Chapter - 18 Chapter 18. His memory.

Living as a ghost in a palace wasn't as difficult as I thought. He just had to live quietly and hold his breath and end his life. The only time I felt alive was at the age of eight, when I started practicing swordsmanship and shooting. He had to learn to protect himself from childhood, and now a faceless swordsman trained him severely. Under any circumstances, I learned how to survive somehow. Even a ghost prince wasn't uneducated. I could acquire all the knowledge I needed to live in the world.

However, none of that knowledge beats his heart. Because he was still a prince who didn't exist in this palace.

In swordsmanship class, I was in a lot of pain when I was beaten hard. My whole body ached and sometimes hurt so much that I wanted to hold on to someone and talk out.

Only then do I realize.

Oh, I am alive, that.

You only recognize it if you're hurt, broken and hurt.

I had no intention of protecting anything. Protecting something was evidence of weakness. I couldn't stand to be weak. When the ghost is weakened, an envoy eventually comes to take the spirit of the weakened ghost.

I've realized it since I was a kid. It was even more so after hearing the conversation between the queen and her brother, who were worried about him when he showed excellent talent in swordsmanship and shooting.

If he tries to be strong, he kills him, and if he kills weak, he can be stronger than that's all. In case one day he's no longer a ghost.

The night when the calm moonlight swallowed the ground was the best. I couldn't hear anything I didn't want to hear, and the world seemed half submerged. Sitting on the terrace, I savored the quiet night.


It wasn't long before the small sound was sensitive. His eyes headed for the pool just below the bedroom where he was staying. Someone was swimming in the pool, which had been turned off, unless he used it.

It was a day when the big moon shone unusually brightly.

The thin, solid body that looked feminine slowly moved back and forth over the pool.

I already knew who it was. I always knew at this time of year that sometimes she enjoyed swimming in her pool. Sitting here like a habit every night, looking at a strange country to rule in the future, she appeared without fail.

Slowly, the hand of the moon's swimming through the water remained straight.

The quiet sound of the water wasn't bad that night when no sound was heard. The opponent is also.

Still, I'm listening to the sound. Like when he went back here as a ghost that didn't exist and looked at people's behavior.

I didn't want to break this. The moment you break this, you learn to be weak.

Ashan's eyes quietly followed the moon's shadow.

"I don't like it."

A life full of hands struggled in his hands to survive. Ashan let out a low sigh as he struggled to let go of himself, saying he wanted to live.

Three encounters.

I wanted to ask.

Why did you come into my eyes?

Before spitting it out, he was thrown into the pool by a hand-pulling gesture. In front of his eyes was an untamed beast, galloping and glaring at him. I liked the eyes that never settled in the given situation.I'm so glad I kept him alive.

"Well done."

"That's about it for a crazy employer."

It was like a fish jumping out of the water.

Just as her heart, held in her hand, beat.

The first time someone was killed, it wasn't like this. Rather, they did not even feel the value of human life that disappeared so quickly.

Looking at the distant back, Ashan rested his chin.

I grabbed her by the backside, which gradually disappeared into the darkness, and thought for a moment about dragging her in front of me, and soon laughed. It was funny to see him desperately turning away from himself, but quickly became unpleasant.

Hide-and-seek is over one day.

It was Ashan, himself, who came to an end.

"……I've saved your life once, so please let it slide."

"Oh, my God."

Ashan suppressed the laughter that was about to burst out.

"Is hide-and-seek over now?”

And soon realized what she meant by "once" and frowned. It certainly wasn't once, as he remembers. In addition, if Seoyoon is talking about one life and one debt, it has already been paid back by him. Long before I met her in Afghanistan.


Seoyoon's mouth sounded naked even to Ashan, as if he was nervous even after saying it himself. He smiled broadly, not feeling the need to remind him of that time.

For the first time, I felt really happy. To the point where you don't realize it yourself.

Seoyun, who saw Ashan like that, swept the goosebumps on his arm roughly with his palm as if he had seen something he would not see.

"I kept my mouth shut."

Ashan's smile deepened at that remark. I try to get out of this situation somehow, but I say what I say seriously. In a way, it was fun to keep the most basic principles of transactions intact.

"If I had opened my mouth, I wouldn't be here now."

Ashan replied.

"You don't want to get caught now. I'll keep my mouth shut."

"Now, are you threatening me?"

He tilted his head to one side and asked Seoyoon crookedly.

"What do you mean intimidation, it's a deal.”

Looking at Seo-yoon's face, who was too brazen for a person who wanted to be saved just now, Ashan slowly sat back in his seat. He was a man who knew how to take advantage of opportunities. I knew this was another opportunity for him.

It was true that Seo-yoon had no intention of renewing her contract.

I don't stay anywhere properly and I don't give affection.

It was something anyone who left would do. After drawing a line with his colleagues, he never entered the line, never welcomed them in, and was counting the days to leave. It was a constant wait and see, but even that was not possible.

"I'll continue to shadow you like this and then disappear."

"The shadow never disappears."

"That's what I'm saying."

"A deal……."

I didn't know how long it's been since I made a deal with someone. The deal started from scratch on an equal footing. There weren't many people on equal footing with Ashan, and even now he's way above Seoyun.

"There are many ways I can keep you quiet. So suggest something else tempting."Ashan said to her with a cordial heart. However, his eyes were looking at Seoyoon's every move in detail. Even the shaking of his eyes were all in his eyes.

"……you don't want to kill me?”

At Seoyoon's words, Ashan just smiled and didn't open his mouth. There were always two conflicting thoughts about her in his mind. Choosing her in a life that doesn't even care about her is like self-destruction; otherwise, you have to let her go.

Everything that shakes is cut down.

It was better to kill her once in a lifetime if it was likely to remain in memory, if it was likely to find her, it was better to kill her.

However, it was always hesitant.

Even now, he was hesitating when he saw Seoyoon's face thinking hard about what Ashan would be interested in.

"You seem stupid, but you're strangely quick-witted."

Ashan stood up from his seat. Seoyoon was very nervous, stiffening his shoulders, thinking he was approaching him again, but he approached the door where he had entered contrary to expectations and turned the handle.

"Excuse me."

It was his lawyer who entered the door that Ashan personally opened.

He stood with his hands behind his back and Jason naturally sat in front of Seoyoon, where Ashan sat. Jason shook his head with one hand raised when Seo-yoon, who couldn't figure out whether to look at Ashan or Jason, tried to open his mouth.

"Don't open your mouth until I'm done."


"It's a contract."

He took a white paper bag out of the bag he was holding and pushed it in front of Seoyoon.

"Sign your autograph."

With trembling hands, Seoyoon pulled out a 40-page contract from inside the envelope. The first thing she checked was the clause on page 12.

"What is this?"



When Seoyoon stepped down from the chair, his legs pulled to the marble and made an unpleasant sound. Ashan frowned at the sound. It was Seo-yoon's last struggle to get away from the contract somehow.

"Why, don't you like it?"

"Yes, of course not.”

As Seo-yoon approached no longer to run back, he gently pressed her down on the shoulder.

"Why don't you like it?"

As if he could not understand English, Ashan asked and answered himself.

"I don't know."

Saying that, he gave strength to the hand holding Seo-yoon's shoulder. The moment he saw her jump into the gun to save herself, one of the two things in his head that was conflicting took the upper hand.

I'm gonna have to have it.



Seoyoon swallowed a low groan.

"It's too much for a renewal."

She said, 'This is what she said at the most!With a look on his face, he tried his best with useless words.

"Renewal of a contract.”

Ashan smiled and bowed at her, who had something wrong.

His hair stayed on her cheeks. Seoyoon, who stopped breathing, was carefully scanned as if he was trying to open it one by one.

"You're in prison for life."

Now that he was determined, there could be no less sentence.


Seo-yoon, who had not responded to Ashan's words for a long time, carefully spoke out.

"The death penalty... ..the life sentence before?”


Seoyoon nodded blankly as if his mind was not organized.

"Nodding is not a good idea.Then, suddenly, she stood up screaming and strode to the door.


Just as she was about to open the door, a bullet lodged in front of Seoyoon's eye informed her that the bullet had just been fired here.

"Turn the doorknob and this time it doesn't end in a warning."

He picked up the revolver's bullet that fell on the floor slowly and reloaded it, and Ashan spat out in a sour way.

"……Why are you doing this to me?"

Seoyoon slowly turned around and asked him.

Why are you doing this to me?

That was the question Ashan wanted to ask.

"Lifetime, sign first sign."

There was no such thing as a side road at the crossroads.

Seo-yoon, who approached the lawyer as if flying in front of the threat of life, picked up the contract.

"If you're not charging me for a penalty, I don't have this amount on a lifetime contract. Please check again to make sure the incentives come out every quarter of the year, and don't miss out on the number of days off. I work exactly eight hours a day, plus a special clause that says I don't have to wait on the Prince."

Seoyun-do and Ashan knew well that this was not a gentle surrender. It was obvious what she was thinking. Another game was about to begin. And it was Ashan who started the game.


As Jason called Ashan with a tone of voice as if to do with Seoyoon's demands, he nodded.

"Correct everything you want."

The amount of money didn't matter to him. It was all right if he just recognised that Seoyoon was on a life contract. Jason bowed out to Ashan, and again there were only two left in the room.

"Tell me why.”

Seo-yoon asked him with a face that wanted to slap him in the face right away.

"None of the women I care about survived.

It was instinct. A dangerous scent is tempting to people. All the women he chose were after his life, and he knew it and chose it.

"What does that have to do with me?”

"You're the only one in the world who lives alone."

Now that he's chosen her, that's what I wanted to say the most. To the end, he wanted to survive by his side. I hoped that Seo-yoon's life would burn to the end. He aspired to take the man who had that life if one day he could get out of this world.

A book hung long from Ashan's hand. The wound on the shoulder was not uncomfortable to move, but it was never comfortable. Lying languid on the couch, looking at Seo-yoon's visit, he soon threw the book he was holding in his hand on the table. In front of him, John looked at him with a stiff face, but he didn't care.

"Let's proceed with the next contract."

John's contract is just around the corner. Even though he knew why he came to see him, Ashan did not have to say it out loud.

"All right."

After answering, John, who was about to go outside, paused and looked back. Still, there was a pale stare at Ho Gong, who could not tell where he was looking.

Someone who doesn't even know what's on his mind.

That was John's assessment of Ashan. He was the first one who could never guess and predict. Despite experiencing all the aerial battles in the military, I have never met anyone more appalled than the one in front of me.When Seoyoon first came here, a special contract was added to John's contract.

At first, I looked into the contract for a long time because I thought this was right, but in the end, that was what I meant.

I wondered, "What the hell is that Asian woman?"

When Seoyoon's life was in danger, John was stipulated in the contract to protect her before his employer.


John opened his mouth to Ashan's slow-questioning voice.

"Do you love Hani?"

On impulse, Ashan's eyes glowed sharply at the words.

"Is the answer important to you?”

"Not really, but it's a little strange.”

Ashan's eyes turned to John. At the moment, he found himself so nervous that his dry mouth passed and scratched the back of his head.

"If I hadn't pushed Seoyoon back then, he would have died."

John was an excellent sniper. When I found Seoyoon running to Ashan, a special agreement flashed through my mind. In addition, Seo-yoon, who has been with him for more than half a year, was a colleague whom John didn't want to lose.

The direction of Ashan's shoulder-to-shoulder trajectory would have penetrated her heart, which is small enough if Seoyoon had protected him.

"So what?"

The special agreement was strange. Unless there was a threat to her life, she had to be watching under any circumstances.

What the hell is she to him?

If you love someone, you can put a bodyguard on it. However, Ashan's mysterious privilege was confined to John, who partnered with her.

"It's a little weird.”

John repeated the words again. What can I do when my speech rate is only this much. The only thing I can say is that.

"Since when have you been watching?”

It was strange that I couldn't. When John saw it from the side, Ashan's feelings toward Seoyun were strong and humid. It's been like that since the day she first came. He couldn't tell when it started. However, John was forced to shut up when he saw Ashan's face shortly after the remark. The look, with a frighteningly serene face and a faint smile, was indescribable.

"……I made a slip of the tongue. I'm sorry."

That's all I could say.

I couldn't say love.

I dare not define that deep, humid feeling as love. John felt threatened by the serenity he saw in Ashan's face.


In his hand, Ashan closed his eyes quietly, feeling the living breath that was intact in his arms. It was a break for him. One step at a time, I turned around to get it intact. It couldn't have been less precious. I decided to have it, so I promised him that I would get it somehow as soon as I realized it because the warmth in his arms was the most coveted in the world.

Britain's sky was still raining. When I hugged Seoyoon and now.

Ashan's p*n*s was still firm inside Seoyun. No matter how many times you hug, this desire won't die down. He swept Seo-yoon's skinnier back with his fingers than the last time he saw her.

What, made her so hungry.

It was an aspiration, or a yearning. Every time I saw those grayish black eyes projecting all his sins, I wondered. It was the same when he clenched his teeth and talked to himself. She was the one who seemed to let herself go indefinitely, yet held herself stronger than anyone else.The first impression of her was just interesting.

It was a doll that wrapped the leaves and moved in a stationary world.

At some point in his world, the doll began to move with a breath. He breathes out whenever his eyes are on him.


Ashan called Seoyoon quietly. Like everyone calls her 'Hani'. I liked even the familiar pronunciation. Even though I don't like the fact that anyone calls her that.


A light sleeper answered the question, half asleep. Ashan smirked when he heard the answer. When I fall asleep, I don't even budge. How hard it is to sleep without even a single movement and just breathe out a colorful breath. Not sure if he was alive with just that little breath, he buried his lips on Seoyoon's pulse wrist over and over again.

Perhaps he was waking up more and more, as Seoyoon slowly moved his body, the fluid filling the inside flowed down his hip bone.


Seoyoon, half-open, asked, frowning at the foreign paint he felt.

"Are you still putting it in?"

At the stark question of Ashan's p*n*s, along with the thick fluid, Ashan pressed her forehead with his fingers.

Seo-yoon rubbed her sleepy eyes with the back of her hand and pulled her hips back. As his p*n*s escaped from Seoyoon's inside, she turned her back and fell asleep again.

They were two people who were not used to sleeping with someone around them. I hugged her from behind, knowing that this was her best concession to him.

His chest touched Seoyun's back. Even in my sleep, the solid feeling, the fact that someone was holding out behind my back, was not so bad, so I fell asleep again. Ashan's hand swept around Seoyun's belly. And still stuck her firm lower body close to her hip.


Knowing what he was about to do, he buried his face in his pillow and said.

"How much later?"

Ashan asked, biting Seo-yoon's earlobe with the end of his ear like a habit. At that low question, Seo-yoon picked and laughed even in his sleep. And at the same time, Ashan's p*n*s slowly tried to insert back into Seoyoon. His remaining fluid so gently penetrated all the way at once.


His one hand, which was wearing an arm pillow, pushed Seo-yoon's chest, and the other hand to the end, gently pressed Seo-yoon's lower stomach, which was under pressure.

Ashan's lips, which came down by earlobe, sucked in around his neck. He pushed his lower body up once more, leaving his mark there starkly.

"Ha…. Ashan…….”

I still remembered the lumpy heat her body felt last night. I groaned like a sigh.

Sheets were already wet with his and her fluids. Seo-yoon struggled to escape from his arms because he thought his legs would not be fine if he went all the way again. Whenever that happened, his p*n*s touched Seoyoon's softest place inside.


I laughed again when I saw him answering every single word he called in vain. The laughter mixed the moans all at once.

As he answered, he raised Seo-yoon's shoulder, bit her, and put sensitive nipple between his fingers and made fun of her.The hand fumbling down the lower abdomen went further down and smoothed the part where he and Seo-yoon were connected. Every time he stormed in, Ashan's p*n*s and his fingers felt at the bottom at the same time, Seo-yoon tried to take them off with his hands.


He asked even though he knew why Seoyoon was like that.

It was thought to be obscene that even if he did not see the place where the eyes were connected to each other, the sense was clearly on his fingers. As if he didn't like Seo-yoon who refused, Ashan grabbed Seo-yoon's hand holding his hand and brought it to the end of his p*n*s root.

"Feel it, slowly."

Spitting it out, I slowly moved my lower body. When he was halfway out, Seoyoon's hand was full of his p*n*s. It was in her before, making her feel hot and damp. Then, in a single stroke, he came back inside.

"Huh, huh!"

Moving faster and faster, he reached the climax. Having let go of Seo-yoon's hand freely, he turned her head and kissed her. The strong saliva ran down my mouth. Deep enough to breathe, his p*n*s pushed his tongue into Seoyoon at the same time.

Again, Ashan drove Seoyoon to the end.

He wanted her to feel everything he felt and went through.

Seoyun's innermost thoughts broke out and threw up the whole thing.

Stained with sweat and heat, they hugged each other again for a while. Seoyoon's heart pounded hard.

"I said let's get some sleep…….”

"I can't sleep because of you."

"Shall we go out and sleep?”

In Ashan's honest answer, Seo-yoon said, escaping from his arms. When I fell asleep, I thought the same thing would happen again. His voice was so low that he couldn't sleep, but his face was so bright that he couldn't even speak.

As he smiled at Seoyoon, who had just woken up, Seo-yoon turned over the bed sheet that had just rolled over his face as if he was displeased with it.

I felt stiff all over. When I glanced at Ashan, stretching his shoulders, I could see him still lying on the bed sheet.

"Are you sleeping?"

As I lowered the sheet a little, I faced a clear eye looking at her.

"Get some sleep."

When he said that and turned to enter the bathroom, Seo-yoon looked at Ashan again with a sudden thought.

"Wait a minute.

And put the sheet down over his face again.

Exactly below the eye.

Seoyoon's forehead was wrinkled. Somewhere in my memory, a forgotten character tried to come to mind. I looked at him with a look of doubt, but Ashan wasn't saying anything.


Please say no, asked Seoyoon with a Lan face.

"I'm sure you're right."

Ashan replied with a face, "I know what she's talking about."

"Did you know?”


"Since when?"

"From the beginning."

It was a conversation that only we knew each other. And Seoyoon remembered the encounter in Afghanistan correctly. Apparently he wasn't unfamiliar at the time. I felt that way. However, I overlooked it as much as the situation was the case.

In memory, a forgotten character suddenly came to her.And with memory, the smell of tropical, jungle washed into the sense of smell. The first time he remembered each other, which she did not remember, was evident.


"Can we... go back alive?」

In silence, everyone stared at the man who opened his mouth with an ax in his eye. He deserves such a look because he lit up the anxious wick when he was already anxious.

"What the f*ck is he doing here?」

Just graduated from the Military Academy and they were all fresh, literally newbies who applied to Iraq. The "war" of the battle was known only by theory, and all the shooting was not a battlefield, but a target. Although he trained him realistically to create a real situation, once the human mind was not real, it would be released. I secretly knew that there was a meeting at the top if I could put them in Afghanistan without a real fight.

But still, no one really knew that there would be only five team members in this rainforest.

The mission, which has to be reached within 10 days to the other side at a time when it is at a loss no matter how many times it goes, has already been exhausted by a swarm of bugs. The insect, believed to be a mosquito, was much larger in size than the average mosquito they knew. After being stung by them, which were the size of a fist, adding a little lie, the part swelled red and it was unbearably itchy.

My colleague, who asked me resignedly, "Can I go back alive?" said this after the middle of my forehead was bitten by a mosquito and popped out like Crayon Shin-chan. Dangerous animals that live in the jungle can be chased with guns.However, bugs had limitations in their pursuit.

Even touching the next person gradually lost words in this unpleasant sticky jungle. There was only one map thrown at them, and the standing area was so large that it was hard to tell the direction. Seonho, who played the role of leader, stopped walking, experiencing that training is different from reality.

Don't you think it's spinning?」

I heard the fact that everyone didn't want to admit what he said.

"Actually, I've been...….」

"Me too...."

"A short break."

When Seon-ho, who thought everyone felt that way, said, everyone sat down leaning against the tree.

The fear of what might come from where and the tension that this is the real situation gathered all at once, making it easy to get tired after only three days. I was going to think we weren't the only ones apart, but it was really just them. Wherever I looked, I couldn't find any signs of people living or passing by until I washed my eyes and looked for them.

"At this rate, I should have crossed the river half a day ago.」

Next to Seonho, Seoyoon put his head together and agonized.

"I can't even hear the sound of the water, let alone the river.」

Seonho pulled Seoyoon's long hair to his cheeks behind his ears.

"What, are you guys dating here, too?」

Yoon Sang stepped in between the two and said.


A finger of Seonho turned to his mouth. Everyone who understood the signal momentarily stopped moving and talking. It was obvious that I heard something. Seoyoon listened to the sound he had heard.

A faint but clear rustle.

It wasn't the sound of an animal. Everyone heard the sound, which felt more heavy, aimed the gun at his chest.Aboriginal people living here? Or an armed enemy?

In fact, I couldn't think of five of them being thrown into the jungle where their enemies were enemies. I'm sure they know they'll be killed with almost no combat experience.

However, as in any unexpected situation, the air quickly pulled tight and cold sweat flowed down the back of my neck.


Low English, which was dripping with annoyance, melted into the tense air. Just below his eyes, he was a tall man holding an AK rifle with a black cloth tied behind him. Since then, three or four people have followed in similar outfits and have been confronted with each other.


"You told me not to kill them, didn't you? Oh, there's a girl, too.

When the masked man who first appeared said coldly, counting the number of heads of Seo-yoon's group, someone said in another voice from behind.

"Who is it? Reveal your affiliation!"

Seo-yoon asked, pointing a gun at them in fluent English.

"Your mission is over. Go back to where you came from."

It occurred to me that he was a very unkind man. There was a cool fire burning in those black eyes looking down at Seoyoon in a high-handed manner.

"Who are you to say our mission is over?”

Seon-ho asked, blocking Seo-yoon's front as if he was protecting her.

"The communications soldier doesn't even know the communications device is broken."

"Is the communication device broken?」

As soon as the words were over, Seonho asked Hanwoo, who was in charge of communication. Hanwoo pulled down the communication device that was tied to his back with a perplexed face, hurriedly contacted the headquarters, and soon distorted his face.

"The device is not working.」

I don't understand Korean, but the man's eyes curled as if his face and voice were enough. Seoyoon, who clearly sensed it was a laugh, grabbed Sunho by her arm as soon as he tried to say something.

"We haven't identified them yet. Give me your identity."

"We're mercenaries."

The answer came from behind a cheeky man. As if there was nothing more to say, a man strode past them to the other side of the jungle. After that, a man who said he was a mercenary followed by three people stopped in front of Seo-yoon's party for a moment.

"We're here at the behest of the employees, and this jungle is no longer for practice, so I'm warning you to go back.”

"Why are you guys here?"

"There was information that three annoying men had fled here. They told me to come back where I started because it's dangerous when I meet you."

He shrugged his shoulders and soon hurried to the place where his colleagues disappeared.

"What do we do now?」

"It's three days even if I go back.」

"More than anything else, we're lost.」

Yoon-sang said, recalling the fact that he had forgotten. When Seoyoon took the compass out of his pocket, it was clearly pointed to the north. The place where the mercenaries disappeared was in the north, and the place where they first started was in the south.

"Let's go back."

The sun, seen through the dense trees of the jungle, was still bright. But the sun in the jungle sets fast. I already realized on the first day that you shouldn't believe in that sparkle.

When their direction was decided, Seonho folded the map in half in his hand.

Once again, I had to walk three days down. This time I walked with extra care not to get lost and get caught up in 'hunting'.

Shoot! Shoot!

The rain in the jungle poured frighteningly. After only basking in the sun for three days, he was caught in the ankle by the capricious rain. He hurried to escape under a big tree, but he was already unable to see an inch ahead.It was less than half an hour after I started walking south.

Seoyoon wasn't the only one who was embarrassed by this strange climate change, though he saw the bright sun through the trees. I had no choice but to wait for the rain to stop on the spot looking like a wet mouse.

Seo-yoon, who took out a raincoat from the military and wore it inside out, shouted to Seon-ho.

"I'll find a place to avoid the rain!」

"You're here with Korean beef! In 20 minutes, if we can't find a place to avoid the rain, we'll come back here!」

It was easy to lose direction in this rain. After leaving Seo-yoon and Yoon-sang under the tree, Seon-ho took Yoon-sang and Young-min and disappeared through the rain.

"It's all because of me.」

"Don't say that.」

"If I had known earlier that the communication device was broken, I could have been contacted by the headquarters.」

"You idiot, it's not like there's an accident now. Why are you so weak against the rain?」

I didn't know anyone would attack me somewhere. Seo-yoon also couldn't stop talking, thinking that a non-colleaguered person would pop up and point a gun at them in this rain, which is hard to discern. This kind of practice was unexpected even in the upper ranks. It was just that I wanted to experience the cold and learn a little rough how to survive.

"If I die here, will it be on the news?」

"I told you not to say stupid things!」

Seoyoon shouted at the Korean beef. He was especially scared even when he was a cadet at military academy. Therefore, he fell into the communication officer position, and honestly, he was the most worried opponent when he fell here as a team. He was forced to come to the military academy because his family was a military family for generations, and he didn't really fit in with the soldiers.

Soon after shouting, Seo-yoon patted him on the shoulder because he felt sorry for Korean beef.

"You'll be as weak as you are. I've been on high alert for three days, so I'm getting weak thoughts.」

"Why did you become a soldier?」

Seoyoon lost what to say at the sudden question.

Maybe it's because I don't think I'll be asked this question in this stupid situation.


She gave a short answer and then breathed out a deep breath after seeing the Korean beef, which was once again, she took a deep breath. Miu and Gou were colleagues who would share life and death together.

"My father was a soldier, too.」

"You too?"

"I'm a little different from you.」


In my dimly remembered childhood, I remembered my biological father wearing a military uniform and sweeping his hair. It didn't play a big role in determining one's future career, but that's all I can say now. The house was burned down by the fire, so there were no pictures of my biological father. Only the smell of cold skin and the feeling of rubbing his cheeks in a stiff uniform were vaguely memorable.

My stepfather's pre-business job was a successful diplomat. After remarriage, she and Hae-yoon moved to the U.S. with her shortly after Seo-yoon's mother passed away and lived for more than six years. When a U.S. high school teacher saw Seo-yoon with unusual athletic abilities, he suggested that he would enter a military academy and thought of the military for the first time. Then, the feeling of being in the stiff military uniform suddenly came to mind. I didn't decide on any career path, so I thought it wouldn't be bad to be a soldier.

However, there was a condition that it was in Korea.

My father quietly listened to Seoyoon saying that he wanted to apply for Korean military service and asked Haeyoon what he would do in the future. When Hae-yoon, who did not want to separate from Seo-yoon, said he wanted to return to Korea, his father quit being a diplomat and started a small business, and the business quickly settled down."What's the difference?」

He pushed the Korean beef's cheek, which was buried close to Seo-yoon's face, lightly with one hand.

"I just thought I could be a soldier.」

"I-I never thought of that.」

Seo-yoon grinned at the firm words. There were many cadets who did not last long and gave up halfway through the military academy. On the other hand, Korean beef followed until graduation, but I thought it would probably not last in Afghanistan.

"Let's just think about getting out of here for now anyway.」

When I checked my watch, it was long after my colleagues left. As the clock was heading for 30 minutes, Seo-yoon stared at the place where his colleagues had disappeared.

"Something must have happened.」

"Where are you going? I told you to stay here!」

He shouted, "Maybe Korean beef is anxious to leave here," but Seo-yoon moved toward the disappearance of his colleagues. When the restless Korean beef disappeared in the heavy rain, it eventually became anxious and followed her.

The field of view was so narrow that it could only be secured within 1 meter of its surroundings. The ground they are already taking has become mud and has been winding their ankles in a muddy way just to take a step.

"Maybe he's already back. We may be the only ones who get lost...….」

Korean beef was also right. However, I had a bad feeling about something. Seoyun's hunch was always right, so he couldn't easily turn back.

As so much rain poured down at once, the ground weakened and the piled up soil collapsed everywhere. Not a few trees were also seen lying down.

"Wait a minute."

Seoyoon left Korean beef there and approached the place where the trees were lying down. It was because Black In-young seemed to have moved.

"Choi Yoon Sang!"

I took a quick breath. Sitting in a pile of fallen trees with his legs torn apart, he looked very bleeding. The dark red blood continued to wash away in the water.

Korean beef, which was standing, jumped up and down, perhaps hearing Seo-yoon's cry.

"What's going on?」

As soon as he saw Yun Sang, Seo-yoon blocked him from moving to support him.

"Maybe there's something wrong with the artery. You can't move now.」

That's why Yoon Sang would have stayed still. Seo-yoon loosened the belt of his uniform and tightened the very top of the bleeding point.

"Wake up, Choi Yoon-sang! Don't lose consciousness!

"Suddenly... ..the ground sank...….」

I knew it even if he didn't speak. When the ground was weakened while looking for a place to avoid the rain, the ground collapsed and the sharp part of the fallen rock or tree must have been hurt. In fact, where they were, they were more than two feet down than Seoyoon had walked.

"Where's Seonho? Where's Youngmin?"」

"I don't know. We came together, but I don't know where the ground collapsed and disappeared...….」

"I'm going to look for the kids, so hold on tight!」

Seo-yoon asked Korean beef for a Yoon-sang and headed further down. The muddy water from the already settled area formed a small stream and was constantly pouring down.


It was only a few minutes away. There was a tree that was quite big enough for a couple of funeral officers to hold, and there was Seonho and Youngmin. Seoyoon ran there and checked his pulse first. Young-min was already unconscious, and Seon-ho was holding out until the end. Seonho's one leg was on the bottom of the tree, and Youngmin was on the ground starting from his waist. Youngmin's back injury caught the eye first rather than Seonho's leg."Are you okay?"

"I'm fine, but Youngmin..."….」

The only people who could move their bodies now were Korean beef and Seoyoon. She swallowed a low groan. Hanwoo and she alone cannot lift this tree. Even if they could lift them, someone had to pull them out of the tree. I couldn't leave the job to the injured Yoon Sang. Moreover, their physical strength was exhausted.

Seoyoon's head moved fast.

"You go ahead and report to the superiors first. Then they will send support team...….」

"It'll take a couple of days if you can't make it, you'll all die.」

The first thing I learned was that I should not abandon my colleagues under any circumstances, and that was the only thing that kept popping up in my mind.

What should I do? What should I do?

I felt like my mind was going blank. I didn't think it was a good way, considering the possibilities.


Preference called her low.

"Yes, sir.

"It's all right, so move. The ground here has weakened a lot. I don't know when it's gonna collapse.」

He could have died in an instant. I might die a dog without being able to go to Afghanistan. Seoyoon bit his lips.

"Wait for me."

"Go away."

"Wait for me!"

The only people in this jungle who would help them were the mercenaries they encountered an hour ago. They walked the opposite way for half an hour and got caught in the rain, so they finished calculating the same thing. No matter how skilled people are in this rain, they will not be able to move. As long as it didn't stop raining, I thought I could catch up.

"I'll bring someone, so keep your head on straight until they come.」

"Han Seoyoon!"

Seonho's call was heard, but he didn't look back.

The rain that hit my shoulder hurt a lot. Will I be able to meet them again here? Can I find the way that I lost once without getting lost? The constant doubts bedevilled her. Still, a colleague's life depended on his own step.

It was a road that I couldn't help but walk.

"Wow, it's pouring, and the trail's gonna disappear right away, Captain."

"It's a sign. If they move, it'll happen again.”

When asked by a person who had just joined the mercenary corps, another man standing guard answered. The man called Captain closed his eyes without answering.

It was a temporary tent made after hearing the captain's words that it would rain soon after breaking up with Asians. Rain leaked between the tents, but it was still better than the pouring outside.

"Will the beginners be all right?"

"If you die here, you'll be excommunicated."

As soon as the words were over, a man named Captain, who had his eyes closed, jumped up.

"Where are you going?”

Without answering, he went out in a raincoat.

"By the way, what's our captain's name?”

"What was it... .. I always call you captain. I think it was a Middle Eastern name."

They were those who killed time with useless words while looking behind the disappearing captain. A man who didn't care if they said it or not looked up at the sky as soon as he came out. I opened my eyes lightly in the rain falling on my face and measured the weather.

The weather in the jungle was capricious. Even if the hot sun hits, it soon frowns. Furthermore, this rain marked the beginning of the rainy season.

I took a look at the area where the man had put up the tent again, concluding that it would be better to camp here today in line with the rain. I didn't want to get stuck in a pile of collapsed dirt while I was asleep. It was when he was silently confirming once again that his chosen area was strong.His raincoat was pulled back. And at the same time, a man who pulled a military knife out of his waist turned his attacker's neck and pointed it at him.

Raindrops poured down over the face of the horse. Nevertheless, the black eyes that looked up at him without closing their eyes showed strong determination. She looked determined as if the knife pointing at her neck was not a threat to her.

"Help me!"

Desperate eyes for straws.

His raincoat held him so tightly that his bones popped out as if he were a lifeline.

A man who looked down at the pale white fingertips looked down indifferently at Seoyun.

I couldn't see his face because he was still masked. However, it was clear that Seo-yoon, who was not interested in anything, was facing himself. I had to catch this man!

"The party is in danger. The ground may sink. We have to go now!"

After all, I wondered if I could not avoid this rain, but it had nothing to do with him. He clearly warned and it was in their hands how to avoid this situation in the future. The woman who ran through this rain was amazing, but she didn't want to intervene.

She came a step closer as he was about to pull off the knife pointing at Seoyoon's neck.

If the wrist hadn't been pulled back, the skin of the neck would have been cut off by a sharp knife.

His forehead was wrinkled.

"Help me!"

Seoyoon once again asked him for help.

Now she didn't see a knife aimed at her.

The man was still looking down at Seoyoon without saying a word. With a big frown, the dark eyes thinking of something looked at her devouringly. It was as if this creature had never been seen before, and it was as if it was passing by for a moment.

Seoyoon once again grabbed the man's raincoat with the gaze as if he was deciding what to do with her disposition.


"……Why me?"

At that moment, Seo-yoon punched his face as hard as he could.

"People are dying, you son of a b*tc*!"

Even though he was beaten in the face, he looked at Seo-yoon as if he was strange when he was bitten behind his knife once again. He didn't even wipe his face once, but seemed to quietly sit on the fence.

"Captain, what's going on?….”

Perhaps the man who did not return was strange, a mercenary who came outside found Seoyun and him.

"What is this…….”

"Help me!"

Seoyoon then looked back at another man and let go of the hand that held his raincoat. Without missing that time, he grabbed Seoyoon's wrist this time. The black eyes facing him without avoiding looked straight at the man.

I didn't avoid him, I wasn't afraid, I wasn't looking at him with murder. A man was briefly overwhelmed by the imposing gaze of just asking for help.

The man was unfamiliar with the woman in front of him, who did not care about his own life and almost cut his throat with a knife to save someone's life.

"You were about to die.”

The man once again confirmed whether Seo-yoon thinks he is not aware of the fact.

"Is that a big deal now?"

"They're more important than your life?"

"Are you the one who cuts down people who ask for help?”

Her words crossed the man's eyes. When he gave strength to his hand, Seo-yoon frowned and shouted."What!"

"You, don't ever approach me behind my back."

The brief interest in the man's eyes quickly disappeared. Then he gave Seoyoon a clear warning and let go of her hand. I could see why by looking at the atmosphere. Only then did it cool around the neck, which had been pointed at with a knife.

"Captain, what shall we do?”

When his subordinate asked, the man's eyes glanced at Seo-yoon, who was three or four steps away.

"Before you."

"We'll be right back. The captain is here...….”

"Get out of here with the communication equipment.

When I first met them a few hours ago, I could have helped communicate with the headquarters, but I didn't because I didn't feel the need to. The man's job was to tell them to return to where they started.

When he came out of the tent with communication equipment, other mercenaries who stayed there heard the situation roughly and came out with raincoats.

"We're coming...….”

Even before the end of the sentence, the man raised his chin once again to tell Seo-yoon to take the lead. Seoyoon took a big breath when he saw it. In no time did relief come. I felt like I was going to collapse in an instant when I let go of my tension after running all the way here to die.

"Are you going to kill all your colleagues?"

The harsh word moved my feet again. He had to run for a moment, exactly in the direction he had run in, as he had come all the way here. Standing firmly on her shaky legs, she again took the lead and began to run.

When some hands helped, the accident was handled in an instantaneously. Three people picked up trees and two people pulled out injured Seonho and Youngmin. Seon-ho's wounds were not that big, but Young-min was in serious condition at first glance. Due to the communication device handed over by the correspondent, Korean beef informed the upper part of their location and was promised helicopter support immediately after the rain stopped.

It was only in the middle of the ground where he sat down half-way, taking charge of Seonho's support that he managed to leave him in the hands of others. Seeing Seonho climb up safely, the ground sank toward the floor just as Seo-yoon was about to climb up. Everyone quickly stepped back from the edge of the weak ground, but she was stuck there.

"Han Seoyoon!"

"It's okay. Don't worry."

Seo-yoon cleared up her trembling voice and said quietly to Seon-ho's worried voice. But I couldn't take a step back. Gradually buried in the mud to her knees, only to be sure it would soon turn into a giant marsh. The ground is weak, and anyone came close to save Seoyoon.We might get caught up together in a flash.

Behind Seon-ho, I could feel a man named Captain of the Mercenary Corps who asked for help.

There was no choice but to stand still because I thought I would be sucked in if I took a step away. As it rained, the ground became more and more muddy. There was nothing Seo-yoon could do, looking at the men who hurriedly took out the rope and tied the knot.

It was at that time that a man named Captain moved while watching them.

He readily stepped near the boundary where the ground was weakened and extended one hand toward Seo-yoon.


Those embarrassed by their captain's actions called him, but he did not give up his hand. The ground was in danger of collapsing at any moment. Seoyoon hurriedly reached out and grabbed his hand as he saw his boots sticking out half in the mud.There was no reason why this man reached out to him in dangerous situations.

However, I felt like I was going to die if I didn't hold that hand.

Hold on, hang on.

His eyes are bent thin. As if this situation is funny.

"I owe you... ..."

"Then I'll pay you back.”

He managed to get out of there and answered Seo-yoon's words as if they were being justified. That word gave me goosebumps.

One day, I really had a feeling this man would come to collect the debt.

A man with no face or name, moved Seo-yoon's colleagues to a safe place and swirled back into the jungle.