Chapter - 14 Chapter 14. The Inevitable Man.

Ashan moved at dawn.

It was after receiving a phone call from someone. Seoyoon noticed that it was her cell phone caller. With a white bandage in his hand, he glanced into the room mirror at Ashan, whose eyes were closed in the back seat of Maybach. John's eyes and Seoyoon's eyes collided in the room mirror driving to the address he told me.

Blueish energy was rising from all over the earth. It's going to break in no time at all of a sudden.

Wherever I went, there was endless desert, the sun following him, and the dry wind without moisture.

After running for a short period of time, Maybach stopped at a place Seoyun did not know. It was a villa owned by most royalty, which was sparsely populated by ordinary people.

She never came here, but a few times passed by, she recalled the stories of foreign godfathers, the royal families of Oman, and prominent nobles having villas here.

John said a few words to the guard standing at the door, and the gate opened easily. The car that entered the open door stopped in the lobby of the mansion.

Seoyoon's shoulders were half tense when he saw someone walking toward him as if he had waited. I got out of the car and opened the door of Ashan's car.

"Why are you looking for a small man's residence at this early hour when it is not dawn?"』

He leads the Presbyterian Church, and as far as Seo-yoon knows, Ashan was the most strongly opposed to becoming Sultan and his uncle Hamad. Despite the sudden visit, I could feel a clear hostility from the way he dressed up in traditional costumes and looked at them with mysterious eyes.

"Is there a reason why my nephew visits my uncle's house?』

Ashan, who speaks fluent Arabic, has a twirling smile on his lips.

"Are you not going to let me in the house?』

It was when Hamad's eyes turned to Seoyoon, who was looking at Ashan's intentions. Ashan said, moving naturally between her and Hamad's gaze.

"Oh, my God, I've been rude to you for the first time. Let's go to the library.』

"My uncle said he has a hobby of collecting old books from all over the world, so I really wanted to see his study someday.』

Ashan now is different than ever. It was soft, and it was leading the story tenderly.

So I was afraid. The atmosphere, which clearly changes when dealing with the enemy, was leading the opponent. Now I understand what Asuka meant. Seoyoon was witnessing in front of his eyes that he had been acting like a tongue in his brother's mouth for years for the honor of his sister, who had not spoken a word.

"Wait for me."

Ashan entered the study and said to Seoyoon and John. As he said, he had to wait here, but Seo-yoon, who had a hunch for something, shook his head small. This was not his area. There were dozens of armed guards guarding the mansion. Seoyoon and John alone cannot protect Ashan.

As if to notice Seoyoon's thoughts, Ashan smiled once and closed the door in front of her.

After casually looking through the lined bookshelf, he sat on the sofa of the table pointed by Hamad. The smile I saw earlier had already disappeared from Ashan's face.

"Did he say that the man who planted it in me headed for this place?』

What do you mean?』

"I already know where she is. I came here to see if it was your uncle's will.』It was obviously a child who followed Western blood, not Arab.

It was not the queen's legacy, but the embers that were born from the overnight fire of a French woman who met the Sultan at the festival without knowing that he was Sultan. I don't even remember the woman's name now. The woman's opinion that she would take the child was dismissed by the Sultan, who takes care of her blood horribly. It was Hamad, himself, who then implored the woman to give him a child. I didn't even know then instinctively that one day this child would become a spark.

They were insular to strangers from the start. Even as culture develops, deals with them, and the country grows, they have thought that they are insular beings that cannot be mixed in their blood. As the country's orthodox heir disappeared and the only person who would succeed the blood was Ashan, the closest blood, was presented as orthodox. Their blood was solid, so even the Sultan could not dismiss Asuka, who was put forward by the Presbyterian Church.

Furthermore, I could not place the child who might have been buried in my brother's blood in the Sultan's seat.

Everyone didn't say it because the Sultan was alive, but the fact that Ashan killed my brother was already a secret.

"What? "

Hamad asked, pretending to be. Though frail, both past and present were devoted to arrogance.

Ashan crossed his long legs and sat leisurely, tapping slowly on the armrest of the chair with his fingers.

This was a big board. It was a game that could never be overturned or advanced. The board, which began when Ashan was born, was now open in front of me.

Ashan took the revolver out of his arms.

Put it on the table and he said.

"If you wanted to kill me, you'd have to put blood on your hands.』

Hamad's eyebrows wriggled at the sincere words. No matter how hard I tried to kill him, I couldn't kill him. It wasn't enough to say that I was lucky. It was as if death had escaped him. As the Sultan's condition became more serious, he tried to remove Ashan to strengthen Asuka's firm position, but failed repeatedly, as if to ridicule him.

"It's very easy to hide the fact that you're here. You came into the tiger hole on your own.』

"Do I look so reckless?』

Ashan laughed out loud.

As soon as the horse fell, there was a loud sound of a propeller. A combat helicopter was floating in the air, and a light was giddy into the mansion.

"The Guard is in your uncle's hands, but there are many friends who know those who do not play in your hands.』

Hamad realized that it was inevitable to avoid Ashan, who was looking at him like a hungry beast in front of his eyes, although neither side was attacking first.

"I see."

Hamad said as if he had suddenly realised.

"The girl outside must be the one you have in mind. I've been ordering you and her to keep an eye on me ever since I let her in as a bodyguard. Hahaha~ Are you going to make that b*tc* like your mother?』

Ashan lifted the revolver.

Six shots from the magazine fell on the table. I put in only one of them and turned the bullets.

"You must have been in a hurry because you never moved to save your sister." You told me you knew, but you came for me because you didn't know where!』"I know. Of course, you'll find out a little later.』

Despite Hamad's words, Ashan answered low, and placed the revolver in the center of the table.

"A while ago, the last Russian roulette had a pretty interesting performance.』

"How dare you threaten me?』

"It's a problem that can be thought differently depending on who accepts it. Uncle, there's a chance to kill me. Isn't it too bad to blow it up like this?』

A firm will was read, with no hesitation or wavering. Hamad realized that this walking fight was inevitable. No matter how hard he tried to kill him, he never fought back, so he might have been relieved that he didn't even have the will to resist.

"……your brother, what has Mohammed crossed?"』

It didn't change whether you picked up a gun or not, that this would be a hive. When he tried to kill Ashan, he was moving underwater. I thought I was chasing him, but I realized that I was chasing myself chasing him with arrogance on my palm.

Shall we set the rules with one question at a time?』

The Asian girl was just caught by accident. I was thinking I'd use my hands on his bodyguard when I started getting nervous to kill him. I've heard that girl and Ashan talk at times, but that's all. He didn't have a girl, he didn't treat her kindly. I thought it was a fifty-fifty chance anyway. Even if we fought back, we didn't think we would openly rebel by mobilizing a single army. This was like a coup d'etat.

Hamad slowly picked up the revolver.

Good job.

The first bullet didn't contain a bullet. Unknowingly sighing, he stuck out a revolver in front of Ashan.

"If he sheds blood, he himself will shed blood.』

It was Ashan's answer to Hamad's question.

"There is such a passage in the Bible. Honor is honor, man's blood is man's blood. It was the first time you asked me to kill honorably.』

Are monsters born monsters or created by them from the beginning.

Suddenly, that one question popped into Hamad's head. Ashan did not stand out in everything but the meeting set by the Sultan. It just appeared and seemed to be boring, and it often happened in time. He bowed his head in front of those who wanted to kill him and showed no intention of killing him.

Ashan, who took the revolver with him, put a gun on his temple and pulled the trigger without hesitation.

Good job.

Again, there were no bullets in it.

"Where is she?』

Ashan asked a question.

"That's definitely my last card, do you think I'll answer?』

"I see."

Nodding in insignificance, he handed the gun over to Hamad without further asking.

My dry saliva swallowed up. The odds were now a quarter.

Good job.

He was still alive. The probability grew bigger and bigger, and the fear surged in. One bullet risked each other's lives. With this kind of invasion in his house, he obviously thought someone would lead the guards here.

All he had to do was buy time. I didn't even know it worked out. It was enough to formally bring down Ashan, who had done this, to the Sultan."Do you think you're gonna get away with this?』

Ashan laughed briefly at the remark. Rising from the chair, he leaned his upper body deep in front of Hamad, who was sitting on the other side by side. Two shining black eyes were seen from Ashan's pale face as far as Hamad's nose.

"Musagiwon is a wish after surviving.』

Dark darkness.

The black eyes of the deep, deep haze were penetrating Hamad's inner self.

Good job.

I heard a fine sound of a bullet in Ashan's turn. Sitting back in his seat, Ashan briefly clicked his tongue.

"It's my turn.』

"You've lost.』

"Let's start from scratch.』


Just before the end of the sentence, Ashan shot Hamad in the left leg with a revolver in his hand.

크Coughing up! 『

Seoyoon and Hamad's bodyguards, who heard the sound outside the study's door, simultaneously stormed in.

I could see blood splashing around on the white table and Hamad kneeling halfway down holding his left shin in front of him.

"Get out."

Ashan said as if it were no big deal.

"Kill him! Kill him now!』

Hamad shouted at his bodyguards.

"Who dares to touch my body in this country, Uncle?"』

Ashan laughed low. Officially he was heir to the throne of this country. Bodyguards were also aware of that. Now Hamad's words may end his life if he made a mistake in making fun of his gun.

"And there's a lot of people out there right now. If you don't want to be a beehive, you'd better get out.』

"Kill me! Don't take responsibility for everything! Kill him right now!』

At their feet, hesitating to follow orders from either side, a dangerous shot flew through the window.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The exact three bullets at the foot were from the helicopter.

"No one is allowed until I leave this room."

Ashan winked at John and he hurried everyone out of the room and closed the door again.

You don't think I suggested playing fair?』

He took out a handkerchief from his arms and said, touching Hamad's leg.

"We still have five bullets left, Uncle.』

Ashan's handkerchief quickly turned into Hamad's blood.

"If the bleeding gets worse, it will be difficult for even the person to catch the bleeding point. It is not blackmail or coercion. I just want to know where she is.』

He knelt down on one knee in front of Hamad, who was sitting on the floor, reloading one bullet rolling on the table.

"As you can see, my left hand is injured.』

The blood stains from Hamad were stained on the bandage Seo-yoon wrapped. Ashan warned, holding a revolver with his right hand and blocking the bleeding coming out.

"I don't force you to answer. But this time, I can't guarantee to shoot from the artery. If you get injured, the bullet will miss.』

The moment you pull the trigger, it's over.』

"Do you think your uncle will be safe here?』

Ashan pulled the trigger, returning Hamad's question to him.

It was not until two more shots rang that the door of the study opened.

His blonde hair was soaked in blood. Blood dripped from the tip of my hair. The sharp jawline was dripping with sweat and blood droplets of dark red flowed down. Everyone who saw this took a step back as if they were frightened.A terrible scream was no longer heard. No one thought of opening a half-open door completely.

The same was true of the bandage that Seo-yoon wrapped. It was stained with dark red blood. Now I realize what he's done to keep his vow with her. With no way back, and no way to avoid it, Ashan took the quickest way he thought. Being indifferent to his own life, he moved on to one life of others who had nothing to do with it.

Blood was also flowing between the fingers.

The frighteningly fine color that Seo-yoon saw in the moonlight fell on the carpet.

There was no evidence that he was alive except for his exhalation. Seoyun first met the living eyes of the dead. The hands drooping toward the floor slowly turned to Seo-yoon.

The whole world was bloodshot. The man in front of me seemed to be dying in that bloody world.

So instinctively I realized that he should not shy away from the hand he held out.

"You change me."

It was a low voice that only Seo Yoon could hear right in front of him. I couldn't breathe out properly as if I had something stuck in my stomach.

Ashan put the red hand on Seoyoon's head. Perhaps because of the burst of stitches, blood droplets from his fingertips wet Seoyoon's head and wet his cheeks.

"It's gonna be okay.”

It came back to Seoyoon with sincerity.

No one looked at him and would listen to him.

The heart he held in his arms, the hot thing, and her heart hardened.

"John, take her to the palace."

"Let's go together, let's go together."

Ashan's steps to turn around and go stopped.

"No, you can't, because you're emotional. If you want your brother to be safe, wait in the palace."

He said he would be fine, so Hae-yoon thought he would be fine. However, his backside looked precarious. An unknown anxiety weighed heavily on each of his steps.

"Follow me, so I don't notice."

"Are you going to violate an order?”

Step behind Ashan on a helicopter ride, Seo-yoon coaxed John, not conciliatory.

"What's our top priority?"

"It's him……."

"John, it feels weird."

John looked at Seo-yoon, who said so, as if he had no choice.

"You care, don't you?"

Seoyoon covered his face with one hand. Just breathing out was overwhelming. My heart was beating so hard that I couldn't even decide what to do now. Alone, it felt like drifting in this vast desert.

"Let's go."

John's hand was put on Seo-yoon's head. He turned and now began to chase after the helicopter, which was disappearing far away.

"Sense is not all right, but sometimes people live and die because of it.

Seoyoon nodded at the words that spit out bitter water. Still, my mind was on edge. As I approached, let alone relieved, unknown anxiety gradually choked my throat.

"I've never thought about it.”

A dark sea spread out of the window. The small lights of the ships floating on the sea were all the lights in Seoyun's eyes.

"Did I not want to think?"

If you understand him with your heart, you know that there is no turning back."Everyone is hiding their true selves. But he's the only one I've ever seen who doesn't hide his true self. The reason why you feel scared and distant is because you are the only one who can feel his appearance clearly.”

John said he was afraid of him because he did not hide his true self.

Because you're not used to yourself. I was scared because I didn't treat others with a mask on. He didn't hide anything from the start. Unlike others who take it for granted to hide nothing.

The tip of my chin trembled. I couldn't tell myself what I was getting angry about, but I was endlessly angry and ashamed.

"It's towards the harbor side.”

Maybach was entering an area where the port's warehouses were concentrated. The helicopter was disappearing somewhere, and Seoyoon and John pulled over nearby.

"I have no choice but to look it up.”

"There must be a light. 'Cause there'll be a crowd.'

Most of them were warehouses with lights out. The priority was to find a dark place rather than a place where people frequented. When I opened Maybach's trunk, I could see several weapons in full service at all the time. While taking enough bullets to pack, a long shotgun suddenly caught Seo-yoon's eye.

"……How far can you shoot in this dark?”

"Hmmm, if you have an infrared scope, it'll be possible from a pretty long distance.”

"Not yet, the sniper hasn't been caught.”

"You're not going to ambush me here?”

"There's no harm in being careful."

John nodded at Seoyun's words. Unfortunately, none of the guns they had were scopes or rifles capable of identifying the enemy's position. John clicked his tongue low because he usually carried weapons for mass destruction.

"I've seen a suicide squad in Afghanistan.”

"They're terrible."

"He even gave his life to God for the sake of faith. What if this is Hamad's belief?

"Then you were the bait. If the bait kills Ashan, it's great, but if he moves himself, I'll plant a sniper in the last place he's headed.”

"What about you?"

"Yes, I would, if I were you.”

John nodded and said. John, a former sniper in the U.S. Special Forces. He knew their habits better. Seoyun believed in John's ability, even though he is now under Ashan.

"It won't be far away. I don't want to miss my goal."

"Okay, leave it to me."

John picked up the shotgun. When he disappeared as if he had melted into the darkness with a heavy body, Seo-yoon began to move.

Tatang! Tatatang!

Not far away, there was a loud sound of shooting, perhaps because the gunfight had already begun. Seoyun lowered her posture and headed there quickly, looking around. Between Ashan, who was already tightly wrapped in a warehouse, Louis, whom I saw with him not long ago, was seen.

Louis was blocking the door, directing his team members. And in front of him, Ashan was seen opening the warehouse door without hesitation.

At the same time, the whole warehouse was lit brightly. Two windows were out on both sides of the door, and when the light came on, the situation inside Seo-yoon's eyes, who was hiding outside, also came in.

The weapons in the hand were already lowered to the floor and four people were seen raising their hands up. One of them was familiar to Seoyoon's eyes.The man who threatened her had his hands above his head as a sign of surrender.

And Hae-yoon, who was shaking while sitting, caught my eye. Seoyoon's face was the only thing she could see, but she was convinced that she would not have been hurt.

"The hostage is safe!"

A sigh of relief came out of Louis' words. Seoyoon slowly revealed himself in the darkness of the warehouse. Hae-yoon didn't want to be surprised to see others. Louis, who was the first to find her walking, tilted his head for a moment and soon raised one hand.

"Didn't Ashan send you back to the palace?"

When Louis' crew went into the warehouse and tried to trap them, they felt a strange alienation.

The face of the man who threatened her remained calm despite the situation. The expression even showed determination for a cause. Seo-yoon shouted when Ashan tried to untie the rope tied to Hae-yoon's wrist with his eyes closed.

"Get out of there!"

The body moved reflexively before the mind.

The streets were only five or six steps long.

I've seen a man who takes his own life for a cause. No conciliation, no intimidation worked. He was already dead when he decided to give up his own life. The gaze was pious and contained no hesitation.

Like a man right in front of you!


Seo-yoon called John as if his voice would be torn apart.

At the same time, the man hugged Ashan from behind. One of Louie's men, who tried to hold him, lost his hand by a hair's breadth.



Two shots rang out one after another.

I remembered a similar situation one day. At that time, he couldn't save him.

It's gonna be okay.

The words that came back from the bottom of my heart suddenly hit my heart. I couldn't turn a blind eye to a man who was changing because of himself.

Seoyoon reached out as hard as he could.

She had to bail him out of this barren land.

Ashan's hem seemed to wind up on his fingertips.

The sound of gunfire that I heard clearly,

Nori's target is Ashan Al-Zertha.

To kill Ashan, someone tried to give up their life, and the person who was hit by the death was facing it without budging.

The death of the enemy, or his own.

"……you do."

A man who stood by the window hugging Ashan like a shield was looking down at Seoyun with a bewildered face. Ashan, caught between a man and Seo-yoon, only recognized her. Seoyoon read the doubts in his eyes as if he could not believe the existence in front of him.

"Don't give up. Life... then I feel so sorry for you.”

The soft boyish ears of Ashan, still fluffy, could be seen in front of his eyes.

Seoyun buried his face in the back of his neck and confessed. Everything she wants from Ashan.

"Sister! Sister!"

The sharp voice of Hae-yoon tore up the space. The voice ringing right next to it seemed to ring between the curtains, so Seo-yoon shook his head.

The view was blurred. A cloud of sweat between the eyelashes fell down on Ashan's shoulder.

Only then did Louis' men tear the man from behind who was hugging Ashan. Ashan's hands strongly supported Seoyoon, who was about to collapse with his legs loose.

Save Haeyoon safely, and he also saved Ashan safely.

Seo-yoon laughed after confirming that there were no wounds to Ashan's body other than dried blood."Are you laughing?"

I nodded unconsciously at his question. The space turned around once, and before I knew it, Seoyoon was lying on the ground. On top of her, Ashan was pressing his chest with both hands.


I'm injured. That's a pretty serious injury, too.

Seoyoon looked at his chest as if he were looking at someone else's. There was no pain, no pain. I just thought that I was weak and wanted to rest. Ashan shook his head firmly whether he knew Seo-yoon's thoughts.

Seoyoon, who smiled again at the sight, murmured like a sigh.

"I'm tired..."

"Don't come near me!"

As Louis approached to see Seo-yoon's condition, Ashan shouted.

"Get the hell out of here!"

"Looking at the wound...….”

"Get the helicopter on standby!"

He didn't let anyone come near Seoyoon. Ashan ordered without even looking at Hae-yoon, who collapsed and sobbed.

"The wound... ..has burst again."

Seoyoon said something that had been bothering him for a while. From the time he left Hamad's study, he knew his sutured wound had burst.

"Don't say it."

"Really... .. a bear that has not paid off for its treatment...….”

Like Ashan, who swept his head and said he would be fine, Seo-yoon struggled to raise his right hand. His hair tickled the tip of his finger.

Seo-yoon held onto his fading spirit, thinking that if he reached out a little longer, he could sweep that hair like he did. I felt like something was coming out of my body with a thud. I couldn't reach out any more.

The eyelids were already in full bloom, blocking the view of the world.

Seoyoon's hand fell to the floor with a snap.

"……Don't go."

And before I completely lost consciousness, I heard that voice.