Chapter - 26 3.\^J

Haeyoon's first winter sea was in the first place. I wish I had realized that I was coming to the sea for the first time in winter, but I realized it after I arrived at the sea. Today alone, I took my third taxi and arrived at a beach in Sokcho well after 3 a.m. All I could see was the darkness. I could see a lot of snow between the occasional streetlights.

And next to me is a dying man.

"I can't see anything."

Asuka shivered like a wet mouse and muttered against a street lamp. I felt sorry for Hae-yoon, crouching down as much as I could with my hands. The cold was the same for Haeyoon. But Asuka is so cold that he just can't show it.

"Are we freezing to death here?"

I'm afraid the phrase 'I'm ready to die' will follow. Haeyoon said in a hurry that he might really say it.

"There's a villa about a ten-minute walk from here."

"……then get off in front of him."

"……You said you wanted to see the winter sea."

"I can't see anything.”

The conversation goes round and round. I brought him here at the most, and the person concerned is sticking out his lips. For some reason, Hae-yoon pinched Asuka's lips with her two fingers.

"It doesn't hurt to pin it down, it's frozen.

"Wake up."

The second Sokcho was spent last summer at Ashan's villa. I've been here for a week, so this geography is clear. I also know where to put the spare key, not the key the janitor has.

Of all things, there was a villa where the wind was blowing, so I had to be hit head-on. Knowing the way, she often took the lead.

Hae-yoon shrank as the biting wind blew. I regret why I only wore jeans and a short coat that came just above my hips today. If I had known that I would come all the way to Sokcho, I should have worn a goose down long padded jacket. Seo-yoon laughed at San Hae-yoon, asking him if he was going to climb Everest, but if he wore it on such a day, he would not be able to laugh.

My ears froze solidly and the tip of my nose, which was the only thing sticking out of my face, felt like it was going to fall off.

I wonder if Asuka would be so cold. What if Hae-yoon suddenly fainted from the cold? It was when he walked four steps and looked back without any sound.


I was surprised by something big that wrapped my whole body.


"Ugh! You'll be surprised if you scream so suddenly."

Asuka responded with a short scream, perhaps surprised. It was the expensive Mustang coat he was wearing that wrapped Hae-yoon's body warmly. It was warm as if to show that a person was wearing it until a while ago. It was so cold now that the warmth was not completely blown away, but it was so desperately warm that I felt it.

"Mr. Asuka, this!"

He was smiling in front of one step in a winter turtleneck. Put your hands in your pants pocket.

"You're going to die.

Hae-yoon murmured at the sight of freezing to death even before going to the villa.

"I thought it would be okay to freeze to death here."

A desert man was smiling. The corners of my mouth are shaking.

"You're going to die!”

"It's all right."

"You'll be fine, Asuka, but I'm going to die to your secretary!”

Asuka flinches again when Hae-yoon shouts closely.

"……then it'll be a little difficult."

"It's a lot of course! You're going to throw me to feed him and make yourself comfortable in the afterlife?""Hahaha. Then let's do this. Haeyoon is shaking, too."

As soon as Hae-yoon was about to take off his coat again, his body floated. Looking up above my head, I could see the street lamp a little closer.

"It's cold. Hold me tight. If you don't want to see me die."

Asuka grabbed Hae-yoon's waist and easily lifted her up and hugged her. A hot breath breathed under his ear as he held him by the neck reflexively.

"Explain. I'll go as you tell me."

The hips leaned against Asuka's right forearm. He hugged Hae-yoon tightly. Hae-yoon, who had become clingy to him like a child, saw their seats, which had just stood, gradually moving away.

"You can walk straight until you get to the fork."

His hair tickles on his cheek. Unintentionally, he spoke directly to Asuka's ear, and he gave more strength to his arms holding Hae-yoon.

"Are you uncomfortable?"


When he answered that he was uncomfortable, he dropped him off and shook his head in case he still wouldn't wear clothes. The Mustang spread out as wide as possible and wrapped around his shoulder.

"There's nothing like human body temperature, right?”

"……As expected of your secretary, I feel like I'm going to die."

"I'll save you, then."

It was not shown how Asuka spoke. All Hae-yoon could see was his ears, neck, and defenseless back. The straight back looked lonely and cold, so Hae-yoon wrapped it in her palm as much as possible.

"Don't stutter."

"Your back looks so cold."

"You don't have a black heart?"

"I'm freezing to death, don't worry about the black spirit."

Asuka's breath, heard by his ears, was undisturbed. He seemed to be breathing in line with the steps he took, even and heavy.

"I'm at a crossroads. Which way?"

Hae-yoon tried to look back on his shoulder to check the direction for a while.


One hand slipped and hurriedly hugged Asuka's neck, but he couldn't avoid the face. He turned his head, but Hae-yoon's lips touched Asuka's cheeks. And it was his lips, touching the corners of her mouth in a clear way.

I had to say something, but I thought I'd swallow his lips if I opened my mouth.

The situation was more embarrassing than directly overlapping because it touched the inside of the mouth more than the corners of the mouth.


It was Asuka who opened his mouth first.

When he opened his lips, one corner of Hae-yoon's mouth was swallowed. All the heat in my body rushed to my face. A hot, humid breath soaked my lips. When he opened his mouth and rolled his tongue, he even felt a slight lick of Hae-yoon's mouth.

My whole body was concentrated on my lips, so I could feel every little thing like that.

When he opened his mouth, Hae-yoon simply hugged Asuka in a dizzying sense of his tongue coming in.

"I'm in trouble."

I wish he'd turn his head around.

But Asuka did not shy away. He stood still and embraced the warmth that came to him, spouting that he was in trouble. One end of another's lips was said to be a clear heat in the freezing cold.

It was the first time I felt the warmth clearly even though I didn't mix my body. I've never seen such an unprotected cold before.

There were only two of them under a dark forked road with no one passing by.


At that moment, Asuka's left hand, which was supporting his back, grabbed Hae-yoon's neck so that he could not move. And his tongue quickly pushed in through the gap in his lips as he answered. Like the dry desert sweet rain, saliva mixed indiscriminately. Every time I breathe in, I'm suffocated by the smell of coconut. Wrap around the roots of the tongue, find the saliva deep beyond it, and greedily turn it over to mine.There was no sound of rough waves, no piercing cry of the bitter wind. It only comes from lips that have only the muddy sound of saliva mixed and flowing.

Hae-yoon had never received such a kiss in his life. I was so engrossed in his pace that my head went blank that I was out of breath. My whole body trembled. The goosebumps that came up from the tip of my toes gave off something emotional and hot. I wasn't shaking because of the cold. Before I knew it, my hands dug deep into Asuka's thick black hair and held on tightly.

When Hae-yoon's tongue wiggles and pushes him away by persistently pressing the inside of the roof of his mouth, it gets tangled from the tip of his tongue as if he had waited. The saliva that fell from whose mouth flowed down the chin.

"Left, where?"

The lip was removed from Asuka. Haeyoon couldn't even turn his head around. Still, his left hand was pressing down on the back of his neck to keep her from moving. I didn't want to see how he looked and how he was looking at her.

"……the sixth house. Red brick…….”

"Oh, my God. It's too far."

I could see that his tongue licked Hae-yoon's lips greedily again, even though he was far away because it was cold.

"I don't do this with my brother."

Asuka laughed furiously at Hae-yoon's words as if he were the last shield.

"I don't do this with my sister either."

He clearly recognized Hae-yoon as a woman.

It was in front of the villa that Asuka dropped Haeyoon off. When I took the key out of the pot and went inside, the air inside was cold, which was no different from the outside. Asuka threw some dry firewood next to the fireplace in the living room and set it on fire.

As soon as Hae-yoon's feet touched the ground, Asuka was conscious and couldn't raise his head properly. He snooped around the kitchen under the pretext of raising the temperature of the boiler in the main room to the maximum and looking for food. Perhaps because he didn't even say that he was coming in advance, the inside of the refrigerator where the cord was unplugged was just cold. Just in case, I searched the shelf on the sink and saw some bags of cocoa, coffee, and black tea.

I put water in the port and waited still.

How did this happen?

I just came to Sokcho and came to the sea. He took off his clothes and stood there. Like someone who wants to freeze to death.

If my hand didn't slip. If he didn't open his mouth when it touched his lips.

When I remembered the touch of licking my lips, I got chills and goose bumps on my back. Now, Hae-yoon rubbed the area of her lips roughly with the back of her hand.

"What are you doing?"


Hae-yoon responded loudly to the serious voice. As if you were preparing for the answer.

"Eat warm before you sleep. Then I won't catch a cold...….”

My gut feeling.

Even before the end of the talk, Asuka's face came close and kissed Hae-yoon's lips lightly.


"Well, why are you doing this to me?"

I stepped back. I wanted to step back two more steps, but the sink was holding firm. Haeyoon's face was distorted like crying. Asuka approached one more step, his upper body bent over as if it were falling back. He closed his eyes as he reached out.

"I won't eat you."

Saraksarak, his fingers brushed a few hairs of Haeyoon's hair and turned off the power of the boiling port."What can I do when I'm so scared?"

Instead of Hae-yoon, he poured hot water into a mug and folded cocoa powder, and said with a self-helpful smile.

As soon as he saw red blood dripping in front of him, Hae-yoon quickly covered Asuka's nose with a collar. A great deal of blood dripped down his chin. The arm part of the coat already on his nose is soaking wet.

"Why are you bleeding so much?”

"You must have been very tired.”

Asuka, who answered casually, turned on the water in the sink. And with his bloody hands, he bowed his head over Hae-yoon and let the blood run away.

"A lot... it hard?”

Asuka, who looked back at her, still bleeding at an angle, laughed bitterly.

"It's bearable."

It was still bearable. I told Haeyoon the truth.Asuka said nothing more because he was afraid it would reach Gan Ashan's ears.

"It's just that nosebleeds don't bleed this much."

Surprisingly sharp, she looked at the blood dripping uneasily.

"Seo, don't tell me it's your last vacation.….”

I managed to remember what he said as if he had spilled. Asuka smiled briefly as she watched her small face turn white. What a changeable lady. It was fun to watch. It wasn't like the women who were approaching him with a low profile. I don't want anything, I don't ask for anything.

Give and take was the kind of thing he was hard to come across as he lived in the natural world.

Even if their common denominator was not Seoyoon, would they have treated them like this?

"You're not sick or anything, are you?"

"Are you worried?"

"Of course I'm worried!"

It is lovely to see him holding his two bloody fists and proudly saying he is worried.

It was really different from Seoyoon. Knowing that Ashan liked her but turned a blind eye to her poker face, she was always blunt. I know that he is a brother without blood, but I realize that he is completely different from Seo-yoon in this respect.

Asuka smiled and gestured.

"Then give me some tissues after that. I'm gonna plug my nose."

The blood has almost stopped. When Hae-yoon pulled out the tissue, Asuka smiled playfully, rolling it round and putting it in her nose.

"Why do you change the subject, make me nervous?"

"You're not going to die because you spilled some nosebleeds. Give me your hand."

He grabbed the wriggling hand and brought it to the still twisted sink. Asuka carefully wiped the blood off his fingers, which had already begun to harden. His fingers gently washed through her fingers.

"I can do it."

"I'll throw away my clothes."

Looking at the sleeves of the beige coat, Hae-yoon nodded as if she agreed. It was not likely to return because it was a bright color even after washing it.

"I'll buy you new clothes."

"I'm afraid this is the only clothes I have. It's clothes in the closet."

Hae-yoon said, "It doesn't matter.

I took a cup of warm cocoa and came out to the living room now with quite a warm atmosphere. In front of the fireplace, I sat down in a fluffy rug. It was still dark outside the curtain.

The wall clock was announcing 5 a.m.

"It's snowing a lot."

From the window, I could see the sea of Sokcho at a glance. But now I can only see silhouettes of snow hitting windows in the dark.

"You can't even move your car if you come this far, can you?"He nodded at Asuka asking as if he wanted to confirm something.

"If there's a snowstorm warning, I guess so."

"Then maybe one more day."

Asuka, who said so, gulped down cocoa.

"Is the Sultan's job hard?”

Asuka burst into laughter at Hae-yoon's careful words. Yes, as she said, Sultan is only one of "work".

"You thought it didn't suit me, did you?

"Well, as a matter of fact."

"I should have met Haeyoon earlier. Then we should have asked our elderly people to speak well."

"I don't know, but I heard it was originally a brother-in-law's seat. News reports say there was a fight for succession."

"Hani didn't tell you the truth, did she?”

There weren't many people who knew the situation. Maybe Seoyoon didn't ask Ashan so much either. She's not someone who wants anything other than Ashan for who she is.

"I don't know complicated stories. She just said it's a relief that Asuka isn't the enemy.”

"Ashan's enemy?”

Hae-yoon did not answer. Asuka's face, which asked if he was Ashan's enemy, looked so lonely that he couldn't open his mouth hastily. I can't even ask why you make that face. I just want this guy to laugh. The face of the man smiling brightly was really hotter and brighter than the sun in the desert sun.

I saw the smile clearly. A warm child-like smile that captivates people in an instant.

"I can't be an enemy of Ashan. You may be the enemy of everyone in the world, but you can't be Ashan."

He stared deeply into the dark sea. Like a man who's about to drown in the sea. The sea ink seemed to devour Asuka.

"I'm mixed race, too. My mother was Australian.”

Asuka turned his eyes to Hae-yoon in the ink-like sea and stared clearly. And he winked at one eye.

"This is a secret between Haeyoon and me. Only my father and mother knew about it. Since both of you are dead, Haeyoon and I are the only ones who know."

"You don't know?”

"I don't think Ashan knows.”

Whoo-hoo, he laughed meaninglessly. The smile was not the solace of the confidant. Asuka suddenly reached out to Hae-yoon. Hae-yoon took the hand without saying anything. Fingers that were interlocked as if they had been waiting were held together thick and hard.

Just before confiding in the most difficult words, he gave strength to her hand, as if encouraged.

"I was lucky. He's completely out of my father's Instead of my biological mother who died giving birth to me, my father's first wife, who had no son, raised me as her son."

Why he was absolutely bound to be on Ashan's side. He could never step into a choice that Ashan might have, that he might have. What Ashan has left from the beginning. He chose to choose and choose what was left.

It was a natural punishment for the bystander who had been born with the appearance of a foreign mother and had been born with the appearance of a small child living like a ghost. I watched Ashan's brother abuse, harass and insult him.

She was afraid that she would treat her like Ashan if she knew she was born to a foreign mother. Asuka didn't open his mouth until the end, watching Ashan grow up not knowing who he was and how he felt in the abuse. He acted like a man born with perfect blood."This is how I'm paying off my debt that turned me away from him."

Ashan, I left him alone. I couldn't reach out my hand. It was suffocating just to imagine that those creepy eyes were directed at you.

"I will never be his enemy."

Asuka couldn't face Hae-yoon looking at him. I hate to see her contempt for herself on her face, which doesn't hide her expressions and feelings. Why do you want to tell this story to Haeyoon, not Seo Yoon or Ashan, even though you know it's contemptible?

A smile of self-help came out.

I think it can't be helped that Ashan and Seoyoon despise themselves.

But Hae-yoon, it's a little painful if there's contempt on that clean face.

"That's why."

Haeyoon's voice was calm.

"That's why Asuka was protecting Ashan.”

Asuka raised his half-bowed head. I could see Haeyoon's face from the front. She didn't let go of her hands. On the contrary, he was more powerful than Asuka. Holding him as hard as one could with a small hand was something one had never experienced.

"At first, I obviously turned a blind eye to it. That's wrong. But in the end, you couldn't turn a blind eye to the end. You're supposed to protect Ashan when he's up. That's not what I'm looking for."

How can she be like her when she grows up with a good education in a good family?


What Seoyoon and Haeyoon have in common.

"That's, you know, that's...….”

Thick rain fell from the eyes of Hoodeduk and Haeyoon.

"I'm calling you brothers. Just as my sister protected me, Asuka decided to protect her brother Ashan."

At that moment Asuka thought he couldn't take it anymore.

He locked Hae-yoon in his arms by leading the hand he grabbed him. Tears streaming down my lips. I caressed my wet eyelashes with the tip of my tongue.

Salt-filled tears are sweet.

It was the first time he remembered. The tears of others who cry for themselves.

It is only his own. It was a jewel that the beads of water flowing down for him should collect and treasure in him.

"I keep crying. Cry for me."

Tears didn't stop as if Asuka's words were an order. Hae-yoon cried for him to the fullest. I felt sorry for the truth that he held alone so that he could not tell anyone and make up his mind. His lips sank all over his face like a feather. When tears welled up, he sucked them out. Riding on his lap, grabbed by one arm, received hundreds of kisses.

"Sometimes when I feel unbearable impulses."

Asuka, who kissed Hae-yoon all over her face with only her lips left, spoke softly to her lips.

"When I see what happens after this and I can't stop. It was time for me to kiss you."

I just wanted to "hug" her, who was hugging, when the tip of her lips touched.

"I'll do it again if I feel that urge.”

A little woman looking up from her arms, hugging him with red eyes, impulses him. Didn't you learn sick and tired of watching Ashan? That their blood should not be mixed. So I wasn't trying to be sincere with anyone. Even to the dead Seira, Asuka did not convey his true feelings. She died before she even knew his mind.Asuka bit Hae-yoon's lips, swallowing dry saliva, to the point where it didn't hurt.


His lips are wide open so that he can fit in.


He stuck out his tongue and put it through Hae-yoon's slightly open lips. The inside of his warm, hot lips paralyzed his reason. It tangled with a cute tongue that was shyly wrapped around it. I sucked it up to the point where it smelled sweet smell. No tears, no saliva, no body odor from her missed a grain.

His hot hands came into Hae-yoon's top. Gently kneaded the breast wrapped tightly in a bra.

Digging into the gap, the nipple was pressed hard with the thumb.


I was relieved to see him responding with certainty. Only then did Asuka finally remove her lips from Hae-yoon.

"I want to hug you."

They were confused eyes that I didn't know how to answer. But surely looking at the snow in the heat, Asuka promised.

"It won't end overnight."


"Above all, I'm not confident I can finish it overnight."

His eyes, which were thought to be soft, were actually too harsh. Facing a face that speaks with firm determination, Hae-yoon saw Asuka, the Sultan, for the first time. I can't resist him. You couldn't take your eyes off him from the beginning.

He said it didn't end with a day, but a day was fine.

There are bound to be nights that comfort each other. Hae-yoon resigned. It's a night that's bound to end in a day. The man was the Sultan of the Islamic world. Never, ever to enter Haeyoon's world. A world she can't go to.

Today is the only day when the two worlds meet and coexist.

Thinking like that, I became desperate on Haeyoon's side.

"I don't mind a day."

Clearly, clearly, he expressed his intention. Asuka smiled sweetly at Haeyoon's answer. He was born with everything from birth. The only opponent he made concessions was Ashan. I've never thought about wanting something because everything was in place.

But now, I want to have this woman.

To be exact, I want the eyes of a woman who cries for her.

Asuka gripped a raging heart on the spur of the moment. Until now, if he really wants something, he has not been obsessed with people even more because he is afraid of himself. Was the impulse he could easily suppress so out of control?

"A day is too short, Haeyoon."

Jab kissed the back of Hae-yoon's hand and Asuka said greedily.

He didn't know. The fact that even though I loved Seira, I never thought I wanted to have any part of her.


He laid down Haeyoon and threw off his top at once. Hae-yoon's eyes shook when his perfectly carved upper body was revealed.

"You've been watching this at the hotel, haven't you?”

Asuka smiled sweetly, holding her hand and bringing it to her abdomen.

"I'm used to this body because I'm holding you in."

Before I knew it, there was no man smiling sweetly. It was just that a man with the eyes of an animal was laughing furiously above. Hae-yoon breathed in and breathed in the rapidly changing change. The abdomen felt at the fingertips was firm. It was Asuka who put his hand between his pants, which was only in his abdomen.

p*n*s, already hot, was touched to the brim.

Asuka chewed Hae-yoon's earlobe with this end, pressing her wrist gently."To get used to it, you have to look and touch it."

"It's too, too big.”

The heavy touch of the p*n*s was frightening to identify with the real eye. Asuka froze affectionately as Hae-yoon shook her head with a frightened face.

'That's all right—you'll accept me.'

Fully seated with her legs apart, he slowly pushed Hae-yoon's top to the end. The chubby chest looked covetous over the dainty bra. He kissed the white flesh, which was significantly different from him, as if in reverence.


As his lips sucked up the bumps in his chest, Hae-yoon blocked the bursting moan with the back of his hand. Asuka, who saw it, grabbed her wrist with one hand and put it over her head. I held it gently so that it didn't hurt, but I couldn't move.



Subtusely, but if you say yes, Asuka asks dangerously. He lightly touched the tip of Hae-yoon's lips, blowing a light kiss so that his lips were not injured. Hae-yoon's eyes trembled with a prickly and itchy feeling.

"Not a single moan, you're the one I need to know. Don't hide it."

This man speaks such shameful language so naturally. So I don't feel ashamed anymore. I can't remember anyone being so sweet and precious.

"Please open your mouth."

He stuck his hot lower body close to Hae-yoon's stomach. The solid reveals a heavy presence on the ship.


The heat has already melted my body green. When Hae-yoon opened her lips with a groan, Asuka hurriedly took her saliva as if she had waited. As each other's saliva flowed, his lips chased through his chin and left traces of his lips where his neck and pulse beat.

Even if he no longer holds Haeyoon's wrist, she had her arms around his shoulder.

There was no time to take off the knitwear, so Asuka grabbed it from the back of Hae-yoon's neck and tried to rip it apart. However, Hae-yoon relaxed and laughed as the knitwear just stretched along with his touch.


As his dark eyebrows wriggled discontentedly, Hae-yoon quickly raised his hand up to help him take off his clothes.

"You're like a kid."

I know you've met a lot of women, but seeing you in such a hurry, it felt like the first time for each other.

"That makes me regret it."

He opened the hook of the bra at once and said, grasping the coveted chest that was revealed in front of him. Never, Hae-yoon gently caressed her chest so that she could not run away scared, and rolled the unbearably raised nipples in her mouth.

The tip of one's tongue revolves around the flow. When he pushed down the peak strongly, Hae-yoon's waist shook.

"Huh... Uh-huh...….”

"Tell me, softly? Or...."

He pulled it up, bit the vertex, and sucked it in at once.

Her waist was lifted high and rubbed against his lower body. Lower your hips and push your back down so that I can't move.


His eyes glistened with heat. I'm sure his own eyes are no different. The man who waits for Hae-yoon's answer while exhaling his breath is a submissive beast. A domesticated beast who is ready to do exactly what he wants.


So that I can't think of anything.

Seoyundo, Ashando, forgetting that he is a Sultan and being alone with him in the snowy sea of this villa. Because they have to stop breathing when the world starts to breathe at dawn. I wanted to release his violent beast in this darkness where no one was breathing."As you wish."

As soon as the words were over, Hae-yoon's chest was marked. Holding his chest full of hands, he began to suck greedily. A soft and friendly man hid in his instincts. Hae-yoon burst into a groan, as he said.


Cut your chest with your lips and rub under your jeans with your fingertips. The rough texture of jeans over soft underwear squeezes women. And above it, the long fingers rubbed with a constant rhythm.

His legs were wet by the hot pleasures he gave.

Sometimes, his tongue moves smoothly on his chest bone, and he bites when Hae-yoon focuses on the stimulus going down. Red marks made of smooth lips all dyed Hae-yoon's chest red.

"If you don't stand up so stiff, I don't know what you're doing.”

There was a mixture of deep satisfaction in the low-spoken voice.

Looking down at dozens of flowery marks, Hae-yoon looked up and sucked his neck like revenge.

Hae-yoon's actions shined his eyes.

The right neck that she washed jumped into the right neck of her right neck. He swallowed the spot longer and longer than Hae-yoon. Sooner or later, it'll be black.

"There's nothing on the stamps, so they're in the same place."

Proof that they slept together today.

He didn't have anything. Something she can hold on to so she doesn't get nervous.

"It hurts..."

Hae-yoon spat out, frowning one eye.

"Get used to it. I'm going to tattoo this place tattooed."

Spit it out on a whim, but it was a good idea. Mark it where anyone can see it and make sure she's his. This was not his country. Haeyoon could meet another man at any time. The women here were free.

When I thought of it, Asuka's eyes were pointed sharply.

Suddenly, Hae-yoon's eyes trembled as he faced Asuka's cold face. I was scared to death because I thought it might be something that never happened.

"No, never. You can't."

It didn't matter at all until now who the women he'd met met through him or at the same time. He just wanted a moment, a moment, to open.

"Don't cry for anyone else with your eyes."

Eyes that cry for themselves cry for others. Asuka was the first to know that he had this ferocious nature in him. Anger had first come over Seira when Ashan vowed revenge and so did he. When the only man in the world who cared about him disappeared, he went with a knife as if he were really going to kill his opponent. It was Ashan who stopped it. Then, as if it had never happened, only a cold as ever.

Tooth for tooth, eye for eye. It was a choice with no regrets or hesitation.

Ashan and Seoyoon give Haeyoon to themselves?

In a country where arrogance drove their mothers away and raised a child like a ghost?

Suddenly Asuka was afraid.

They will never give themselves the benefit of the doubt. Ashan might really try to kill him.

"Haeyoon, answer me. Huh?"

He said to Haeyoon in a sweet voice. Haeyoon could not easily answer. His eyes were still stark and frighteningly shining.

"Today... .. I will cry only for you."

Only then did Asuka realize. HAE YOON thinks today is the first and the last. He hid his cold eyes. The young Asuka, who hated hunting, was forced to hunt from an early age. When the prey is never caught, it is taught that it must be lured into its favorite sweet thing and captured at once."Yes, that's enough.”

Hae-yoon's heart ached at Asuka's answer, smiling and hiding his eyes. Of course he only agreed, why is his heart like this? It was a similar shock to when he was broken up. Without knowing what Asuka was thinking, Hae-yoon just hugged him tightly.

His pants came off and his hands came into his underwear. In comparison to rubbing over jeans, he moved his fingers narrowly through the light inner flesh of the mucous membrane.

I want it to touch the inside, more.

Not to think any more, just to remember the touch he gives. Haeyoon swallowed a groan.

"Don't swallow it. Cry with your pretty mouth."

Asuka gently rubbed clitoris with her thumb as she kissed the moan she swallowed.


Her index finger and middle finger pushed into Hae-yoon's woman at once.

"I'm completely wet."

The two fingers slowly began piston-jumping with a clammy sound. Hae-yoon buried his lips on Asuka's shoulders under the stimulus from both sides as his thumb still presses on the clitoris. Asuka, who kissed all over her face nonstop, thought with cold hair.

Asyan, how to act when the front of him.

To have a woman moaning under me now, he calculated what he should and should not lose. Even when he found out that his body was addicted, he answered indifferently and did not even find out the criminal.

I'm getting more and more extreme.

Before I knew it, Asuka was perfectly aware of Ashan as an enemy. Wanting to have his, reason comes up with a way to scare even him.

Not yet. Asuka bit his lips.

Hae-yoon's legs were fully spread and he took his place underneath. He wound tightly so that her legs could hug her more tightly around her waist.

When I pulled out my finger that was poking through her, the silver thread went on for a long time.

He stuck out his tongue, put his finger in his mouth, and sucked every trace of Hae-yoon's inside.

"Don't, don't."

The sight of a man looking down at her with his back straight and tasting his fingers one by one was grossly obscene. Hae-yoon was suffocated to think that it was a trace that had been inside him a while ago.

The snow bent seductively because it fell thin.


"Just, give me a hug."


He politely asked, but he grabbed her pelvis as if it had nothing to do with Hae-yoon's intention. Then, he grabbed Haeyoon's ankle and opened it wide from side to side. He bent his back on the concave belly first and kissed her, avoiding Hae-yoon's two hands trying to push his face with his face red and buried his lips inside her.


So far, it has been incomparably high.

As if the crazy kiss he had made so far was a joke, his tongue wandered around Hae-yoon's woman. When I shook my back, I took it as a welcome and inhaled it deeply. The sound of water filling and overflowing was heard every time Asuka's lips moved from the bottom.

The tongue, which was dug in by kissing the lips, cleverly dug in the bottom and replaced the finger's spot. More malleable and alive than hard fingers come in freely, and then inhale and pass on the liquid vigorously."Hmm……."

There was definitely a moving sound in his throat. He knows what he handed over with saliva came from within him. Haeyoon's breath stopped breathing. And as his lips rub violently over the clitoris something hot poured from the bottom with a sigh.

Asuka stared lovingly at the red-glistening hot springs that never dried up and soaked endlessly. Then he sat upright and raised a half-stretched haeyoon and sat on his thigh.

Facing each other, his p*n*s poked Haeyoon in the stomach dangerously. His size, which is being rubbed over the navel, was greater than Hae-yoon's touch and imagination.


Asuka laughed low on the small body that came in saying no.

"Now that you're here?"

Passing her sweaty hair to her lips, she asked in a humid voice around her ears. It was fun to come with a flinching waist.

"This is going to go inside Haeyoon. It's hot and narrow, but it'll fit in enough.”

It was my first time hugging a woman without a condom. He skimmed his p*n*s lightly with one hand.

"Raise your butt a little more."

"Oh, I think it's going to hurt."

"There's still water flowing from here, and we're not good enough for each other. Huh?"

I gently froze Haeyoon, who hesitated. It was no job for Asuka to pretend to be the sweetest man in the world. I can't believe I feel this violent towards a woman. I want to open up that little body and fill it up with his stuff and torment it out of breath.

Hugging his neck, Hae-yoon gently raised his waist.

"A little higher."

The butt went up completely. Hae-yoon's anxious eyes shone lovely from the heat. Asuka's fingers rode on her hip bone and double-checked if it was still wet enough. Her hips flinched as her fingers passed through the woman.

Soon both sides of his hips were held in his hands.

Slowly, he lowered Hae-yoon's hips to the end of his fleet. A thick, hard part began to penetrate her woman.

"Huh! Wait...….”

"Clearly, I asked you to have it in a ferocious way."

Asuka did not stop, reflecting on Hae-yoon's first words affectionately. Pulled down a flinching butt and inserted at once to the end of his roots.


The big, heavy thing filled my lower stomach. He supported Hae-yoon's head to the back.

"Are you sick?"

She shook her head instead of answering when she saw the sweat running through Asuka's forehead. When I penetrated it at once, the feeling of being full and overflowing came before the pain. The thick and hard thing that was incomparable to the fingers seemed to live and breathe in themselves.


When Hae-yoon's interior came tightly to Asuka's, he frowned and endured the climax. Since he became a sultan, he has lost interest in women. None of it was pleasant. Moving like a moth for a moment's pleasure and pleasure, he became completely numb. He was on his way to Korea to meet Ashan and Seoyoon, the only things he enjoyed in his life.

"It's so hot that I think I'll be there soon.”

I had goosebumps all the way down my spine. Her insides were driving me crazy. I felt like I was a child who first took pity at the age of 15. As the ship grew older, he was acting like a man who had never experienced this heat of pleasure.Unable to resist Hae-yoon's wince, he moved his back.

Her body bounces off his waist and spits out the doctrines in Ho Gong.

"Ah! Ah! Ah, Asuka...….”

He grabbed his waist with both hands, drove it deeper into the roots, and pulled it out for a long time. It is so creepy that I feel like the fleet that has escaped from the outside is going back into Hae-yoon's body.

His blood was all rushing down.

He cut and swallowed Hae-yoon's shaking chest in front of his eyes.

"Huh! Uh-huh! Ha-ha!"

The doctrines who sing only for themselves are insanely adorable. When Hae-yoon's inner wall held his own and contracted strongly, he hugged her with all his might. And sprinkled it all over her deepest.