Chapter - 25 2.\^J

"Oh, oh, oh, oh!"

He was jerked off and dragged away again. Lotte World, where the night opening began, was a completely separate place. Millions of people on flashy marches and shiny lights. Asuka's eyes sparkled, too. He dragged Hae-yoon around as if he had never been to a place like this before.

"Look at this!"

Pointing to the Viking inside, he shouted. Otherwise, objectively speaking, a handsome and long-length man walks around, drawing attention, but he even stands out. People around me complained that she was a model.

"Is that a hotel? Wow, I think I'm gonna reach the hotel window.”

It's so cute that every time the Viking goes up high with his mouth open like a child, he flinchs at the hotel window or not. Hae-yoon rubbed her eyes with the back of her hand because she looked so cute without hesitation, even though there was no cute corner of her face.

"What's in your eye?"

A big hand wrapped around her cheek in an instant. And the man who came close.


Hae-yoon shook his head with a shout at him as he approached him in a hand-pulled manner.

"Your eyes are red. Are you cold?"

I'm going to take off my mustang jacket as I get more sensitive to the cold.

"No, I'm really fine."

"If it's cold, you have to tell me."

It wasn't that cold because it was indoors anyway. It was not until Hae-yoon nodded that Asuka's eyes went back to seeing the stars.

"Haven't you been here before?”

"Yes, it's my first time at an amusement park."

"There are many more spectacular places.”

"In a more glamorous and beautiful place, I had to sit there casually and chicly, or I had to look at it and pass by.”

Asuka, complaining that he had to show royal dignity, was a child without fail. He held Hae-yoon's hand again and moved, ready to explode all the emotions that had been extremely pressed today.

He went to the front row of the march and enjoyed watching Russian slim beauties walk along dancing. Meanwhile, a beautiful woman winked at Asuka. He smiled as if he were answering. Hae-yoon, who had more eyes on Asuka's face than on the march, frowned at the moment.

"How can you move such a big cape freely?”

As if it's no big deal to him, it quickly moves on to another topic.

He feels bad without knowing why, but soon regains his original mood when Asuka's surroundings are turned elsewhere. It was weird how he felt. Maybe it's because you're a fairy tale to Asuka. It's hard to see a person who shows everything as it is these days.

Hae-yoon did not want to think too much. Anyway, as long as Asuka is happy today.

"Wait a minute."

At Hae-yoon's words, Asuka really stopped and looked at her. Leaving behind the parade and the sparkling starry world, I looked at Haeyoon alone. Waiting for her next word.

What would it feel like to have a lover like this? Looking at yourself with a straight face. Hae-yoon laughed a little bit bitterly at the thought that such a person actually existed.

I often fought with Eungang over this kind of thing. As long as it's been, as comfortable as it is, we'll understand each other more and more, and we've become negligent. I often listened to Hae-yoon's words, and I couldn't remember what she said. There were many days when Hae-yoon was left alone because he was a job applicant, and after getting a job, he was alone because he was busy. When you worry about marriage to your friends, that's how everyone lives. I was told that there was a man who was consistent from beginning to end.That's how everyone lives. As time goes by, as time goes by, we get used to each other and become like others.

Will the eyes that don't change change as time goes by? Looking into Asuka's eyes, Hae-yoon suddenly thought of it.

This is all because the Cha Eun-gang guy keeps contacting me. I shook my head vigorously.

Asuka smiled and took off the hair on Hae-yoon's cheek and put it behind his ears.

"Come here."

He told Hae-yoon, who quickly pulled out his upper body, with only his hair pulled off in case Hae-yoon didn't like it. It was funny to hold hands tightly even as they fell. As he reaches out his free hand toward his face, his large body bends half-bending.

Asuka drew an attractive smile around his mouth, bringing his face to his very gentle hand.

"Like this?"

He's born to be a flirt.

With a small smile, I removed the glitter from his temple.

"You're a shiny person, and you shouldn't wear this because it's more dazzling."

In the middle of the parade, a splash of glitter burst into the air, and he was near. He kept asking Haeyoon if she had seen it, and she liked it a lot. I couldn't get my hands on the glitter that was on then, so I took it off now and made a joke.


I thought I would just laugh, but he took off the glitter and held Hae-yoon's hand and asked. Both hands were in his hands. He was held in Asuka's arms as much as he grabbed and pulled him.

"Dear Asuka?"

"Am I shiny?"

Hae-yoon called Asuka with a slightly red face, but he asked back without answering.


Hae-yoon replied to him as a matter of fact. I couldn't lie to those desperate eyes.

"I've never heard that before."

"You've heard a lot about being handsome."

"I've heard it a lot. It's a lot of money and a good look."

If someone else heard it, it would be a bad thing, but Hae-yoon couldn't even throw a joke because he felt self-help in Asuka's words.

"I don't know if I'm... I thought I threw it away."

Asuka couldn't hear well with the loud drumming of the new parade.


One hand that was caught was released. Asuka smiled with his eyes and led Hae-yoon again. The legs released by the laughter that seemed to melt move by themselves.

"I'm here, let's go on a ride."

Get your act together.

I've been under so much stress lately that my eyes are on a decent man. Hae-yoon lined up for the Viking in front of him, thinking that he should reschedule the blind date he had put on hold for the time being.

"It must be a lot of fun."

Asuka glowed as she looked up at the people giggling and screaming. His eyes became clearer as the line narrowed. Holding his hand with expectations, I led him to the back seat as soon as it was my turn first.

"and went up. Hooray every time you go down! And then you raise your hand."

Hae-yoon demonstrated when the safety bar went down and the Viking began to move. Asuka, who was following her with a bright smile, began to turn white as the Vikings began to move louder and louder.


Hae-yoon raised his hand with Asuka when the Viking went down, making a sound of laughter or scream.

"Argh! Argh! Stop! Stop!"

Asuka shouted with a crying face, shouting STOP. And he quickly lowered his hand and grabbed her hand and the safety bar at once."Save me! Save me!"

"It's okay, I'm not dying!"

"Get off! Get off me!"

Every time the Viking went down, he screamed his head off. The wind under my ears is sharp. His shouts quickly faded away, buried in the cheers of the people. It was a voice that only Haeyoon could hear.

Asuka hugged Hae-yoon tightly with both hands as the Viking went down and saw a cog-type machine running under the ship.

"I'm scared..."

Hae-yoon hugged him face to face.

"It's okay! I'll be down soon!"

He shouted loudly in fear of not hearing his voice. His eyes were glistening with faint water. Hae-yoon patted him on the shoulder in a distance visible to the thickness of his eyelashes.

The Viking stopped completely and became a feast for people again. It was because he, half-bigger, was completely leaning on Hae-yoon and half-backed down. He was taken to a nearby bench and asked, sitting him down.

"Are you all right?"

Was it too much for someone who had never been to an amusement park before? Unlike Hae-yoon, who relieves stress the more he enjoys the thrill, he doesn't seem to enjoy much tension.

"Well, you know....”

The face calling Haeyoon carefully was still pale.

"I'll go get some water. Wait a minute."

"I have a cramp."

As soon as he finished speaking, he moaned, rubbing his right knee.

"Let me see."

Before Asuka could stop him, Hae-yoon knelt down in front of him and took off his black sneakers. Then straighten out your right leg and press the soles of your feet hard. After a minute or so of that, his complexion soon returned.

"I was trying to relieve your stress, but it must have been stressful. I'm sorry."

Hae-yoon said, looking up at Asuka, still kneeling.

"Get up now."

He put on his sneakers again and hurried. Only then did Hae-yoon, who felt people's eyes, get up from the floor and Asuka squatted in front of him and brushed off her knees.

"I can't believe you're kneeling down. It's so humiliating."

He shook her knees meticulously and burst into laughter when he saw him embarrassed and couldn't raise his face.


"and cramping in front of a woman.”

"Hahaha, what's that?”

"I'm scared of hugging Haeyoon."

As if Hae-yoon's knees were a Viking, he glared and said.

"I'm embarrassed."

How many people can say "shame" confidently like this? Hae-yoon laughed so hard that she grabbed her sick stomach and looked down at Asuka.

"Dear Asuka."


I don't know if it's really a disgrace, but even the lips that are sticking out are cute. I know he'd be more shy if he burst into laughter, but it was unbearable. Haeyoon's face got a funny twist. It's not that I burst into laughter, but a strange face.

Asuka bowed his head and chuckled at the face.

"Haeyoon, your face is so funny right now. Hahaha!"

"Who's to say!"

Another. I saw him smile with his index finger on his lips with his fist clenched.

Haeyoon put his hands out in front of him.

"Hold it, I'll get you up."

A warm palm is wrapped around it. The large body, which relies on her hands, is submissive. It is so gentle that I suddenly feel the urge to stroke my head. Asuka tilted his head as if he suddenly felt the strength in Hae-yoon's hand.

"Shall we go on a ride on the ground now?"He suppressed his inner feelings and asked Hae-yoon.

"Can I choose?”

He asked with his eyes shining if there was a ride he had in mind for a while.

Without knowing it was a merry-go-round, Hae-yoon smiled and replied, 'Of course!' And an hour later, a huge crowd of children circled proudly in a merry-go-round pumpkin carriage.

"It's hard, too."

I wonder if he circled about eight times in a pumpkin carriage. Asuka said with a sigh.

"Are you getting motion sickness?"

"The kids look fine."

The children were smiling innocently, waving at their parents outside.

"Aren't you going to cause anemia this time?

"What do you think I am?”

"No, you have all the facets of a poor heroine."

Asuka opened her eyes faintly and stared at her as Hae-yoon broke and smiled playfully at him provoking him. And I messed up my hair with my big hands. He smiled with a savory face when he saw his disheveled hair in an instant.

"What is this?”

"Who cares. It's all because you're lovely."

It's cheap of you to use the word "sister" at times like this. Hae-yoon brushed his tangled hair with his fingers, and whenever he did that next to him, his hands messed up his hair again.

"Oh, come on!"

"Oh, does your sister open her eyes to you like that?"

Asuka said joyfully, whether the play between brother and sister was very fun. Ashan is the only one who can be called a brother. But he was the subject of debate in the first place. I didn't call him brother and I wasn't even close to him. Hae-yoon, who talks with a pouting mouth on her still young face, seemed to be a protective object in Asuka's eyes.

There have been others in the past who looked like this.



A name that still lingers in his heart.

The thought of the name still preaches my heart. So I buried it in the back of my memory and pretended to forget it. Otherwise, I wouldn't have been able to live in pain every time I thought of it.

"Mr. Asuka? I have to get off now."

Before I knew it, the merry-go-round stopped. It was a time when we didn't feel dizzy anymore because we were looking at each other's faces. However, Asuka, who felt vomiting after thinking about Seira, covered his mouth and got off.

"Do you have motion sickness?"

Hae-yoon's slim face looks at him anxiously.

It looks completely different from Seira. This woman is not Seira. There's no one in the world he wanted to protect. Even the body was torn apart and could not be found. At that time, Asuka tore his heart as well.

"No, I'm fine."

"I really want to protect you."

Hae-yoon teased him with a coy glance.

This much was just right. Moderate jokes and lightness. Asuka broke and exaggerated his arm around Haeyoon's neck.

"I'm so glad Hani called Haeyoon.”

It felt strange to walk around without anyone following him, without any surveillance. He was accustomed to people's services from birth and was in a position to take it for granted that he had someone to follow. It felt like the stuffy air had disappeared when I just escaped from them.

"Of course I have to go because I'm getting a lot of part-timers."


"I'm still unemployed. So-called job seekers!"

"Why don't you join Ashan's company?”

"My brother-in-law told me to come in, but I don't like it. I'm looking for a place where I can get into my power."

It may sound full not to go into a place where one can take one's. In addition, it is a foreign company that is attracting attention for welfare. But Hae-yoon wanted to work in a smaller place where he could take advantage of his abilities."Then do you want to get a job with me?"

"Poot, it's like a proposal."

My heart pounded for a moment when I was told to get a job pointing my finger at me.

"Oh, really? If you work as my interpreter, I'll meet all the requirements."

"You're so good at English that you don't need an interpreter, and if you need a Korean interpreter at best, I'll just do it."

"It's true."

Asuka spoke in jest, hiding his true feelings. Was there anyone around him who treated him like this without any strings attached.

"Even though I'm at the mercy of the part-time job."

A woman who only smiles at herself for a part-time job.

"I can't help it. Job seekers need money."

Ashan gave me the card, but it was only used for car maintenance. That was Seoyoon's condition in the first place. I drove a car that was beyond my means, but that didn't change the job seekers who had to earn money.

"What do you want to do?”

Hae-yoon hesitated for a moment as if he had never thought Asuka would ask that.

"I didn't even tell my sister. In fact, I'd like to go into an international adoption agency."

"Is there any special reason?”

Her answer was unexpected.

"I want to find better parents in better conditions for children who are going abroad for adoption. She said that. She was really ready to go to nursery school when her mother died. I was really scared of it. I can't believe you're disappearing! I was young, but I cried to my dad not to send my sister to nursery school. It's the first time I know what kind of nursery school it is."

Of course, my dad laughed with an absurd face at the time. Why do you send your family to nursery school? Since then, nursery schools have remained a scary place, and as they grow older, they learn about them, and in fact, there are very few cases of adoption in Korea. Most children will be adopted overseas.

It hasn't been long since I wanted to work for an international adoption agency. I just found it because of Seo-yoon's support to think about what you want to do slowly because you have time.

"I envy you, Hani."

"Why are you jealous?"

"For having such a thoughtful brother."

"Wow, Asuka, you didn't hear from my sister, did you? When I went to Oman for the first time, I took off my clothes. It's so hot! But my brother-in-law told me, "Bizit"? Vigit?"


Asuka told me a word referring to their outerwear.

"That's right! It covered me up. I would have fallen in love if it wasn't for my sister's man. I went to a Muslim country without thinking."

I don't know what I was thinking. It was full of thoughts to see Seo-yoon's face right away. I remember that time, Hae-yoon giggled and laughed.

"We've been through a bad thing together, is that's fine.

"Oh, kidnapping?"

She waved her hands as she saw Hae-yoon worried that the kidnapping had left a trauma.k.

"But that doesn't mean we can't forget the good memories. Good memories are good memories, bad memories are left as bad memories are. When you think of good memories, it's inevitable that they come together. It's not like I can remember things at my disposal."

Someone looked to the side and tapped Hae-yoon on the shoulder. Asuka said, wrapping her hands in a loss of balance and stumbling."I don't even remember happy days. I'm afraid you'll kill me with a painful memory."

I pretended to forget those memories, just looking at real life. His life will be like this, and it won't change.

"What's that? Look, there's a stain here, too."

Hae-yoon, who overcame the sesame blonde hair and removed the glitter from the collar of his mustang, continued with a smile.

"Memories don't kill people.”

I felt like I was hit in the head. I unknowingly put strength into Hae-yoon's hand holding his shoulder. It was only when he saw Asuka, who remained frozen, that Hae-yoon felt that he had touched some part of him. Does this man really believe that memory will kill him if he pretends not to know anything here?

"If you don't think of any fun memories because of the painful memories, you'll feel so bad for Asuka's memories. I don't remember holding a knife. He didn't even carry a gun. I can't kill you."

When I was kidnapped, I thought I could die like this.

You will probably never forget the touch of a cold gun that you put in your head in a place where you can't communicate a word. It's painful to recall memories of that time. But Hae-yoon knew for sure. Memory has no power, no shape.

"It's not like it's going bad. Asuka won't die. There's no way memory can kill people."

"Thinking about it, I feel like I'm being torn into tens of thousands of pieces, and you can't kill me?”

"A pleasant memory will heal Asuka."

Seira, I enjoyed being with her. It's fun to recall the memories of that time. But after that, she was so naturally reminded of her death that she even buried her memories.

"It's a difference of opinion, after all."

I felt like I was hit hard by Hae-yoon, who was much younger than me. Asuka laughed bitterly.

"At the end of the day, there's definitely something you should only find in your memories."

Asuka didn't say anything, but Hae-yoon seemed to know. The fact that he let someone precious go forever. It could be a broken heart, it could be a loss of family.

"I feel so sorry for him if you don't remember him."

Haeyoon was right. Seira is the most beautifully alive in her memory. The face is now blurry. But I remember the vitriolic saying that if you live like that with a burst of laughter, one day you'll be stabbed to death by a woman.

Asuka breathed in and laughed.

It's the first time I've laughed at her since she died.

"I'm getting more and more excited."

The little woman who was looking at him in front of her was literally envious. I wish this kind of woman was by her side. Thinking uselessly, Asuka slowly let go of Hae-yoon.

"No matter how much you covet me, it' I'm going to get a job on my own."

It is cute to see him burning his will with a wrong answer.

"Of course, I don't care."

Most of the outdoor rides were those that Asuka couldn't ride, and the weather was so cold that I eventually came back indoors and had fun.

By 9:30, music was playing to announce the closure. Hungry, I bought a churros and a hot dog and slowly moved toward the exit as the two shared.

"Maybe Asuka's secretary won't let me off the hook?”

"I may claim damages.""Oh, my God, you're asking me an astronomical amount of money because I'm unemployed...….”

"Maybe he's the kidnapper of Haeyoon's kidnapper."

"You have to explain that it's not Asuka.”

Asuka did not reply. Hae-yoon put the last part of the churros in his mouth and poked his elbow in the side, which is now quite close.

"Why aren't you answering me?”

"I already called the Korean police and they might be looking for me.”

I didn't think of that. Come to think of it, the man in front of me was the owner of a country. Police were called on in Seoul to find not strange. Hae-yoon felt like punching himself in the mouth thinking about what he said.

It's already late, but I'll have to hand this man over to the secretary as soon as possible.

"The kidnapper of Haeyoon scene will be a criminal."

"You're the one who grabbed me and ran!"

If a red line is drawn on the family register, life will end. Oh, my God, the Sultan kidnapping on a grand scale.

"If you want me to tell you the truth.”

Asuka, who came out of the amusement park, caught a passing taxi more easily than Koreans.

He opened the taxi's rear door and bowed politely to Hae-yoon in an escort position.

"Please stay out one more day."

You said you didn't know late theft was out of the blue.

This man is now completely infatuated with deviations. Ashan was seen for a moment from Asuka's black eyes. The stubbornness and coercive eyes resemble. That's why you're a cousin.

"I think your secretary would rather kill me than put me in jail me."

The sharp-faced secretary looks like he can kill people with his eyes. I haven't said a few words, but it's not usually difficult to be stubborn and principled. Such a person is really scary when he is angry.

"I'm his master."

When I heard that he was the owner, I realized here that he was Sultan again.

"If you don't ride it gently, I might kidnap Hae-yoon, who kidnapped me."

"What kind of nonsense is that?….”

When Hae-yoon tried not to get on smoothly, Asuka approached Hae-yoon with the taxi door open.


Then he held her in a princess-hugging position and pushed her right into the taxi.

Asuka, who was lying in the taxi with one arm supporting the sheet, said with an attractive eye smile as Hae-yoon blinked.

"Well, young people these days.」

The taxi driver looked at them in the room mirror and laughed his tongue off.

"Oh, I'm not closing the door!」

On top of Hae-yoon's body, Asuka said.

"It's already late, it's one more day."

At the smile of his eyes, Hae-yoon nodded his head frantically at the thought of cleaning up this man who was on top for now.

"My sister is very obedient."

Asuka, who had a short kiss on his forehead, straightened his back. Hae-yoon, who quickly stood up at the end of the opposite seat, rubbed her forehead roughly with the back of her hand. The lips on the forehead were as soft as a feather. It feels like all the fluff on the body is on edge.

"It's my friend's kiss."

"I know! I have a lot of foreign friends, too!"

Hae-yoon, who screamed more than necessary, smiled with a cute face and closed the door to the back of the taxi.

"Where should we go?」

I couldn't answer the question in the article.

It was a mountain over a mountain."Where do you want to go?"

Eventually, I asked Asuka. He's talking aberrations and kidnappings, so he must have a plan.

"Sea. I wonder what the sea in Korea is like."

His words reminded me of Ashan's villa in Sokcho.

"Driver, Sokcho.」

"Huh, Sokcho from Jamsil. I don't run that long distance.」

"Oh, then go to the express bus terminal.」

Apparently, a few years ago, the last late-night bus to Sokcho was around 11 o'clock. It would be convenient to look for it on the cell phone if it still exists, but the man sitting next to it broke it with his hands and ate it.

"It's really been a day."


He nodded and affirmed Hae-yoon's words. But I don't believe in that naive look. What is this mysterious anxiety? The taxi was heading to the express bus terminal in Gangnam by the time Hae-yoon's imagination flowed quite far away, wondering if he would be wanted on the 9 o'clock news soon.

When I bought a late-night honor bus ticket to Sokcho at 11:30, I realized that there was really no turning back. Holding the bus ticket in his hand and pretending to be shaking Hae-yoon, he was opening a bag of snacks he bought at a convenience store.

"But don't you think we should call the secretary if we don't want to be on the news?”

If I had known in advance that this kind of difficulty awaits me when I was heading for Incheon International Airport thinking about the part-time fee.

"I don't know your phone number.”

Asuka replied in a refreshing way.

If I knew, I wouldn't have gone out. Hae-yoon, who sighed deeply, put the bus ticket in his arms, which still has about 30 minutes left, and sat on the waiting chair where he tapped. Late at night, the bus was quiet in the terminal as it was almost the last bus left.

'Then I'll just make a phone call.'

"No, I can't.

He shook his head holding hands as Hae-yoon tried to get up, thinking that he should give Seo-yoon a word. Put a lot of crumbs around your mouth. Even the flakes on her smooth lips looked like bridesmaids.

"What is this, like a baby?”

I brushed my lips gently with my thumb. Perhaps itchy, I can see his eyelashes wince. The eyes moved on his lower eyelashes and the fingers on his lips. The distance with this man keeps getting closer. Normally, a man who is not dating could not have allowed this distance.

I guess it's about physical affection. This man treats himself so casually that she ends up losing her hand like this.

"Haeyoon, your lips are chapped a lot."

Whenever winter approached, my lips were always plump. There were various kinds of lip balms on the dressing table, and even oil and honey were applied a lot at night, but their lips were always so chapped that they were uncomfortable to see. Hae-yoon, who turned red when she heard such a sound from a man with such pretty lips, turned her head away.

"I'll call you back."

"Sit down here."

You can't win with strength. Asuka, who sat Hae-yoon next to her again, rummaged around the hem of a mustang coat and pulled out a lip balm from an unknown brand.

"That's the secret to my smooth lips. I don't have to carry my wallet, but I carry this around.”

Asuka was broke. I don't carry a wallet with me. He apologized for relying on Hae-yoon, saying that everything will be solved through a performance secretary. But he's the only one with it. His hand lifted Hae-yoon's chin a little.

And stared at her lips with serious eyes that would never be in the world again.He opened the lid of his lip balm and gently bit it through his lips. There was a faint smell of coconut on the tip of my nose. Lip balm was applied gently over the rough lips. With the face of no artist working so hard, Asuka was really concentrating purely and simply without a laugh.

"Now try Oompa, Oompa."

Taking off the hand holding the chin, Asuka held the lid between his lips, he curled and unfolded his lips. Hae-yoon laughed because he was serious but funny.

"Go ahead and do it."

Once again, my chin was lifted. Haeyoon's lips were munching. Asuka smiled brightly as she looked at her work satisfactorily. And casually spread the lip balm on my lips that I had just put on her lips.


And put lip balm on Haeyoon's palm.

"You don't like it because it's used to it?"

Looking down at the lip balm lying on the palm of his hand, Hae-yoon asked impulsively.

"You're such a player. How can a woman not fall for you like this?"

Asuka shrugged at Hae-yoon's words and replied as if it was nothing.

"Haeyoon is the first girl who put on lip balm. I say I've met a lot of girls, but I've never seen anyone like this before."

He bit the tip of his lip at the fact that he had been looking at her moistened lips for a while.

"Do you mind that I've met a lot of girls?"

"Just kidding."

"Why? Why does it bother you?"

Asuka actually wanted to ask herself that question. Is it because I can't see it around him at all?

His hand patted Hae-yoon's head, who had no answer. It was definitely different from Seo-yoon, who was expressionless and treated him like a child even when he contacted him. I can see that he is shy and shy, so he flirts like a chie-han without realizing it.

Ashan's face suddenly came to mind and Asuka's hands paused.

And slowly, I took my hands off Haeyoon's head.

"This is all I have right now. I wanted to do something for you."

Asuka no longer asked why. Hae-yoon replied with a smile because it felt like he had crossed a big mountain alone.

"I'll take it well. If I apply this, it will look like Asuka's lips, right?”

"If you keep applying it. Don't bite me like this."

He poked Hae-yoon's cheek with his finger and laughed. Then, a bus to Sokcho came into the platform. Forgetting that Hae-yoon was going to make a phone call, he rushed to the late-night honor bus with Asuka.

"The chair is very nice."

Anyone who had been in a better car said so and tossed and turned with their chair completely lying down.

"This looks like a bed."

Passengers other than them did not ride even as the departure time neared. Asuka also beckoned to lay down Hae-yoon's chair. When I leaned my chair back as much as I could, I really felt like I was lying down together. Asuka asked, turning halfway around and looking at each other's faces.

"How long do we have to go to the sea in Korea?”

"About three hours."

"You know it well."

"I've been there a long time ago.”

I took this bus at that time, too. A few years ago, my friend and I came to the terminal to go down to Busan drunk and eat pork and rice soup, but it was on the bus to Sokcho. We shouted, 'Mulhoe is the best for hangover!'Eventually, he went into any motel in Sokcho and threw up all morning, and was almost taken to the emergency room with rapid growth inflammation, let alone raw fish soup for hangover. My dad came to pick me up when I came back home. Hae-yoon saw his father angry like a fire for the first time that day.

"With a man?"

"With a woman friend. This is the third time in Sokcho. The first time I was drunk, but I couldn't watch it, so I called my dad the next morning and went back to Seoul."


"I'm drunk and I have enteritis. I threw up and down.”

He giggled and laughed at Hae-yoon's words.

"That's not what women usually say. I can't believe I threw up and down and up. Oh, my God."

Hae-yoon implicitly called the day "Satagwakran Day" with his friend Yoon-ju, who went to Sokcho with him. After all, I haven't tried mulhoe in Sokcho, but I felt upset whenever I saw it since then. It was ironic that he was still drinking the alcohol that caused him.

"Everyone didn't say that because they wanted to look good on Asuka."

"What about Haeyoon?"

"What can I use if I can see well?"

"If I looked good, I'd pick the moon for the world."

Yeah, come to think of it, he was the ruler of a country.

"Are you sure you're going to pick up the moon?”

"If you can see Haeyoon well."

"Well, you bring me a diamond the size of the moon, and this is the moon. You're not doing this, are you?"

Asuka glanced away. I thought I hit the nail on the head, so Hae-yoon asked more mischievously.

"Wow, you really have, haven't you?"

"……someone asked me to pick the stars, not the moon."

All the women he met were adamant what they wanted from him. That was just fine for a casual encounter. If it was clear what he wanted, he granted it and the opponent left without hesitation. No one has ever created a relationship that is slovenly. He didn't need a deep opponent.

"So, what did you give to someone who asked you to pick a star?”

"I sprayed him with diamonds."

"You were such an Arab prince."

I would have thought it was a joke if someone had said it, but it sounded like a true story when a really rich Asuka said it. That was amazing. Rumors about the rich Arab floating on the Internet have been pretty good.

"Let me know if there's anything you want, Hae-yoon."


"That's all I have for now."

She smiled softly at the words pointing to the lip balm that went into Hae-yoon's pocket.

"This is all I need, so just don't report me as a kidnapper."

"Yes, I'll say I kidnapped Haeyoon. Is it okay to live in a prison in Korea?"

We giggled at each other at the last serious question. The bus slowly began to move through the darkness. Before I knew it, snowflakes had fallen down in the sky for the past few days. Asuka looked curiously at the white snow that hit the window behind Hae-yoon's back.

"It's snowing."

"It's snowing especially hard this winter."

The snowflakes were not likely to stop easily.

"I've never been to the snowy sea, so I'm looking forward to it."

The eyes are sparkling. When I couldn't sleep at night with the expectation of leaving home on the first day of my school trip, I remembered the eyes I saw in the mirror. Then Hae-yoon felt a twinge in his mind. The place of Sultan came too big for someone who was happy about a little thing.

But I thought I shouldn't say it out loud. He buried that saying it out loud was at least after his departure."Never seen snow before?"

"No, I've seen it a lot while skiing in Switzerland."

Yeah, there's no way I've ever seen a man like this before.

"How would you like it?"

Asuka smiled softly at Haeyoon's words. The vibration felt all over the body as the bus ran was as if it was patting on the body. I closed my eyes, looking at each other first. Only the colorful breaths of the two soon spread in the bus.