Chapter - 20 Chapter 20. A story no one knows.

"Do you know why I voted for you?"

Realizing that it was the first and last question a man who was colder than the frost in front of him, Seok-han closed his eyes. It seemed only yesterday that he quit heroically in his second year of military school and joined a university famous for its security department, leaving behind everyone's face that "he must be a nut."

Leaving the same thing behind the day before yesterday, Seok-han, who couldn't remember why he was here, looked unfamiliar at the man in front of him. I thought that the campus of the university would unfold when I opened my eyes, but it seemed clear that it would only end with thoughts.

"Answer me."

When the man said, "There is no second time," Seok-han jumped up from the spot.

"I don't know!"

A military cry popped up reflexively. With both hands half-closed and neatly attached to the thigh, Seok-han, who answered slightly downward from the 75-degree front, bit his dry lips.

Why? Why? Why? Why?

Do you mean that you become so small that you can't breathe when you stand in front of this man?

I definitely enjoyed campus life, went to the military, and graduated safely from college. I applied to several famous security companies, but somehow all of them were eliminated. At first glance, I remembered that there must be a huge conspiracy at the national level when it comes to the elimination of myself with excellent grades while drinking.

The trouble was that he bought a pack of cigarettes at a convenience store, put them in his increased sweatpants, and casually received a business card on his way back. Come to think of it, it was strange that a foreigner in a black suit suddenly appeared on that dark night and gave himself a business card.

As soon as the morning came, Seok-han called the CEO of the business card with a feeling of catching straws thanks to a single mother who lamented about her child who could not get a job from waking up in the morning until just before going to bed.

It turned out that the bodyguard company was a world-famous place, and there was a perfect job for him, and he suddenly flew it to a country called "Oman" in the Middle East. When I realized something was going on strangely, there was this man in front of me.

Ashan al-Lugerta.

Sultan-nominee for this Arab country.

It was a man sitting with eyes that would swallow him up right now. Obviously, he was standing, and Ashan was sitting. I could have overpowered him at any time. But what is the pressure of pressing this shoulder. You want to get down on your knees right now?

The single mother never raised herself weak. I was confident when it came to courage. However, the man at hand was scarier than a terrorist, or a ghost. That was the case when you sum up the three months you were here.

When I first heard a woman screaming, I took out a pistol in my arms without realizing it. When you see the woman who's dead came out of the room, do you still dial 112 here to report to the police? The first thought crossed my mind.

And after learning that the man who killed the woman was the heir to the Sultan in front of him, he gave up reporting.

"Han Seo-yoon."

Seokhan was speechless when the name popped up from Ashan. And soon it made me want to scream. How does he know Seoyoon's name?

"You know, right?

"……I don't know……I know."

Seok-han, who was trying to reflexively say no, immediately changed his words when he saw Ashan's eyes go up.She was the only junior who didn't look at him with a "crazy" look when she found out he was quitting military school and entering the Department of Security. Seo-yoon's face, which is often in touch with each other, passed by like a flashlight.

"Four times a year, they meet regularly."

Ashan snapped at it.

Or did you meet Seoyoon so regularly? Come to think of it, I've seen her once every two or three months.

"I don't know..."

I didn't know it was regular until Ashan told me because I met him if I didn't see him for months. Seok-han was seized with an ominous feeling when he saw him enlightening the truth that he did not know.

"You want to quit your job?"


It was Ashan, who hadn't spoken a word to himself in three months. It was amazing for Seok-han to have a conversation with him like this. Two days ago, when he expressed his intention to quit, he was determined to cough up the money he received. Nowhere in his contract was the penalty clause--the clause was stated only in Seoyoon's contract.- It was Seokhan's dream to live and return to his home country safely.

Even though a dead body can be held back somehow, I couldn't bear it as much as a human being in front of me.

I was scared—I couldn't stand the cold stare I saw every time I walked past him. It was like, "Let's see how far you're going to go."

Why did he quit military school?

I thought I could die if I hit the stake like this in the first training session. However, he did not dare to study again, so he entered a similar security department as much as possible. Anyway, the use of guns was prohibited in Korea, and if I did well, I managed to protect celebrities and others, so I bypassed my job choice a little.

I really didn't know the hardships and nagging of my single mother would push her into this strange country.

"If you quit, you'll need a replacement.”

"That's what the company said...….”

As soon as Seok-han opened his mouth, Ashan put a finger on his lips, thinking he would push others here as if he had pushed himself.

Knowing that it meant to stay still and shut up, he closed his mouth.

"I'd like her."


"Han Seo-yoon."

Ashan once again uttered Seo-yoon's name.

"How do you know him…….”

"Get her in your place."


At Ashan's words, Seok-han unconsciously sank onto the chair.

"To the seat you're sitting in now.

His fingers pointed to the chair where he sat. What the hell is going on here? His brain had already stopped thinking.

Ashan gestured to get out as if he didn't feel the need for further kind explanations. The tired eyes have already shown no interest in Seok-han. As he left the room as if possessed by ghosts, Ashan's lawyer, whom he saw one day before the contract, was waiting at the door.

"Let me elaborate."

"Yes, I need that explanation now."

With a desperate face, Seok-han grabbed the lawyer's hand and said. The lawyer, who slipped out the hand, handed him three or four sheets of A4 paper with a businesslike face.

"It's an opportunity to return home with 150 million down payment, 150 million at the end of the contract, and special allowances.""……I didn't complete my contract.”

"Yes, but there are conditions."

Seok-han was listening to the condition blankly.


Seok-han shook his shoulders lightly when he saw Seo-yoon's face drinking orange juice in front of him.

"What's wrong, sir?」

"No, just. I have chills.」

"Do you have a cold?」

"Uh, uh... I guess so.」

"You don't look very well.」

What are you doing right now?

The terms of the contract were simple. Han Seo-yoon coming to his seat. Then Seok-han would have been paid more than 10 years' worth of annual salary at the same time. In a way, will he push his innocent and good junior into the depths of evil or will he please his widowed mother like that?

"I've been to the Middle East.I'm a little tanned.」


"How was your work?」

"It's hell out there.」

Unknowingly, my true intention came out. Seok-han hurriedly shut up. I couldn't make a bad impression of the place even though I hadn't decided it in my head yet.

"But if you're rich in Arab countries, you'll have to pay a lot.」

"Come to think of it, you quit the military.」

"I'm looking for another job, but it's not easy.」

Yeah, of course it wasn't easy for me either. It almost came out as a word. Only then did everything add up. Already, Seok-han found a new bodyguard position in Korea so easily. So far, he realized that he could not find a job in Korea because of Seo-yoon, who is in front of him, when he signed a contract and received a plane ticket to Korea.

It was true that he jokingly said that there would be a huge national conspiracy one day when he could not get a job while drinking.

The whole thing was a formidable ploy to bring her to arrogance.

Seoyun, who was wary of strangers and was much better than himself, could not have suddenly accepted such an offer. However, the introduction of an acquaintance is wrong.

'Seoyoon's acquaintance = Seokhan.’

That's already the end of the story.

Seokhan gulped down his saliva.

"……Do you want to give it a try?」


"I quit my job and there's an empty seat……」

"What about Pay?"

Seoyoon asked with shining eyes. I couldn't lie looking into those eyes. Seok-han, who was still in conflict between Seo-yoon and her single mother, chose a way to ease her conscience.

Let's hide the truth and tell the facts to the extent that he can, only the facts.

"300 million a year. Special allowances, risk allowances, vacation expenses.

"300 million?"

Seoyoon asked, spitting out the ice that had been chewing on the tissue.

"Yes, I can't tell you the details because of the confidentiality clause, but it's 300 million.」

"What's the risk?"


The risk of security targets was already unmeasurable. I didn't have to say that to Seoyoon. She nodded her head slowly.

"Well, if you're a rich man of power, you are.」

"Seoyoon, don't look at this so easily.」

"I've been in the Middle East for years.」


This senior really wants to stop you. Seok-han, who grabbed her hand with a glance, sighed.

"Senior, I'll do that. Can you introduce me?」

"Well, yeah....」

Seoyoon, you're trying to sell your soul to the devil. I wanted to shout, but the numbers on his bank account were enough to keep him quiet. I wanted to make my struggling single mother live comfortably. I believe Seo Yoon will forgive me if he finds out about this someday."Just know one thing, Seoyoon.」


"You know what I said when I was drinking?」

"What do you mean?"

"The reason I can't get a job is that there will be a huge national conspiracy.」


Seoyoon burst into laughter at the words. Come to think of it, she seemed to have laughed at his drunkenness at the time.

"Going to arrogance was a huge national conspiracy?」

"Yes, sir."

Seokhan nodded seriously.

"You're always funny.」

Seo-yoon comforted him as if to cheer up his shoulders.

This isn't it.

But already she seemed to have made up her mind. Seok-han secretly wiped away tears, thinking that he should quickly call Ashan's lawyer.


His hands were shaking to blue. He looked nervously out of the window, drinking only ice water in front of him. It was the first time in three years that Seo-yoon contacted me to meet him. In the meantime, he had been guarding the chairman of a conglomerate with excellent skills and was about to be promoted to the head of the security office.


Before I knew it, the formula was not easily changed after it was established in Seokhan's head. When he calmly heard the voice over the phone, "It's been a while, senior," Seok-han's neck stood still. "You didn't contact him three years ago to express all kinds of resentment, did you?" was the first doubt I heard rather than welcome.

His life has been solid since he passed Seo-yoon's turn(?) to the point where it didn't work out.

"Long time no see, sir.」

It was the sound he heard just when he drank the third cup of ice water.

"Seo, Seoyoon!」

And naturally scanned the surrounding area. Fortunately, there seemed to be no shadow of darkness behind Seoyun's back.

"How long has it been since I went to Oman...… Has it been three years?」

"Yes, about that time.」

Seoyoon smiled happily as she sat down slowly. Only then did Seokhan take a slow look at her with the smile. Seoyun three years ago was the same as Seoyun now.

Clean kid.

That was Seok-han's first impression from Seo-yoon. I thought there was a neat-looking girl in the world where only men were rolling around. Somehow, the day stood on one side, but as I talked, I couldn't feel it, but it was rather dull. He's like air that can blend in anywhere. It was so dull that it didn't seem to mix well anywhere, but it seemed that he himself was trying hard to blend well anywhere. In Seok-han's eyes, he seemed to tolerate it, so he kept looking at it.

"Why do you look at me like that?」

But it was different now.



"No, you've gotten prettier.」

He replied, scratching his head. I couldn't find anything else to say. He couldn't say this out of the blue because he had never said his first impression of Seoyoon.

The current Seoyun was a perfect mix.

She was melted into where she is now. Like it was his place from the beginning.

I thought that's why the happy smile I saw on him could come out.

"You're still the same."

"What's the same line when this ex-lover meets again?」


When the strange and familiar voice was heard behind his back, Seok-han was forced to wake up screaming. What was unfamiliar was that I had never seen him speak Korean before, and what I was familiar with was that he still appeared in my dreams sometimes."You look like you've seen a ghost.」

Ashan, wearing a black suit and holding a bag of bread in his hand, brushed him and sat next to Seoyoon as if it was natural.

"Why, why are you here!」

"You're asking me something new.」

Naturally, Seo-yoon, who took bread from Ashan, smiled.

"You really bought it.」

When Ashan swept her messy hair over her cheeks, Seok-han, who still didn't know how to sit up, sank helplessly.

Come to think of it, he thought Ashan would come out together when Seo-yoon called to meet him from the beginning. There was nothing new about it. However, he turned his eyes away, thinking that this place was uncomfortable because he remembered an unfair deal with Ashan and Han Seo-yoon.

All eyes were on his table at the cafe, where there were not many people in the morning.

He was a man with a conspicuous appearance wherever he went. Besides, there's no way the whole nation doesn't know him because he's in and out of the newspapers.


"I'm learning Korean by watching Korean dramas these days.」

Seok-han nodded when Seo-yoon spoke instead of Ashan's fluent Korean. However, no matter how much I learn Korean through dramas, I wanted to shout that ordinary foreigners are not that fluent.

"You look like you have something to say.」

"No, it's not."

My heart fluttered. Why does he become infinitely smaller in front of this man.

"I wanted to say thank you to my senior.」


"Thanks to you, I picked up a bear in the desert.」

There was a bone in Seoyoon's words. Even Ashan, who was still looking at Seokhan, turned his eyes away. A huge bones.

It was a friendly voice, but what I said was indifferent.

He was still relaxed when he smiled and sucked orange juice brought by the employee with a straw.k.

"I'm sure I stopped you from...….」

"You stopped him?」

"Come to think of it, I don't think it's dried.」

Right down the tail, Seokhan looked at Ashan. He winked as if to help him with something, but Ashan still looked away.

"I'm sorry, Seoyoon.」

"No, I appreciate it.」

"I've really committed a mortal sin.」

Looking at Seok-han with his head down, Seo-yoon wrapped the hot bread that Ashan bought with his hands.

Was it fate or necessity created by the man next to him?

"It doesn't matter now, sir.」


"I feel a little better now.」

At first, I wondered what he meant, but Seok-han, who understood the meaning, nodded slowly.

"It looks like it.」

"So don't be too guilty. We keep in touch like before.」

The bridge of his nose quickly widened when she pointed out why he couldn't contact Seo-yoon the whole time.

"Thank you, Seoyoon.」

Seoyoon laughed as he took a piece of cream bread off and took it to his mouth.

Wouldn't they be the ones who needed to meet? Even if they didn't get involved in their lives, they seemed to have no choice but to meet.

"The bread is delicious.」

Seo-yoon said, sticking out the bread he had eaten toward Ashan.

He wiped the cream off her mouth with his thumb and took it to his mouth.


Looking at the figure, Seokhan thought.

If it was three years ago, could he have imagined the sight in front of him?

I shook my head.

A third party himself could not tell how much they had been through or whether they had returned. I can only guess from looking at the two who look like creamy breads in front of me.