Chapter - 21 The first chapter. Birthday.

It was Haeyoon's birthday.

Ashan called her to the hotel, who had been living a busy life running a high-priced tutoring in Gangnam, forgetting that it was her birthday. Of course, I thought Seo-yoon was with me, but when I followed the manager into the prepared room, I was waiting for Hae-yoon alone.

Ashan, who was facing the night view of Seoul reflected in the front window, slowly stood up from the table and pulled his chair back to make it easier for Hae-yoon to sit down.

"What about you?"

Wondering where he went for a while, Hae-yoon looked around and asked.

A few days ago, Seo-yoon refused to have dinner with her on her birthday because she had a supplementary lesson that day. Unfortunately, the tutoring was canceled again and Ashan contacted me when I tried to contact Seo-yoon.

"He should be at home."

It was the first time I was alone with Ashan. He was so busy that he couldn't find his unique playful side. I was distracted to earn my graduate school tuition. It was worth opening your hands, but everything changed after breaking up with Eungang.

Hae-yoon shook her head when Seoyoon told her to rest and work one day.

It's hard for him to forget the years he's been with. In order to do that, I think I need to live a busy life.

It's already left to earn graduate school tuition. After seeing the money accumulated in my bank account, I wondered if I would rather study abroad with this money. I followed Seo-yoon to go to a military academy in Korea, so I thought it would not be bad to go back to the U.S. to study.

"Oh, so you're going on a date with your brother-in-law today?”

Hae-yoon smiled and said playfully with a face full of tiredness. At first, Ashan shook her head without understanding the word brother-in-law. Then, he knew the meaning of the word somewhere, and he used to smile whenever Hae-yoon called him brother-in-law.

"No, I don't have time for that.”

It was Ashan who called people and said he didn't have time.

"You don't even have time to eat in these expensive hotels?”

The time was heading for 8 p.m.

As if he really had something to do, Ashan took a small case out of his arms.

"Dear brother-in-law, you didn't ask me to look at your proposal ring, did you?"

The sound of brother-in-law raised the corners of Ashan's mouth again.

Everyone was afraid of the man in front of them.

As far as Haeyoon knows, it was. He was currently the most controversial man in Korea. Although he was immature at the first meeting, he learned a new aspect of Ashan when Seo-yoon was injured and stayed in Oman for a while.

He was a scary man.

And the only person who wasn't afraid of him was his older sister, Seoyun.

"Birthday present."

A short word came out of Ashan's mouth.

It was a little big to call it a ring case, so when Hae-yoon opened it, the car keys with Porsche's logo were neatly placed.

"To me?”

I've heard a lot about the rich Arab people on a different level, but it was the first time I've experienced it in personally. The headquarters of the distracted "Rocan Group" has moved to Korea, and the group's chairman has been dating his sister, but in fact, he has never received anything material. Seoyoon wasn't even the type to receive it, and Haeyoon was too busy to want anything from him.

I looked at the Arab prince who gave Hae-yoon a piece of tea without her sister Seo-yoon, even though it was not a car that paid a penny or two."Korea says you have to be nice to your wife-in-law."


"My Korean teacher.”

"What else does the teacher say?"

"My sister-in-law's love is my brother-in-law."


As I tried to hold it in, a strange smile burst out of Hae-yoon's mouth.

And then I remembered.

Not long ago, while passing by John, who was talking about his car while looking at a car magazine, casually said a word when he saw the new Porsche that came out this year.

He said, "You'really cool.

It seemed that Ashan was there.

"Let's eat alone."

"Wow~ My brother-in-law called me all the way here. You're so mean.”

Regardless of what he said, Ashan got up from his seat.

He must be about to go where his sister is.

Hae-yoon was not a tactless woman enough to catch it.

Not long after Ashan left, the dish he had already ordered began to come in with a knock. Hae-yoon sat alone and savored the dishes that started with appetizers and began to come out one by one.

I thought it was not bad to eat while looking at the night view of Seoul, where fireworks seemed to be burning. I couldn't think of studying abroad or breaking up with Eun-gang anymore. It was a long time ago when I was able to afford this kind of relaxation. I've been busy for two years since I broke up. Seo-yoon's worried eyes and his father's concerns about taking it easy were also heard in one ear and out the other.

At the end of Hae-yoon's gaze, I saw the car key of Porsche, which Ashan had left behind.

When did I drive?

I thought it wouldn't be bad to get some fresh air. I lost my appetite when I thought about it. Hae-yoon picked up the car key and left the hotel.

"I'll take you home."

Kay, Ashan's bodyguard, who had already placed Haeyoon's Porsche on standby outside the hotel, was waiting for her. While pretending to be indifferent in case of an accident, Ashan, who has not been able to drive for a long time, has prepared such consideration.


As soon as Kei was about to get in the Porsche that opened the car door, he heard a familiar voice. For two years, Hae-yoon slowly looked back at the familiar voice that she had never heard before.


Shocked by himself that the name still remained friendly to his mouth, eyes remained on Mrs. Choi next to him. His mother Choi, who is holding Eungang's arms, turned her eyes away with a disapproving face when she recognized Haeyoon.

"You must have asked me a good question.」

At this time, Mrs. Choi opened her mouth as if it was understandable to see Hae-yoon coming out of the hotel alone.


Eun-gang called his mother as if to stop her, but Hae-yoon laughed when he heard it already.

"You're still here.」

I loved the man in front of me so much that I had a fiery relationship.

At first, he told his precious only son that something like a fox approached him, but when he found out that Hae-yoon's house was in a decent business, his treatment changed. I used to follow my mother, but it was turned upside down in an instant. It was after my father's business failed.

When I saw my father who was humiliated at the funeral, I even mentioned his sister, who was not there, who was working for her life in another country. And once again I see a man in front of me.

A man who will never protect himself. As soon as I realized that the man who could not escape Mrs. Choi's shadow was Eun-gang, my dream of marriage was shattered."I'm sorry, Haeyoon.」

"Oh, what are you apologizing for?」

Mrs. Choi screamed next to Eungang, who said she was truly sorry.

"I heard you're getting married next month.」

It was news that I heard not long ago. Although he was avoiding people related to the Bang-eun River and even keeping his ears shut, Hae-yoon's best friend carefully told him the story the day before yesterday.

"Yes, sir."

Eun-gang answered without properly facing Hae-yoon's eyes.


"Thank you."

This is all the lovers I met in two years said.

"How are you doing?」

Eun-gang glanced at him and asked if Kei next to Hae-yoon was conscious.

Never mind. Because I'm a bodyguard.」

"Security guard?"

It was Mrs. Choi who answered Hae-yoon's question.

"Did you guys restart your business?」

Mrs. Choi asked with a nuance that it would not be possible.

"No, my restaurant is open.」

"But what kind of bodyguard are you?」

"Does Mrs. Choi have to know that?」

"Oh, my. You might ask because you're curious.」

When Hae-yoon talked back to her, Choi pulled Eun-gang to go as if she was amazed.

It was then.

I saw a familiar person in the lobby and soon walked outside the hotel, where Hae-yoon was scuffling.

"What are you doing here?”

It was Seoyun. Ashan was walking slowly behind her.

It seemed to be his lie that Seoyoon was at home. It was clear that Ashan, who hurriedly woke up and disappeared after looking at the clock, was actually eating with Seoyoon in the next room. Rather than getting angry, I laughed again because it seemed clear that I didn't want to be disturbed by the time alone with Seo-yoon.

Ashan's unique way of loving. And to Seoyoon who follows it in a straightforward manner.

"Sister, I probably ate alone in the next room.”

"What? I heard you had a private lesson today."

"Ask your brother-in-law."

Hae-yoon forgot to meet Eun-gang because he was funny, and pointed to Ashan with his eyes.


No one could tell him why he did it when he asked what it was with a poker face even though his lie was revealed. It was obvious that it wouldn't work even if I said it.

Seo-yoon shook her head with a face that said, "I'd rather die than suffer."

"Shoe, Chairman!」

When Eun-gang saw Ashan appearing from behind Seo-yoon, he bowed 90 degrees to 90 degrees and greeted her. Even Mrs. Choi, who was holding the arms of the Eungang River, bent down.

Ashan looked at the two people in front of him without an answer.

"I'm Yoo Eun-Kang, the new employee who joined the company this time!」


"Oh, my! Oh, my God! Then he's...… That's right! Every day on TV……!」

Mrs. Choi made a fuss listening to Eun-gang's words.

The face of Ashan, the chairman of the "Rokan Group," was already well known.

Choi was slowly looking at Ashan, Seoyoon and Haeyoon to sort things out.

"He's my brother-in-law.」

Hae-yoon, who grasped the situation faster than Mrs. Choi, suddenly said with Ashan's arms crossed.



The same words broke out in the mouths of Eungang and Mrs. Choi at the same time.

Seo-yoon, who had seen Eun-gang a few times when dating Hae-yoon, roughly grasped the situation and watched the two without saying anything. Ashan glanced at Hae-yoon with his arms folded and still smiled subtly with that expressionless face."What's the matter with my sister-in-law?」

That one word was enough.

Mrs. Choi's face turned white.

It was only yesterday that his son bragged to others that he had entered a world-class company with high stock prices. Today, we went out to eat at a hotel alone to celebrate joining the company.

"Wow, you were the president of Eun Kang's company. Hahahaha~"

Mrs. Choi smiled and talked friendly to avoid the chilly atmosphere, but Ashan's expression was not released. He just wanted to leave this annoying seat and go back home with Seoyoon.

"Haeyoon, how did you become so pretty? I almost didn't recognize you, kid.

It was inconsistent with Hae-yoon's attitude until just now. When her face hardened because she thought people would change this much, Eun-gang stepped forward to Mrs. Choi.

"I'll go back first, Chairman.」

Once again, he leaned down to Ashan and hurriedly grabbed Mrs. Choi's arm as if she was afraid of what her mother would make more mistakes.

"Oh, my. Oh, oh my. Our car is coming out soon, where are you going?」

Choi said one more thing even though she was dragged away.

"Haeyoon, see you again.」

As their appearance disappeared from view, Ashan pulled his arm out of Hae-yoon's hand and bit a cigarette in his mouth like a habit.

"Are you all right?"

Seoyoon came up to Haeyoon and asked.

"Yes, I'm fine."

It wasn't to the extent that it was okay.

I felt like a ten-year-old congestion was going down. Hae-yoon, who smiled playfully and raised his thumb, opened his arms and was hugged by Seo-yoon. Seo-yoon faced Ashan, hugging his younger brother who was smaller than him and sweeping his back.

"It's so refreshing."

"As long as you feel better."

"And I'm upset again."


"Eunkang is still stuck with my mother."

"You still like it, don't you?"

"It's just that I feel so sorry for her wife."

Ashan, who was facing Seo-yoon at Hae-yoon's words, smiled.

The haze of cigarette smoke he exhaled tore through the night sky.

"I'm glad it's not sister-in-law."

The brief words of Ashan burst into laughter in Hae-yoon's mouth.

"I'm so glad, brother-in-law."

Hae-yoon said, looking back at Ashan away from Seo-yoon's arms.

"Should I cut it for you?"


"That guy."

As if it was nothing, Ashan made a tempting suggestion, pointing at the place where the river disappeared.

"Wow, my brother-in-law was the real president! I can't believe it no matter how many times I say it on the news!"

Pointing at Ashan with his finger, Hae-yoon said playfully.

"What's that car?"

"Didn't he tell you? My birthday present."

Seoyoon looked at the sports car attached to the Porsche mark. Before Seo-yoon's next words, Ashan entered his parked car.

"Oh, come on...

"Frustrated, huh?

Seoyoon clicked his tongue as if it was amazing.

"You can solve your brother-in-law and sister's problems later. I'm going to get some fresh air. Can I get this car? I'm not going to say no."

Knowing Seo-yoon's personality, who hates unnecessary consumption, Hae-yoon said as he entered an open Porsche car like Ashan.

"Be careful driving."

"Kei is doing it. What do you mean? I'm afraid I'll have to take this opportunity to retrain myself."

It felt like the piles of debris had been washed away. Unknowingly, I had lingering feelings, and they were sorted out at once.

The people I hated the most in my life were Eun-gang and Mrs. Choi.Hae-yoon could not forgive Mrs. Choi for insulting her family. I felt sorry for myself for only bringing up the story of breaking up the marriage on the spot, so I woke up. Memories are not easily forgotten. Why couldn't he be confident on the spot? Why did he sit still like a sinner? Hae-yoon repeatedly blamed himself for having to stand up when he looked at his father, who had failed in business.


Seo-yoon held the car door of Porsche, which has not yet been closed, and called Hae-yoon.


"I think I need to rest now."

"Do you think my face doesn't make senseless.

The younger brother who was as pretty as the flower was drying up now.

"Sometimes you have to stop. So we can run again."

Seo-yoon's touch patted his head soothed his mind.

"Should I go to Busan like this?"

"That's good, too."

"Wait, sister. I'll take a picture of Gwangan Bridge and send it to you when I go to Busan. Kay, let's go to Busan!"

Haeyoon cried out curiously.

Suddenly, Hae-yoon's eyes glistened as if she had regained her energy.

Seoyoon took a step back from the car door, realizing that it was time for two years to cover the wound.



"Happy birthday.”

It was Haeyoon's birthday.

It was also a day when he was born with a new look after taking off a layer of clothes.