do you trust me?"

"Yes, yes. I trust you.”

"That's enough."

After tapping his brother's cheek once, Seo-yoon nodded and said.


At Seoyoon's determined words, which he spoke with his shoulder pushed, Haeyoon began to jump in a sloppy manner. Seoyoon took a deep breath looking at his brother who disappeared into the alley.


Guns were hung on the temple of a man who had just entered the alley looking for Seo-yoon."Who are you?"

"Hey, calm down."

When Seo-yoon asked in low English, his opponent also answered in English. As she guessed, he was not arrogant. But it wasn't even a tourist. Slowly raising his hands to confirm that he had no weapons, he said to Seo-yoon with a surprised face.

"I'm just... ..."

"Answer me right. Someone sent it. And how many are there?”

"I just got paid. I'll give you money if I follow you...….”


Seo-yoon said, pointing a gun at the man's temple closer.

"I don't know! I don't know!"

The man shouted out loud. His party was there for a while, but no one followed him. You mean it was just a tail? Seoyoon frowned.

"I need you to come with me first."

It was doubtful why he had a noticeable foreigner follow him. It was easy to spot a man for her trained tailing.


Seo-yoon's eyes turned to the alley in a scream mixed with Akso-ri and cheers. At the same time, the man who pushed her quickly disappeared into the crowd.

Without having time to check on him, Seo-yoon's feet ran into the screaming alley.


Around the corner, three masked men were overpowering Hae-yoon. There were people trying to bring medicine-covered cloth to Hae-yoon's struggling mouth.


Boom! Boom!

Firecrackers exploded in the air at the same time as Seo-yoon's shooting. The sound of gunfire was enough to bury itself. A man trying to grab Hae-yoon's leg fell down holding his side.

"Let go of me!"

"Sister! Sister!"

Hae-yoon struggled and unmasked the man in front of her.

"Haeyoon, close your eyes!"

I shouted to Haeyoon with all my might. If the hostage sees the hostage's face, there is no chance of survival. As she said, Hae-yoon closed her eyes tightly as if the desperate heart of Seo-yoon worked.

"Don't open your eyes! Close your eyes! Let go of my sister now!

When the hostage-taker brought a drug-stained cloth to Hae-yoon's mouth with her eyes closed tightly, her limbs soon drooped.

The distance between the man and Haeyoon was too close. It was hard to aim at the head of the man behind her using Hae-yoon as a shield.

Sweat poured from Seoyoon's forehead to block his vision.

"I don't want anyone to get hurt."

"Then let my brother go."

It was a difficult English to understand. The accent was telling me that men are not English-speaking people.

I'm a local, it was hard to be sure, but I felt that way. Aiming at the gun with both hands, I realized this was a planned crime.

From the beginning, the goal was Hae-yoon, not Seo-yoon.

Looking at Seo-yoon, who does not put down his gun, a masked man pulled out a knife and put it on Hae-yoon's neck, who fainted.

"……what do you want from me?"

"That's not for me to decide."

Seoyoon couldn't tell the man's face. I swear she was the first one to see.

"Let it go, let it go. Otherwise, there will be no life for your colleague."

Seoyoon said, turning the gun to another man standing next to the hostage-taker.

"You know, and we're just expendables after all."

The man said it in a word of no big deal. Seo-yoon, who confirmed that his goal was Hae-yoon from the beginning, opened his mouth in a low voice."If you ever touch my brother, I'll kill you.”


As soon as Seo-yoon finished talking, a black tinted SUV appeared behind the man. The man shook his head as she tried to get closer to Hae-yoon.

"I think you know the knife is sharpened. You can't come any closer. As long as I'm worthy of being a hostage, I'll never touch a hair."

I don't say I don't kill. These words were incredible. However, the man's blade was close to Hae-yoon's neck at any moment.

The back door of the SUV opened and took Hae-yoon as a shield and smiled leisurely.

"Wait, I need you to pass out."

Another man masked by the man's horse approached Seo-yoon.

A masked man came close to Seo-yoon, who was still standing in a floating position with a gun, and forced her to lower her gun.

"We'll get back to you later."

Oh my god.

As soon as the man finished speaking, the masked man put a fist in Seo-yoon's abdomen. The gun he was holding in his hands fell to the floor and Seo-yoon groaned suppressed.


It felt like all the guts were pouring out.

When the man punched Seo-yoon's abdomen with his back bent, his knees knelt down. He couldn't even breathe properly after being hit by his plexus properly.

I managed to hold on to the floor with both hands.

The man lightly clicked his tongue while looking at Seo-yoon, who looked up and looked at himself in pain that even ordinary men would faint.

"I don't think we'll be able to move for now. Let's go."

A masked man, who put a fist in Seo-yoon's abdomen, returned to the SUV with a colleague who fell down by her gun without hesitation.

"I hope you pick up the phone that rings."

The car disappeared from sight, blowing sand dust for the last time.

I picked up the gun that fell down and tried to lift it, but not a single finger could be put in properly.

It felt like the organs of the whole body were twisted and every joint was broken.

Leaning his head against the dirty wall for a while, Seo-yoon slowly chose to breathe.

It was the police who managed to get Seo-yoon back to the hotel when his body began to move. When she returned, she shook her head at them asking some questions. When Seo-yoon said that the dispute was resolved well during the festival, the police shrugged and left soon, talking as if it was nothing.

Seoyoon, who came up to the suite, opened a door with no one.

As soon as I entered the empty room, my legs relaxed again. A day has never been this long.


Seoyoon quietly called her brother's name, realizing that Haeyoon was not there, but just in case. There was no return answer. I couldn't talk to the police. I didn't know what they wanted yet, so I waited until the phone rang.

He wiped the sweat that came down to the chin with the back of his hand.

Slowly, Seo-yoon closed his eyes and opened his eyes, looking out of the dark window.

The same night view as yesterday unfolded again today. Only firecrackers that burst out of the window were the boundaries that distinguished yesterday from today.

Tumbling. Tumbling.

The cell phone in my arms began to ring.

I remembered what they told me to answer when the phone rang, and I was waiting with the ringtone on.

Seoyoon soon answered the phone when she saw the phone ringing without showing any signs.


[I'm calling after confirming that you're entering the hotel]It was a man who faced her. Thinking that I was looking at myself somewhere made me laugh.

"What about Haeyoon?"

[I'm fine.]

"What do you want from me?"

[The person who hired us wants a quiet treatment.]

"What does that mean?"

[Wants the death of Ashan al-Lugertha]

Seoyoon was silent. It wasn't that I didn't notice. I realized instinctively when I faced the people who kidnapped Hae-yoon. This is the job of Ashan.

Are you listening?]

"What if I refuse?"

I don't think he'll like it that much.]

"If I do it, how can I believe you'll let my brother go safely?”

[The only way right now is to trust us]]

How many enemies has he made? It was amazing that Ashan's life was on the line so far.

The Sultan's condition was deteriorating day by day. And so much so that the Sultan's movement to remove Ashan before he left his last will. The operation to kill Ashan using her as a scarecrow, his closest bodyguard, was specious.

Problem is, Seoyoon, who knows Ashan, will never kill him. At the moment of her attempt, she, like everyone else, will die in his hands. Even if successful, there was nowhere for her to flee, assassinating the heir to the country's throne.

The lives of Haeyoon and Ashan.

In the first place, Seo Yoon himself cannot save his life.

I had to choose between two lives.

My fingertips cooled down. They didn't rush Seoyun who didn't answer. It felt like Seo-yoon was trapped alone in a space where no sound could be heard.

The inside of my throat, which was severely retarded, ached. There was no voice. I couldn't say a word.

The contract clearly stated provisions for this matter. Seo-yoon signed a contract to protect Ashan no matter what.

[I'll give you 72 hours] That's enough time to respond to our request. Once every 24 hours, I'll send you a message that the hostage is alive.

The voice of the man holding Hae-yoon's life in his hands was calm throughout the day. As if I'm used to this kind of thing. Whatever choice Seoyoon made, she swallowed a groan at the nuance that it had nothing to do with her.

Soon the phone was cut off.

72 hours.

Within three days, Seoyoon had to kill Ashan to save Haeyoon.


The atmosphere in the palace was as usual. It was calm and peaceful as if nothing had happened. I once thought of that during my stay here. It seems that the owner's personality is reflected in this palace.

I can't hear anything.

Asuka's words of "ghost" lingered in my ears. Is he really a ghost?

Seoyoon, who stood in front of his door and looked down at his feet, soon moved.

I was on my way to report to Ashan after taking a shower and changing into neat clothes. Whenever he found himself dazed moment by moment even though he tried to get his head straight, Seo-yoon instinctively bit his lips.


Salmon, who found Seo-yoon, waved his hand gladly.

"Did he leave?”


"You don't look well. Did you fight?"

"It's not like that."

It was only then that Salmon's worried words returned to his senses. His mouth stiffened when he thought Ashan would notice too.

"Go in."

I knocked on Salmon's words and waited for a while, but there was no response from inside. Seoyoon, who took it as permission, entered Ashan's room.The room with thick blackout curtains could not even find a shadow of light.

"What about my guest?"

"I'm flying to Europe this afternoon."

The lie flowed out of Seoyoon's mouth so nonchalantly.

Seoyoon approached Ashan, who was talking with his eyes closed as he lay upright on the bed. The eyes, accustomed to the darkness, showed what they didn't want to see. I couldn't take my eyes off Ashan's peaceful face.

"Is it okay if I don't act?"

"It's all right."

"I heard you met a cop in the hotel lobby yesterday.”

"I just called the police because there was a simple dispute."

Ashan slowly opened his eyes.


Seo-yoon replied, asking him back in a low and calm voice.


"This was my brother's palace. It wasn't a palace for a prince like me who didn't know anyone existed. I'm sure you've seen my brother before.”

Ashan laughed coolly at the words. Sitting half way against the cushion, he tapped the seat next to him with his finger.

"Sit down."

"It's all right."

The last person to die in Afghanistan was Seoyoon, himself. Recalling the memories of that time, she stood upright and straight in front of Ashan.

"The Sultan probably thought he was doing well because he was a brother, even if he had half blood mixed in. You let me stay here.”

Ashan's fingers skimmed through the sheets of the bed on which he was leaning.

The emotion contained in the gloomy voice was not visible even if I read it. The deep ink seemed to drip. Even if I try to erase it, I can't erase my mind.

"When I was eight years old, my brother taught me how to swim, which no one taught me. You took me to the deepest part and let go of my hand.”

It was the heart of a young Ashan.

He was reciting quietly, recalling the first time someone tried to kill him with intent to kill him.

Seoyun covered her mouth with her hands. I felt like I was sickening.

I didn't want to know how he felt about killing his brother. However, the child's heart, which would have been desperate in the face of death, came breathtaking to Seoyoon.

Everyone tried to kill him. Everyone he knew was after his life.

And now, Seoyoon had to take the life of the eight-year-old.


The first aid kit in hand fell to the floor. Ashan was quietly staring at Seoyoon in the black swamp. I couldn't look him in the eye anymore.

Seoyoon's poker face collapsed.

I couldn't hold out any longer in front of the child.

Chimi endured nausea and left Ashan's room like Seo-yoon ran away. No one has ever grabbed her.

It was obviously Seoyoon's fault for opening Asuka's door without knocking.

His bodyguards stopped him in front of him, but nothing was seen in Seo-yoon's eyes. When Seo-yoon, who was beaten in the face by even a rough physical fight, turned the door handle, his eyes met Asuka, who was coming out of the last room.

"Let me go."

At Asuka's words, the guards holding her from both sides loosened their hands.

"Dear Asuka."

The urgent and desperate word, Asuka nodded and said.

"Come in, Hani."

As soon as he entered his room, Seoyoon ran to the bathroom and began to gag. Without anything coming out, only the gastric fluid came up. Seoyoon couldn't come to her senses even with a warm hand coming up quietly and patting her back."……it's all because of Asuka."

If he hadn't told himself about Ashan, he believed he could have killed him. Seoyoon thought he could have shot the eight-year-old away from his eyes.

I had such a ridiculous mind.

"What happened?”

Seoyoon shook his head.

"Your face is a mess."

Asuka said, putting cold water on a towel and putting it around Seoyoon's mouth. The face of Asuka, who had passed the anniversary of his beloved woman and still stood weak, was also a mess. Seoyun brought a towel to his red swollen eyelids.

"It looks like we're both in a mess right now."

Asuka spoke weakly and grinned.

"Please... Please say something."

Seoyoon leaned helplessly against the bathroom wall and said.

"I don't think this is the right place to have a conversation."

Asuka took a glance at his bathroom, but Seoyoon couldn't move a step from here. I felt like my whole body was drained. He was so mentally shaken that he wondered if he was such a weak person.

"Asuka, I have to make a choice."

"It's time for Hani to make a choice."

His hands gently moved over Seoyun's hair.

"What should I do?”

Soft and warm Asuka.

He's been consistent since he first arrived here.

It was so sweet and soft like cotton candy in my mouth, I loved the moment I talked to him. I felt comforted by the unpretentious gaze at her, and relieved by the friendly words.

Now Seoyoon was the only comforting opponent he could find, Asuka in this is Asuka.

"I wish Ashando had asked Seira that."

Asuka sat next to Seoyoon and rolled up in a circle. Seoyoon wrapped his body around him, sitting like that, protecting himself from the world.

"When Ashan was 22, she came to me when she was 20. To this strange foreign country."

It was a voice so low that it was barely audible. Seoyoon heard the story without even breathing out.

"I've never talked to Ashan about Say. Even that common greeting. Seira followed her brother every single day, and Ashan didn't say a word."

Asuka opened her mouth that she became conscious of it because it was amazing.

The lips that kept babbling were so pretty.

My heart fluttered with a smile brighter than the tropical sun.

I can't forget the joy when Asuka's name first came out of his lips calling Ashanman.

"It was surprising that Ashan responded to Seira's words for the first time. Don't be stuck in here. The world is too big. Ashan responded for the first time to the question of finding what he wanted to do. He looked at his brother for a long time with an ineffable strange expression. I've been looking for a long time. I remember Sei didn't say anything back then. Maybe there was something only the two of you felt. It was the next day that Ashan disappeared from the palace. No one was looking for him. Because he was a prince without it from the beginning. Even the Sultan didn't care about Ashan when he had a clear successor. Maybe the Sultan was comfortable. I wouldn't have to listen to her nagging any more."

In Asuka's words, Seoyoon could realize that alone.Seira, Ashan's brother, was the only one who told Ashan to leave here for the first time.

"It was a few years later that I knew that Ashan was going to war. That was the beginning of the whole thing. That's what caused it."

His two fists on the floor of the tile were clenched. Each of the veins that came up showed unforgettable anger.

"I knew I was just watching him, and I could just feel him wandering around the battlefield to find out he was alive, but I don't think it was politically. Perhaps you've sent countless assassins because you wanted to die wandering around that battlefield. But Ashan survived. I didn't die terribly again and again, but I survived there."

Ashan, who was covered in blood and strutting around the battlefield, naturally came to mind.

A mind that had to confirm that one was alive, not a ghost, without time to even notice the dignity of life.

"Whenever Ashan became famous against his will, there was a man who was afraid to build up his strength and defeat him. It was only natural that he thought so because he had committed a crime against Ashan. Because he was the prince of the country even if he touched Ashan, and Sultan still thought of Ashan as his son, the brother, who knew he would go under investigation if he died, decided to warn him. I've made it impossible to undo what I could have said to live like a dead mouse.”

Asuka's breathing speeded up. His heart beat, which was so fast that it was felt by Seo-yoon hugging him from above, was about to explode, claiming his life.

"……she…… He killed Seira... ..and killed her. It's a murder, but the cops say it's just an accident. I found her car on the Thames River in England. But there was no body. With the strong current, we couldn't even find a body to do the last courtesy. It was then that Ashan came back to the palace.”


The ghost, which grew up frighteningly, was nothing short of a horror.

Doubt, dismay, or contempt came from the glance of his glance.

Standing casually in front of the cluttered gaze, Ashan seemed to be in the palace, but also not in the palace.

Asuka, who is a man who doesn't belong anywhere and meets Ashan again after many years, thought so. It was Asuka himself who announced the death of Seira, Ashan's younger brother. Ashan, who returned to the Palace of Oman a month after the sad news, smelled of death that could only be smelled on the battlefield.

"My brother, you're back.』

It was his brother Mohammed who made Ashan move. The only prince supported by all the Presbyterian Church and favored by the Sultan. He was nominated as the next Sultan.

When he found Ashan, he spread his arms on both sides, hugged his shoulders affectionately and comforted him.

"I heard about your sister. Sorry about your loss.』

Asuka held his breath when Mohammed spoke of Seira.

I didn't want to hear about her from the mouth of the man who killed her. A sharp dagger seemed to poke his ears. I couldn't even open my mouth because a hot lump was about to fall over.

Asuka's red-blooded eyes stared at Mohammed and at Ashan, who was hugged by him.

The calm eyes of Ashan faced Asuka. Despair in Asuka's usual eyes, where nothing could be felt.It was frustrating that Asuka seemed to be the only one who thought he might have returned here for revenge. In the first place, he didn't show any feelings for Seira.

I felt like I was the only one who remembered her in this palace.

"I've never felt the love of blood and blood for anyone.』

Seira, who came from England, formally filed a petition to meet Ashan at the Sultan's Palace through the British Embassy.

Before allowing it, Sultan invited her to his palace alone, asked a few questions, and allowed them to meet. However, Ashan did not let her into his territory.

Mohammed was well aware of Ashan's actions toward her. Ashan, who had been a scarecrow in the palace for more than 20 years, did not show much emotion to her. So I chose it as a sacrifice.

The death of your brother was a warning that if you had a crush on him, it would be your future.

It would be noisy if the prince of a country died, but she was an ordinary person who had nothing to do with them. An offering that would be a good, but sure warning, to deal with in an accident.

"I heard you were on the battlefield.』

"It's been a life that drifts like the wind.』

A picturesque smile formed around Ashan's mouth. It belonged to a man who looked at his dear brother. Asuka clenched his fists in a burning sense of betrayal.

"Why did you come back?』

"My brother came back because he didn't like me being on the battlefield."』

Ashan politely bowed to Mohammed and opened his mouth.

"Oh, what?"

"I will be your eyes and ears, sometimes a sword. Isn't that the best you can give to your brother who will be the Sultan of this country?』

Ashan's tone was so calm, it was also indescribably sweet and tender.

"You will be my sword?』

"Whether you wanted it or not, you shared blood with me. I promise to serve the blood-sharing brothers.』

His reaction was unfamiliar to Mohammed, who had expected to meet Ashan with hostility when he met him again.

The Sultan had long wanted Ashan to help Mohammed, and the two princes were in a parallel relationship that could not respond to the Sultan's heart. No one comes in with a bow first. Therefore, Mohammed hated his only brother. Even though I stepped on it again and again since I was young, it was the only time. That pride is never stepped on.

"The Sultan has become very weak. I'd like to take you with him, even though it's too late.』

Slowly, Ashan knelt in front of Mohammed in front of everyone's relatives. Putting an example of extreme awe in front of it saw all the blood-sharing eyes.

"You think I don't know what you're up to?』

Mohammed raised Ashan on his knees with a smile and whispered low in his ears.

"My heart is always in the right place, brother.』

Ashan replied sternly and lowly to his enmity.


The first person to find Asuka who disappeared was Ashan.

Asuka couldn't say anything to Ashan's eyes, as stark as the place with the coldest winter season in the world he had ever been to.

Kanjar (a decorative knife with a waist dance) fell to the floor in a creepy cold enough to cool off the sense of betrayal and rising anger in an instant. Ashan's eyes were red as he stared at the drops of blood falling from his hand holding the blade."The world is going crazy."

It was unforgivable.

If no one punishes Mohammed for killing Seira, he thinks he should do it. Asuka couldn't think of anything when he saw Ashan kneeling to Mohammed. When he came to his senses, he only found himself holding the edge of the sharpened Khanjar with his bare hands.

And it was Ashan who discovered him like that.

Ashan's mouth corners rose callously at Asuka's self-proclaimed words.

"Your world is starting to go mad.”

Asuka, who couldn't accept reality despite Seira's death and blocked all walls of the world, realized that it had burst. The solid bank piled up on the embankment, which he had endured, collapsed like a burst of water when Ashan came.

"I'm going to kill him. Kill him...… by killing him...….”

Asuka repeated only the words that filled his head without even realizing what he was saying.

At some point, Ashan, who approached him, looked down silently at Asuka.

"What are you going to do after you kill him?"


At that time, I couldn't remember what I said to Ashan.

Stammering to him, Ashan pulled out his waist-deep Kanjar and placed it on his wounded hand.

"When you catch a sword, you hold the blade outward like this. Anytime you want to cut down on an enemy who's broken into my territory.”

Ashan said, slowly squeezing Kanjar's handle into his palm.

The wound opened again and blood flowed over his leather shoes. I didn't even feel the pain. All I could feel was the heat of Ashan's body temperature, which was hotter than the heat of the heat there.

His caught hand seemed to be on fire. I couldn't stand the scream from the end of my throat.


Whether it was a scream, or a cry, he closed his eyes, uttering his grief.

Ashan, who was still holding firm in front of Asuka, opened his mouth.

"To honor, to honor."

Asuka nodded at Ashan's words, just half out of his mind.


Nothing but false breath lingered in space.

The breath of pain from Asuka's mouth, who cut off the story, pokes his chest.

"Hani, how deep can a man kneel before a man when he has the intent to kill?”


"To honor, to honor."

Asuka recited low.

"For Seira's honor, I had to repay it in Mohammed's honor. If we don't find her body, we don't find Mohammed's."

Seoyoon didn't say anything.

I couldn't do it.

Although he did not share a word, his "family" sister, who was clearly his "family," and Asuka's love for her so much, have been conveyed.

"The family that had only vague imaginations that Ashan had never had was a sanctuary for him, and Seira, who was born to a mother who had abandoned him, who had never seen him before. No one should touch it."

His sanctuary. I could realize it without anyone telling me.

Ashan, who couldn't say anything to his sister.

Her "family" must have been a mirage to him in the weary desert. If he talks to it, it disappears. Like it didn't exist in the first place.

By no means could Ashan fit into the "family" fence. I myself knew it all too well.As soon as he accepted his sister, Ashan knew exactly that everything was out of order, that his world would collapse and the desert that had been locked up for life would turn upside down.

"You know what's funny? Mohammed, who didn't believe in Ashan, believed in Ashan. As promised, Ashan had been Mohammed's eyes, ears, and sometimes his tongue in his mouth for years. When Mohammed's car overturned one day, it was perfect after Ashan rescued him from the danger of explosion. I hoped Mohammed would die there at the time, but Ashan crawled him out of the underworld.”

How does it feel to save an enemy from death?

"Mohamet may have denied it on the surface, but he's believed in Ashan since then. He saved my life. We knew in advance that the school in Afghanistan was being raided. Anyway, a new trade agreement with the U.S. was about to be signed, and there was a clause that they decided to buy huge amounts of crude oil at a good price. Visiting a school supported by the U.S. just before the agreement was signed left a good impression on each other in many ways. It was Ashan who persuaded Mohammed like that. I said it was absolutely safe there.”

Diplomacy was a secondary issue for them.

The heir to the throne, who was in the wrong place at the wrong time and couldn't even find the body. And it was another son of the king who instigated the heir. There could not be diplomatic problems, but the primary responsibility had to be placed on Ashan if he had to take responsible.

Even that Ashan knew.

The Sultan will not forsake his last son.

If they find Ashan involved, they will rather cover up the incident to cover up the disgrace. Just as Seira's case involving Mohammed was swept under the carpet by the Sultan.

"There, innocent children were sacrificed. If I'd known that in advance.….”

"Hani, we didn't create the situation. At the risk of our lives, we entered the situation. I just picked the most likely location to attack because of Ashan's intelligence friends. If the princes of Oman visit there, they will surely take us hostage and ask for huge amounts of money."

"That's what you'really?

"Yes, indeed, when they attacked, I distracted the guards, pretended that Ashan was protecting Mohammed, and quickly moved him to safety.”


"Ashan also knew that if a school was attacked, the United States would rather attack than lose its point to the Taliban. As Ashan said, Mohammed's body was left with no trace after the raid. Like Seira."

The report that the prince and his party were at school was sudden. It was cleverly used by Ashan. The same was true of the United States using it. Even if a group of princes died after failing to avoid the attack with a bunker, the U.S. side would have said it had received a late report that there was a group of princes there.

"Truth can always be tampered with, Hani.

Ashan achieved a perfect revenge.

From the beginning, his family was not in this country of arrogance.

"He protects whatever he says."

"I know."

I knew Ashan was the last person to tell a lie. And now, it reached Seoyoon bigger than I thought. And more and more made his mind impossible to guess."Tell Ashan.”


"What Seoyoon is going through right now, tell Ashan.”

"I can't."

Asuka was guessing why Seo-yoon came to see him. She had never been so desperate and desperate to find herself.

"Ashan keeps me alive, not because I love her. Not because I was an accomplice."

Ashan's mercy was not included in anyone. Even if it was Asuka who loved her sister deeply.

"Ashan even knew who to appoint as the next Sultan when Mohammed died. He keeps me alive because I don't want a seat in the Sultan.”

Is it just a feeling that there is still a bloody smell at the end of the nose?

Seoyoon held his breath not to smell it.

"Ashan once warned me. The moment I covet the Sultan's seat, I'll be his enemy. I'm never going to be his enemy."

Asuka slowly rose to his feet.

There was a faint smile on the face of sadness and suffering on its own part.

"I'm the one who said we should kill Hani, the witness. If you keep her alive, there will be consequences."

Seoyoon swept the back of Asuka's hand without saying a word to him who seemed sorry.

"Ashan asked me why I didn't kill him. "It was a living man."

"Live person...….”

"So we're all dead to Ashan?"

Asuka asked a question that would not return.

"That's when I realized. The only living person in Ashan's world is Hani."

The witness himself should have died then.

When Seoyoon realized it, he breathed out the breath he had endured.

The reason she was able to live was that she was the only living person in his world. It was that one.

"Why did you... ..."

"I don't know. However, if the time comes to stop Ashan, do your best to stop him."

"What does that mean?"

"The Sultan probably won't be long away. Ashan is just sitting on his hands watching the Presbyterian attack him because he doesn't want to show it on the way to the end of the sultan. That's the greatest courtesy Ashan sends to his biological father. But can you imagine what will happen after the Sultan leaves?"

Seoyoon slowly pulled out of Asuka's hand. Hoping it wasn't the idea of going through her head.

"With an unprecedented purge, dictatorship will begin.”

It was him who waited years to kill one.

Until the Sultan left, it was the most mercy he could show. Seo-yoon's shoulders trembled as he thought of the arrogance that would become a bloodbath after that.

"Hani, do your best to stop him. I can't. That's the only duty you have to do as a living person in Ashan's world."

Asuka's words weighed heavily on Seoyoon.