Chapter - 19 Chapter 19. Desert Storm.

["Rocan Group" moves its headquarters to Korea, raising interest in the new CEO. Ashan Al-Lugerta, the new CEO of the Roquan Group, is also known as the heir to the legitimate throne of Oman.

The news has been raving about day after day.

Seoyoon picked up the remote control, turned off the television, and glanced at Ashan, who was looking at the documents in front of his poker face. Sooner or later, they have to go back to Oman, but for now anyway, where they are now was South Korea.

He spent a year in the U.K. and a year in Korea. And Ashan came to Korea a week ago. I also organized a big company and brought it.

No matter what he says on the TV, he doesn't look up in the papers as if it's someone else's business. His secretary and several executives of the Locan Group were scouring their work in the same manner on the sofa next to him.

A year ago, after living together in the UK for six months, Ashan went back to Oman, saying that he needed to slowly clean up the company, and Seo-yoon immediately returned to Korea. He didn't get a job again, but helped his father with John, who was still following him around. Business was booming day after day, and at night, he lost track of time teaching Korean to John.

I couldn't feel any more anxious. He came back alive once, so I thought he would come back again.

This time, it was a little longer to clean up the company, but in the end, Seo-yoon suddenly appeared a week ago again. It was not surprising that such a visit was not surprising because various media outlets knew that the headquarters of the "Rocan Group" was already moving to Korea.

It was just, equally calmly, that Ashan was greeted.

"But why....」

Seoyoon spoke out of self-help.

At that moment, the front door burst open and John came in looking like a typical delivery lady filled with various stews on a large tray.

"Dinner is here!"

"Are you like this in my house?"」

John's words and Seoyoon's words poured out at the same time.

Seoyoon still couldn't figure out why they discussed the requirements for a large company to run in his home over the comfortable hotels, or villas.

As Hae-yoon said, the business was well established, and when he returned to Korea, his house was changed to a detached house outside Gyeonggi Province with three rooms and a spacious living room. The store was just around the corner. Enough for John to bring it to the delivery tray like that.

Word of mouth was pretty much so I was busy every day was busy. She also appeared on TV a couple of times and was selected as one of the best restaurants. In fact, I could hear the sound of the crowded store just by opening the front door. Seoyoon pondered all week about what they are doing in this bustling place.

On the third day, he told Ashan to come to his senses and book a hotel room, but he was ignored.

What was more surprising was Seoyoon's father.

After a few words with Ashan, he willingly allowed them to use the living room and said they could use another old lady, keeping Seoyun stuck here all day.

Haeyoon was busy tutoring in Gangnam every day, so we could see each other for a while until late in the evening. Seo-yoon shrugged when he saw Ashan once, who put down the documents from his hands when he heard that the food had come after seeing John setting up the stew excitedly.I realized from a long time ago, but he was a man who was not picky. I ate everything I gave. Seoyun quietly left the place through the front door that John opened so that they could eat. It was a big trouble that John was getting more interested in running the restaurant day by day. Even if I asked him to look for a security position, he was holding out that it was fun. Thanks to this, it became even more popular as it was known as a store served by handsome foreigners.

Given his sociability that never dies anywhere, the service industry seems to be John's vocation rather than his bodyguard or soldier.

Seoyoon took a deep breath. Now that we're at the beginning of summer, the weather has been pretty much warmer. Two weeks ago, the night air was cold without a cardigan, but now it's just moderately cool.

The store was still in full swing with the lights lit up like daylight.

As many people came to eat on a family basis, the children's laughter was heard pleasantly. From the store to the inner inner quarters, people sometimes came to the inner quarters when they saw the beautifully decorated garden.

Perhaps today, as soon as I came out, I met my eyes with a little girl looking around. When the flowers were blooming beautifully, I saw them, and there were already a handful of sloppy flowers with only petals in my hand.

"Flowers are the prettiest when you see them with your eyes. If you bend it with your hands like that, it withers quickly and doesn't look pretty.」

When he gave sincere advice, the child looked at the flowers and Seo-yoon in turn and soon shook off his hands. The petals fluttered in the wind and fell at the foot.

"I know.」

"I know, but why did you do that?」

"I want it.」

The child with his mouth sticking out was so cute that he patted his pigtails.

"So did you have it?」


There was pink flower water in one small hand. Seoyoon sat on one knee and wiped the flower water off the child's handkerchief. That's all the kids need to know now. I'll never break again, knowing I can't break and have it'

The child burst into laughter, apparently because the palm that Seo-yoon wiped was itchy. And jokingly, he put his hands on Seoyoon's cheeks with the flower water on them.

The child's hands smelled of green grass.

"What about your parents?"

"I'm here with my mom, but she doesn't play with me because she's talking to my aunts.」

There is also a nursery facility on one side of the restaurant, but it didn't seem to catch the child's eye. Seoyoon burst into laughter at the transparent eyes, saying that colorful flowers, which are hard to see in the city center, were more amazing.

"Mom must be worried.」

"I think he's still talking to his aunts.」

"Well, we should get going.」

"Do you live here?」

"Yes, sir.

"I want to live here, too.」

The child spat out like a bleat. He was full of envy for a small rural house built with red bricks in his eyes.

"You can come visit often.」

"Are you there every time?」

"Well... sometimes, if not every day?」

"Then I'll have to ask my mom to come often!」

Seo-yoon, who experienced the simplicity of the children right in front of his eyes, laughed for a long time.

"My lord, my lord! Where'd he go?」

"Oh, it's my mom! See you next time! Hi!"

When he heard a voice looking for a child from afar, the child hurriedly greeted Seo-yoon, rejoicing when he was complaining about his mother, and disappeared without looking back. Seoyoon slowly rose to his feet as he watched the pigtails disappear over the garden."Are you having fun?"

Even if I wasn't surprised, I couldn't help but be surprised in this situation. As Seo-yoon's shoulders trembled, Ashan wrapped her waist with one hand from behind as if she had waited.

"When did you come?」

"A while ago."

"A while ago?"

"Even before the child ran.」

Now I realized that his senses have died. Is this what happens when people take a break from work? When Seo-yoon thought uselessly about Ashan in front of him, he squeezed his round forehead with his index finger.

"Focus on me.」

It was something I always heard. Whenever I think about something else, I notice it like a ghost and tell me to focus.

"You have to eat.」

Now Ashan was busy as a bat. I feel bad for Seoyoon next to me. It was clear that he would be busier for the time being if he started working in Korea in earnestly. Seoyoon watched him review the matters he had to deal with again without sleeping for less than three or four hours a day. All she could do was feed her.

Seo-yoon put his palm still on the back of Ashan's hand holding his waist.

"No, I won't eat it.」

Seoyoon burst into laughter at the childish whining. It was because I remembered that Ashan had been talking in Korean since he came to Korea. I didn't know that he would learn Korean, and I didn't know that he would move the entire company with sovereignty of crude oil he inherited to Korea. He was a man who surprised himself every time I saw him.

It was the first time in Korean that he was so fluent in talking to his father. Of course, even if it's a little bad in terms of vocabulary, does this guy know how much he wants to applaud for using Korean that's hard to learn in a year?

"John is disappointed.」

John, possessed by a perfect restaurant lady, became reluctant to leave food behind. Regardless of whether it was his employer, Ashan frowned and looked sorry whenever he happened to leave a meal.

"I don't want to see the bear's face.」

Ashan frowned, and this time he burst into laughter.


Why?" she bowed to Ashan, who looked at Seoyun with a face.

A bear can't believe a bear has a bear's baby bear.

So John becomes Ashan's cub?

I couldn't stop laughing when such a ridiculous imagination came into my mind. After looking at Seoyoon's smile for a long time without stopping him, he grabbed Seoyoon's wrist as he showed no signs of stopping laughing.


I was literally dragged away with my wrist held.

In order to prevent the arm from falling out, I had to move my legs. The smile stopped when he opened the attic door, not the front door, and bent over Ashan's stomach.

If you go up the small stairs to the side of the porch, you will find an attic built separately by your father after buying this house. At first, it was used as a warehouse, but Seo-yoon cleaned it up two days ago because it would be good to use it in the summer. Hae-yoon added excitement and brought cushions and various props one by one.

There was an attic when I lived in America when I was young. I changed this place because I always had memories of spending time with Hae-yoon there.

"Why are you here..."

As soon as she finished talking, Ashan grabbed her by the neck and stopped her from moving. And the lips came close. Stretch out your tongue to lick Seoyoon's lower lip and suck it in right away. It was always like that when I kissed him. Obsessed to hurt. Suck Seoyoon's breath like it's going to be sucked. I expressed my condolences thinking about my swollen lips again tomorrow.Ashan's hands came through the loose short sleeves that he wore lightly at home and tickled his armpits. He hugged Seo-yoon's waist even closer with one hand as he tried to lean his head back. The already hot alter ego was felt hard on Seoyoon's stomach.

"You're busy."

"Don't worry."

Where else did he learn such words? Seo-yoon smiled, thinking that he should give a bonus to Ashan's Korean teacher.

"Don't laugh."

"There are a lot of things I don't want you to do.」

His voice was lost in aspiration. I liked the echo of the low, cracked sound. His tongue slipped through his open lips and tied Seo-yoon's tongue to say something. Seoyun's saliva moistened her dry lips and tangled violently as if hugging her. As his saliva, which had a bitter cigarette scent, flowed through his lips, Ashan's lips fell for a while and licked it up with his tongue.

One hand was still fiddling with the light flesh inside Seo-yoon's armpit. It was also true that he liked this area after mixing his body. Ashan did not say anything about the soft part of Seoyoon's body, but he clearly liked it. He likes a well-balanced body, but he didn't miss the most fragile part.

His hand, which had been sweeping from the tender age, grabbed Seo-yoon's wrist and put it over his head. And the hot Ashan buried his lips where the pulse was beating. He knew that it was also his habit to feel the pulse running everywhere, on the back of Seoyoon's neck, on his wrist, on his thighs. The wrist was itchy by Ashan's breath.

It's always been, as if to confirm she's alive.

Looking up at his sharp jawline, Seo-yoon buried his face in Ashan's collarbone. He slowly licked the inside of his concave collarbone and swept the solid Ashan's waistline with his uncaught hand.

He knitted one eyebrow and soon lifted Seoyoon's T-shirt. His big hand slipped into the T-shirt, into the bra. Scrubbing round her chest intact in her hand, she soon took a bite of it with her fingers as the nipples stood upright.


It was a place where soundproofing was not very poor.

When Ashan was only into documents, he was busy cleaning up the place because he had nothing to do while resting. At that time, all the people working in the living room heard the thumping sound. When I remembered that I even heard Seo-yoon talking on the phone, the moan was suppressed. There was never a day when I didn't have Seoyun every night.

With a cool face, she pressed her body down and, unlike that face, received an unspeakably friendly caress.


As soon as Seo-yoon, whose "soundproof" is still floating in her head, tried to say let's stop here today, Ashan's face went down to her chest. As he bit the red nipple hard and chewed the apex with his teeth, Seo-yoon swallowed the scream that burst out and hugged his neck.

Every time we mix our bodies, we naturally get to know each other's s*x zones. How hot he is and how excited he is now.


She knows what she's worried about, but she asks skillfully. Seo-yoon glanced, thinking that the poker face of that face would never be awakened. The hook on the bra opened and the T-shirt fell to the floor.Ashan walked his fingers with hair scattering near his chest. It was definitely a lot longer than the first time I saw him. I couldn't even remember when it was this long. If it wasn't for him, he wouldn't even know his hair was long.

Ashan, who swept from the center of Seoyoon's chest to the navel, took off her hot pants and pants at once.

Then he knelt down in front of Seoyoon. With one leg on her shoulder, she raised her head and buried her lips in the bushes. As the wet tongue slid into the wetter swamp, Seo-yoon covered his mouth with his hands.

Ashan's eyes were looking up at Seoyun's face like that.


I do useless things even though I know that begging is not the man to work.

The more so, the more dense his tongue moved in and out of Seoyun's cave. The eyes were still on her. I couldn't avoid looking at him. The moment he dodges, this man drives himself even more brutally.

As one foot that was standing loose, Ashan put her arm between her calves and put it on her shoulder as if she had expected. Seoyun, completely isolated between the wall and Ashan, had no choice but to leave everything to him.

The protrusion of her tongue rubbed the clitoris, and licked her aching.

Seoyoon's face turned red if the sound of mucus falling against each other could be heard down.

It was clear to this man who did everything in s*x that he didn't care about the people who were already working for him.


When Seoyoon groaned from his mouth, he put his tongue deep into the cave. A mushy, living creature came into the body and was stirring. Seoyoon's fingers deeply penetrated into Ashan's hair.

His eyes, like the night sky, were clearly stuck between the dazed rituals.

Only when she saw her languid face did Ashan, who opened his mouth from his lower body, lick his lips and grinned. Like a naughty boy with a secret prank.

"Tell me."


"Please put it in."」

Seoyoon laughed briefly, thinking that he really needed to find out who the Korean teacher was.

"Why me?"

"Because I'm dying to put it in now.」

The words are strangely different, but the meaning is the same. I thought it wouldn't matter if you let me win at least once. He was still kneeling and looking at Seoyoon. Her lips are aligned to her lower abdomen and her eyes are still directed.

"Put it in."


When I saw that mischievous smile, I thought I was glad to hear it. As such, the smile of the man he is seeing now was precious. Once in a while, whenever he smiles like this, his heart beats.

I wish he'd laughed a little more.

Ashan, who fell from Seoyun for the first time, slowly took off his clothes.

Seoyoon's hands were peeling off his thin knitwear as he looked at him taking off his briefs and pants at once.

His alter ego was already dripping watery fluid at the end. The glistening earplugs even looked threatening. Seoyoon swallowed a dry saliva. I knew about the pain and pleasure it caused. Still, whenever Ashan came in, his body was unknowingly nervous. Coming up, he still locked Seoyoon between the walls and lifted one of her thighs.When he bit his p*n*s a few times in front of the entrance of the humid cave, he had goosebumps in his spine with a thrilling sense.

His ears, glistening with Cooper fluid, rushed as if they were coming through the cave, and soon fell back as if anxious. Whenever he rushed in, his lips came down on Seo-yoon's head and fell down soon.

"You're too short.」

"You're the one who grew up.」

170 was by no means short. Especially among Korean women.

Laughing at Ashan for saying it was small, Seoyun grumbled and Ashan lifted her butt with both hands to match her height. Seoyoon's legs wrapped around his waist reflexively.

The pain was an instant.

Lifting her close to his p*n*s, he tried to insert her at once.


With a short break, a big p*n*s pushed into Seoyoon's Ashan pushed him up, filling him to the roots at once to bury himself in enough water. Her back stiffened, and her nails dug into Ashan's shoulder.


Ashan demanded, still holding Seoyun's bottom with both hands proudly.

Neither did Ashan, who stiffened Seoyun's cave tightening his p*n*s.

"Move on."

I don't want to. I think I'm going to fall.」

Seoyoon shook his head, realizing that his voice was as divided as his.

"I'm holding you.」

It was the safest horse in the world. I had no choice but to move again. This man had the power to make anything in the world move the world. Holding his neck in his arms, Seoyoon slowly moved his waist. He spat out his half and sucked it deep into himself again.

"You always seem to eat me up.」

He let out a sigh.

The sweat drops from Seoyoon's face fell on Ashan's lips. Licking it up, he let out a satisfactory groan. Seoyoon, who could not keep up with his impatience and moved slowly, eventually lay it on the cushioned floor with Ashan hugging her.

She put a thin cushion under Seoyoon's waist to take care of her body, but still did not untie the combined lower body.

His hot p*n*s was saying this wasn't enough.

Ashan buried himself deep inside Seoyoon.


Whenever he hit and went out, he tried to cover his lips, but he couldn't help but groan. It was already after worrying about the sound that flew white from my head.

"Ashan, Ashan!"

While struggling with breath, Seo-yoon called Ashan's name until the end.


His insanely sweet voice set off a white flash in my head. In my head, I felt like the brain in it melted down in a moment. I trembled from head to toe with uncontrollable heat.

At the peak of Seoyoon, Ashan unleashed everything about himself. A lot of white semen leaked out of the area that connected him.

The scent of strong flesh desire filled the enclosed space.

Seo-yoon closed her eyes for a moment in the drowsy mood that even her fingertips could not move. I vaguely thought Hae-yoon would come back soon, but now I'm going crazy.***

Seoyun looked up at the headquarters of the Sunrokan Group, holding out on top of Gangnam, where land prices are the most expensive. He thoroughly investigated and analyzed the Korean market, and again divided the large group into several. And as well as the main oil industry, it expanded in many ways. It was so aggressive that the newspaper even described it as a giant crocodile. As soon as I saw the headline of the newspaper that reflected its character even in business, I laughed.

Seoyoon was not involved in his work at all.

Ashan no longer carried Seoyoon in security work, and officially she was unemployed. Although I am looking for a job hard, I was eliminated from the document screening process. I also wondered if the dishonorable discharge was the biggest problem, and I tilted my head when I saw my career as a personal bodyguard for the prince of the Middle East enough to cover it all.

"I don't know.」

Then, he looked up at the building where he could not see the end properly even if he turned his head 90 degrees.

Suddenly, he sent a car home and called Seoyoon to the company. It was months after the company was established in Gangnam, but she has never visited it.

Somehow, when I arrived at the rush hour and looked around, it was crowded with people who were busy walking in the crowded traffic. I was told to come up, so I stood in front of the building and looked at the people passing by.

There were many ordinary people, not office workers, probably because restaurants and entertainment areas were located nearby. Watching them busy, I suddenly thought I wanted to go somewhere. There was a limit to helping my father's work, and I wondered if I should go abroad if I couldn't find a job in Korea. However, I soon shook my head thinking of Ashan somewhere on the top of that building.

If it were that personality, he would definitely come after himself with this whole building.


The phone rang in my arms. When the senseless bell, faithful to the basic ringtone, rang, some people around him briefly looked at Seo-yoon.


[Come on up.]

"You're coming down anyway."

Regardless of Seo-yoon's words, the phone was cut off. The phone conversation with Ashan had never exceeded 30 seconds. I've always kept my business in one word and cut it off. I suddenly wondered if he would do the same to the client while doing business.

Seoyoon, who wore navy cotton pants and a cardigan, entered the lobby because he didn't think he would go up to the company.

"You can take this elevator."

A man in a black suit, not a guard, was waiting for Seoyun in the lobby. Seoyoon, who recognized that he was one of Ashan's secretaries, bowed slightly. It was the first time I saw her at her house because of the paperwork before the company came to Korea completely. Ashan always leaves work at Seoyoon's house, but he has never been accompanied by his secretaries since then.

As soon as I got off the 48th floor in an elevator that was clearly dedicated to the chairman's office, I saw the secretary's office. Five people who had not left work yet stood up and bowed to Seo-yoon.

Seoyoon's expression was a little relaxed when he saw the four bodyguards guarding the door that read the president's office.

"Is it worth it?"

"Still, I guess. Are you worth the fun?"

Salmon waved one hand and said. Even though Salmon and Kay followed Seoyun to the place, there was little time to talk privately. He wouldn't let her go, he didn't let her go."I'm still the same."

"What about John?"

"He told me to come alone."

"Go in."

There was a delay in the front.Kei, who thought Gan Ashan's scolding might fall, stabbed Salmon in the ribs and told Seo-yoon. When he opened the door, Seo-yoon went into it, receiving everyone's attention.

In the old days, he was guarding him like them, but now he is not, which was still a little strange and unfamiliar.

Ashan was working on a large desk right in front of the front window, where the top of the building was creeping with the sunset sky. Seoyoon sat on the sofa in front of him after seeing him quickly scan the two documents.

"Come here."

As soon as Seoyoon put his butt on the sofa, Ashan said. As Seo-yoon, who woke up from an awkward position, approached him, he handed over the two documents that Ashan had in his hand.

"Which one is better?"

It was someone's resume. Looking at his history, he looks like he's going to hire new bodyguards.

"This way."

It bothered me that I lived as a mercenary who was controlled by money for a long time, but the man in front of me was also a mercenary. Besides, he was a man with more money than anyone else. Seoyoon, who judged that money would not be at the mercy of this man, chose him.

"You can leave the security team to a lawyer.”

"Ah... I wanted to see you in person. Look over there, too.”

He pushed a few resumes back to Seoyoon.

"Why would I do this?"

"Because it's your security team."

It was a resume of seven.

"I don't need it."

A fountain pen in Ashan's hand circled around on his finger.


"You put John on it."


"Did you forget?"

"Forgot I wasn't human."

……wasn't John a man to Ashan?

Seoyoon, who lost what to say, scratched his head. I decided to bury it in my heart because I thought it would hurt if I told John this.

"And you said your security team, not your bodyguard."


"I'm looking for a job. I'll hire you."

At this point, it was doubtful why he was eliminated from the document screening. Seo-yoon looked at Ashan with one eye frowned, but he shut up about what he had done.

"I... ..."

When Seoyoon tried to say he would look for another job, Ashan handed out another document. It was Seoyoon's life contract, which had a distinctly different color from other documents without having to be exposed.

I completely forgot.

The fact that this was left.

"……What should I do?"

"Security guard."

"That's all right.

"Sometimes my assistant."

Ashan put a fountain pen in his hand. Sitting cross-legged in a black suit, he put his chin up and demanded Seo-yoon.

"When I'm at work and I'm in danger…….”

When the word danger came out of his mouth, Seo-yoon's face hardened, wondering if there was still a threat to his safety.

Call the police.


"Asuka said Korean police are amazing."

Seoyoon wrapped his head around his memory of saying something similar to Asuka one day. You can think positively. At least you don't say you're going to kill a dangerous person.

"In two weeks, I'll be back in Oman. I'll take your shift from the day I get back."

"I'll come with you."

Since Asuka became a Sultan, Seoyoon has never been to Oman. Ashan went in and out of arrogance several times a year, sometimes for the company's work and sometimes for the Presbyterian Church. It was clear now that it was safe for him. Nevertheless, sometimes every time he left the country like this, there was an unknown anxiety. Because I don't know how long death will escape this man."You can't."


After such a nail, Ashan said no more. Two days after the job was decided so absurdly, a scandal broke out that stuck the word "Romance of the Century" in the headline, and the party, Ashan, left immediately when the date came. It was only after Seo-yoon left the country that he received a phone call from Asuka.


The Middle East, which was visited for the first time in years, was still boasting the scorching sun that the scalp would ripen completely. No matter how many times I came, I couldn't get used to this heat. Seo-yoon looked up at the sky of Oman with sunglasses on, and soon ran into the car with the air conditioner on. Ashan had arrived in Oman 15 days earlier.

Unlike the last time she left Oman, things were very stable. Seoyoon was right that if Asuka became a Sultan, it would be the best for the people.

He was the one who didn't want to bring Seoyoon here. I wondered if it was still dangerous, but immediately after Ashan left for arrogance, Asuka contacted Seoyoon's personal cell phone directly. It was an unofficial invitation that she really wanted to come to arrogance. Don't worry about danger, with the promise that all safety will be guaranteed in his name, Sultan.

Looking at the mosque surrounded by dust, he realized that this was the country he had spent a year in.

"As expected, the heat wasn't enough.”


John, who sat in the passenger seat of the car Asuka sent, asked.

"Just—I was relieved to see something familiar."

"What did you think would have changed significantly if Asuka became a sultan?”

"That's not it."

Still, people in the Middle East seemed relaxed, and there was a peculiar sense of composure. It was different from Korea, which always goes back quickly and busily.

"Hmmm, but I think the atmosphere has gotten better.”

John coughed up and said.

When the leader of the country was shaken, the people were bound to be shaken. If the leader is firm, the country and the people are firm. It seemed to be true to the eye.

Muscat, the capital of Oman, was like a city in the fog. That was Seoyoon's first impression because yellow sand dust looked like fog at night.

The car was heading to Ashan's palace, not the palace where the Sultan stayed. Seoyoon asked the driver when he saw the familiar road.

"I thought you were going to the Sultan first?"

"Oh... I was told to bring you here when you arrived."

"To whom?"

"……To Ashan."

Asuka said he wanted to keep Ashan a secret because he had something important to discuss. Of course, after meeting him, he has a clue that he doesn't mind going to Ashan who is staying in Oman. Seoyoon, who realized something was strange, sighed briefly.

"What happened?"

"I knew you were coming last night...… Sultan and Ashan argued."

It was obvious even if you didn't see it. He must have pressed Asuka dreadfully again. Seo-yoon nodded and listened to the story to the end. I know his personality very well.

"So you're finally going to the winning side.”

"That's what it is, so to speak.

"Is Ashan in the palace?"

"He's in the middle of a meeting of elders in the main palace."

The driver added as if it was very difficult to say, but he had already said what he had to say. Seoyoon was relieved, thinking it wouldn't be difficult to see Asuka because he was in Oman."When you look at it...….”

John talked out of his mouth tantalizingly.


"You look like a trainer."


"The beast trainer."

John never called Ashan a polar bear anymore. However, seeing Ashan venting more soberly through his corporate stress, he is now just called a beast. It's a crazy beast that can't even touch it.

"Now you want to make a nickname for me?"

"Hahaha~ No way, ma'am."

As soon as John mentioned his wife, Seoyoon kicked the front seat with his feet. John's huge body, which was bulging again while working in the restaurant, didn't budge.

Ashan's private life was wrapped in tight protection. But secrets always leak out. Especially, the power of Korean netizens was terrifying. Seoyun's existence was revealed in a small country called Korea. In addition, a photo was taken not long ago when she first went to the Lokan group to see Ashan. From then on to moving in with him, he was exposed to paparazzi.

A huge romance novel was still going up and down the weekly magazine.

Just before leaving the country, Seoyoon was covered by celebrities and even programs that usually appeared.

She was literally 'Cinderella'. It was reported that she was a woman who caught a mixed-race prince in the Middle East and bloomed like a sunflower. Ashan became a passionate virgin who moved the headquarters of the Roquan Group in Oman to Korea for her one.

Seoyoon snorted in that part.

I wanted to take the reporter who wrote the article and ask him to change her to a "cold-blooded innocent man."

Ashan regularly entered Oman several times a year or once every quarter, and was still a royal family member, so he could not escape that obligation.I've done everything. I wanted to do so this time, but what was different from other times was the Cinderella controversy, which could be a scandal if it was a scandal. At a time when the country was noisy, the news of Ashan's departure was reported like a ghost, and interest in why he did not take Seoyoon to his country increased.

It wasn't a pleasant thing to get the attention of the whole nation. Seo-yoon's face spread and spread thanks to the advanced Internet, so many top stars wonder what kind of life she is living. Even naked photos were circulating on the 100th day.

Then the offer from Asuka was really honey. Seoyoon could never have rejected the offer.

"Koreans are scared.”

John muttered like a habit after taking a step out of the house and looking at reporters swarming like dogs.

"I agree."

Both were extremely weak at media play. Ashan, who has the power to take care of himself, said he was not interested in what the media said. Seo-yoon, who couldn't stand it, told her to do something just before Ashan left the country, and she was beaten by saying, "Should I call the media when I ask her out?" I knew he liked Seoyoon's dumb face. It was a man who occasionally made such a practical joke and looked at her reaction.

After running for a short time, Ashan's palace, which stood alone on the desert, emerged from a distance.

"I heard Asuka still named it the Palace of the Beast?"

There were times when I doubted John's head. Even though Seo-yoon knew that she was on a deep relationship with Ashan, she would speak such a beast in front of her without hesitation. I kept it in my mind that I should use it to catch John's weakness one day.Let's put aside the complaints that Ashan seems to be training himself, not himself.

The main gate of the huge palace slowly opened and the car slid into it. Seoyun said, feeling the front door closed behind her back.

"Please stop here."

"Huh? But still to the palace...….”

"I just wanted to walk.”

The driver, who hesitated for a moment with his eyes saying, "What should I do?" finally pulled over. It wasn't until I got down to John that the car disappeared from sight. I wanted to walk alone for a while, but I gave up early on separating John. Seoyoon had already noticed that if Ashan had his own contract, there was a separate contract between John and Ashanman.

I could see a neat view without unnecessities at a glance. Although it was a 15-minute drive from the main gate to the palace where Ashan stayed, it was calculated that the palm trees laid through the road would not burn the scalp.

"Where are you going?"

"It's a swimming pool if you go straight this way."

"Oh, I'm swimming, too!"

As long as I worked in the palace, I knew the shortcut very well. John nodded, tapping his palm as if he remembered it now. Even though I was outside for a while, it was so hot that my sweat rolled on my chin. I thought I should have just taken the car and gone, but I soon shrugged. The air conditioner wind had already been fed up with the plane for a long time. The moment I entered the palace, I didn't want to get the headache again.

Then a car rushed past them. I looked back reflectively because there was no other owner of the palace who wanted to drive at such a crazy speed in this palace, but the car had already disappeared. Then seven vehicles followed suit at the same speed.

"Are you back?"

John said scratching his head.

"Even if you're back, what's the rush?"


Seoyoon tilted his head, too. I was sure it was over 110 km/h. Blurry sand dust was evidence of that. Instead of going back to the palace, he took a shortcut to the swimming pool.

I wonder if I walked for about 10 minutes. I could see a huge outdoor pool where dozens of people could swim in unison. It's still a long way from end to end.

I always liked this place because the moonlight didn't leave the pool. It was only the scorching sun now, but I sometimes remembered the moon shadow that would soon be cast here at night. And I also remembered Ashan crossing this place with Seoyun on his shoulders.

As he sat with his feet soaked in water, John jumped into the pool with his top off.

"It's so cool!"

It made me laugh when I saw him excitedly circling around Seoyoon like a fish in water. Waving to go around once, Seo-yoon lay down under the shade of a palm tree with her feet dipped.

"Gasp, Gasp, Gasp!"

I only closed my eyes for a moment, but I woke up again to the sound of overwhelming breathing. A man with wide open good eyes was looking down at himself. He barely threw up his chin-deep breath, breathing heavily through his mouth.

"Dear Asuka."

Seoyun sang Asuka in a monotonous voice.

"Hani, you're here!"

It was Asuka's face that I haven't seen in almost two years and three months. A smile slipped out at the fact that nothing had changed. I was even relieved that the Sultan's seat did not change him. Still, the innocent smile on his face worked so well with this country.Asuka hit Seoyoon's stomach lying with his arms outstretched. Hugging her upper body tightly, she rubbed her hair roughly.

"What's the rush?"

John was still not coming back from the far end of the pool, perhaps because he hadn't made a turn.

"I barely managed to get out of the palace. Otherwise, Ashan has to show Hani!"

That's why he stepped on the accelerator in this palace.

"I was going to relieve my fatigue for a while and then enter the palace to meet Asuka."

"Hani, now Hani wins Ashan?"

"……No? I don't think so.”

Seo-yoon shook his head in preparation for the number of cases if he and Ashan were to fight.

"Not a physical fight…….”

Knowing her personality, Asuka added with a forced look on her face, and she relapsed into thought. And soon he shook his head.

"But I still lose."

"I see……" Then Hani never saw me while he was in Oman."


"Ashan is a jealous man!"

Asuka, who was hugging Seoyoon and sprang up his upper body, clenched his fists and shouted. And at that moment, a knee kick flew from the side.

"What am I?"

With the chilling sound, Asuka went sideways and fell into the pool.

"Poof! Poof! Poof! Poof! Poof, Poof! Help me! Help me! Save me!"

"You're talking a lot about saving my life.”

A few steps away, the guards watching Asuka's situation tried to rescue him from the Sultan's scream, but Ashan's hands were faster. He caught Asuka, who was diving and breathing out of the water.

"Get me out! Get me out!"

Seoyoon reached out his hand when he saw him screaming desperately, and Asuka grabbed it.


At that moment, Ashan, who was holding Asuka by the neck, let go of his hand, Asuka dived back into the water and dragged Seo-yoon into the water.


In the water Asuka hugged Seoyoon tightly. Ashan's eyes looked as if they were looking at the Cold War Russian field.

"Hey... .. I can reach you, Asuka."

"Save me! Save me...…! Huh?"

Seoyoon's collarbone was dripping with water. And Asuka was over 180cm tall. Naturally, it was the height that touched the tiles when standing upright.

"Hahaha! The pool wasn't that deep!"

Asuka burst into laughter and tapped Seo-yoon on the shoulder.

"Hani, actually, I don't really like water. I don't like swimming at all the more. But this is a secret. The Sultan should always be seen as strong to the people."

I tried to say, "No, I don't think the people see it like that," but I shut up because I was afraid Asuka would be hurt.

"Is the ears of the Guard decorating the back?"

"……you're noisy. This body is the Sultan of this country!"

Trying to find dignity, he stood firm with his hands on both sides and shouted at Ashan, but it didn't look good. It looked like a big field mouse for a drowning mouse.

"So what?"

"That's mean! It's been a while since I met Hani, and it's important to explain what a great Sultan I've become.

Asuka shed his eyes on Ashan as hard as he could. Then, when his eyes met, he turned his eyes and looked at Seoyoon.

"Hani! I'll go change again. Let's have dinner together."

"Who wants it?"

His shoulders wince at Ashan's cold response again, but Asuka acts as if he had not heard it. I smiled awkwardly and went out of the pool and waved to Seoyoon."Oh, uh, uh, isn't that Asuka?"

Then John, who had swam hard, asked, looking at Asuka's back, which was disappearing far away. As soon as Ashan looked at John with a look at him, he slipped out of the pool.

"I...… I was so happy to be here after a long time that I forgot whose pool it was."

John forgot that the exception to this pool is only for Seoyoon. In fact, he confessed his truth and took care of his shirt that he had fallen from.



John replied, very nervous.

"Don't let anyone near the pool."

"Yes, sir!"

Kei and Salmon, who were always following Ashan's shadow, also slipped away to see if they understood.

"Who told you to come here?"

"You know what I'm asking?"

Seoyoon replied, thinking it was not because he didn't know.

"You shouldn't have come here."


When I asked him back to find out why, he frowned. Ashan's lips were about to open for a while, but soon closed. The more I did, the more I wondered. Asuka, who said he was jealous, could have guessed it, but it wasn't clear unless he heard it himself. I mean, maybe he hid his fiancée here to keep her away!

I didn't care, but the royals knew there was such a thing as a political marriage. Indeed, Asuka had already officially married a year ago. Ashan was also a royal for now, so I vaguely thought that he could not avoid such a thing, so Seo-yoon wanted to hear what he was going to say.


A faint laugh of excitement rang briefly. And in his robes, Ashan strode into the water. Seo-yoon, who frowned reflexively at the splash, was caught in the back like Asuka even before she opened her eyes properly.


It was a more intense kiss than the sun. Perhaps he was about to uproot his tongue as if he was going to eat it, his lips hit Seoyoon recklessly, licking and sucking him to the point where he was distraught. I was suffocated. I've never driven her away without giving her a chance to breathe. Seo-yoon's hand pushed his chest, but he didn't budge.

His hand peeled off Seoyoon's pants.

Once again, there was a twinkle in the head. No matter when, no matter where, it's too much. It was a crazy midday open-air pool. No matter how hard I tried, I wouldn't let anyone come near me.However, that alone was not reassuring. Seoyoon, who had a gut feeling what Ashan was about to do, punched him hard on the tip of his plex.

It was only when he breathed in and fell from Seoyoon, so he grabbed the swimming pool railing and climbed up the stairs.

But he wasn't the man to back off this much.

As soon as Seoyoon's foot was about to step out of the pool after stepping over the stairs, Ashan hugged her from behind.

"Let me go!"

This is why the difference in strength between men and women is annoying. Once caught in the back, it was not easy to get out. One foot was still outside, and one foot was submerged in the ankle under the railing stairs. One step below her, Ashan grabbed Seoyun.

"Don't be with him in front of me."

"Asuka is a precious person."

"What do you think I am?”

"You are..."

"You must have forgotten that I'm a man of the Middle East. Don't that right?"

The last question was whispered, biting Seo-yoon's right earlobe. It was a d*mn pheromone. Once a man smells a male, the body reacts beyond its control. He coveted and bullied Seoyoon every chance he had. I could not resist but to close my lips because I could feel a sharp current from the end of my ear."He's got his eye on you.”

"Asuka can't do that."

"How can you be so sure? He's a Sultan. I'd have you as my 22nd wife if I'd put my mind to it."

" Technically, there's only one official queen right now, so I'll be your second wife.”

"……Are you going to do this to the end?"

Spouting the words one after another, Ashan's hands swept into Seoyun's collarbone, which was wet. I gently massage my wet chest.

"I don't like you with him."

I'm really starting to accept Asuka's words. The man who stuck close to his back and rubbed a hot p*n*s on her butt was obviously jealous. When she realized the fact, her hidden fiancee had already flown from Seoyoon's head. Well, he wasn't the kind of guy to wait and see. It was concluded that the reason why he simply couldn't come to Oman like a child was because Seo-yoon didn't want to meet Asuka.

… was a very simple man.

At the time of making such a conclusion, Ashan had already unfastened Seoyoon's shorts and lowered his panties and pants halfway.

"If you want to, go to the bedroom!"

"I want to do this.”

I wanted to shut my mouth when I saw them face to face telling them not to be so honest.

"Don't you like it?"

As soon as she opened her mouth saying no, Ashan's fingers hugged Seo-yoon's waist slightly twisted her nipple.


"Keep making noise."

Ashan said, still biting Seoyoon's earlobe. Seoyoon bit his lips and held back the safety bar of the pool's railing as hard as he could.

"Who cares?"

"I'll like it."

A laughable answer is back. Ashan's fingers have been attacking Seoyoon's s*xual orientation that he has found. A hot thing came through my legs. Ashan was moving with his p*n*s in between Seoyoon's legs from behind.

The hot Ashan's p*n*s, between her closed legs, touched the soft flesh of her thigh and began a downward movement. At times, he patted the secretive Seoyun's cave entrance above her thigh, and at times rubbed his genitalia on her thigh as if he had raised the final pitch before begging.

"Open it up."

It is by no means compulsory. The man somehow knew how to win Seoyoon's surrender. His tongue penetrated deep into his earlobe. Licking slowly, he exhaled a hot breath around his ear.

Was she such a weak woman of libido woman?

He already didn't care if it was daylight or outdoors. Only the perception that it was in his area seemed to be embedded. His p*n*s once again tried to stab Seoyoon's cave and her legs opened.

Ashan slowly invaded the narrow and stiff place because he did not release it properly. As urgent as he was, Ashan slowly hugged Seo-yoon from behind and invaded, overshadowing his nervousness because he thought he would stab him at once.

"Maybe Asuka will come...… to finish quickly…….”

"Holding my girl is not interfering, no matter how Sultan.”

Ashan came in deeply, cutting Seoyoon's words at once. Seo-yoon wrapped her waist with one hand and shared her chest with the other. His fingers gradually descended and touched the clitoris. As she rubbed gently with her fingertips to further boost her excitement, Seoyun moaned from her mouth."Haaaaa...… hah!"

The hand holding the safety bar turned white enough to pop out blood. Behind her, Ashan's was constantly barging through her interior. White heart fluttered to the rhythm. Hot liquid kept flowing through my legs. Seoyun was accepting Ashan in half of her anxiety that someone might come and believing in the words confirmed by the man in front of her.

And at the same time, I regretted it.

I regret that I turned to the pool in the middle of going into the palace in a good way.

I don't think I can even look at this place for a while, let alone the moon at night.


Perhaps for Seoyoon, who was tired of coming from Korea, Ashan stayed in Oman longer than scheduled. Still, he was busy, but not as much as in Korea. Seoyoon's time alone was not that long. Asuka visited four times in a week when Ashan was away like a ghost. Two of them had dinner together. And once his first wife, the current queen, came along and shared a simple refreshment.

And all of a sudden, it reminded me of that place.

I wanted to go there right away when I thought about it where I could spend my time more quietly and more peacefully. Ashan had just been out of the palace, and John was drinking all night yesterday and relieved of his hangover after asking Seo-yoon's schedule and answering that he would never leave.

I knew where to put the keys to the garage. Seoyoon was always in charge of it.

He drove a Maybach free of the palace. I didn't know that the feeling of excessive tranquility made me so. And I was told that there would be a sandstorm only when I suddenly turned on the radio to listen to music while heading to the royal estate. Already from a distance, hazy sand dust was rising in unison. In a few minutes, Seo-yoon pulled over, thinking his son-in-law would be completely dark.

When she pulled over, a car ahead of her stopped with no more than 20 meters to go with Seo-yoon. If you go straight this way, there's nothing but royal property. It made me feel subtle to think that there was a royal family in there.

It was wise not to leave the car when the storm hit, so I turned off the engine and waited for Seoyoon to pass the storm quietly.

The grains of sand began to hit the car window like a strong shower. I couldn't see the car already standing in front of me. I felt like the whole world was full of yellow dust. I felt the same way when I saw a dark shadow through the sandstorm, but I couldn't see anything. Looking at the watch, I pulled out a bottle of water next to the driver's seat.

The door burst open when I took a sip to quench my thirst.

Seoyoon's mouth was quickly filled with sand, which was opened by an instant sandstorm. The door was closed soon, but this was nothing short of terrorism.

Only after pulling out tissues and spitting out sand mixed with water in his mouth, he could see the uninvited guest properly.

"Why are you here?"

"You are."

Ashan said in a grumpy voice. The traditional black Oman costume he was wearing was already covered with dirt.

"Well, I was on my way to see the sea."

"What about John?"

"I'm sleeping."

"I'll have to cut it."The car in front of me seemed to be Ashan's car. Seo-yoon, who was convinced that the black shadow he saw earlier was not in vain, strictly opened his mouth.

"You have to stay put in the storm."

Sitting in the passenger seat, he grinned as if he was amazed. How dare you advise me? Seo-yoon continued, not caring about the abbreviated smile.

"You could die."

"Are you worried about me?"

"I'm worried about anyone in this situation."

Ashan snorted and leaned his chin against the window.

"It's hard to move for a while.”

He laid the passenger seat back.

"What are you doing?”

"I'm going to sleep."

Then he closed his eyes and said nothing, apparently falling asleep. As much as he had a lot of work to do, he knew to sleep as much as he could, so Seo-yoon sat absentmindedly in the driver's seat and waited for the sandstorm to stop.

Then suddenly, when I looked around, his cheek, scratched by the little sand walking all the way here, bothered me. Why are you walking all the way here when the storm is so strong?

Seoyoon complained so much that he couldn't hear and then put some water on the tissue.

He opened his eyes wide when he sneaked up his hand to wipe Ashan's face. No offense, but Seoyun was as hard as ice on the spot. Soon after, he realized that he had done nothing wrong with Seoyun's face, and brought Tissue to his face.

"I had a dream."

"Did you dream in the meantime?"

It hasn't been five minutes since he closed his eyes. On second thought, everything was a very quick and concise man.


"What kind of dream?

I thought I should ask you out of courtesy, so I asked you half-heartedly. Seoyoon narrowed his forehead by looking at the cuts on Ashan's cheek, which was cut long and thin.

"The night you talked to a girl."

A girl?

Seoyun stopped her hand and fell into thought. And soon the night in the attic came to mind first, followed by the child.

"Oh... why all of a sudden?"

Ashan did not reply. I just stared at Seo-yoon. As if looking at a stranger for the first time, even curiosity was felt in his eyes. It was the first time Ashan looked at himself like this. He was now amazed at Seoyoon.

"I don't think it's bad.”

He opened his mouth as if he had finally come to a conclusion.

"What the hell?”

"I don't think a child who looks like you would be bad.”

The tissue that Seo-yoon was holding fell on Ashan's lap. He didn't realize it and burst into laughter as if his own thoughts were satisfactory.

"It's like your miniature."

I was shaken by the words. He never brought up a story about a child. Neither Seo Yoon nor Ashan promised to share any future. What she promised him would lead him out in front of him so that he could go out into the world. I was just saying.

"Is that a proposal?”

"Then what?"

Pretending to be fine, Seo-yoon pulled out a small first aid kit from the glovebox in front of Ashan.

"What if there's a kid that looks like you?"

Ashan frowned at the words. Seoyoon managed to find an ointment in the first aid kit, glancing at the fact that he had not thought about it. The fingertips were cold. I kept spinning when I opened the lid of the ointment.The existence of a child was taboo for him and her. So did marriage, so did the future.

No one opened their mouth first. No one has decided it's a taboo, but it's just how Seoyun feels.

Because he was always empty.

I had thought that one day he might flap his wings and disappear when he knew the world, to the extent that Seo-yoon felt that he could not fill the vacancy. I thought he would leave if she felt for herself what she couldn't fill.

He vowed that his only role was to guide him.

Sometimes I couldn't get close to him when I saw him still standing behind me. Apparently, he hesitated.

"That's not a bad thing either."

An unexpected answer came from him. Ashan thought seriously for a long time to answer the question, not even being aware that Seo-yoon could not even open the lid of the ointment properly.

"……do you want to settle down?”

Ashan laughed low at the words. My heart sank to the laughter that I found the answer.

"Yes, I want to settle down.”

I just couldn't believe a dream that helped me recall my memories made him feel this way.

Even if Ashan didn't say it, he realized that terrible memories of his childhood were making him refuse to make a family.

Seoyun replied calmly, barely squeezing the ointment and applying it to his cheeks.

"It won't be easy."

He touched his cheek, grabbed her hand applying ointment, and kissed her in the palm of the hand. The smooth touch of the lips stayed on the palm of the hand for a while and soon moved away.

"He'll make you belong to me. I'm about to be adorable with my child."


The day he discussed love and murder seemed to have been this voice.

Seo-yoon, who finally realized that he was serious then and now, took off his hand from staying on his cheek.

"When I go back to Korea."

The sandstorm was receding. Seoyoon slowly started the car, checking the son-in-law who was dimly brightening.

"I think you should ask your Korean teacher how to propose to a Korean woman."

Seo-yoon replied to Ashan in a calm, yet faint tone of laughter.

To Seoyoon and Ashan.

Ashan to Seoyoon.