Chapter - 28 5.\^J

Seoyoon sat Haeyoon on her bed, saying that the dryer was in the bathroom. Then, gently sweep the wet hair with a towel and shake off the water and dry it.

"This makes me feel like I was a child.」

"Yeah, it's been a while since I've seen this kind of thing.」

"When I was young, you always washed me first, dried my hair, braided me nicely, and dressed me in princess clothes to prepare for school. You're not even older than me.」

After Seo-yoon's mother died, it naturally became her responsibility to take care of Hae-yoon. Knowing that, my busy father attached the working lady and said she would do it for me, but strangely, Seoyoon did not yield it.

"Because you're my brother.」

"Yes, I took it for granted because I was your younger sister.」

Like a baby, Hae-yoon rubbed his wet hair against Seo-yoon's chest. Calluses are embedded, but delicate fingers patted Hae-yoon's head like a child.

"I'm sorry. I was going to call you because Asuka is with me.」

"Yes, sir."

"I was really going to contact you.」

Hae-yoon was not just immature. Since we grew up together, Seoyoon knew it best. Hae-yoon was immature because of his father. Hae-yoon acted more like a child because she knew her father who was heartbroken that Seo-yoon grew up early.

As Hae-yoon said, Seo-yoon believed that he tried to contact her.

"Asuka sometimes takes the soul out of people.」

"Have you been through it, too?」

When Asuka's story came out, Seo-yoon didn't miss Hae-yoon's eyes shining.

"He has a strange talent for getting people involved in talking.」

During the tug-of-war with Ashan in Oman, Asuka gave Seoyoon a laugh. There were moments when he suddenly realized that he was older than himself even though he was acting like a child. Seoyoon didn't know, but things like his special way of thinking about Ashan. During the conversation, there were times when I suddenly felt like I wasn't the Asuka I knew. At that time, Asuka would sometimes talk about the same thing as a very old man.

Seoyoon thought he was the one to leave, so he didn't bother to dig into it and ask. Asuka said she loved that so much.

Come to think of it, it looks like you.」

"Asuka and I?」

"Yes, in a way, they both look like children. Actually, it's not like that on the inside.」

It's not easy for anyone to grasp it.

"I don't know."

It's been a while since Seoyoon left Korea for the military and his job.

"It might only be visible to me.」

"……I'm sorry, sister."


"You came home early because of us, didn't you? It wasn't easy to take a brother-in-law vacation.」

Hae-yoon, who knows Ashan can't rest until the holiday, apologized. It was a trip that the two of us went together after a long time.

"As long as everything's fine.」

What kind of weird thing does Seoyoon say? She must have already seen the marks on her body, but she didn't ask if she wanted to open her mouth first. I felt like I was going to cry. To Haeyoon, Seoyoon was a mother. The only thing she knew, who couldn't even remember her mother's arms, was her sister.

"I guess I always worry about my sister.」

"In that sense, all the time I was in the military, when I was abroad, when I got hurt and came back. What must have been going on inside you and your father?」Surprised by the words, Hae-yoon grabbed Seo-yoon's hem tightly. I didn't want to imagine it then. When Seo-yoon returned to Korea after being hurt to death, Hae-yoon cried for the world to pass away. I cried so hard that my eyes were swollen that I couldn't even open them properly for more than a month. I really thought Seoyoon was going to leave her side with her father.

"Don't talk about it.」

"Look, I'm sure you and dad were more worried.」

Whoo-hoo, Seo-yoon laughed quietly.


"Just don't get hurt. That's the only thing I want.」

"I'm not going to get hurt.」

As he dug further into Seo-yoon's arms, Hae-yoon acted young like a child. And when I saw his face, I couldn't seem to say anything, so I didn't raise my head and said it.

"……I slept with Asuka.」

"Yes, sir."

"Is that it?"

"I think it's possible because we're adults. And I can't stop what's already happened.」

It's been like that for a long time. Seoyoon was strangely realistic. I never regretted what had happened belatedly, saying that what had already happened could not be helped.

When was it?

When Seoyoon got a vacation, the three of us decided to go on a family trip for the first time. At that time, I was on the bus to the airport and missed my flight due to an accident in front of me. Seo-yoon said with a calm face to Hae-yoon, who stomped her feet and said what to do.

I can't help it. I've already missed it.

Stamping doesn't wait for them to miss a plane. That's when I first experienced a difference in thought. Changing your mind a little reduces the stress of living.

"Yes, it's already happened.」

"Then I'll ask you what's going to happen.」

In a friendly voice, Seo-yoon took some of Hae-yoon's body that was hugging him. Hae-yoon couldn't easily make eye contact even though she knew Seo-yoon wanted to talk to her face. Seoyoon waited for her until the end.

And asked when the eyes met.

"What do you want to do now?」

"If I tell you I want to do it, can I do it all?」

What does he really want to do?

"Well, it's probably not easy. I'm against it.」

Seoyoon said as if he was talking about someone else's business. Haeyoon nodded because he expected it.

"Yes, sir."

"But I'm sure Asuka didn't hug you thoughtlessly.」

"Why do you think so? There were a lot of girls. Even when you talk to me about Asuka sometimes, the woman changes every day...….」

"Because you're my brother.」

Whenever Asuka saw Seoyoon in Oman, he ran to her, leaving behind the women he had. Even though they were annoyed and angry, they didn't even pretend to listen. What Seoyoon is sure about Asuka is that he is never the one to disappoint her.

A person who is light but not light.

That's all Seoyoon knew about Asuka.

"I don't know why things turned out like this.」

You can't help being attracted to people. If the two began to be attracted to each other, the results would not have changed even if Seo-yoon and Ashan were there.

"Let me ask you again. Haeyoon, what do you want to do?」

"You said you were against it.」

"Yes, it's not easy.」

The biggest problem was that Asuka was the Sultan of Oman. Hae-yoon doesn't know, but Seo-yoon knows what kind of country it is. How Ashan grew up, how he was ostracized. She left her child unattended just because she was born with foreign blood.It's a place that can never be a home for Ashan.

Seoyoon could never send Haeyoon to such a place.

"Yes. I don't know anything. It's only one day.」

Haeyoon's eyes were shaking with anxiety. Seoyoon knows that it is because of himself who has firmly said he will oppose it. But that cannot quell that anxiety because that is the case.

"I'm going to pretend it didn't happen.」

"……I'm in trouble.」



Seoyoon suddenly shook his head to deny what he said without realizing it. He did not ask Hae-yoon if Asuka agreed to it. Her brother didn't know Asuka yet.

Seoyun realized that she had a bad feeling for the first time in a long time.

Hae-yoon would have just listened, but what Seo-yoon said was unusual. Asuka could never have touched her brother thoughtlessly. Whether it was an impulse or a love at first sight, he was sure to take responsibility.

By the time they left the room, Asuka had already washed up and was wearing a new outfit prepared by Mustafa. Their competent secretary has already prepared Haeyoon's clothes. Everyone was sitting on the sofa when Hae-yoon, who received new clothes from a complete stranger, changed into the clothes in bewilderment.

"Um... It's late, but did you enjoy your trip?”

Hae-yoon asked Ashan with a smile and waving his hand.

"It was fun."

It was a significant remark. Yeah, full of complaints about being called in the middle of fun.

"I'm sorry, brother-in-law."

By saying so, Asuka snatched Hae-yoon's waist, who was about to sit next to Seo-yoon, and pulled her.


Both hands stretched out toward Seoyun, and the body was placed on Asuka's lap due to the pulled waist.

"Here you are, Haeyoon."

"Dear Asuka."

Seoyoon quietly called Asuka. Asuka replied with a grin as if nothing had happened.

"Yes, do you?"

"Let go of that hand.”

"Haeyoon, answer me. Do I have to let you go?"

Contrary to the playful way of answering Hani, Asuka hugged Haeyoon tighter and whispered with her chin on her shoulder.

"……I'd like you to let me go."

"No, I don't want to."


"If I let go, Haeyoon will hide behind Hani. Then it's a lot of trouble to find.”

I explained it softly, but Hae-yoon didn't understand anything. I'm just going to sit next to Seoyoon, but why would I hide?

"You're supposed to forget about it."

"No way. That was Haeyoon's idea."

"Dear Asuka."

Asuka speaks close to Haeyoon's ears as Seoyoon calls Asuka again. I looked back at her. Then he put a finger up and said, bringing it to his mouth.

"Hush, Hani. I'm talking to Haeyoon right now.”

It was Seoyoon rather than Haeyoon who was embarrassed.

Ashan smiled a rare smile and didn't barge in with a face to see where he was going.

As his prediction unfolded in front of reality, Seo-yoon touched his head. Asuka was qualified enough to be named the Sultan's successor in the first place. Although they were never seen in front of Seoyoon, they lived in a world where it was natural to dominate someone rather than Ashando and Asuka.

I told Seoyoon that I was talking to him, but the way I spoke was more of an order. Having been in the military for a long time, she could feel the command.

"Go ahead."

"Let me go."

"What if I say I can't let go? What are you going to do then?”

Did he get used to it in just one day? The hand holding itself was still friendly. His arms, leaning against his back, seemed to be in sync, hugging Haeyoon's body tightly. Thank you Asuka for saying that she doesn't want to let go of her older sister, Seo-yoon, even though she doesn't want to be in trouble."It's a day, Asuka."

Hae-yoon said, looking at Seoyoon, not Asuka.

Looking at my sister's friendly eyes, I smiled as if it was okay.

"Of all the girls you've met, some of them have only met for one day and broken up."

"Are you asking me to treat you like that?”

"I'm just saying it's surprisingly easy to forget."

If you can't see it, it'll be okay. With such complacency, Asuka did not stop Hae-yoon from waking up. Rather, she even loosened her arms so that she could wake up. It was like a lie to be hugged. For some reason, I couldn't turn around to see what Asuka looked like. When Hae-yoon approached Seo-yoon just looking at his face, he opened his mouth.



"Take Haeyoon with you.”

With the words, Mustafa stood in front of Hae-yoon. Seoyoon quickly disappeared from sight when the back of the burly man was seen.

"Dear Asuka!"

Ashan stopped Seoyun from jumping up from her seat.

"Haeyoon clearly expressed his intention. Asuka can't force him to do anything."

"That's right, Hani. But there's something Hani needs to know.”

Asuka smiled and spat out shocking words with a kind face.

"The Sultan, who has no mercy, can definitely bring the woman he holds into Harlem. It's because of the possibility of having a Sultan's child. Ah, don't make that face, Hani. I'm not saying I'm going to put Haeyoon in Harlem."

The last words were quibbling, Asuka added.

"Two weeks later, until Hae-yoon confirms that she's not having children.”

"That's unfair. Even if you're pregnant, you can't have a baby regardless of Hae-yoon's will!"

"Well, what do you say?"

No sooner had Asuka finished than his words than his bodyguards, who were listening to him, immediately surrounded Hae-yoon.

"They are royal guards. I know the rules of law. Haeyoon will be treated the same as me from now on.”

If Hae-yoon was relying on himself, he didn't use this method. It was bad that she tried to get up. It was unacceptable to dismiss him with such ungrateful language.


"I'll take you to your room."

He couldn't even see his face except for Seoyoon's voice. Surrounded by bodyguards, Hae-yoon called Seo-yoon. Mustafa bowed her head in front of her.

"Wait, let me talk to my sister.….”

"Haeyoon, stay inside.”

Seoyoon's voice quickly calmed down. I quickly judged that it was not something Hae-yoon could say in his listening. Hae-yoon, shaken by anxiety, followed Mustafa only after hearing Seo-yoon's voice.

"Asuka, please explain."

"I just followed the law.”

"This is Korea. It's not going to work that way."

"I have immunity, Hani."

"……Are you thinking of taking Haeyoon?"

"Then what?"

Asuka responded without a moment's hesitation as to whether Seoyoon already expected to ask such a question.

"I didn't see Ashan's childhood. It was Asuka who saw it."

When Seo-yoon brought it up, the smile disappeared from Asuka's face. It was the first time Asuka looked at himself with cool eyes. But I couldn't help but say what I wanted to say because that eye was on my mind. Her only brother, Hae-yoon, was involved.

"Do you want Hae-yoon to have a baby like that?""Hani is cruel."

Asuka said despondently, as if he didn't know he would put the words into his mouth so quickly.

"They're not going to acknowledge Hae-yoon's existence.

"Unlike then, it's been a long time.”

"They still tried to kill Ashan. I don't know if it's ahead, but Hae-yoon's child, Asuka, will try to kill them."

Asuka laughed bitterly. Ashan hasn't opened his mouth yet, but if Seoyoon knew they were trying to kill Asuka, the opposition would be even tougher.

"Hani, give me some time."

"That's what you have to say to Haeyoon, not me.”

"Give me time to convince her."

"…are you serious?"

"That's what I'm trying to figure out. I'm also curious to know how far I'm willing to go."

It was an instant to fall for a person.

While hesitating, Asuka could feel the moment Hae-yoon reached out her hand, even if she spoke out and regretted it. The fact that I might fall in love with her.

He didn't say that to Seoyoon. I couldn't show his sincerity here. It was clear that if Seo-yoon knew what he was thinking, he would never put Hae-yoon and him together.

"Dear Asuka."


"When Hae-yoon came to Oman, the child was out of marriage."

"You're an idiot.”

"Yes, he was a fool. Haeyoon was not in sight at the time. They want to see me, they come to Oman without looking forward or backward."

Spitting it out, Seo-yoon felt her feelings cool down. For the first time, I felt hostile towards Asuka.

"I won't let Asuka get away with it if Hae-yoon doesn't look back and forth again."

The air sank heavily. Asuka was also nervous about Seo-yoon's hostile feelings. In short, it was a warning that Hae-yoon would not forgive if he was hurt in any sense.

"What if Hae-yoon chooses me? So what are you gonna do, Hannie?

"Let's decide it after hearing Hae-yoon's answer."

"Sometimes I think, I wonder what it would have been like if Ashan had become a Sultan.”

I thought that if there was rain with the same personality as Seo-yoon, many things might have changed. She is determined. There was obviously a vulnerable side to Ashan's acceptance, but quite a lot of it is cold as a needle.

"It's useless that he didn't become a Sultan."

Ashan was just listening to the conversation between the two.

He was gently stroking Seo-yoon's wrist, which he was holding back. Although he still had a face without expression, Ashan's touch was so emotional.

"And I have a question for both of you.”

Oh, somehow I had a feeling that Seoyoon had taken the lead completely during the time when I didn't see the two. Asuka turned his head out of the window.

"How come they're both doing the same thing.

At some point, Seoyoon sighed lightly as they both looked out of the window. She didn't forget what happened when she took Hae-yoon out of the bathroom.

"Dear Asuka."

It was not the same voice as when he warned about Hae-yoon. It is a warm voice that sings Asuka like Seoyun in the past.


"Are you all right?"


Seoyoon sighed after hearing Asuka's answer. His face facing each other looked worse than the last time I saw him face to face. His trademark smile is now powerless. When I came out of the bathroom with Hae-yoon, I tried to ask her about the situation she saw, but she quit. I feel like I'm already done talking to Ashan, so I can't hear anything more even if I ask him."I think I'll be better off if Hani hugs me."

Mischievously Asuka joked and opened his arms.

"Don't say bullshit."

Chuck, Seo-yoon's body tilted toward Ashan.

"What a load of bullshit! To you! I'm Sultan! You're my cousin!"


Asuka pointed his finger at Ashan and said. Ashan burst into laughter as if he were stunned. I always stared at him with a blank face and got laughed at. It was a huge improvement.

"Get your fingers off me."

"So pay tribute to me!"

The atmosphere froze in an instant.

I'm going crazy. Seoyoon's face got on her palm. Sometimes I don't know why he shows his brotherhood in a weird way. As she glanced towards Ashan, he was contemplating breaking that finger pointing at him with a serious face.

"You're the Sultan."

Seoyoon quietly spoke to Ashan. Ashan's eyes softened further at her words.

"I'm your cousin."

In my words, he looked at his fingers, and when he saw Seo-yoon's quiet words erase his life, Asuka felt betrayed.

"That's enough. Everybody out."

Looking at those two made me miss Hae-yoon. Seo-yoon declared with a face of no chance at Asuka's depressed words.

"We'll be here, too. Until the results come out."

Seo-yoon opened his mouth with a voice that he could no longer yield. And decided firmly before Asuka refuted.

"Ashan and Asuka will use the first floor bedroom, and Haeyoon and I will use the second floor bedroom.”

Ashan's face wrinkled before Asuka's.

When Seo-yoon opened the first-floor bedroom door to appease Hae-yoon, who might have been scared without knowing the truth, she was surrounded by men and found her sleeping on the bed. He's sleeping like a carefree person under his blanket.


Asuka, who was following Seo-yoon, burst into laughter when she saw Hae-yoon sleeping hard over her shoulder.

"He's a really funny guy."

It's usually not easy to fall asleep surrounded by these burly men. He did not express it, but the bodyguards also seemed embarrassed.

Hae-yoon recommended sitting on the floor as if they were not there, as if he were standing still. When Mustafa replied bluntly that he was okay, he asked again, "Really?" and immediately lay on the bed.

It was unimaginable for an Islamic woman. Lying in bed defenselessly in front of a bunch of out-of-the-way men. In less than 10 minutes, I could hear the sound of his breath whispering.

Mustafa was about to faint. She acts too unconscious, let alone quiet as a woman. I couldn't figure out the intentions of the Sultan he was serving.

He looked at Asuka blaming him for the first time in more than two years.



I don't like it, but Mustafa has resigned. As a foreigner, no matter what whim he was doing, he would never see her again and again. Don't tell me, I couldn't have been pregnant overnight. He's not some kind of superman.

"Your sleeping face is so gentle.”

to move back and forth on the bed Soon after, Asuka, who lowered his head toward Hae-yoon's sleeping face, smiled brightly and said. The face, which is tired with all the muscles loosened, is so cute that you sometimes want to poke your cheek.

Seoyoon, who watched from behind to touch the ball with his fingers over and over again, hid his complicated mind."I've had a good night's sleep for a long time ago. I never complained about sleeping."

She was a pretty child who slept well even if Seo-yoon touched her badly since she was young.

"I was afraid I might have surprised you, but I'm glad."

"Well, my friends were big kids, and I've been looking at Ashan's bodyguards."

You're immune. Or maybe it's because Asuka is aware that he can't hurt himself. Seoyoon didn't have to say anything behind his back.

"Everyone out there quietly.”

Asuka said they went out of the room again without any noise.



"Can we just stay here for a while?”

Sitting on the bare floor, Hae-yoon put her chin on the bed and Asuka asked.

"It's just that I'm new to seeing someone else asleep."

I lowered my voice even lower because I was afraid Hae-yoon would wake up. I think the hair on my cheek will poke my closed eyes, so I touch it and take it off. As if Haeyoon's sleep would run away if he touched it. I thought I'd tell you that it's not easy to wake up to that extent, but Seoyoon swallowed it inside.

"Do it—we'll use the second floor."

Ashan stuck to Seoyoon's back and answered instead.


"Let it go."

When an unexpected figure sided with him, Asuka waved his hand to leave quickly with a grateful face.

Ashan reassured her as she took Seoyoon up to the second floor.

"Nothing's going to happen.”

It's already happened, and nothing's gonna happen. Seoyoon closed his eyes tightly due to the hopelessness of being blind.

"Because he just wants to apologize."

I opened my eyes that he closed because it was his first time to speak on behalf of someone else. It's still cold, but the eyes you bump into quickly ease.

"For surprising Hae-yoon?"


Hae-yoon was asleep in it, so he probably felt more guilty. If Hae-yoon had been anxious in it, he would have tried to dig into the gap by making excuses and apologizing as affectionately as possible with a deft face, but the opponent was asleep.

There was no chance of apology and no chance of Germany.

It was questionable whether Hae-yoon could properly apologize after opening his eyes.

"The problem is somewhere else."

Seoyoon sighed. Asuka already had a wife. Knowing the condition implicitly, Seo Yoon-do and Ashando did not talk about the wife when talking to Asuka. I met her once in Oman at the Queen's tea time. I remember being a friendly person. It wasn't until more time that I found out that it was nothing more or less than political marriage, but he was married anyway.

"He'll take care of it."

"How do you figure this out? Don't tell me you're getting divorced...….”

It is fatal to Muslim women. Because of Hae-yoon, Asuka should not have thrown away his rain. As if Seo-yoon was about to run into the room, Ashan sighed.

"The reason he came to Korea is because of that problem. I don't think you're worried."

If someone else had told me, I would have told him not to say nonsense when his brother's work was at stake, but his opponent was Ashan. Seoyoon had no choice but to believe it.

"Why are you staying still?”

"If you say you can't die, I'll stop you by killing him.”

It's even scarier to know it's not a joke because it came from this man's mouth. Ashan looked at Seoyoon indifferently and immediately laughed."But I didn't say no to death, did I?”

"By the way, I wanted Asuka to have someone to cherish, but I didn't want it to be my brother."

Seoyoon laughed for the first time since he came here. People are selfish. For Seoyoon, Asuka was like that. They had to come together, but they ended up falling there for their happiness, like a child. All the opponents he attached his heart to are in Korea. I would rather meet a woman he could like and let her be his second wife. But I didn't expect to be like this with Haeyoon.

Then he pulled her by the back of her neck and kissed her, giving her a deep smile that only one person could see.

"On the second floor."

I know what that means. Fingers touching the back of the neck secretly sweeps and grooves through the connected spine.

"It's pretty blatant in this situation."

"I'm always outspoken.”

I know this is because a man who rarely jokes is worried about her. Seo-yoon hugged Ashan's waist one floor above. It's like a person waiting for it in their arms without panic.

"Go up to the second floor."

I could hear him laughing low above my head. Seo-yoon, who knew the expression even if he didn't look at it, slammed his forehead into his chest.


When Hae-yoon opened his eyes, the sun had already completely set. I don't know what time it is. I toss and turn. I found a figure of a man lying on his upper body with his chin next to the pillow.


I came close to screaming defenselessly. Swallowing inside, I pressed my mouth with my palm. The taillights in the garden turned on and I looked at Asuka. Realizing the truth that a handsome man is handsome even when he sleeps, I wondered why he was in such an uncomfortable position.

The last bodyguards I saw before I went to bed were all gone. It seems to be outside because people's shadows sometimes go back and forth on the taillight.

"It must be cold outside.」

I almost froze to death with this man in front of me yesterday. I was hit by the snow and built the Great Wall.

I wonder if this is what friends say about one night, but seeing that it's the second night now, I don't think it's a night.


If Hae-yoon had heard John, he tried to wake Asuka up with the humor that would have caused the game, but left it back. He looks uncomfortable, but he looks comfortable looking at his sleeping face. You don't have to wake me up.

"……I'm sorry."


This time I was screaming. Asuka's sleeping face made my heart pound because I felt like I was caught in a mistake.

"Oh, he's such a bad heart."

Opening his eyes after hearing Hae-yoon's scream, he smiled low with a clear face that could not be seen at all.

"Uh, when did you wake up?”

"I didn't sleep."


"Even if you slept, wouldn't anyone get up if you breathed so close to your face?”

When I heard Asuka, I gasped and covered my mouth with my hands.

"Not that I didn't like the breath. It tickles so much."

Asuka smiled, holding Hae-yoon's wrist and letting her hand down, covering her face. It's more fun to react to what you say, so you make fun of it's more fun. Soon Hae-yoon, who realized that his words were a joke, narrowed his eyes."Who told you to bring such a handsome face to your side?"

"So you looked at me like that?"

"Oh, it's natural for people to lose their eyes! It's not TV, it's real."

"So, are you in love?"

It's straightforward. He doesn't beat around the bush. Should I answer in jest, or should I answer in jest. He said seriously as if he knew Hae-yoon was thinking.

"I answer from the bottom of my heart."

"Okay, my heart beats."

Like running when you meet someone for the first time, your heart beats when you see him like a girl who just starts her first love.


"But I don't know who's been around for a long time, so I don't know if it's just an attractive guy coming up and beating my heart or because I really like you."

"I run because I like it."

It's good just to hold hands. It's comfortable enough to put off his greed for a while. The snapping words were so delightful that Asuka looked like he was about to cry.

"What do you want to do with me, Asuka?”

Earlier, she was separated in an instant and couldn't ask. And it's also a story he's been talking stubbornly about. Hae-yoon threw a fastball because he thought he couldn't avoid it anymore.

"I'd like to keep it by my side. It's so fun. If I fall, I really might get heart disease. If my heart beats like this, my heart might really stop beating.”

"Isn't Asuka confused by the excitement after a long time?"

It would hurt if he were really confused.

Asuka put Hae-yoon's grabbed arm on his cheek. Smooth man's skin wraps gently in his palm.

"No way. No one has ever entertained me like this.”

"Are you having fun?"

Fun? Haeyoon tilted his head. The word is unfamiliar. It was hard to say that I was happy because I focused on excitement. And in my memory, I recalled a relationship. The background was a mess, but it is unclear whether the feelings I felt when I first started dating were excitement.

"I'm scared to death that the day goes by."

Ah, Haeyoon lowered his head.


It was all a pleasant memory. I didn't remember the details of the situation, but I enjoyed the rest.

"Are you crying?"

His voice trembles when he asks so. Hae-yoon raised his head and smiled broadly.

"No! I realized one thing thanks to you. Oh, I've never said this to a man before."

Hae-yoon avoided Asuka's worried eyes. I've decided to say it, but I feel weird. I'm ticklish and shy. He put his finger up for no reason and poked his cheek, which he was still bringing. When Hae-yoon stabbed him with his finger, he looked as if his dimples were deep.

"Come to think of it, I don't think we need to think about it seriously."

"I'm serious."

"It's strange that Asuka is willing to take responsibility for me just because I slept once."

I keep making excuses. Let's get back to the point.

"Twice. We slept twice."

This man is correcting it again. With his finger poked in his cheek, he looked very serious.

"I want to date you, Asuka."


"Then I'll be more certain. Let's be in a relationship."

I thought it would be funny to keep avoiding his eyes and talk, so Hae-yoon looked him in the eye and got to the point. I poured it out, and I quickly avoided the eye-to-eye."Wait a minute."

The man who seemed to want to do so immediately declared a moment of time. Looking sideways, Asuka was staring at one place. When the expression disappeared on his face, he looked cold, so I wondered if he had said something wrong.

At the moment, Hae-yoon clenched his fist when he thought he might be rejected. Now Asuka checked one with a fist on his cheek.

"What if Haeyoon breaks up while dating?"

"No, why do you think I'm gonna break up with you?”

"Because I wouldn't feel like it."

"How do you guarantee that?"

I felt that the man's serious expression had become a little darker. Hae-yoon suddenly pointed his face in front of Asuka, wondering what he had seen.

"……are you blushing now?”

"Don't look."

He turned his head, pulling his upper body back. Asuka hurriedly hugged Hae-yoon, who was holding his cheek with one hand, as he lost his balance and was about to fall under the bed. His hands are placed under his arms and his head looks over his shoulder at the garden.

Asuka's hair tickled his nose and Hae-yoon held back from sneezing.

"Can I see your face again?"

"No, I can't.

Asuka tightened his arms around Hae-yoon's armpits in case he saw his face.

"I miss you. Why did you turn red? What did I say?

On the contrary, it may have turned red when he asked her out first, but it is strange that Asuka is shy. Isn't this man a womanizer who's met all kinds of beauties?

"What do we do?”

Hugging Hae-yoon tightly, Asuka asked.


"……It's not like the excitement Haeyoon said. This can't be excitement."

The area around his neck that touches his cheek is hot. I missed his face, so I was fluttering in his arms.

"It's the first time I've been told to go out with all those false confessions that you love me."

It wasn't him they loved, it was his wealth. After fulfilling the bed, everyone hung on their arms and demanded what they wanted. I whispered that I love you if you buy it for me. His eyes are stained with greed towards what he bought for him.

What he experienced the most was his body and lines that he seductively confronted, saying, "Do you want to go out with me?" and that relationship always lasted less than a month. The women constantly asked him to. He listened to them all without saying a word. Because it wasn't rocket science for him. All they wanted was money to do.

Disappointment always came from there.

When the time has come when I can't stand it anymore. When I wanted to twist my mouth and vomit on that pretty face, I broke up.


"It's crazy good."

Other than that, there's nothing else I can say to express how I feel now.

He didn't do anything for Haeyoon. Rather, Hae-yoon paid all the expenses for him, who met him and had nothing.

"I love your straight confession. Say it again."

"What, what?"

"What you said to me. Huh?"

He was still hugging her tightly, as if by no means until I said it again."Then let me go."

"I don't want to see my face right now."

Maybe a face as excited as a fool. It's the first time I haven't known my own expression. I only thought that I couldn't show it to Yoon because I had an unfamiliar look on my face.

"If I show you my face. Then I'll tell you."

Eventually, Asuka pulled out of his arms holding Hae-yoon as if he could not help it. Slowly faced his face. Asuka's eyes, looking at her with a pale red face, really looked like the face of a boy who started his first love.

"Dating, let's do it. We. are in a relationship.

The word "love" tickles me. My heart is pounding. Perhaps you can't see it, but your face is red. Asuka kissed Hae-yoon's lips.

"Okay, I want to date you, Haeyoon. Let's do something exciting."

The boy's face, which began his first love, quickly became drowsy and heavy. Hae-yoon's body naturally fell back to his approaching face. The head is buried deep in the pillow. He held his chin so that he could not turn his head, made it inevitable, and his lips left traces on his face.

knock, knock

"Haeyoon, are you still sleeping?」

Seoyoon's voice was as if the two were caught doing something bad. Asuka put his finger to his lips. They faced each other and looked at the door at the same time, fearing that Seo-yoon would come in at any moment. Hae-yoon didn't answer quietly like he was sleeping.

"Not yet?"

"You must be hungry."

"Leave me alone, I'm not a child. The janitor bought the ingredients, so he'll eat them when he wakes up at dawn."

"Asuka is…….”

"I went out with my secretary two hours ago to take care of things."

Where did he go when Asuka was in front of me? Asuka smiled as she made eye contact with Hae-yoon.

"I really went out. It was just around the corner."

I laughed even more at him whispering because I thought he might be heard outside. Then, I opened my eyes wide because I was afraid that the laughter would leak quickly. It was not until the sound of footsteps in front of the door went away that Hae-yoon breathed a sigh of relief.

"Where have you been?”

"Would you like to go out with me?"

"You're out there."

Asuka giggled and laughed. Is there a way? He pointed to the window.

"I left the window open and pretended to go outside. I even packed Haeyoon's shoes and put them there. I came back in.”

"……What about your secretary?"

"Hiding outside."

Hae-yoon tried to ignore the gloomy clouds hanging over the future of arrogance. He is like a child who wants compliments with a good face.

"Wouldn't you have frozen to death if you'd been outside for two hours?”

"It's all right."

It's as if the backbiting 'because it's not my job' has been cut off. With a little guilt, Asuka covered herself from looking at Hae-yoon's door again.

"Hani doesn't even know we're out.”

Then, he lined up a series of winter clothes in front of Hae-yoon. I think he went out and bought this with his secretary himself.

"I told you I'd buy you clothes."

"Where did you buy all this?”

It was obvious that you could live near here. Looking at the clothes, I could tell where they were, so Hae-yoon held back her laughter. I remembered that there was a clothing store where "Factory closure! Cost discount!" was always attached nearby, where neighborhood middle-aged women sometimes flock. It was summer at the time, but the factory closed, but winter clothes are still coming out."Wear this, this.”

He handed over a light pink padded jacket to Hae-yoon and picked up a light green padded jacket that was lying on the floor.

"This and this are a couple."

"……Did you understand Korean?”

The lady at the store had an excellent ability to sell things to foreigners.

"If you pretend, you'll know. When I picked this up, she shook her pink padded jacket and girlfriend! He shouted—I guess he knew we were going out."

Hae-yoon grabbed the boat without a sound and gulped. I was about to cry because I was controlling myself from laughing. Asuka, who said, "I bought this from a place where I couldn't speak English!" was so cute and funny that I couldn't breathe.

"Well, that's why you bought all the rainbow colors?”

"Sure, I'm a generous man.

'Good job—the store must have closed early today.'

Hae-yoon smiled and tapped Asuka on the shoulder. It was an adventure for him to come back through the window with this huge amount of padding undetected. I imagined it, so I held my stomach and laughed silently again.

"Why are you laughing? This was the best thing I could do here. There's no department store in the neighborhood.”

He was depressed when he saw Hae-yoon smiling. Hae-yoon hurriedly put her hand on a light pink jumper.

"Asuka, hurry up and put it on. Couple jumper."

Asuka, who looked at her smiling resentfully, wore a light green jumper as if she had never done so when she heard that they were a couple. And I gave Haeyoon a pink muffler tailored to similar colors.

I must seriously consider this man's aesthetic sense. She closed her mouth, wore a scarf, and even a hat for her head.

"You're not going to freeze to death, are you?”

I wanted to say that she should think of her secretary shaking outside rather than freezing to death, but she shut her mouth with anticipated eyes.

He opened the big window and the same biting wind blew as yesterday.

"Did you buy this through this wind?”


"The desert man is amazing."

Hae-yoon said, hiding his face deep inside the muffler.

"Shh. I have to go through the living room window.”

Looking toward the living room window, I could see Seo-yoon's back making something in the kitchen. If you're going to sneak out like this, the padding you're wearing stands out too much.

Asuka took the lead in tiptoeing. Following him closely, Hae-yoon bowed deeply. Then, suddenly, I felt his eyes and looked at the window next to him, and Ashan stood with his arms folded in front of him.


Like this.

Ashan, who looked at the two's behavior with his unique expressionless face, responded by closing the curtains rather than talking. In an instant the light from the living room disappeared. I can only hear the taillights and rough waves in the garden. The accumulated snow makes a creaking sound every time you step on it.

"If you're in a relationship, can I hold your hand?"

Rather than hearing the answer, Hae-yoon took his hand into his padded jacket and held it together. Shivering somewhere, the secretary, who appeared in a purple padded jacket, walked a few steps behind them. Bodyguards, who were wary of the surrounding area, followed suit in different colors of padding.

"Are we all a couple?”

"No, these two colors are the only couple."

It didn't look like it anywhere, but I decided to believe it.At first glance, there were people following, like beach bullies. No one came out to see the sea at night like this. It was not a tourist attraction anyway.

"You're colder than I thought."

"It's cold at night in the desert.”

"How much is it?"

"Not as much as this, but quite."

Haeyoon understood. That's why Asuka, Mustafa and others are holding out. I remembered Asuka, who first came to Korea in thin clothes and sniffled because it was cold. I guess it was half a fake illness.

"It's very dark."

Just as he first saw the sea of Korea, nothing was seen.

"It's because we've been looking at the sea at night.

It's night after night to watch together. Asuka nodded and laughed. The walk on the beach, which had stopped for a while, continued.

"I had a fantasy about the desert.”

"What's your dream?"

"Just a desert where the stars pour out, or a sleeping bag where there is no light, and I see the stars. I like to read travel journals.”

"It's a lot of stars."

"Did you see it, in the desert?"

"I've been there ever since I was a kid."

A man born in the desert is the first to learn how to read stars. Asuka remembered that he was forced to live in the desert with his father as a child.

"You don't like it?”

Hae-yoon, who couldn't feel any welcome from Asuka's voice, asked carefully.

"It's too hot and too cold. It's hard to overcome the difference, so I don't like it."

There was a time when I was scared that it might melt from the tip of my head. There was considerable fear that he might collapse and die in the suffocating heat. His father watched him silently. Never, ever, did he reach out his hand.

By the time the heat was barely gone and I could breathe, the cold came out beyond my control.

That was the ambivalence of the desert Asuka remembers.

"If you're just going to stay cold, you'd better stay this cold."

Asuka beckoned to take out the other hand, which was not holding Hae-yoon's hand, and grab something flying like ash. Gray ash fluttered from the flames in the drums that someone had lit on the beach.

"I hate the cold. But I want to go to the desert."


Asuka looked up at the black night sky where there was nothing.

"If we go to the desert together very later.”

"If you go?"

"I'll teach you how to read the stars. Then I don't worry about getting lost in the desert.”

"Well, I'm sure Asuka won't get lost.”

Seo-yoon clenched his fist and slapped him on the chest.

"Yes, I'll be there for you."

Asuka smiled as if the answer had brought him relief.

"The cold in the desert would not be bad. We can hug each other tight."

He has much longer feet than Hae-yoon, but he never rush to walk. I feel that I am being considered for a slow, short walk to her stride.

"How do you cuddle?"

Hae-yoon asked with a face that he didn't know anything.

"Do you want me to tell you?"

I shouldn't have been playing around.

"That's enough, that's enough."

The hand in Asuka's pocket was clasped as he tried to slip away shaking his head.

"Put your arms around my neck."

"Uh, uh, this is a familiar position."

"Come on."

He put Hae-yoon's hand around his neck. Seeing the rest of his hands hurrying with a wink, Hae-yoon hung on with all his weight."Oops!"

Hugging his waist and supporting his hips, he quickly lifted Hae-yoon up. Visibility is higher than Asuka's. The air above felt a little colder than when I was down.


It's different from yesterday. It was strangely different from being forced to hug because it was cold. Hae-yoon smiled and Asuka hugged her higher. I held him on the shoulder and pulled his upper body out. Then playfully he buried his face in a pink padded jacket.

"I'm going to fall!"

"I'll never miss it.”

It was also Hae-yoon's first time walking with a woman in his arms. In the first place, his country wasn't a place where he could carry women. The high laughter was soon buried in the sound of the waves.

"I didn't expect a man to lift me up like this."

Her laughter seemed louder than the laughter she heard at the amusement park. I wanted to see my eyes shine and like a child more. It's just amazing that he had a talent for making someone so funny.

"The air above is definitely clear.

The cold air made my nose tingle, but it was just fun. He takes Hae-yoon around as he beckons. It was amazing that there was no sign of difficulty and no sign of breathlessness.

"You can drop me off if you're tired."

"I'm hugging you because it's cold."

Then I thought I'd enjoy this situation more, but Mustafa's eyes from behind were shaped. I couldn't argue about what Asuka would do, but I lost to Hae-yoon's eyes, saying, "Can't you come down from his top quickly?"

"I'm going down now."

Before I knew it, I was at the end of the beach.

"To the house."

"You must be really physically fit."

"Mustafa nags me when I'm lazy about exercising.”

Lower your voice and whisper as you say.

"Can I ask you something?"


"What's your brother like?”

"Well, there are no living brothers. My father's first wife raised me. I heard from my second and third wife that they had four sisters, and they all died of illness when they were young."

"So you've never seen them before?”

"Because when I was born, I was already dead."

Being the only son, he was naturally obliged to raise the family. My father, who was Sultan's brother, had quite high expectations for himself. Asuka, the father's son, also treated him like a son who was mixed with foreign blood but thoroughly mixed with arrogance. Ashan firmly stated that he did not admit it and taught his son Asuka that he should sit in the Sultan's seat.

"It must have been very pretty."

I've never wondered what my sisters looked like without seeing their faces. However, it suddenly occurred to me that it might be the case when Hae-yoon said something friendly.

"Do I look pretty in your eyes?"

"It's not that, it's just that they're blood-mixed with Asuka, so they're beautiful.”

"Any other questions?"

"Uh, um... I mean... then there must be three mothers, right?”

"Yes, my father and my mother are dead.”

"What about the other two?”

"Well, I've been sending money every month. I'm sure you're doing well."

"I see."

Strangely, Hae-yoon hesitated. I think you have something you're curious about, but it feels like you're circling around it. Their steps once again passed by the burning drum.

"What are you curious about?”

"How many wives do you have?"In the end, Asuka almost tripped over Hae-yoon's question and fell forward.

"What are you saying…….”

"So I asked how many queens are there in Oman. As you mentioned earlier, I understand you don't have any children yet."


Ashan and Seoyun knew that his marriage was political. Because he never spoke to both about his wife. I can understand what Haeyoon didn't know. Things that I forgot to do while being with her come true.

"I didn't think about it until yesterday, but I heard it because it was my first wife or my second wife. Speaking of Sultan, I thought you might have already been married when you were young."

"Mr. Haeyoon."


Hae-yoon replied in a crawling voice as if he had made a mistake.

"Let me ask you one question."

With his hands in a light green padded jacket, Asuka stared at Hae-yoon. It is not wrong to say that the completion of fashion is the face, given that it also looks rustic. I could feel the gaze of looking down at the top of my head with a height superior to others.

"Yes, ask me."

"So you thought I might have a wife and you asked me out?”

"I didn't think about it when I was talking. But I remembered what Asuka said yesterday.….”

"So, what if I had a wife?"

If you treated yourself like you treated someone else. So if there's already a woman in Oman waiting for him. Seo-yoon didn't say that, but Hae-yoon didn't know all about Asuka in the first place. Seoyoon's words were limited. There were many words that flowed in because he thought he had nothing to do with himself. I couldn't remember any of those words saying he was married.

"Are you going to bite me?”

His dark eyes glowed coldly.

If you answer yes, I felt a ferocious spirit that I would not let you go.


"Answer my question first."

Haeyoon bit her innocent lips. Asuka bit his lips with a rough split.

"This is why my lips keep popping."

I tried to get angry at him for seeing him as just such, but I couldn't open my mouth when I saw blood on my cracked lips.


He chose to lie. It was a problem he had to solve anyway. Hae-yoon was able to deal with it before he knew it.

"So you're completely alone?”

"Yes, I'm alone."

Hae-yoon, relieved by his words, laughed Bashy. The smile brushed the blade of Asuka's chest.

"Is that enough?"

"That's enough. Relax, relax!"

"Don't bite your lips. How many times I've seen it."

"It's a habit. I keep peeling it off.”

It was a habit of getting scolded a lot by Seoyoon. So there was no day when Hae-yoon's lips were dry in winter.

"Don't do it. If I see you one more time."

"What do you see?"

There was nowhere to hit, even for fun. When Asuka sighed in astonishment, Hae-yoon teased him about what he would do if he saw it.

"……I don't feel good. So don't do that."

In his words, biting his lips seemed to have healed the wound. I felt more sorry for making you worry enough to rip your lips off. Other people's chapped lips felt more painful than biting my lips.

"Oh, come on. Here we go again. Don't do that."He must have pressed his lips like a habit after hearing Asuka's answer.

The prickly thing is his lower lip, and the tail of his eyes trembled.

"I feel better after winter."

That doesn't make your lips look pretty.

Eyes kept on Asuka's lips, which were smoother and prettier than women.

"If you're going to look at me, look at me outright. It bothers me more if you glimpses like that."

"How does it work?”

"This woman cares about me and cares about me."

Hae-yoon's expression changed sharply at the exact words. Asuka's words are not yet finished.

"If we meet eyes at this rate, we'll eat them.”

Instead of Hae-yoon, Asuka, who took the lip balm he gave her yesterday out of her pocket and applied it gently with her thumb, said as she lowered her eyes on her lips. Watching his lips open, she recalled what she had heard belatedly, and when she raised her eyes, her eyes met him, who seemed to really eat.

"I can only think of……."

"Dear Asuka!"

"I'm not deaf."

He answered Hae-yoon's call without changing his face color.

"I'm not immune to plain language, so could you please tell me these heart-fluttering words later?"

"Is your heart pounding?"


"How much?"

"Very much."

The heat spreads towards the face. I thought I'd have to admit the warmth of the padded jacket of the closed warehouse lady. Suddenly, the fever was so hot that I fanned it in this weather.

"You're more nervous, then. The idea of eating remains the same."

It was different from what I said lightly as a joke. He wasn't smiling at all, and there was no sign of a light tone. I felt like I was looking at a carnivore that was about to rush in. Hae-yoon couldn't avoid looking at his challenging eyes as if to show another chance.

"Yes, if you're going to look at me, just look at me like this."

Pat your head as if you did well. The touch is friendly, but the tone is as rough as someone who suppresses something. And Hae-yoon felt that his breath had become heavy.