Chapter - 24 1.\^J

Wee wee wee wee wee wee wee wee wee.

Hae-yoon looked at the plane flying high in the sky with envy. The last time I traveled by plane was Oman. I've been out of my mind since I came back from Oman. It's already been over a year and a half.

"I've been kidnapped.」

For a while, the work remained an aftereffect and he received psychiatric treatment. I still know that Seoyoon is sorry about what happened then. She acted casually in front of her older sister Seo-yoon, but she often sensed unnaturalness from Hae-yoon.

"You look like a ghost, really.」

It's really good enough to live your daily life, but Seoyoon is overprotective.

When she married Ashan, she was delighted but also depressed at the thought that her sister had disappeared. However, whenever she finds love and affection for herself, her mouth opens wide and corners of her mouth go up.

Hae-yoon smiled with a shrug.

"By the way, who's coming today?」

Sometimes Hae-yoon worked as an interpreter for Ashan's company. But it was the first time she came out to the airport herself. Ashan and Seo-yoon are scheduled to return home next week due to their overseas trips, so Seo-yoon urgently contacted Hae-yoon to pick him up at the airport.

I asked who it was, but I couldn't hear an important name because the answer was blurry because of my brother-in-law, who was clearly flirting with me.

Hae-yoon drove out of the airport when Seoyoon was in a hurry to go to the airport. Two months ago, the Porsche that Ashan gave me for my birthday.

"It's too much pressure.」

He said so, but when he saw the red Porsche, the corners of his mouth rose vertically again. It's good to have a good brother-in-law. That doesn't mean she spends her money like water. Above all, I don't see Seo-yoon like that. Now I work as a part-time interpreter at Ashan's company.However, he had to jump back into the job market soon.

Several times, I went on blind dates and saw an adult introduction to forget Eun-gang, who was my fiance, but I couldn't agree with all of them. But that didn't mean that I wanted to meet Eungang again. My cell phone vibrated as soon as I finished thinking.

When I saw it saying "Eun-Puppy," I turned it to "Rejected. I was now used to getting calls from Eun-gang every few days. I constantly get in touch with his mother to start over, to see if she has changed her mind. I went to the same university as him, so even if I changed my number, I got a call or text message again through acquaintances.

Why aren't you answering my phone? Where are you now?》

"Ah... Eun-gang...….」

The text message was taken as soon as the missed call was left.

Haeyoon, I told you it was my fault. Was our relationship so easy to break up? I can't give up on you.》

It was just nice when we were dating. I was in a lovey-dovey relationship like a child, and as the years went by, I vaguely thought I should marry this person. When my father's business was going well, Eun-gang's mother was a sweet and good person. I used to call her every birthday, eat together, and choose a present for her.

Someone did. Marriage in Korea is not about meeting people, but about meeting family and family.

I couldn't agree more with that as I was preparing for the wedding. No matter how much I liked Eunkang, I couldn't marry this family. Seoyoon, what kind of sister are you to Haeyoon? She was not good enough to tolerate others telling Seo-yoon that blood did not continue. No matter how nice Eun-gang's mother was to her, it wasn't."……Haeyoon?"

Looking at her cell phone and sighing deeply, someone tapped her shoulder.



When Hae-yoon was surprised by throwing his cell phone away, the other person was also surprised by screaming and throwing his cell phone up.

Two mobile phones went straight to the asphalt and rolled around with a loud noise.

"My phone!"

There was still a 16-month installment plan. Maybe you have damage insurance. I couldn't remember because my friend asked me to buy a cell phone and I just signed up. This carp memory. Haeyoon pulled out her hair.

"Haeyoon, what's wrong?"

Hae-yoon, who was looking at his cell phone, only then looked at the other person. Wearing sunglasses under his nose, Asuka stood in tears. She blinked at the sight of dozens of bodyguards behind his back.


"It's been a long time no see.

Asuka only saw her once when she was busy after being kidnapped and once at Ashan and Seoyoon's wedding. Hae-yoon remembers Asuka because he looks so much like Ashan. If Ashan didn't look like his mother, he would have been born exactly like Asuka.

"Somehow, I came in first, and I said I didn't want a regular interpreter, and Ashan called Haeyoon.”

Asuka smiled with a handsome face and spoke softly in a sweet voice.

Wouldn't it be Asuka who is friendly only to her sister and friendly to everyone?

"Who is it, who is it?」

"I guess he's Arab.」

"Wow, how can an Arab be so handsome?」

Travelers glanced at Asuka as they passed by. Certainly now Asuka is too conspicuous. Bodyguards in black suits, accompanying secretaries and thin clothes bothered me.

He smiled and pulled Asuka's sleeves to respond to people's curiosity. He was dressed in a suit because he thought he would stand out if he wore traditional Arabic clothes. But the suit was a dangling suit without a coat and he looked so cold. I was shaking my lips because it was actually cold.

"Aren't you cold, Asuka?"

Haeyoon asked in English.

"……It's quite cold in Korea. So I wore a winter suit on purpose."

It's quite thick,' Asuka's face quickly turned to tears, saying like a child. It was amazing how his face changed like that. You just showed a smile to girls.

Hae-yoon naturally heard a lot about Asuka while listening to Seo-yoon's life in Oman.- He acts like a child a lot, and there's no end to women around him. - Maybe that's why he feels like a familiar person even though he's never really spoken much.

"Do you know what the temperature is now? It's really cold. Freeze to death.”

"Well, by the way, why don't we go in somewhere?"

Asuka picked up two fallen cell phones and asked Hae-yoon.

The liquid crystal went out, but fortunately, there seemed to be no problem. Should she went back inside the airport, and moved to the car and cell phones in hand one was in agony for a while. Moving by car was a problem for the bodyguards. I didn't want to pick up just one asuka in a two-seater Porsche. Maybe that's the kidnapping of the head of state? When Hae-yoon's imagination was considerably ahead, Asuka pointed to the sign with his hands.

"W Hotel"

"Let's talk in a warm place."

Then Haeyoon realized.Oh, this guy's a born flirt.

"I'm cold, hungry, and sleepy."

I tried to think that I was talking about a hotel restaurant or a coffee shop, but I woke up when I heard that I was getting last sleep.

"Gee, you want to sleep with me now?”

"I'm tired."

Asuka murmured, wrapping her body in her hands. Haeyoon's words were already out of his ears because it was cold. He was staring at the hotel signs with a passionate face.

"Dear Asuka!"

Asuka looked at Hae-yoon with a surprised face again as she suddenly screamed. Hae-yoon dragged him with his mouth sticking out.

"Let's go to my car first. I'll call the company and find a car for the bodyguards."

"You can't do that."

The chief of staff shook his head with a stern face as he stood in front of Hae-yoon. The only Arab in the group, except Asuka, felt really bad when he said it with a firm look on his face.

"The Sultan can't move without a bodyguard.

"No, there's no danger here. It's not even a gun-licensed country."

"No, you can't.

He shook his head again firmly. Hae-yoon slipped on Asuka's hem.


Asuka sneezed loudly and had a runny nose.

"What is this, Sultan?"

Hae-yoon took out a handkerchief from a small handbag and wiped Asuka's transparent runny nose like a habit and shed his eyes. Then, when his eyes met, Asuka and Hae-yoon were surprised. When she naturally picked up her handkerchief, she bent her legs half way down to wipe it off, but she also became a face that was about to burst into laughter.

"Haeyoon is so natural...….”

"Oh, I've been working part-time as a teacher for elementary school students these days."

Handkerchiefs were essential to deal with children who shed while eating snacks, sneezed repeatedly because of a bad cold in winter, and even spilt their noses. Hae-yoon laughed awkwardly because he felt sorry for treating him like a child.

"And you're gonna let me freeze to death here?”

"Oh, let's go back to the airport.”

"No, there are a lot of people."

"Are you going to freeze to death here?”

Hae-yoon pointed to the hotel sign with his eyes when he said what Asuka said again.

"I heard from my sister that Mr. Asuka is a great flirt and...….”

"Hahaha, if I don't want to die, I won't get caught by Haeyoon...….”

At the end of the blurry words, the existence of Ashan came to mind.

"Yes, because Asuka's life is one."

"Yes, he's my brother, but I don't think my life will be considered.”

Thinking of Ashan made everything safe. Haeyoon pointed to the hotel.

"Car, I have to park again, so I'll follow you if you're with the bodyguards."

He nodded and laughed. Then he sneezed loudly again, and Hae-yoon held a handkerchief in his hand.

After sending their party first, Hae-yoon called Ashan's company and asked if he could use the company's car, and took occasional steps to the airport parking lot where Porsche was waiting.

When I parked in the basement of the W Hotel in front of the airport, Asuka's bodyguard was right in front of the underground parking lot. He gave Hae-yoon a separate key and said,

"He's in room 1005."

"I'll be down at the hotel's coffee shop, so could you tell him to come when he's warmed up? I think it would be better to go to a proper hotel and rest faster than to a hotel near the airport.""Well, it's not for me to judge. I've only been ordered to send you up to room 1005."

Suddenly, when Seo Yoon was a bodyguard next to Ashan, I wondered if he had such a straight and stiff appearance. Since I have never seen my older sister working as a bodyguard, when I see people guarding her by chance from a long time ago, I think of Seoyoon and put her in college. When Seo-yoon was in the military, tears came out just by looking at the soldiers passing by.


I wondered what would happen. Come to think of it, the enemy of a country appeared at Incheon International Airport, and it was surprising that reporters and government officials were not seen.

"Informal visits?」

Security guards standing in front of the door of room 1005 waved their heads as they saw her. He bowed his head awkwardly together, and when he brought the card key, the door opened.

Come to think of it, I didn't know because I was embarrassed earlier, but he looked very tired. I felt exhausted, not because of the long flight.

"Your Majesty, Asuka?"

I was wondering if I should call you Your Majesty or Asuka, but there was no reply from the bedroom.


After hearing the sound of water in the bathroom, Hae-yoon sat on the sofa on one side. Then, he smiled silently at the crumpled suit under the bed next to him. It was like, 'I've never done this with my own hands!'

Before Asuka came out, he collected the scattered suits one by one and hung them straight in the closet, and found underwear that caught his feet.

"Oh... what do I do about this?"

It's better to put it in the closet pretending it's nothing, right? I don't think it'd look good if I just rolled my underwear around here.

When Hae-yoon lifted her underwear with two fingers while contemplating, the door of the bathroom opened.


"Ah! Why do you keep getting surprised?"

Asuka, who screamed face to face as she screamed, swept her bare chest and blamed Hae-yoon. I couldn't help but be surprised that the thief was holding his underwear because he was asleep.


Hae-yoon, who felt sorry for yelling for nothing, turned his head and faced Asuka's naked body.


Screaming out loud again. It was a short time, but I saw water droplets dripping down the tightly woven abs of milk chocolate. I've never seen a man like this with my bare eyes. At this point.

"I'm going to have a heart attack if I'm with Haeyoon.”

Asuka strode up and said.

"Stop right there!"


"Wear some clothes...….”

The eyes are innocent. It is natural for a person to have a desire to see something beautiful again after seeing it for a while. Is that really what I saw? Is it right that you've seen such perfection with your eyes? The desire to double-check is creeping up. Every time I turn my eyes, I'm in front of my eyes. If you look at it slowly again, you might find a flaw. For example, short legs and long waist. I thought it was perfect, but oriental melon navel.


"Oh, I'm so crazy."

Hae-yoon tore his hair at Asuka's words from behind. What are you gonna do about it? This man was a relative of Ashan. Your in-laws!

"Why…… are you rubbing my panties on your head…"…?”Asuka asked as calmly as possible with a shocked and trembling voice.


Tearing his hair out, he forgot Asuka's underwear in his hand. Hae-yoon threw out his underwear screaming like a bug. He shook his head at Asuka, shaking his hands wildly.

"No, it's, like, off the floor! Clean up! Clean up!

Hae-yoon pointed to the suit that opened the closet in front of him.

"But I don't want to keep my underwear away from here."

Passing by Hae-yoon, who desperately made excuses, Asuka picked up her underwear from the floor. As he brushed aside, the smell of shower colons lingered at the tip of his nose. His eyes were looking under his teeth, bent down to pick up his underwear, betraying his will. These days, there were no men at all. But it also seemed a sin not to see that perfect body that doesn't fold when bent down.

Oh, I don't know.

Haeyoon gave up. Asuka, who picked up her underwear, opened her arms and hugged Hae-yoon as she drooped her shoulders.

"As expected, Hani's younger brother looks like Hani, so he is nice and kind."

...Ji, now, is this man in his bare chest? Yeah?

A feast of milk chocolate before my eyes. The smell of colons that brushed the tip of the nose is now thickly just around the corner. Every time I breathe, I want to mix it with a man's unique body odor and sniff my nose. When Hae-yoon raised his head, there was still water on the protruding collarbone. This man is handsome until the tip of his neatly shaved chin. Looking up so close, I thought I looked like Ashan, but I was a completely different person.

The black eyes were shining tenderly. If you put a star in the desert night sky, will it shine like that? It was so amazing that black eyes were shining like stars.


This man is unduly defenseless.

He knew that embracing himself was a gesture of fraternity. But in Oman, where Asuka and Ashan were born and raised, this behavior would not be perfectly normal. It's just natural for this guy who's a flirt.

Hae-yoon pushed his firm chest out of his hands due to his unreserved behavior in contact with a woman.

"I'm going to tell my brother-in-law. I hugged her naked like this."

"Oh! But Haeyoon is dressed."

Why does he look so cute when he shakes his head and speaks? He seemed nervous about reaching out to Ashan.

"Hani didn't say much."

I thought he left it because he was too lazy to say anything. Surprisingly, Seoyoon doesn't care about these things. In addition, if the other person had no s*xual intentions, he would have let it go more. Seoyoon's place was the military as much as the world of men, and it was highly likely that he accepted this level of physical contact meaninglessly.

"You and I are different. Asuka is different from the girls she's met so far.”

"I'm sure it is."

Asuka smiled and said yes.

"They didn't wear my panties on their heads.”

His voice was full of jokes. Hae-yoon's face turned red when she smiled like a child. It was too hot in the room. Hae-yoon avoided Asuka's eyes as he fanned himself.

"The company car will arrive soon. Get dressed."

"My clothes haven't arrived yet."

Haeyoon pointed to the clothes he wore.

"You can wear this again. It won't be cold because I'm going to get in the car right away.""You want me to wear what I wore once?"


He was a prince to the bone. You're the king because you're the Sultan. When Hae-yoon saw Asuka with a look of nirvana, he still shrugged his shoulders naked. As if she doesn't understand the obvious.

"I was thoughtless. I'll wait for you."

Hae-yoon, who realized that he couldn't say anything to someone who had lived like this, sat on the sofa. Asuka rummaged through a hotel mini-bar, still covering the bottom with a towel in front of her. Then he came up with coke in one hand, orange juice in the other, and a bag of peanut cookies in his mouth.

"I didn't prepare it, but eat it."

He said he put orange juice in front of Hae-yoon and tore a bag of peanut cookies. Hae-yoon fiddled with orange juice in one hand and only saw him crunching peanuts.

"Did you catch a cold?"


"My face has been red since earlier."

"The room is a little hot."

"The coat looks stuffy. Why don't you take it off?"

Hae-yoon, who was told to take off her coat because she could only see things in her eyes, hurriedly held her coat up to her neck.

"No, like this."

Her face turned redder when Asuka reached out her hand and unbuttoned Hae-yoon's coat near her neck. The soft, high-looking nose, and shaded eyelashes were in front of me. Soon after, Asuka unbuttoned and made eye contact with Hae-yoon, and smiled with his eyes saying, "Okay?"

It was a man with a bad heart.

This time, I wanted to hold my chest, not my coat.

"Well, can't Arabs be this close to women?”

"Oh, I've never done this with a local woman. If you get this close, you won't touch a finger, and your cousins or brothers will bring a knife to kill me."

The women he has met so far were all world-class models and actors. The woman in the hijab didn't look.

"I'm sorry, it's my habit. Did you feel bad?”

Asuka's face quickly turned somber. I felt truly sorry, so I felt more sorry because Hae-yoon overreacted.

"Oh, no, there's no man this close."

All I did was hold hands or fold arms when I went outside with Eungang. A man has never been so close to him before or after he broke up.

"I don't understand Korean men."


"How could you leave such a charming and cute woman alone?"

He tried to look at Asuka because he thought it was a lip service, but Asuka's face was serious. He really looked like he couldn't understand English.

"Thank you for saying that."

In fact, most men ran away when they knew Hae-yoon's personality. Compared to his cute and active appearance, he said he wakes up a lot. In fact, he was immature until just before he broke up with Eungang. Even now, I can't say that I've grown up, but I've calmed down a lot after going to Oman.

Seo-yoon was worried that Hae-yoon's changed personality was also a trauma from her work in Oman, but she didn't think so. He thought he was so immature because he was comfortably protected under the shadow of Seo-yoon and his father.

"Korean men are strange.”

Asuka, who tapped the back of Hae-yoon's hand touching the orange juice bottle on the table, said.

"So don't worry too much.""Worried without a man?"

"Haha, does that make sense?”

The pat on the back of the hand seemed to refrain from physical contact in Asuka's own way, which made me feel at ease.

"You must have come to Korea unofficially?"

"Yes, that's why the attendance is minimal. I told the Korean government that the purpose of entry was my cousin's visit, and they didn't bother me."

The cousin was now playing with Seoyoon in a warm tropical country.

"My brother-in-law won't be here until next week.”

"I know. I just said I'd come, and he told me not to."

Hae-yoon pretended not to hear Asuka swearing as a bad guy one after another.

"Are you here for no reason?”


The Sultan was such a leisurely job. Looking at Asuka, who answered with a bright face, Hye-yoon couldn't ask any more questions.

"Maybe it'll be my last vacation."

"Last vacation?"

Asuka no longer answered and smiled playfully. Hae-yoon, who tilted his head, smiled awkwardly at the smile.

At that time, the doorbell rang and his accompanying secretary came in perfectly with a winter coat.

"Then I'll be out."

"See you later."

Hae-yoon smiled brightly and waved like a child. You have to stand back like that. I've never seen him as a Sultan, but I can't believe a man like him rules a country. It didn't look good on me for some reason. While thinking about his brother-in-law Ashan and Asuka alternately, a groan came out. It is Ashan who fits the Sultan's seat. Even in Hae-yoon's view, he had cool-headed, fast drive and charisma. But Asuka was just soft.

"Well, it's none of my business."

murmured asuka beyond the closed door.

He may be different from the Sultan. It was too much of a nosy to even think about other countries. I didn't even think about my future, but I had no place in my head to think about a desert country I had only been to once.

"It's not polite to keep a woman waiting."

Asuka, who came out of the door, opened his mouth with a sorry face. As soon as I tried to say yes, I saw his wet hair. And I grabbed him by the arm without realizing it and pushed him into the door.


"You'll catch a cold if you go out like that."

He's a man that takes a lot of work.

I took out the dryer from the bathroom and plugged it into the power next to the table.

"Sit down."

Asuka, who was standing there for a while while holding the dryer in one hand like a weapon, smiled slowly and sat down in front of him with a pleasant face.

"I didn't think of drying my hair.”

"What are you going to do?”

With his index finger around his mouth with his fist clenched, he chuckled and laughed low. The low-pitched voice is better than I thought. Hae-yoon set the temperature of the dryer not too hot, thinking it was unfair for a handsome person to have a nice voice.


As I wiped off the water with my fingertips, I found that my curved black hair was thinner than I thought. The more dry it is, the more gently it escapes from the fingertips. I don't know if it's itchy, but why is it so cute when he sometimes wiggles his neck?

It was a little over five minutes.

Overall, the hair behind the ears was less dry, and Hae-yoon's fingers swept his ear wheels.


A big hand wrapped her ears and her fingers all at once.

"Oh, I'm sorry."Looking back slightly, Asuka said with a puzzled face. And soon I slowly pulled out. When the warmth surrounding the finger disappeared, Hae-yoon hurriedly turned off the dryer.

"Did you burn your ears?"

Hae-yoon's hand touched his ear because he thought he burned his ear due to the heat of the dryer.

"That's not it!"

This time, Asuka twisted his body to the side, covering his ears with his hands as if he were defending.

"Hmmmmm, my ears are a bit sensitive."

And I understood what she meant by "sensitive" only when I saw a glance avoiding her eyes. The tip of Haeyoon's nose turned red. Pretending to be fine, he put the dryer on the table and cleared his voice.

"Don't forget to dry your hair. It's been a long time since you've had a vacation and it's a big deal if you catch a cold."

"Haha, yes."

When Hae-yoon heard and treated him casually, Asuka shook off his seat and answered. He took the lead first, followed by Hae-yoon clenching his fist. The big hands were hotter than I thought. Still, the heat remained intact on his finger.

Even if he was asked to ride in the same car as his bodyguards, he crawled onto Haeyoon's Porsche. Thanks to this, Hae-yoon was told by his secretary for more than 30 minutes how far he should be from the car that the bodyguards follow. The sun was already setting when I barely got in the car.

When I first met Asuka, I just thought that if I took him to the hotel safely, his share would be over, but I feel like things are increasing.

"It snowed a lot."

On the way out of Incheon International Airport, Asuka said, looking at snow removal cars and piles of snow here and there.

"It rains a lot at this time of year."

The car was moving slowly. The road was icy. I've already seen several crashes on my way. If it speeds up on such ice, it could be a disaster. Furthermore, he was carrying a head of state who should never walk together. Hae-yoon took the wheel and concentrated as never before.

"Is Ashan happy?"

I didn't expect to hear this question, so her eyes turned to Asuka, looking straight ahead. I can see a face that doesn't know the meaning of smiling.


"Are you not happy with Hani?"

This time I ask without laughing.

"Everyone has different standards of happiness. To me, a third party, it just seemed comfortable."

He smiles from time to time. He also asks about Seo-yoon, whom he doesn't know. Hae-yoon saw Seoyoon treat Seoyoon like a person who learns consideration for the first time in his life. Whenever that happens, I think it's a relief that my sister met Ashan. It was Seoyoon who always looked lonely somewhere. Seo-yoon's loneliness was something his younger brother Hae-yoon couldn't fill.

"Are you comfortable?"

As if to think about the meaning for a while, he no longer answered. Conscious of quiet silence, Hae-yoon looked at Asuka as the car in front of him stopped in a traffic jam.


I quickly turned my head in the mood of seeing something I shouldn't have seen.

Asuka's face facing the front looked very happy. As if he were the happiest man in the world, his mouth was relaxed with such an excited face. Hae-yoon was embarrassed because her eyes toward the front were glistening blue.

I just said you looked relaxed, but I couldn't understand Asuka's expression.

"I'm so glad.”

Your voice is sweet. It's like a tone whispering to a lover.

"You seem to like Ashan a lot."

"Yes, Ashando likes Hani a lot."Hae-yoon also liked being with Ashan and Seo-yoon. When I saw the two people, who seemed to be destined for inevitable fate, I was proud and laughed. But not as much as Asuka. What Asuka liked was a little different from what Haeyoon liked. I can't put it into words, but I just felt that way.

"My sister sometimes talked about Asuka.”

"About me?"

His voice is quickly filled with curiosity.

"There's someone who's really just like a prince. He's playful, but he's considerate, so I can rely on him.”

"Wow, Hani never said this to me."

"She doesn't express her feelings very well. You can only tell me if the other person asks persistently."

"Wow, that's exactly the same as Ashan."

Let's move on to talking about common ground. Asuka told the story of Ashan and Haeyoon mostly told the story of Seoyoon. When they found something in common between Ashan and Seoyoon, they laughed at each other to leave the car.

Meanwhile, the car arrived in front of a famous hotel in Seoul in about three hours.

"I rented this suite from the company."

It was a view of Namsan Mountain. In the past, Ashan lent it to Seoyoon to stay comfortable here when he was away. Thinking of the beautiful view at night, Hae-yoon said happily about the hotel.

"Can I change to a regular room?”

I thought you were royalty to the bone. He doesn't even look at the clothes he wore once.

Haeyoon tilted his head. A suite like this won't do much for him. Asuka, who entered the hotel opened by the doorman, looked in trouble.

"I'm sure you don't feel comfortable in a regular room?"

"I like where I can see it at a glance. If it's too wide, it's hard to sleep these days."

Asuka said in a serious passing tone.

"Are you an insomniac?"

"Not to the point of insomnia."

Asuka smiled and stroked Hae-yoon's head, apparently making a worried face without realizing it. My hair is hot. As expected, his palms were hot.

"Hey, I'm just saying. You don't have to change it."

As he entered downtown Seoul, his bodyguards were informed that they would arrive in the next 10 minutes. The accompanying secretary gave a little nagging to Hae-yoon, who arrived first. But it was too much for her to move with them because she never cared about someone following her in the first place.

"Are you frustrated?"

"A little bit."

Asuka answered Haeyoon's question with a slight gap between her index finger and thumb.

Hae-yoon looked at the watch on his wrist. He also remembered the voice of his secretary who was nagging him. Then he stood still and turned to Asuka, who was standing alone.

"Shall we run away?"

It's crazy.

I regretted the moment I said it. Hae-yoon kept the lines that the male lead said in the drama she watched until late last night. Just as I was about to say 'Just kidding,' Asuka grabbed her by the wrist.

"You have to take responsibility for that."

Oh, this guy must have watched the drama, too.

Funny enough, he just started running toward a taxi in front of the hotel, copying the lines of the heroine. Instead of the doorman, he opened the rear door himself and pushed Hae-yoon's back lightly. When he entered it unexpectedly, he got on the next seat as if he had waited.

And look at Haeyoon.


"Where do you want me to take you?」

As soon as Asuka opened his mouth, the taxi driver's voice was heard.


Haeyoon replied reflexively.

The taxi driver glanced curiously at Hae-yoon, who rode with an Arab man in a room mirror."Excuse me, hand."

His hands were still tightly held by him. The wrist I was holding was too hot.

"You said you were responsible."

I thought he would let go soon, but surprisingly Asuka didn't let go. Rather, his hand, which came down from his wrist, came between Hae-yoon's fingers and even put his fingers together. The heat from the wrist is now in the palm of the hand.

"……bad for the heart.」

My heart beat as hot as my palm.

"Huh? What did you say?”

Asuka asked Hae-yoon, who murmured in Korean, with his face thrusting in. His breath smacks on the cheek. Even if I try to back off, it's in a narrow taxi.

"Oh, that's too much, Haeyoon."

Hae-yoon pushed Hae-yoon's forehead with an unholded palm. Asuka blamed her with her head half bent.

"It's too close."

"My physical affection is the degree of intimacy."

"You can do that with another woman."

How did he treat women who were intimate? Suddenly, he felt subdued and forced his hand out of his grasp.

"Haeyoon, I'm sorry. Are you offended by my free hand?”

"No, my hands just hurt a little."

As his eyes filled with anxiety tried to look at his wrist, he hid his hand behind Hae-yoon's back. And at that moment both cell phones started ringing all at once. Who walked through the cracked screen appeared on the screen. Asuka took her cell phone when Hae-yoon agonized.


The screen is completely broken. And at the same time, the cell phone became quiet.

The opponent who broke his cell phone and Hae-yoon's cell phone with both hands was smiling with a face that knew exactly what he had done.

"Pay it."

How could a cell phone break so easily in a person's hands? Hae-yoon looked at him with a moment of fascination. To such Hae-yoon, Asuka reached out his hand and said firmly.

"No, I don't want to."

Realizing it was her wrist, she shook her head.

"Let me see how much I hurt you."

The way he spoke was polite. My arm didn't hurt. So I couldn't show you more. Hae-yoon bit her lips stubbornly.

"Don't do that. It'll ruin your lips."

There was concern in his voice. Hae-yoon stopped biting her lips because of her consideration and concern as if she was worried about a really close person.

'I'm sorry. I was so happy.'

Asuka said with a face, "I don't know how to explain it."

"What do you mean happy?"

"You asked me to run away. I'm glad I've never heard anyone say that before."

"I regretted it right after I said it.”

"I know. That's why I grabbed you and ran because I didn't want you to bite me."

I didn't think of anything at the moment. I just ran instinctively after grabbing the woman who told me to run away. Even though I thought I did something childish when someone was chasing me, I felt relieved. There wasn't much time for him to be alone. Even when I fell asleep, the servants always kept around the bed.

Insomnia was a chronic disease that began when he ascended to the Sultan's seat.

From a certain point on, I hated empty places that were unnecessarily large. I began to find such a small space at a glance. Maybe that's why I usually found Ashan's palace. Because it was the smallest palace he knew.

"My heart is racing. Maybe when I get back, Mustafa will kill me with words.”

Talking about the name of the accompanying secretary, Asuka jokingly told Haeyoon that he could really kill people with words."I thought you wanted to be alone."

"Did it look like that?”

Instead of answering, she nodded. But at the same time, I couldn't say I didn't seem to want to be alone.

"I'm really jealous of Hani."


When Hae-yoon's boundaries were loosened, Asuka, who snatched her arm, answered, looking at her wrist.

"I have a brother who understands me without saying anything."

He gently patted the place with his fingers as if he felt sorry for the place where there was a slight red mark. It didn't hurt at all, but somehow I couldn't take my hand out this time.

"If I had such a pretty sister, I would carry her on my back.”

The heartfelt words were warm and bitter.

"Then carry him around.”

When I saw him, I joked because it was strange that I felt uneasy 12 times.


"I'll take care of your sister today, I guess what."

"Really? You're going to be my sister, not Hani?”

Asuka smiled brightly and asked as if he was hugging her at any moment. As expected, this man's mood is too visible on his face. Hae-yoon laughed together and nodded loudly as if he was writing kindness.

"Where should I go to Jamsil?」

When asked by a taxi driver who came near Jamsil, Hae-yoon immediately answered.

"Lotte World."

Asuka was smiling with a face that would say yes wherever Hae-yoon took him.

"That's too bad."


"That there are only six hours left today."

Hae-yoon firmly thought that when he gets closer to the Sultan later, he should advise only interested women to say such things. The hand that easily smashed the cell phone was precious and still stroking Hae-yoon's hand.