Chapter - 27 4.\^J

It was a time full of honey.

It's been so long since I slept so comfortably. After seeing the abused Ashan with his eyes, an sleepless night came to him. The time when I was afraid that I might be caught today has become a familiar insomnia.

When she confessed to Seira that she seemed to love her, she suddenly remembered what she said while looking at herself with her eyes that were unknown.

- Just because you love me doesn't mean you can be like Ashan.

I couldn't figure out the meaning at the time. Asuka loved Seira for letting Ashan out of the palace. Asuka was more frustrated than Ashan when he concluded that no one could get him out of here. Seira was a salvation and an angel who helped him out of the palace.

Everyone must have loved her.

Seira was special. Asuka obviously loved her who loved Ashan.

Asuka opened her eyes when she was crazy about it. The warmth that had been in his arms throughout the dawn had already. The firewood in the fireplace were still burning with a pattering sound, but there was no Haeyoon in his arms.

He lifted himself up. The blanket covering the upper body gently fell below the waist.

As I looked around with sharp eyes, a rustling noise came from the kitchen side.

"……Pork powder. No, this one too. Oh, I didn't know that Korean ramen had so much pork powder.」

Asuka hugged Hae-yoon, who muttered something in Korean.


The familiar scream made him swallow a laugh. One thing I realized about her was that she was frightened when an unexpected situation occurred while thinking hard about something.

"What do you think?"

Asuka asked, chewing on the broken earlobe. Hae-yoon lowered his head and struggled to escape his arms. The more tightly he hugged her and clenched her to his bare body.

"Ah…… I thought you'd be hungry when you wake up, so I was going to cook ramen, but spam and ramen all have pork in them."

When Asuka's lips were eventually replaced by Hae-yoon's head down, he picked up the ramen bag she was holding.

"It's all right, eat."

"I don't want to eat alone. Shall we call a taxi and go out and get some groceries?"

"Didn't Hani tell you?"

Asuka said, tearing the ramen bag with his mouth with a familiar face.


"I'm not a Muslim."

Hae-yoon lifted his head and turned around.

"No, there. I'm the one who's arrogant. And the clothes...….”

"Have you seen Ashan cover his food?"

Come to think of it, I went to a pork rib restaurant with Ashan. He had enjoyed the pork ribs that John grilled hard. However, I didn't think he was Muslim because he looked so European.

"But isn't the Sultan a Muslim or something?”

"No, you can't."

"But if you're not a Muslim...….”

Hae-yoon murmured with a confused look on his face. Meanwhile Asuka used to pour water into the pot next to her and turn on the induction.

"Whenever a package comes from Korea, I secretly eat it in my room, so I know how to cook it."

Hae-yoon couldn't smile at his child-like face. My head was confused. And he was embarrassed to face an Arab man who proudly cooked ramen in front of him.Although he added a little too much water, he is a Korean who cooks ramen by stirring it with Hwi Hwi chopsticks.

"It's going to be pretty spicy, is it okay?"

"So I wash and eat in water."

Hae-yoon, who realized that children wash ramen in water, prepared a bowl. He was big, but somehow this man was like a child.

"Get dressed—it's a little cold in the kitchen."

Asuka grinned and asked asuka as he spoke to him still naked.

"Isn't Haeyoon ashamed?"

"All men's bodies are the same."

"Your pupils are shaking.”

"Oh, you sultan!"

Hae-yoon eventually opened her eyes and looked straight at Asuka in his way of talking, which was apparently making fun of her. As soon as the body, which I thought was perfect, entered my sight, I remembered myself in that body at dawn and groaned all over it.

Soon he turned his eyes away again. Hae-yoon didn't have much immunity to this kind of thing.

When Hae-yoon did not look at him, Asuka was forced to come back to the kitchen wearing pants rolling under the sofa. In the meantime, ramen was boiled and placed on the table. Hae-yoon, who took a portion of Asuka separately and washed it in water, sat down.

"Well, it's delicious. It's the same taste that Hani and I secretly made."

I put a fork instead of chopsticks, and he ate well.

"Is it really okay to eat?”

"Sure, I'm not picky about food like Ashan."


"There is no God, Haeyoon."

Asuka said with a grin.

"It's funny to pretend to believe in God when you know there's no God."

If I had to pick something in common with Ashan, that was it. Neither of them believed in God.

"This is a secret too, okay?"

Putting a finger to his mouth, he whispered as if he really had a secret conversation. Hae-yoon nodded and scooped the noodles with chopsticks.

"Well, what happened at dawn...….”

Asuka, who was eating ramen with his mouth full, nodded as if to speak following Hae-yoon's words.

"Let's forget about it. They were both a little weird then...….”

I don't usually talk like this. It was Hae-yoon's advantage that it was clear to make and break. My voice became smaller and smaller. It was not easy to say this when there was someone in front of me who hugged me more than anyone else.

Like this.

He put down his fork and pulled out a tissue next to him and wiped his mouth. Then, he put his chin on the table and urged Hae-yoon, looking at Hae-yoon at an angle.

"Go ahead."

"It just happens to be between a man and a woman. It snowed a lot, and it was freezing."



"Come to think of it, Haeyoon hugged me and said, It's a "today.

Pretty fingers with long joints tapped monotonously on the table. Hae-yoon's eyes were fixed on Asuka's fingers because his black eyes looking at him were burdensome.

His fingers, which move naturally like playing the piano, came into him yesterday and immediately blushed when he recalled what he had done. It must have been crazy. When I saw his naked body, I thought of something strange, and now I think of him just by looking at his fingers. Must have been worn by some lewd demon.

"Tsk, your face turned red."

He flicked his tongue low and brought the finger tapping on the table to her eyes. Lift up your chin and keep your eyes on him."Do you have a fever?"

Asuka asked affectionately. The black eyes that asked like that also contained worries. He shook his head, saying it wasn't Haeyoon. And as soon as he tried to get out of his hands, his jaw was held so that it could not be forced back.


"Dear Asuka?"

"Did you have s*xual thoughts?”

At that moment it was the smell of pheromones from a dark male that hit him hard. Haeyoon jumped up from his seat.

"Sit down."

Asuka spoke in a serious tone, as if to expect her to do so. That was not the tone of the recommendation type. It was coercive, overbearing. There is such an authoritative determination that it seems that Asuka is the one he has seen.

"We need to talk a little more.

"The dawn thing was a mistake for Asuka, too.

At Hae-yoon's words, Asuka loosened his chin and got up from his seat. The slow rise made me feel overwhelmed. The atmosphere is different. Asuka was clear, but the relaxed, playful, and pleasant aspect he exudes is nowhere to be found.

"Did I say it was a mistake?”

He asked calmly in an uncomfortable voice where it was. Hae-yoon looked up at Asuka, who had a higher view than him.

"That's obviously...….”

"Do you often make such mistakes?”


"Then the expression 'mistake' doesn't fit."

Around the table, he came to Hae-yoon at once. Asuka grabbed her waist, which seemed too close, to recoil, and pulled her into her arms.

"Do you think I accidentally went inside you without wearing a condom?"


Hae-yoon had nothing to refute the straightforward question.

"Haeyoon really doesn't know what to do."

Does he become Ashan's biological mother if he keeps her around with his greed? Or like his birth mother? Does this woman have no choice but to wither in his country?

That's why there's no God.

If there really is a God, shouldn't we lead him to never fall in love like this taboo again? It's no good being a son who follows his father's footsteps. However, it was clear that there was no woman before who reached out to run away, and that Hae-yoon would be the only one afterwards.

"That's the one thing that needs to be done is just for today."

"Dear Asuka!"

Does he even know what he's talking about? Haeyoon's mind became complicated. She didn't want to treat her time with Asuka as if it hadn't happened. However, this man had to leave Korea soon.

"You don't have to call me that out loud, but I know I'm Asuka."

Cowardly, Haeyoon shouted to himself.

The face of a clearly-looking man who smiles affectionately and jokes again casually makes him unable to say anything. It was too cowardly.

"Haeyoon, you don't have to say anything."

Asuka's eyes sank. I couldn't figure out what he was thinking. I didn't even want to ask, actually. Haeyoon seems to be thinking about something scary that he can't handle.

How did this happen?

It's only been a day.

"You don't have to think about anything."

"What about Asuka?"

When asked by Hae-yoon, Asuka raised only the corners of his mouth without saying a word. His eyes were not smiling at all, he asked tenderly."Did I give you too much trouble at dawn?”

Hae-yoon, who instinctively felt the secret temptation mixed with the question, was flabbergasted. Asuka's hand, hugging her waist, slowly descended between Hae-yoon's hips. The feeling that his p*n*s stood up firmly between his body was conveyed to Hae-yoon.

"You looked at my hand and thought dirty. Can't you think of that again?"

Asuka asked brightly.

It's a cowardly foul. Talking about important things and moving on to this.

"Mr. Asuka…….”

I wanted to call Seoyoon and ask her. Why the hell is this guy doing this to himself? He himself and why do you want to nod to this man unconditionally? He was suffocated by his deep body. Hae-yoon held her breath because she thought she would be completely drunk by the scent if she breathed. Asuka's fingers, which have not been cleared, are completely in his hands and secretly and clearly massage from the bottom.


My stomach felt numb. When he woke up and stood hungry in the kitchen, Hae-yoon had to tremble because he still, Hae-yoon had to tremble.

"Why are you doing this to me?"

Hae-yoon's face looked like a thin prey, asking with a face that he really didn't know what was going on. Sympathy lifted his head from his chest. Asuka was vulnerable to being slender. No, I think all men do. If you look at these eyes, you will be weak with any man.

"I know. Why am I doing this to Haeyoon?" It's... ..."

At the same time as the words, Hae-yoon was turned around and built. In front of me, I saw a table that had just eaten. Hugging her from behind, Asuka swept all the dishes with one hand without hesitation.

Break down!

Hae-yoon looked at the dishes that rolled on the floor with a loud noise.

What did this man really learn from? Suddenly, I remembered that a friend who got married early said that she had breakfast with her husband and did it at the table before going to work. To Hae-yoon, who shouted at her, "How do you do that?" her friend said with a strange look.

Surprisingly, he does a lot of things like that. It's like a dream for men.

Does that dream work for this man who is taking off his pants behind his back?


My pants are halfway down.

Then his hand, which came into the top, grabbed Hae-yoon's bare chest.

"You didn't do your bra."

I couldn't help it. I tried to take out my bra, but I couldn't find it under the sofa. I gave up because I thought Asuka would wake up if I trembled to find more.

Asuka crushed the nipple, which had been sensitively fast and harassed all night, with his fingers, the pain of being swept and the pleasure of twisting came.

"Dear Asuka!"

Asuka, who kissed the back of her neck lovingly at Hae-yoon's cry, kept rubbing her lips against the soft spot.

"Please take off your pants."

Asuka rubbed his lower body against Hae-yoon's butt, who was holding the table supporting his weight behind his back. The hot breath went through my ears with a hook without any restraint. I felt like my whole body was on edge.

"Here, I got goosebumps."

Asuka smiled low, licking Hae-yoon's neck and shoulder with his tongue.

"Stop, stop."

"Haeyoon is weak in pleasure. Is there a man who's shaking like this and telling him to stop?"He clenched Hae-yoon's chest once.


Asuka's lips swallowed Hae-yoon's lips from the side when his head leaned back. With his head turned halfway around, he hurriedly received and drank the saliva he handed over. The tongue touched the light flesh inside Hae-yoon's cheeks and scoured the roof of his mouth sharply. Unknowingly, I pushed my lower body and pulled my hips back.

Asuka's solid lower body was rubbed against Hae-yoon's hip, which was pulled back stronger.

"Pants, take them off."

Reason was paralyzed by blatant temptation. It was a much scarier sense than I thought. Like a doll that became a pet he controls, Hae-yoon's hand stuttered to find Asuka's pants buckle. I kept slipping because I was looking for it by reaching out my hand behind me. In addition, his was still rubbing, so I kept fumbling.

After several failures, he finally unzipped Asuka's pants.

Maybe it was the same for him not to wear underwear, but as soon as he unzipped his hand, it was as if his hand had been torn. It's so big and intimidating that you can't even hold it right in one hand.

I felt the soft epidermis between my fingers.



I was suffocated by the groan of a man in my ear.

With that sigh, I thought it didn't matter what happened now. It was a voice that shook my heart that much.


He said, lightly pinching Hae-yoon's nipple, which he was trying to take off.


It's not like he's forcing you to hold on and keep your hands off. Hae-yoon's hand gently wrapped around Asuka's p*n*s and was moving as he said. As I skim through the end of the fleet, the gushing Cooper fluid slides onto the thick pillar.

"Do you know there's a mole here?"

Asuka, who pushed Hae-yoon's clothes up to her chest, swept her waist and said. Hae-yoon gently pressed the back, which Hae-yoon couldn't see, with a mole on his finger.


Shaking, Hae-yoon lay face down on the table. Then Asuka's p*n*s, who came in between her legs, passed the petals and tapped Clitoris to the end of the fleet.


Slowly pull your back, and the entire pillar retreats back, crushing the petals. And then it poked right back into the clitoris.

"It's very slippery."

Cooper fluid and Hae-yoon's legs were mixed and his p*n*s was covered with glue.

"Is it bothering you?"

"Mr. Asuka…….”

Asuka smiled and put his waist in his name, which seemed to break out of Hae-yoon's mouth. Never, never put her where she wanted to be, but continued to provoke clitoris. His hands clasped Hae-yoon's hips tightly and spread them to both sides.

His eyes are so beautiful that I can't take my eyes off of him.

His index finger fumbled Hae-yoon's hip bone.

"I don't know where to go. Haeyoon, can you find it for me?"

Never, I hate her for saying let's pretend it didn't happen when I don't want to be mean. He buried his face at the table, turned his head, and kissed Hae-yoon's lips, looking at him resentfully.


As I moved my waist again, I felt Hae-yoon's hip stiffening with my fingertips.

Stuttering, her hand came down. And carefully wrapped around Asuka's p*n*s roots. Under Hae-yoon's leadership, he brought Pennis' fleet to her petals without noticing it."Is this the place?"


You must have blushed even if you don't have to look. Asuka buried herself inside Hae-yoon at once because she thought she would cry if she bothered her anymore.


It was a body that I hugged only a few hours ago. Her inner self, which was still soft, welcomed Asuka as if she had waited. The quality contracts tightly to fit the p*n*s. In it, even a little stiff, Asuka swallowed a painful breath.

The desire to erupt at any moment incites him.

"Ha! Ha! Ha! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah!

You're going too deep. Every time he came in, I was suffocated deep in my throat. It felt like a big thing stuck in my mouth. Hae-yoon's hand scratched the glass of the table helplessly. Only the sound of his thigh and his butt bumping into each other will ring in the kitchen.

"…Car…… Asuka……!”

"Here you go."

Looking at Hae-yoon's back, who has a prominent curve, Asuka replied affectionately. Tears of sweat that flowed through his forehead fell on Hae-yoon's waist, concave place.

The greedy petals that devour their own tightly to the end are lovely. The dark rose-colored place was breathtakingly appetizing.

"I wish I could stay behind you like this.”

"Yeah! Hoot!

Hae-yoon didn't even understand what Asuka was talking about under constant stimulus from the bottom. I felt my stomach full and gasped. The hot stuff kept pushing in. His p*n*s, no where else satisfied, was about to penetrate Hae-yoon's body.

It is clear that it is bothering Hae-yoon, but it constantly rains on his neck and back. Unlike pushing like an animal's lower body, the lips kissing the neck, shoulders, and wings are soft and friendly. It was hard to understand the gap between men like this.

"Huh! Haaaaaaah!

There seemed to be a fire down there. Haeyoon's mind is blank. I couldn't think of anything, but I unconsciously tightened my bottom and shook my hips. And at some point, I felt his body swell so big that it couldn't grow any bigger.



He groaned low and deeply, holding his pelvis so much that Hae-yoon couldn't take out his waist, and sowing seeds in the deepest part.

Kiss, kiss, kiss.

He kissed Hae-yoon, who was exhausted on the table, on his shoulder, on his side face, and still connected to the innermost flesh of his forearm. I didn't have the strength to lift a finger, so I left him alone as he did.

Thinking that Hui is also an amazing man.

"Shall we wash up together?”

"I'd like you to leave it out and tell me."

Hae-yoon recognized his p*n*s still inside him. Asuka grinned at her tired voice and slowly escaped. His p*n*s is heavy, escaping after begging. Hae-yoon endured the emptiness by biting his lips.

I could feel the fluid running through my thighs.

Asuka swept Haeyoon's thigh with her palm, not completely away from her.

"That's too bad."


"It's a waste that I flow inside Haeyoon."

I lost what to say. Hae-yoon, who lost the timing to answer back, was dumbfounded.

"……I think I got Asuka wrong for a long time."


"I didn't know you were saying this with a casual face."

"It's such a waste, are you angry?"

"No, you're just talking so casually.Did he say this to Seoyoon as if nothing happened? Seo-yoon lived among men and felt like she would have talked openly with him without any trouble.

"I know what you're worried about."

He raised Hae-yoon and hugged him and said,

"Hani and I don't talk like this. 'Cause I didn't sleep with Hani.'

"Not that...….”

"I didn't do that to other women. I've never had a woman I've hugged so shy and wanted to have her own way."

There was little talk between them and Asuka. At best, the conversation was all about doing it when the woman asked for something. Hae-yoon bowed his head down because he seemed to have read his mind. He hugged her as if he knew her mind and patted her back like a child.

"Do you want to have my way?"



"May I correct it?”

Asuka, who was thinking for a while, asked.

"Yes, sir.

"I don't want to do what I want, but I want Haeyoon to do what I want.”

Hae-yoon bit her lips at the honest confession. I bit off the skin of my lips, which was habitually standing up.

"I'm confused."

Hae-yoon said without faking his feelings. I was really confused. In this way, I wanted to ask where the end was.

"I have very little impulse, so I'll probably add to the confusion.”

I hardly remember doing anything on a whim. I can count them. One of the most popular things came to Korea suddenly. I met Haeyoon after coming to Korea because of the small impulse.

Does this woman know how small impulses that once in a while shake him up feel like they're coming into a massive tidal wave.

Haeyoon was like the crystal of all the impulses he had ever heard. Something that is never controlled. What I can't stand. And something that's so intense.

"I'm against it. I decide everything on a whim. I'm scolded every day by my sister."

Yes, this was cute. He pouts his mouth and says what he has to say in front of Asuka. I'm in trouble, but I don't hide it.

"I know."

"How does Asuka know?"

"You told me on a whim to run away."

It couldn't be that he didn't he know.

"Please think about me.”

Asuka asked, hoping for a chance. His mind was so stubborn that she could never let go even if she made another choice, but he cleverly dug into Hae-yoon's weak gap.


"I want to have a deep relationship with Haeyoon."

"……Asuka will leave soon."

"Is that the only problem?"

The problem was much more than that. Realistic things lead to the conclusion that they cannot be achieved from one to ten. Haeyoon couldn't bring himself to say it. Maybe Asuka is not catching himself, but I'm catching Asuka.

"I don't know."

Haeyoon answered honestly. I really don't know. When I saw him, I was confused whether my heart was shaking or really beating because I saw a decent person for the first time in a while.

"Today is the second day. Three days, and four days. I'm sure you'll know if I'm still around."

"Are you going to stay?”

I unconsciously raised my head and asked him.

"I will stay until Haeyoon knows. So tell me when you're sure."

How was your relationship with Eun Kang? Did you have a relationship with something called certainty. Hae-yoon rummaged through old memories."What if I tell you? What's changing?”

Asuka lowered her lips over her frightened eyelids. It was self-evident that he would not choose him if he was already scared.

"The choice I'm talking about is to choose me over Hani, Ashando, and Haeyoon's father."

"Can't be...….”

"Yes, Hani and Ashan did."

The two thought only of each other. Ashan watched Seoyun over the years and eventually concluded. By keeping her by his side without harming her, she shook off everything around her as a companion for the rest of her life and confidently got Seoyoon's hands.

Asuka naturally liked Seoyoon because Ashan was interested. I watched them closer than anyone else and saw how it was done. He felt relieved and defeated when they achieved what he couldn't achieve even if it took a lifetime.

Ding dong.

Their conversation was cut off because the doorbell rang.

An anxious look came across my eyes.

"I'm coming out. Get out of the shower."

Asuka pushed her towards the bathroom.

"Maybe it's the concierge.”

I didn't know how much the janitor would speak English. Asuka checked the monitor after forcing Hae-yoon, who was worried not to enter the bathroom.

A blunt face.

I've seen how gently that face is loosened towards someone.

That's probably why I'm so stiff now. Asuka smirked.

[Open it]

Asuka shrugged at a short order heard from outside. In terms of direct lineage, Asuka, who rose to the position of Sultan, was far above, but that high-handed way of speaking does not change.

"Long time no see, Ashan."

Opening the front door, Asuka smiled softly and opened his arms toward his cousin.

And my cousin, whom I haven't seen in a long time, punched instead of hugging it with a cold face.


The left cheek was hot. Asuka, whose mouth burst, spat on the floor.

"Mr. Ashan, how dare you do this to the Sultan!"

The secretary and bodyguards who rushed in after Ashan were shocked. With two fists clenched, Mustafa, who stood in front of Ashan, raised one hand and swept his thumb around Asuka's mouth, which he blocked.

"It hurts."

With his torn lips, Asuka smiled and looked up at Ashan. Ashan, who looked at him with cold, emotionless eyes, uttered a word.

"What about Haeyoon?"

"I'm washing up."

Should I think it's a good thing that it ended with one punch? Thinking like that, Asuka shook Mustafa's hand to raise him. As if to defend his surroundings, his head became colder when he saw the shoes of the bodyguards surrounding him in an instant.

I've been used to this situation all my life.

There's nothing new about it now. Asuka looked at them as if they were walls. What would happen if Haeyoon was standing here?

"Wake up."

Someone approached Asuka, who was still sitting. As soon as bodyguards reached out to restrain her, Ashan kicked them right in the shin. The hand in front of my eyes. The nails were trimmed short. It has thick joints for a woman's hand, but it shows neat energy. Asuka knew this hand.


As soon as he looked up, Seo-yoon smiled slightly and was reaching out to Asuka.

Hae-yoon's face, who had reached out to him, suddenly brushed his hand. There can be no resemblance because they are not biological sisters, but Hae-yoon was seen by Seo-yoon.How can the sisters reach out to Ashan and themselves so freely? Asuka grabbed Seo-yoon's hand with both hands. There was a little embarrassment in her face.


"Why do you look like you're going to cry?"

"There's Haeyoon in the bathroom. Go into the bathroom and see if Hae-yoon is okay."

"Yes, sir.

Gently let the warmth out of the hand go mildly and Asuka rose weakly.

"Everyone, go out and take off your shoes. Let me wipe the floor."

As if it were his own home, he demanded. At Asuka's determined words, bodyguards rushed to the front door and Ashanman stood in the villa with his shoes on.

"Ashan, you, too."

Softly said, the voice is tough. Ashan frowned that this is no big deal at the moment. But asuka's eyes turned toward the bathroom where Seoyoon went in, and soon he heard what he added and even turned back to the front door.

"I don't want to scare her."

When I came out of the bathroom, there were a lot of men in black, the living room was a mess with shoes, and Asuka's face was bruised, so it was clear that Hae-yoon would cry.

Asuka was sitting still on the sofa. The guards quickly erased the traces of their entry, and Ashan, who had taken off his shoes, glanced at him, took off his coat and threw him over Asuka's body.

"Tell me."

Ashan sat across from Asuka, crossing his legs and gesturing as if to answer.

Asuka looked out of the window instead of answering. There is no sign of the dawn he spent with Hae-yoon. The sky, which was so snowy, is as clean as a lie. I feel dizzy because it is clear and transparent for the winter sky.

At some point, the fireplace, which burned all the firewood, was also being extinguished, leaving only a faint embers. Last night, there was a deep blue sea facing the sky, which was not seen because it was black. The sky is Chung-Myung color, the sea is frighteningly deep blue.

"I like it here."

Asuka murmured to himself.

If nothing is seen at night, can we find the traces of their love again?

Even though Asuka knew that the past night would not come again, he had a vain mind.

"Give it to me, Ashan."

Hard-faced, but firmly Asuka said to Ashan. Without answering, Ashan took a cigarette out of the case in his arms. It was a cigar that I used to smoke all the time, but it seemed to have changed to cigarettes due to Seo-yoon's nagging.

Bite the tip of the cigarette with thin lips and light it with a zippo lighter. Staring at Asuka without blinking once.

Asuka got up and swiped the cigarette away as he sucked it in deeply.

"I don't like the smell in here.”

But he couldn't find a place to pull and held a burning cigarette. Ashan, who smiled as if he didn't care about his behavior, lit a second cigarette. The smell of Haeyoon remaining in the air is hidden by cigarette smoke.

"If you don't like it, get out."

His cousin was still the same. I was there, nothing changed. It was he who chased after his cousin from the beginning. It was Asuka who couldn't do anything. Ashan didn't let his cousin run after him, but watched him carelessly as if he was looking at others.


There was something hot in my heart.

Before Asuka could turn his head, he burst into tears. Blood splashed over Ashan's face in front of Asuka. Asuka turned his head late as he shed blood around his mouth, which looked red and black. Mustafa was standing next to the sofa, and ran to him and put his handkerchief around his mouth.Ashan looked at Mustafa's face, who was not embarrassed.

It was only when I looked at his face that I easily realized that this had happened more than once.

Ashan's white, exotic face spattered with blood is bizarre. Even though he made it like that, he didn't even think about wiping it, and when he saw Ashan with an indifferent face, he laughed. Asuka laughed briefly and there was quite a lot of blood flowing down his mouth again.


The sound of the bathroom door opening hit my ear.

Asuka hurriedly covered his mouth with a handkerchief. Ashan's eyebrows wiggled when he saw Asuka's behavior.

"Don't come."

Hae-yoon, who peered out of the bathroom door, paused at Ashan's low voice. And I looked at Seoyoon next to me with a face asking for help. Although Ashan is doing quite a lot for Seo-yoon and Hae-yoon, Hae-yoon still had a hard time.

Seoyoon was quick to grasp the situation.

Instead of looking this way, I looked at Asuka and Ashan, who were turning their heads. Seoyoon looked back at Asuka once again in the blood splattered on his face. And quickly, Hae-yoon pulled her shoulder to see what was wrong.

"Let's talk in the bedroom."


Hae-yoon, who was stuck in Seoyun's words, gently followed her into the bedroom, feeling discouraged. Asuka was already lying on the sofa the moment she saw the bedroom door closed. Ashan, who quickly rushed in and laid Asuka on the sofa without any time for Mustafa to stop, looked down with his unique expressionless face.

He lifted his chin, looked into his eyes, and naturally ordered Mustafa.


Mustafa picked up water from the kitchen at the irresistible words. I poured it right in with Asuka's chin open.


Asuka turned his head to the side and spat out water, his thick fingers forced his mouth open and came in. And I took out my tongue.

"The color is normal.”

"You, you son of a b*tc*!"

"Do you want to open your mouth, call your doctor? I don't mind hearing it from your secretary."

Mustafa, the secretary, was unable to speak without Asuka's permission. But Mustafa's eyes said they would do whatever they could if they could hear it quickly. It was only when he saw the eyes that Asuka remembered that Ashan, who was on top of him, was a mercenary with natural torture skills.

"Dear Ashan. Thank you for not offering to torture me, but why don't you leave my secretary alone?"

"Then you tell me.”

"……when you come down from my ship."

Maybe it wasn't his thing to be like this with a man. I didn't want to experience the feeling of being stuck again because my hard thighs were pressing his not-thin waist on both sides. Ashan, who was still looking down at him from above Asuka, suddenly loosened the tie, which was squeezing his throat languidly.

"……why don't you come down and solve it?"

"Open your mouth first."

"Unlike you and me, Mustafa is a very passionate Muslim, so this sight is not good for him."

"Since when have you been wary of the secretary's lewdness.

"……I'm self- You must have been the one who didn't notice."

Mustafa is a good worker. It was no exaggeration to say that he would take care of what he had thrown away. Under these circumstances, if Mustafa quits his job, Asuka will have a hard time finding a reliable person for the time being. In the end, Asuka put one fact in his mouth that he would not say to the end."……the rumor left after you left is that you and I were in that relationship. So homos* know? Elders think you and I are like that and I would die if I were you."

"You're making me laugh.”

"Hahaha, yes."

Having said this, Ashan didn't think about coming down from the top. With an awkward smile, Asuka looked up at Mustafa's face next to him. I don't like my stiff face. It was Mustafa who told Asuka the rumor. I said absolutely no, but if Ashan does this, it proves it.

Should I push it aside with force?

Ashan bowed down when he was thinking so hard.

"Haha, Ashan. I think your face is getting closer."

"You said you'd talk."

Maybe his cousin really doesn't like him. I wondered if he would wait and see Mustafa, who is good at work, leave him. His face got closer with a real kiss. His dazzling white skin color was very different from mine.

"……you can't be…….”

Suddenly, Asuka's heart pounded when he realized something.

I'm afraid to ask. When asked, his younger cousin, who is 18 months younger than him, may hit his plexus with his elbow. But the hasty Asuka burst into silence.

"Are you worried about me?”

Mustafa and Ashan's faces were wrinkled at the same time by Asuka's question. Yeah, well, that's the rumor that Asuka unilaterally likes Ashan. Mustafa's gaze was close to disgusting whether the love between the two finally paid off.

"No, no. She likes Hani. Hani in the bedroom over there. We're not like that."

Mustafa, who never falls from Asuka's side without an order, takes a step back and pauses.


"Don't change the subject. It's your habit to change the subject when you're in trouble."

I had a sting in my head and a pain. This is because Ashan squeezed his finger and hit Asuka's forehead. I dared to touch the Sultan's body. As before, I wanted Mustafa to shout "How dare you!" but he didn't even try to make eye contact with Asuka.

It was Mustafa, who knew that Asuka, a Sultan, was not a Muslim, but never asked why he did not believe in God. I can't believe I'm looking for such a talkative secretary.

This time, Ashan raised his fist toward Asuka's head, thinking otherwise.


If you get hit by that fist, you may vomit blood in a different sense this time. In that thought, Asuka replied meekly.

"That's why I came to Korea."

The fist that came before my eyes slowly loosens.

"Tell me more.”

Ashan, who completely untied his tie and even loosened a few buttons on his shirt, said. It's been a long time since he looked threatening. But knowing that the threat was not directed at him, but at others who were invisible, a strange laugh came out.


He only called Mustafa's name, but recognizing his intention, he bowed his head. And took all the bodyguards outside.

"It's Kalitus."

"It's a plant growing in the southern part of the country.”

The name was familiar to Ashan, too. It was a plant that only grew in certain parts of the South. Roots are known to be effective for skin diseases or neuralgia, so they are used as medicines, but stems and leaves are included in neurotoxins, so they cannot be used anywhere. In the past, it was used to remove silence that was unknown. Continuous use of trace amounts does not detect poison.Now, as medicine advances, Callitus is rarely used as a medicine.

"How did you find it?"


Asuka did not say any more.


"I'm decoding it."

Calytus quietly penetrated the nerve. There were no other symptoms than running out of steam for a year. If he had taken it for years, he would have died slowly, but he had no symptoms. However, when detoxed, it was inevitable that the toxins in the nerves were released outside. Most are discharged into nosebleeds or keratopsia when unexpected. The doctor said the situation would sometimes continue for two to three weeks.

The plan to leave for Korea was impulsive.

I didn't want to let my political opponent know that he was being decoded.

"Do you want to detox here?"

"Yes, I'm going to keep pretending to be poisoned for a while."

Now I wish I could go down from his stomach, but Ashan still didn't move.

He stares at Asuka's face, which resembles him. Blood stains on his face kept bothering Asuka, raising his hand to touch Ashan's face. Dry blood, which has already hardened, was not easily wiped off by rubbing it with a finger several times.

"Can I spit on you?”

Asuka asked carefully because he thought his neck would twist if he wiped it without saying anything.

"Wipe your face."

Surprisingly, the words that came out of his mouth were quiet, even though he committed murder with his eyes. At the end of that, Ashan went down from Asuka's top. It was a quick and silent movement like a cat's animal.

These days, Seoyoon says he is faithful to his company life, but it is clear that he is working on another job as a side job.

I was holding the heavy weight on my waist, and when I raised my body, I felt stiff pain. Without a word, looking at Asuka's finger pointing to the bathroom, he came into the bathroom where Hae-yoon had just been in. There was still thick water vapor left.

The smell of body wash and shampoo she used remain in the air.

In the damp, damp bathroom, I wiped my fist against a mirror that was still steaming.

I could see bloodstains all over my mouth. I was lucky I wasn't wearing clothes. Asuka smiled bitterly at the sheep that ran through his chest to his abdomen.