Chapter - 13 Chapter 13. Ritual.

The night came without fail.

A damp damp breeze grazed the tip of my nose.

As the shift neared, the sky was all black. The full moon was shining brightly, but I couldn't feel any emotion. I felt like my emotions had been eaten up. Nothing was felt by a man named Ashan, who was eaten by the child who felt nothing.

"Are you sure you're okay?”

John's rugged hand passed through Seoyoon's forehead for the third time. Surprised to hear her voice that had been completely rested, he looked anxiously all the time as he went to take turns together.

"It's all right."

"Where did you go and scream? What's wrong with your voice if you don't have a cold?"

John asked closely, suspecting that Seo-yoon was still sick.



"……what was the hardest battle you ever had?”

Seoyoon never asked about John. That's why his eyes shook for a while.

"What's wrong?"

"Just curious."

"The toughest battle...….”

John, who was walking slowly to her, stopped walking. Looking back, he leaned against the railing towards the garden.

"I have about ten minutes, so let's get some fresh air."

Along with John, Seo-yoon rested her chin on the railing.

"There have been a number of battles that I hate to say. But this is probably the hardest part."

John, who was always complaining that it was a honey job, that he was only fat, was nowhere to be found.

Looking at his serious face, Seo-yoon quietly waited for the next word.

"No matter how much blood you have, if you have power involved in it, it's like a battlefield. It's ugly and dirty, going down to the bottom of a human being."

I wouldn't let you know. She didn't speak her mind, she didn't want to see John's mind. Seoyoon was a stranger passing through here anyway.

I could have entrusted them with their lives, but I didn't want to know anything more.

"That's why I quit. The bodies dying here day by day were more terrible than the bodies piled up when I turned my eyes to the battlefield.”

I knew what that word meant.

Just as Seoyoon never understood that to gain power, to kill the same bloodline, so did John.

"And you're back, aren't you?"



"I'm always weak at things smaller than I am. I feel bad for our polar bear.”

A wry smile hung around John's mouth.

Wherever you look, Ashan was not a small body, but he was smaller than John. So he recognised Ashan as strong but weak.

"Did you see that?"

He asked, putting his face in his hands and washing his face dry.


"That's just what it looks like. I can see it in my eyes, in Salmon's eyes, in Kay's eyes, as you can see it in your eyes for a while you're here. Something's wrong with the place we're standing. That our employer didn't do anything."

No one spoke out, but everyone knew it.

Ashan quietly waits for death to approach him, hiring them and keeping them close to him, which he once encountered on the battlefield enemies.

"There's a wall. Between our employer and our people. We're all living across from it.”

The wall is hard and solid, and no one could break it.

"Will Hani be able to move on?”

Suddenly John asked Seoyoon."No."

I couldn't think of how Ashan, who was beyond the wall, would be waiting for someone to cross the wall with a face and facial expression. Can I turn my back on that look even after I don't know.

"So do we."

John smiled and tangled Seoyoon's hair.

"Is that why you're staying?”

'Yes, it's a close call.'

It's a close call. I'm nervous that the wind will blow off as if I'm hanging on a single rope. It was how everyone felt to see Ashan doing nothing.

"May the wind blow."

Seoyoon murmured quietly.

I hope he doesn't fall off the leash.

Let's hang in there.

"Don't call me."

John replied to her murmur.

Seoyoon was the only one who entered the room where he could not even hear breathing. I put the first aid kit in my hand on the table and approached the bedside. I briefly remembered John to stand guard outside. He came in under the pretext of failing to disinfect the wound during the day, but Ashan was already asleep. Unlike his usual self, he was dressed in all his clothes, lying upright on the bed with his eyes closed his eyes.

Seoyoon slowly sat on the couch where his face could be seen. Ashan's pale-looking face in the moonlight was cold. Realising that even sleeping was an overly cold man, he remained silent for a while.

I'm breathing, but I can't hear anything.

It exists but it does not.

You can always disappear from the world.

The man in front of me was like that.

Seo-yoon quietly put the pistol on her lap.

The grip felt heavy in the hand was not bad. He was a pistol with Seoyoon throughout his career as a bodyguard.

"There's only one chance.”

It was Ashan who broke the silence and opened his mouth.

We both knew that he was asleep but not.

"If you want to kill me, it's only now.”

Seo-yoon unlocked the pistol with a calm voice that did not contain a single emotion.

Like this.

The sound rang unusually loud in the quiet room.

The clothes he was wearing were like a long-lived man who never took off his armor on the battlefield, which made me laugh bitterly. Since when did I know? That Seoyoon came into this room to kill him.

Standing up from her seat, she approached Ashan step by step.

It was only three steps, but that was enough.

A black gun was pointing at him. Pulling the trigger was a simple thing. He was aware of it, and still waiting silently for death with his eyes open.

Black insignia is hung on the black gun.

The room becomes a huge coffin and only wants his death.

"……I've never thought about it."

At the age of eight, when he had to wait day in and day out just because his mother working outside was coldhearted, this man faced death. I never imagined such an eight-year-old life.

Ashan quietly opened his eyes to the locked voice of Seo-yoon. Seo-yoon dared not face the shiny black eyes staring directly at the gun still hanging on him.


Everyone is trying to kill you.

Even before it was buried, Ashan, who grabbed Seoyun's arm, pulled it back. Seo-yoon, who lost his balance, couldn't stand and collapsed over Ashan's.

"What were you gonna do with an empty gun?"

The loaded gun and the non-loaded gun were different in weight. Ashan shook the gun that he took from Seo-yoon's hand and asked."Did you want me to kill you?"

Ashan did not miss Seo-yoon's eyes, which were shaken momentarily.

The tip of the nose was in contact. He couldn't escape because of Ashan, who held Seoyoon's arms and wouldn't let him go.

The one chance he gave me is over. Seoyoon couldn't shoot Ashan even if he was given the chance again. I've already come in with all my bullets out of the way, just in case a bay wants to kill him. If you can't save your life from the beginning, you have to choose between Ashan and Haeyoon.

"If you keep me alive, the bullets won't be empty next time."

"Yes, you gave me one chance, just like I did.”

Ashan's sunken eyes stared at Seoyun's abyss.

Ashan holding her let go of the hand for a moment. Seoyoon, who was still watching him from above, didn't even realize that he had let go of himself.

"I don't kill people without weapons."

The moment his lips opened, his hair felt like it was standing still.

As Seo-yoon rolled sideways, Ashan, who stood up from his seat, pulled out his Kanjar behind his back. A well-brimmed, white-lined blade reflected in the moonlight and shone bizarrely. The tip of the knife, bent in half a month, was intended to cut the opponent. It was a knife that could never be stabbed.

The knife was put out in front of Seoyoon.

Ashan said, staring at it.

"Take it."

Before realizing the stern order, Seoyun's hand held the handle of Kanjar.

"Come on, ready to die."

"No, I don't want to.

"You should."

Ashan smiled at the corners of his mouth and pulled the remaining Kanjar from his waist. He held the same twin knives as Seoyoon's.

"If you don't, I'll destroy everything about you.”

It was a affirmation, a declaration of war.

This man doesn't make a slip of the tongue. Seoyoon knew that too well.

Nothing was felt by Ashan, who said she would destroy everything she had. The calm eyes, which were struggling with emotions, were looking at Seoyun's response in detail.

Ashan was serious.

I can feel the mixed feelings.

Seo-yoon held a knife reflexively and took a defensive position.

The black clothes covering him were buried in darkness. An envoy who brought death was in front of me.

The smell of acrid sand, which could not be sniffed, came to my mind. Before his eyes, he was Ashan of Afghanistan, where Seo-yoon met on the quiet afternoon when the sun of the martyr sank.


Seo-yoon bowed as low as he could, and took the blade he hit with all his strength with both hands. The blade struck in front of my eyes, sparking a faint flame.

It was the same as it was.

All Seo-yoon could see was Ashan's right foot coming off. Never a small body, his speed was frighteningly fast. To the point where the tension doesn't even show his remains.

Kanjar was a knife for cutting, not stabbing, from the beginning.

To kill each other, the arteries in the neck had to be cut down accurately and quickly.

Ashan's blade flew creepyly focused on Seo-yoon's upper body.

My right forearm was sour when I rolled to the side to avoid it. The long cut sleeves blocked Seoyoon's view for a moment. It wasn't badly cut, but light blood quickly flowed through the forearm.Unlike her, who exhaled rough breathing, Ashan, who took a step back without even breathing distracted, faced Seoyoon.

In a moment's gap, Seo-yoon took off her tattered jacket.

As soon as she took off her clothes, Ashan moved again. I didn't avoid it this time. He set the blade at an angle and spilled Ashan's attack sideways to minimize the impact he received. At the same time, the deflected blade cut Seo-yoon's shoulder and passed by. I thought he would let go of his shoulder from the moment he spills his attack. Seo-yoon's right foot walked outside Ashan's foot before he stepped down. As soon as he tried to step back,


Kanjar, which was in Seoyoon's hand, fell to the floor. At the same time, Seo-yoon, who grabbed Ashan's shoulder with both hands, put all his strength on his right foot. At the same time, Seo-yoon and Ashan lost their balance and collapsed on the carpet.

Seoyoon stopped breathing while pressing Ashan down from above.

"Not bad. Give the flesh and cut the bones.”

Ashan said, looking at Seoyoon's blood-filled shoulder.

Seoyoon's feet on Ashan's stomach were pressing his arms down firmly.

"If you can't take it with your power, you have to take the damage."

"However, you must realize that your strength is remarkably weak."

Along with the horse, Ashan's two feet, lifted behind Seo-yoon's back, tripped over Seo-yoon's neck. This time, he climbed onto Seoyoon's back, holding on to Ashan's hard thigh.

The situation turned around in an instant.

Seoyoon chose to abandon his sword and subdue Ashan, but he did not let go of his sword until the last minute. Ashan, who hit her hands with his knees just as Seo-yoon did, and pushed her neck down with his left hand so that she could not move, smiled.

"I lost...."

I didn't think I'd win against this guy anyway. It was enough to be caught off guard. Seoyoon was well aware of his limitations.

The grip of the man pressing her neck was strong enough to hold her breath. To the point where I wonder if I'm strangled to death.

I couldn't avoid Ashan's eyes looking at Seo-yoon at the end of an inch. I tried to force myself to breathe in, but it was not easy.

A black swirling swirling.

There was a storm in Ashan's raw snow that could never be seen here. When I lay down and looked at it, it was so cold that the moonlight was even more dazzling.

"I guess I'm used to you."

He opened his mouth in a dull way.

As if it were offensive, or not bad.

"But it's time to end this game.”

Ashan made the decision like a man who now has confidence in his feelings.

I couldn't read it with his eyes alone. Whether what he wants to finish is his feelings for Seoyoon or a tug-of-war with Seoyoon, which was literally just a game.

The feelings he wanted to express seemed faster than he thought.

Still pressing down on her neck, she set the day of Kanjar, which Ashan was holding, to Seoyun.

Is it scary to get used to it?

It was only in the last minute that I realized.

That Ashan's feelings for him are not likeable.

Asuka said he was terrified by Ashan's only 'living man' in the world. Seoyoon and Asuka mistook the fear and fear he felt for her.

You were afraid of me.

The words didn't come out negative at the end. Just gasping for breath was too much for Seoyoon.Can this man be perfect in a world without fear that scares him?

As expected, there was a question that could not come out. I wanted to be complete, not lacking.

May the wind blow...….

Seoyoon looked at the blade coming to him until the end. If he was afraid of him, he wanted to confront him until the last moment. I didn't even know I wanted to see it cut off. Seoyoon didn't even feel the blade approaching his neck. Her eyes glistened more than ever against Ashan.


The sound of a flesh cut rang eerie in my ears.

He thought that if death came to him, it would come from the tip of his toes. I thought her whole body would cool down, cold from the tip of her toes.

Red blood flowed down Seo-yoon's neck.

But Seoyoon was still looking at Ashan with warmth.

He slowly lifted his left hand, which was pressing down on her neck. Blood was constantly flowing from the deeply cut wrist. The crimson blooddrops, clearly visible in the moonlight, fell on Seoyun's face.

"Drink it."

Ashan brought his bloody wrist over Seoyun's pale lips.

I wasn't so afraid in the face of death.

However, the color of his life falling in the moonlight has been frightening. For the first time, Seo-yoon's head recognized that human blood was so fine.

The blood, like the tears of the moon, soaked Seoyun's lips. Nevertheless, I couldn't open my lips.

This was Ashanman's ritual. In front of the ceremony, which was clear that she was trying to accept her as her own person, Seo-yoon could not move with her whole body stiff.

"Open your mouth."

Temptation came out of the sweet voice.

Looking at Seo-yoon, who is still silent, Ashan buried his lips on his wrist. His lips took a deep breath of his own blood, cruel and quick. The moonlight under Seoyun's gaze was overshadowed by Ashan's face, which came close to my eyes.


The blood in her smooth tongue that opened her lips was as sweet as his voice. It was mixed up in Seoyoon's mouth with saliva. Ashan's tongue never tolerated Seoyun's defiance. He violated Seo-yoon's mouth until he no longer felt the sweetness. Scour her even teeth and suck in the saliva deeply.

"……You have shared blood with me, and your enemy will soon be my enemy."

And before dawn, the deepest darkness came upon them first.

Ashan's blood was dripping on Seo-yoon's lap. The blood didn't stop as easily as I thought. Ashan was sitting in bed leaving her hands, and Seoyoon knelt down in front of him and sighed, looking at the wound on his wrist.

"The blood won't stop. I need to get a doctor to seal it."

First she came to her senses and offered to call the doctor, Ashan refused at once.

But the blood didn't stop. In this case, it was natural to call a doctor. Ashan, who pressed Seoyun's shoulder to get up, said calmly.

"You do it."

The artery narrowly missed, but it was still a pretty big wound. The man in front of his eyes, who did not hesitate to give such a wound to his body, looked down at Seo-yoon's head indifferently all the time as if he could not feel pain. A stream of cold sweat ran down her chin.

In some cases, he sewed wounds on his own when it was inevitable only in the battlefield. Now, however, there are plenty of people who can sew up his wounds, and Ashan was trying to get Seoyun to do it.The gauze around his wrist was still dripping blood. The hot life ran down the lap. There was no time to lose. As Ashan said, Seoyun had to do it.

He doesn't go back on what he once said.

"Press it for a moment."

As Seoyoon said, when Ashan pushed down the gauze on her wrist, she burst open the door.

"You, you..."

Seoyoon quietly opened his mouth when he saw John looking at him with a bewildered face.

"I'd like a disinfectant, stitches, needles, hot water and a clean cloth."

"What, what happened?”

John glanced into the room, wondering if an assassin had entered without his knowledge.

"Hurry up and get it. We don't have time."

"Do you want a doctor?”

Seoyoon shook his head at the horse. John, who knew Ashan's personality, easily convinced him and called the man who was taking care of him.

"Bring it yourself. Without anyone knowing."

Seoyoon said, reaching out and snatching John's phone. It was a sudden premonition. I thought I shouldn't let anyone know that he was hurt. Seoyoon closed the door again after seeing John leave.

"……Don't ever hurt yourself again."

There was no hesitation, no hesitation. So I thought he was going to cut his own throat. Seoyoon was afraid of not hesitating when she hurt herself.

Maybe he came over the wall that John said without me knowing.

At Seoyoon's words, Ashan slowly removed his pressure hand from the wound. The blood, which had stopped for a while, rolled back on the wrist and fell to the floor. A drop of dark red blood, like an unlocked faucet, seemed to take away the warmth of life.


Slowly again, Seo-yoon knelt down in front of Ashan and pressed the wound firmly with both hands. It was only then that Ashan's brow was wrinkled that he breathed relief. At least I felt fortunate to know that I was sick.

"Doesn't it hurt?"

Seo-yoon answered Ashan's question with the tone of asking what is natural. Ashan grinned when he heard that.

"Yes, it hurts."

"It'll hurt more when you sew it."

"I guess so."

Seoyoon no longer said anything in response to the reply, which even felt dull.

Then John, who burst into the door without knocking, turned on the light in the room. Only then did the son-in-law brighten up and the situation in the room became clearer.

Drops of blood everywhere, ragged self, and equally pale Ashan.

"What is this…….”

"Leave it behind."

"I'll call a doctor."

John's complexion deserved to be darkened because the white gauze lost its true color and was bleeding when squeezed. Ashan said at his stern words.

"Don't make a noise, get out."

"Can you do it?”

Regardless of Ashan's order, John asked Seoyoon.

Ashan and John's eyes turned to her all at once. Seoyoon bit his lips looking down at his hands, whose blood had dried up.

"You can do it.”

Only after hearing the firm answer did John drop off the items she had asked for and leave the room. Seoyoon, who washed his hands with clean water and sat in front of Ashan again, struggled to remove his lips.There was no anesthetic, nothing. The pain of sewing raw flesh was up to Ashan alone.

"It'll hurt."

I once again told Ashan that I knew everything.

"I wonder what it looks like.”

"……If you tell me the shape you want, I'll sew it as much as I can.

Thread a needle, remove the gauze from the wound, and then literally pour the disinfectant in first. Not even a weak moan came out. No sound leaked out of Ashan's mouth even though it would be painful like burning flesh.

"Tell me if you're sick. You can scream. You're not supposed to move."

"Then what's better?"

The first needle penetrated his bare skin.

"It's better than holding it in."

"It hurts the same when you scream."

"……I have a toothache.

Saying that, Seo-yoon put out a clean cloth around Ashan's mouth.

Ashan looked at the cloth that popped out in front of him for a moment with eyes asking what this was. Then, as soon as he opened his mouth to say something, Seo-yoon put it into his mouth.

"Bite tight."

Seoyun was relieved to see his face frowned slightly every time the needle passed. At least he's not a man who doesn't feel pain.

Time was still ticking away. The hourglass is running out. Even so, Seoyoon couldn't hurt him.

The red-skinned wounds closed unevenly each time the needle passed. Then, the cell phone in her pants pocket rang. Seoyoon, who instinctively realized where this ringing phone call came from, flinched.

In a quiet room, the vibration of the cell phone was particularly loud. As soon as he concentrated on Ashan's wounded hand again, his hand turned into Seoyoon's pocket.

"Don't take it."

"Why should I?"

Ashan said after taking out the cloth from his mouth with a look of annoyance.

"This is the call I need to receive."

When he moves, his wounds open again.

Seo-yoon only shook his head without getting his hands off Ashan's wound. But he managed to pull his cell phone out of Seoyoon's pants dance.

The snow, covered in unknown night colors, stared at her quietly. Slowly pressing the phone's call button, he put it on speakerphone.

[Sister...] Sister...….]

Seoyoon closed her eyes to the desperate voice of Haeyoon.

[I'm so scared...]….]

Seoyoon opened her mouth to make sure that this was not just a recorded voice.

"Haeyoon, do you trust me?"

[Yes...] Come here quickly. I miss you.]

"I'll be right there. Don't worry. I will never hurt you. I'll be right there."

[As you said, I still haven't opened my eyes] Sister, I keep my eyes closed.]

Seoyoon closed his eyes at the words. Nothing more could be seen by Hae-yoon's words that he still kept his last words. Dark darkness comes behind the eyelids.

Seoyoon was also watching what Haeyoon is watching now.


It was Ashan who hung up the phone.

"Go on."

Seoyun slowly opened her eyes to his quiet voice. All it seemed was the inevitable reality.

It was a windless night, like time stopped.

It was only Seoyoon and Ashan who knew that the phone rang just now. When I saw him looking down at Seoyoon with an indifferent face, the needle moved again. Thread the raw flesh and close the wound."It's me."

As the needle in Seoyoon's hand passed through the last wound, Ashan said. I wasn't talking to myself. He was seen holding Seoyoon's cell phone and instructing the other person quietly and low.

"……put a rat trap."

Never shy away from the gaze you've bumped into. Sitting indifferently with a face like another world, I could just tell. Now this man is trying to keep his word.

"It's good to sleep for a long night.”

His white hands swept over Seoyoon's head.