Chapter - 22 Scene 2. Hide-and-seek.

I always thought he was a pretty guy. It was when Seo-yoon, who was looking sideways at the finger turning over the document, got bored and yawned. Ashan, who didn't even care about the fact that she was next to him and still didn't take his eyes off the papers, asked.

"Are you bored?"


I've been getting a lot of sleep lately. I was sleepy all the time and had a lot of trouble working. It was all about the work that was next to be next to him.


The side view of Seo-yoon as if he remembered something, the corners of his mouth crept upwards. Seoyoon has been around him for many years and knows very well that it's not a very good sign. I stepped back from his side without realizing it.

He slowly threw the documents he was holding in his hand on the mahogany desk and swept his smooth chin with his fingers like a habit.

As if to show off his long legs, he took a step back from looking at himself leaning deep in a soft chair.

"Come to think of it…….”

Seoyoon swallowed his dry saliva while watching him briefly cut off the backbiting. For the first time in her life, she deeply regretted the judgment she had made. This man was a trainer, not a beast. I always get nervous whenever he stops talking like this.

At first, yes, when was it.

It was like this when he sentenced Seo-yoon to life in prison.

"I'm so sick of it.”

He was a man who knew how to play with his opponent on his palm. His skin has become whiter since he left Oman and lived in Korea. I thought I had white skin then, but now that the sun of the martyr disappeared, I looked white everywhere. And then his face looking at him would have turned whiter.

I thought I made a mistake today, but as usual, I just ate breakfast together, went to work, and stayed by my side.

He refused to have lunch with me, so I wondered if he was getting ready to act up like that.

When he refused to enter the room prepared to eat alone in front of the Japanese restaurant he had reserved because he had no appetite, he turned around without any change in his expression and skipped lunch.

Yeah, I guess that was the problem.

"I'm sorry about the lunch."


Ashan laughed profusely in response. Seoyoon's walk was about to take another step back at the smile, he said.

"I play hide-and-seek."

I felt like my heart was pounding. This man's hide-and-seek was physically experienced that children were different from playing. It was far from hide-and-seek to relax and watch them walk into the trap, not go around to catch them.

"No, I don't want to.

"I'll grant you one thing you want."


"Let's get started."

It was clear that he was up to something. As soon as the word "start" ended, Seo-yoon quickly left Ashan's office. It didn't work to say anything to him, who had already finished calculating with his head.

What the hell am I supposed to do?

I thought about it for a while, but there was no answer.

Seo-yoon, who hurried out of there, drove recklessly. I belatedly realized that there would be no more punishment than life imprisonment, but the car was already leaving Gyeonggi Province.This is one of the house with the asyan donghae. Of course, the name was in Seoyoon's name. Last summer, I spent my vacation here. He loved staying in the country, though he didn't have to say it out loud. Whenever I have time, I've been to every place in Korea with Seoyoon.

I liked the quietness of the trees, the small number of people, the view of the sea, or the dense forest.

Being around, I could know things naturally. Now he knew what he liked, even though he didn't make a sound and exclaiming.

It's like been here yesterday that clean as if the house is the living room of the donghae of drew back the curtains as soon as I came in the sea. No one was seen on the white sand full of fine sand. Winter was just around the corner for him.

Seoyun didn't know why he chose this place. This was where I just drove my car.

The weather was chilly, but it was her favorite. I sat on the sofa and looked at the sea for a long time before I fell asleep. When I was drowning, forgetting that the darkness had even subsided, I heard a noise other than the sound of waves.

Bright headlights lit up the room and went off.

Seoyun opened her eyes and guessed that Ashan had come here. I glanced around the house, but there was nowhere to hide. Even if it was hide-and-seek, I was sure I would lose, so I just sat on the sofa and waited for him to come in.


Ashan, who came into the house without any restraints, frowned when he found Seo-yoon staring at him on the sofa.

"You must have been mistaken."

Slowly approaching her, he said. And he took off his trench coat and covered it on Seoyoon's lap as if he didn't like the temperature in the house.

"It's not me, it's you."


The words burst into laughter. I couldn't imagine a man running away from himself.

Seo-yoon smiled at him, pressing and holding back. His impression of her became even worse.

"I'd rather laugh out loud."

"Hahaha, what is it, what is it?"

"I thought it'd be all right for you to come after me."

He was a man who never hid his feelings. Come to think of it, Ashan was right to follow him so far.

All the time, he found himself.

"So where have you been hiding?”

"In my house."

I'm relieved to hear that it's my house coming out of his mouth. He reached out his hand and gently swept the darkened hair back. Ashan grabbed Seoyoon's hand and kissed the palm of his hand, which swept his hair.

Whenever she finds herself reading her eyes, kneeling down on one knee in front of her, she is surprised.

"What kind of hide-and-seek are you going to do?"

"I've been feeling bored lately."

Come to think of it, the number of yawns in front of him increased and his sleep increased. It's not like he's making Seoyoon tired, but he's often shown that.

"It seems that professionalism is slowly fading away."

"Where shall we go?”

Every time I find a man in front of me who suddenly says something, I realize that time is what changes anything. Seoyoon laughed quietly. His world was revolving around him. And he was centered on Seoyoon's world."Hug me."

Seoyoon stretched his arms out to Ashan. His upper body drew closer, and soon Ashan, who locked her in his arms, let out a short sigh.

"You're getting thinner and thinner.”

"I don't have a appetite these days.”

Slowly he laid Seoyoon back on the sofa, sweeping her disheveled hair. And the moment she loosened her tie, she shouted.

"This is not what I meant by hugs."

"I took it this way."

As if he never intended to stop, he even took off his shirt at once. As the cool hand penetrated into Seoyoon's arms, it shrank reflexively. It was a big sofa, but when the man came over, it turned into a narrow place without shelter.

Seo-yoon turned his head to one side and shrank, and he washed his exposed earlobe with his lips. The hot and sweet breath clung persistently to one ear, giving me chills and goosebumps. Only then did I remember not sleeping with him for more than 10 days because I was tired.

He gently pulled his finger on one of his cheeks in one ear.

The body that was digging into Seo-yoon stopped for a while, and looked down at her for a moment with the question, "Why?"

The sound of waves outside, pitch-black darkness. She said, looking up at the man who seemed to shine in the darkness.

"Please give me a vacation."

"……how much?"

"A little longer."

He frowned again.

"I think we need to stay away."

"Where are you going?”

"I'll be waiting for you to leave the house you said.”

"In short, you don't want to go to work.”

As if she didn't know such words would come out of her mouth first, Ashan nodded with an unexpected look. His cold fingers dug into Seoyoon's shirt. Feeling a button that quickly falls apart, Seoyoon faces his gaze down at him.

It was an old habit.

He hugs Seoyoon and doesn't take his eyes off her face.

Persistently chasing after her and eventually facing her when she avoids looking at her.

He was skinnier than before, but his more voluminous chest was full and overflowing in one hand.


His hand just touched the tip of the nipple, but Seoyoon's lips groaned. Ashan, who swept her breast with her fingers, swallowed her moaned lips. He breathed a breath from his moderately warm, soft lips.

The tangled tongues of each other exchanged saliva deeply as if they were longing for sweet rain. The dry lips glistened with Ashan's saliva. He stuck out his tongue and licked the saliva flowing through Seoyoon's chin. He siphoned off the white neck, left a red kiss mark, and bit his teeth on the protruding clavicle.


Her waist shook when she buried her lips in the chest of Seo-yoon, who rose in a circle. Certainly, the larger nipples of the chest reacted sensitively to Ashan's lips and touch. Ashan looked up and looked at Seoyun's calm response even in s*x.

"Go on."

Finding the faint joy of Seo-yoon's mouth, he pulled it up and bit her slightly, and his hand, which was holding Seo-yoon's shoulder, became tight. Rubbing the nipple round with his lips, the other hand passed through the navel that had already been concave and went into Seoyun's pants.


In front of that one name, Seo-yoon's lips bent, holding his nipples in his mouth. It was good that the name, which was called every time I made love with him, sounded particularly friendly way."Haaaaaaaaaaaaaah…….”

When I rubbed the clitoris in the middle of the black forest, Seoyoon's hand holding his shoulder twitched. Without stopping there, Ashan, who held up her legs with her pants off, buried her face in between.


Knowing this was her most shy act, he stuck out his tongue and licked the moist clitoris and around the cave. Viscous aphrodisiacs ran along his tongue. Without any sanctions, his tongue gently invaded into Seoyun's cave. His thighs, which were tightly held with both hands, flinched momentarily and tried to close his legs, but he did not miss it.

Seoyoon's fingers poked through Ashan's hair.


At the sound of breathing halfway over, Ashan slowly rose to his feet.

And there was the sound of the buckle loosening above Seoyoon. He took off his pants and rubbed his already bulging p*n*s on Seoyoon's stomach.

The dripping Cooper fluid quickly flowed, leaving a long mark like saliva on Seoyun's stomach.

Her hand grabbed Ashan's p*n*s on her stomach. As he swept up the solid p*n*s, which seemed to move alive, lightly to the end of his roots, Ashan's mouth burst into a short groan.

I could feel his blood vessels bursting in a p*n*s with my fingertips.

He knew that it was so big that he couldn't hold out his hand that it dug into himself again and again.

As soon as Seoyoon let go, Ashan put a small cushion in her waist. Then he lifted his legs and made them wear them on his shoulders.

Eardrums slowly opened Seoyun's petals and cramped into the moist wet place.


Ashan's waist moved deeper at the breaking voice. It was still hot and narrow no matter how many times I squeezed in. When his p*n*s was halfway in, Seoyoon held out his hands toward Ashan.

I put my arm between her armpits and held it up at once. He clasped Ashan's waist with his legs in a position on his thigh. Deep down, his p*n*s penetrated to the end of Seoyoon in a single stroke.

"I always think about it, but it's too deep."

Seoyoon let out like a sigh. Ashan buried her lips in silence on her peregrine sweat-stained forehead. The air in the living room, which was thought to be cool, quickly became hot due to the temperature of the two.

The air on the bare body was still cool, but the area against him was burning hot.

Slowly, as Seoyoon moved his waist, Ashan moved accordingly. The two went deep enough to feel Ashan's rough plot in the combined part.

Seo-yoon, who reached out his hand and touched the part that he connected to, hugged his waist tighter with his feet.

Ashan swept up the skinny Seoyun's back with his big hands, touching the protruding wing bones with his fingers and moving his waist deeper.


Ashan's movement stopped when Seo-yoon, who had always followed his pace, demanded with a frown on whether he was a little sick. And moved as slowly and gently as she wanted. Sweat flowed down from the back of Seo-yoon's neck on the breastbone.

The tongue, which lowered its head and climbed with sweat, washed her nipples lightly."Sigh..."

Seoyoon's neck was bent back with a sweet moan.

And Ashan's movements in her gradually accelerated. I couldn't wake up to the friction that was hotter than each other's body temperature. In fact, I had something to say before I went to bed with him, but Seo-yoon, who missed the timing, was hard to open his mouth.

Ashan's hands held Seoyun's hips and attached them deeper to his lower body.

The faster the piston became, the deeper Seo-yoon's nails, hugging his shoulder, penetrated.

I couldn't hear any more waves.

The low breath from his mouth was ringing louder in Seo-yoon's ears than the sound of waves.


When Seo-yoon hugged him with a short scream, Ashan buried his face on her shoulder and broke up.

Seo-yoon, who didn't want to miss the lingering feeling of the heat spreading through his body, hugged him.

And Seoyoon sighed before he could get out of her.

"……I have a child."

His movement stopped. Seoyoon's cuddled body felt stiff enough for her to notice.

"That's why I've been tired lately."

Seoyoon didn't even know how to speak in any position. The child knew it was sudden for her and sudden for this man, so he just thought quietly. My body became sensitive and I slept a lot.

I had to say it as soon as possible considering the upcoming boat, but it was hard to control the spirit in this way.

Slowly, Seo-yoon pushed Ashan's shoulder, which he was hugging.

He fell from Seoyun, stepping down at her beck and call.

It was hard to figure out anything from the way he stared at her in the dark with no expression on his face. Seoyoon looked like a person who couldn't accept this fact, so he just waited for Ashan. He slowly picked up his trench coat on the floor and wrapped Seo-yoon's naked body.


I called his name quietly.


He answered and covered his face with one hand. Seoyoon's hand slowly grabbed Ashan's wrist covering his face.

"What kind of face do you have?”

Seo-yoon put Ashan's hand covering his face aside. It was still the same face. However, his eyes were shaking little by little. It was like watching the ripples, a drop on a calm surface.

"It's gonna be okay.”

The hospital told me to be careful in the early stages of pregnancy. I was only going to take a break for that period. Away from this man all day, I tried to wait at home for him to return.

"Didn't I go too deep?"

As if he had suddenly remembered, Ashan asked, frowning on one eyebrow.

Seo-yoon, who knows what kind of question it is, laughed briefly.

"Our child won't care much."

Seo-yoon wrapped his shoulders around him, thinking that he would be an indifferent child if he looked like him and even more indifferent if he looked like him.


A year later.

It was after a cold all last night. Ashan, who couldn't sleep next to her, didn't even show up when Seo-yoon opened her eyes. As I came out of the room holding on to my still-dizzy head, I ran into John, who was boiling porridge in the kitchen."Why are you here?”

"The prince called me at night and told me to come in the morning and cook some porridge...….”

"What about Ashan?"

John shrugged and pointed to the nursery.

Looking at the clock on the wall, he had about half an hour to go to work.

When I opened the door, I saw Ashan standing next to Yeonwoo's bed. When the child was born, Ashan gave it to him himself by Ashan. A long finger was on the child's face when he briefly looked down at the child like a statue.

When he pressed his soft cheeks, Yeon-woo hardened his expression to see if he was dissatisfaction.

Then he snapped Ashan's finger with his unspeakably small hand. I knew Yeon-woo, who held and bit anything, so Seo-yoon was watching it from behind. His shoulders trembled as he saw Yeon-woo, who took his fingers to his mouth as if it were for granted, drooled and sucked all over.

Only then did I realize he was smiling.

Once in a while, Seo-yoon was a man who showed his affection for his child in this way when he was unexpected.

Soon after, he slowly lifted the finger that the child had just washed, looking at Yeon-woo wriggling his hands and feet without Ashan's hand.

Seoyoon and Ashan's eyes met in front of the visit.

Ashan slowly took out his cell phone in his arms and made a phone call somewhere and approached Seo-yoon.

"Yes, it's me. Cancel all your schedules today."

I could tell who you were calling just by hearing that. As soon as he heard a voice of difficulty over his phone, Ashan glanced at Seoyoon.

"……I caught a cold."

He grinned as if he read Seo-yoon's lips to say, "You didn't get caught, did you?"

As soon as he hung up the phone to see if the secretary had anything else to say when he heard he had a cold, Ashan closed the child's door.

"Sleep a little longer.

"Are you going to watch Yeonwoo all day?”

His chin pointed at John cooking in the kitchen with a large build.

"I need to see you.”

The words burst into a quiet laugh. Ashan looked at himself with a hot face and unconsciously tried to sweep Seo-yoon's smiling face, but stopped.

His index finger was still alive because of Yeonwoo's saliva.

The hand that came to Seo-yoon's face was quickly lifted. Ashan held her hand in silence and headed to their bedroom.

Without even thinking about washing up, he stood by Seo-yoon all day long with only one index finger straightened.



Seo-yoon, who was sleeping with the sound of waves hitting the beach as a lullaby, soon opened his eyes to the intense sunlight rising from his toes. The blindingly blue sky and emerald sea lay beneath my feet.

An island in the South.

She was the owner of the island, whose name I don't even remember very well now. What Ashan gave to Yeonwoo as a gift. You said you wanted to hide in a noisy world any time.

The second pregnancy, which followed immediately, was very difficult for Seoyoon both physically and mentally. All the noise around me was annoying, sensitive, and even sleepless days.

Ashan was the first to think of going to this place where no sound was heard except for the sound of waves.Forgetting what day it is today, Seo-yoon looked around.

Yeon-woo, who was obviously playing with sand at the foot, raised his heavy body to find the child.

Slowly, I stepped on the fine sand floor and moved.

"John, what about Yeonwoo?"

"Excuse me."

John, who was keen on a beach barbecue, was sweating from the fire. His hand roughly pointed to the palm tree. Seoyoon, who briefly looked at the large shrimp on the grill and worked hard to prepare the fish, slowly headed there.

The difference in temperature between shade and sunlight was enormous.

Standing in the shade under the palm tree, a pleasant little coolness wrapped around the body instead of the sunlight that heated up the whole body.

Yeonwoo could easily be found when he went to the place where several hammocks were hanging.

The two rich men were asleep side by side. Yeon-woo buried his face in Ashan's bare chest and breathed out a deep breath. Seoyun suddenly asked when she saw Ashan hugging her child with one hand on his back and closing his eyes.

"You're really able to relax now."

A spot of sunlight penetrated through the shade fell on Ashan's face. Seoyoon's hand quickly covered his face as he frowned on the hot sun. I didn't want to break this peaceful time.

But he opened his eyes as if he had already woken up.

"What are you doing?"

Ashan asked when he saw Seoyoon's palm, which was located about a hand away from his face.

"I'm afraid I'll wake up in the sun."


When Yeon-woo blew his lips, saliva flowed down Ashan's chest, whether he was dreaming of something or just breathing loudly.

"He drools too much."

He said with a face that didn't hate the saliva of a child that slid over his chest.


As Yeon-woo tried to turn his body around as if waking up to his voice, Ashan's hand patted his small back slowly and softly.


I laughed at the way he comforted the child so naturally. Come to think of it, it was all up to Ashan to see Yeon-woo since he found out that he had a second child in his stomach.

Holding Seoyoon's hand, which still covers his face with the other hand, he kissed his palm.

"Only your hands will burn.”

"It's all right."


Half awake, Yeon-woo crawled from Ashan's chest and hugged him tightly around his neck. Blinking his moist eyelashes, he asked Ashan's chin for a tiny lip and rolled his eyes. Yeonwoo's saliva flowed down his chin again.

Ashan, who let go of Seo-yoon's hand, put his hands under Yeon-woo's armpit and jumped up and sat down on the hammock. Struggling on his knees, Yeon-woo struggled to hug him again with both hands.


Yeon-woo, who was grumpy and sticking out his mouth, blew his lips again.


As soon as he tried to reach out to her to hug her as if he had found Seo-yoon belatedly, Ashan shook his head firmly and hugged Yeon-woo again in his chest.

"No, I can't."

"Mama, mama!"

He patted his chubby ass in a diaper, and soon said seriously to Seoyoon.

"I'm going to change my diaper.”

Seoyoon burst into laughter at the fact that this man uttered the ordinary words. The belly was pulled, but I couldn't stop laughing.In a line of cool laughter, he woke up from the hammock with a smirk, held Yeon-woo in one hand, and held Seo-yoon's hand.

"Let's go."

Barefoot they slowly began to walk between palm trees.

Slowly or slowly walked hand in hand toward the only building on this island.

an end