Chapter - 29 6.\^J

"Oh, come on...

Seo-yoon made a groovy sound as she pulled her hair back. I was sleeping with Hae-yoon, but when I opened my eyes, there was another man on the floor. It has been a long time since I felt the presence of someone who sneaked in every early morning. I also knew that Hae-yoon was only looking at sleeping. But it's the first time I've seen you sleeping next to me like today. When I found Asuka, who sat on the floor, put his face on Hae-yoon's hand, and slept softly, I felt complicated.

Then, when I turned my head, I saw a man sitting cross-legged on the sofa of a table next to the window. Asuka felt the signs coming in and turned a blind eye, but didn't know he had come in.

It is always strange to see Ashan sitting in blue among the couple pajamas with a bear drawn on Seoyoon's birthday as a gift. A nearly 190-year-old adult man wearing cute pajamas winking a white polar bear with a blank face.

"When did you get in?”

"At dawn."

"There's no point in dividing rooms."

"Nothing to know."

Ashan replied curtly as if he did not like the room itself.

"They're men that I can't help but touch."

"If I knew he was in, I'd throw him out the window."

"I've seen it before, so it can't be."

"I should have thrown it away.”

The two who were asleep laughed so small that they could not wake up. That's obviously jealousy. Even if she has ascara in her room, she can't accept another man's entry. That's why he stayed up all night in this room following Asuka early in the morning.

"You shouldn't have stayed there and held my hand like Asuka."

"I was holding it. I had to keep an eye on you."

How can two grown men stay up all night holding hands looking at sleeping women on both sides of the bed.

I saw Hae-yoon turning completely toward Asuka. It might have been meaningless to split the room. Watching Asuka looking at himself with a complicated face every time he encounters him, Haeyoon wakes up early in the morning and walks with him. We couldn't do it to each other.

"Let's go."

Ashan stood up and said, "I didn't want Seo-yoon to get complicated when I saw them."

"What about coffee?"

"I put it down.”

There were two people who always started the day by drinking coffee when they woke up in the morning. Ashan approached Seoyoon and reached out her hand so she could get out of bed. This routine now stands to reason. Seoyoon got up holding his hand.

What she's wearing is a white polar bear pajama.

"My hair is sticking out here.”

She said, tugging at the blonde hair sticking out next to her ear.


How many hours has he been awake? As Seo-yoon reached out and touched his hand with a normal face, he lowered his head and put out his lips and kissed his wrist.

"Aren't you tired?"

"Not much."

Seo-yoon smiled faintly as he slipped his hand out with a itchy face. As soon as the two left the room wearing the same pajamas, Hae-yoon opened her eyes wide.

"You didn't catch me, did you?"

"Well... ..would we have gone out like this if we had known we were awake?”

Asuka, who opened his eyes, smiled languidly and replied.At dawn, I woke up not knowing that he had sneaked in. And when Asuka tried to scream at his face, he covered his mouth and fortunately Seo-yoon didn't wake up. I was even more surprised when I found Ashan sitting on the sofa looking at them with a glum face. He acted like he didn't care what Hae-yoon and Asuka did in the first place. While looking at Seoyoon, who was asleep, I saw Asuka holding Haeyoon's hand tightly and came to the side and put his hand on the back of her hand.

I was just looking into Asuka's eyes without saying anything, and I felt like I was talking to him all morning.

"That's true."

If he hadn't woken up at dawn, would he have been watching himself the whole time?

"Did you... .. come every dawn?"


"I've been sleeping."

"I'm here to see you sleep."

Knowing that Seo-yoon pretended not to see him coming in at dawn, I was thinking of going back to the room before Hae-yoon woke up. But she couldn't go back because she was awake and making eye contact.

"I drool when I sleep."

"I know, I wiped it for you.”

"Sometimes I grind my teeth and snore when I'm tired."

"I know that."

"Oh, my hair gets oily every morning."

Hae-yoon grumbled, putting her palms on her hair belatedly.

"I didn't see it, but now that Haeyoon said it, I can see it."

She freaked out when she saw Asuka patting her hair to see if it was dirty.

"Don't touch me!"

"Why, aren't we dating?"

"No, even if we're dating, this is a little...….”

"You're worried that you won't look pretty to me. It's pretty."

The fever went up on my face. The voice of a man who said he was pretty and pretty with such a soft face was too low and s*xually attractive. Deep inside my neck, I felt itchy so that I couldn't even speak. My heart pounded so much that it was overshadowed that I yelled in front of my friend that I was working rather than dating because all the love cells were dead.

"Our Haeyoon is pretty."

Asuka once again said that shy Hae-yoon is cute.

"But if you sit like that, the floor is cold. Come on up."

Moving aside, Hae-yoon tapped the end of the bed.

"I want to hug you when I go up."

"Um... .. a tight hug between lovers."

My face turned red again. In the meantime, he could see that his voice was lowered casually.

"No, I wanted to hold you in a different way."

I like the honesty of taking his words at face value. Asuka, a more insidious and outspoken person, enjoyed Hae-yoon's response.

"Really! Don't barge in like this."

Hae-yoon, who understood the meaning, lightly pushed Asuka and got angry.

"I'm in a hurry.”

Sneaking up onto the bed, Asuka said. This guy, I really think he's gonna do something here now! Hae-yoon shook his head desperately and pushed his butt to the far end of the bed and ran away. Then Asuka blocks the retreat with one arm and looks down from above.

"In the early days of a relationship, close physical contact...….”


Hae-yoon swallowed a dry saliva with her narrowed eyes with a face to see how far she was talking.

"I don't know when my sister will come in...….”


I haven't touched it yet, but I'm so flustered. Look at his face, turn his eyes over his shoulder, and look at his face calmly answering Haeyoon's words again. Shake your head quickly and look away. I thought it would be fun to see you like this all day. In fact, I wanted to hold my stomach and laugh, but I held back my laughter as much as I could because I thought my face would turn red and cry."I think we're moving a little fast."

"What about sleeping before dating? What progress should I take on that? It's my first time dating someone."

"You've met a lot of girls, but you haven't dated them?”

"I told you. Haeyoon is the first one to ask me out."

"Oh, it's....”

"So tell me everything. What happens when you're in a relationship? How much progress should I take?"

I was suddenly overwhelmed by the urge to bite Haeyoon's.

"Can I kiss you?"

"Kiss, kiss!"

"Then what about hugs?"

However, he couldn't bite it because it was a waste, and when his permission fell, he took an armful of his cheeks and inhaled it deeply. I liked the feeling of soft cheeks being rolled into my mouth. To the point where I don't want to take off my lips.

"It's not yet…….”

"When will it be?"

"About 100 days later...…?”

"Ha... Are you going to stop me and kill me?"

As soon as Hae-yoon's answer was over, a long sigh burst out of Asuka's mouth. His face hit Hae-yoon's face, which was underneath him. Kissing all over her face bothered her beyond opening her eyes. The cracked lips licked gently with the tip of his tongue and went into it as if he had waited when his lips opened slightly.

It is warmer and softer than cheeks.

I wrapped up my moist tongue and washed it deeply. I want to kiss the eyes that look at me all morning.I kissed the back of her hand dozens of times because of Hae-yoon, who was wary of Seo-yoon sleeping next to the street.

I licked my injured lips meticulously so that they wouldn't get hurt again by me.

"Don't die."

When he barely removed his lips, he heard what Hae-yoon said and laughed.

"Yes, I won't die."

"If 100 days is too long, maybe 50 days...….”

"You still seem to be trying to stop me and kill me."

If this is a relationship, it's not bad. After getting to know each other, how much more open will the overlapping bodies be toward each other? Asuka smiled and nodded. It didn't matter that he didn't have much time left.

"Do you like it fast?"

She looked up at him with anxiety and answered with her eyes covered with blackness.

"It's still good. Would it be okay to touch it a little?"

He asked, sweeping the collarbone exposed between Hae-yoon's pajamas with his fingertips.

"Uh... a little...….”

"What if the atmosphere gets racy?”

I mischievously continued to induce her to answer.

"I'll kick you in that case."

"Yes, sure. When that happens, please kick me."

Asuka closed his lips and held back his laughter. Hae-yoon's finger touched the tip of Asuka's lips and the mark of being beaten by Ashan.

"It hurts, doesn't it?"

"But I'm a cousin, so I think that's it.”

"Lie, you can't beat your brother like this."

"Your brother, Hani, lives with you."

The wrinkles between my eyes seemed to hurt instead of me. Is he feeling the same way as Haeyoon's broken lips?

"Hani would have killed me before she lived with him, I guess."

Asuka soothes Hae-yoon by saying that it is much more flexible now. However, Hae-yoon's face turned white after hearing his answer.

"Oh, from now on, if you think your brother-in-law is going to hit you, I'll protect you!"

"He hits women, too."

I didn't hit him, I killed him, maybe. Asuka recalled the old days and dimly recalled the enemy Seo-yoon was one of the corpses.


"Of course she was a woman who wanted to kill him."Before a big misunderstanding occurred, Asuka added. In fact, I don't mind misunderstanding, but if Ashan knew about it, he might really die this time.

"Well... ..then let's not do what's right."

"Maybe I should get hit a few more times."

Smoothly his hand pushed under his pajamas. Before I knew it, his temperature felt like his own. He accepted Asuka's touch without any sense of incompatibility.

"Listen carefully to who's out there."

"Asuka, you should listen with me."

Smiling unexpectedly at the words, Asuka put her full weight on Hae-yoon's stomach.

"I will listen to Haeyoon's moan.”


A finger hovering around the navel pushed into the bra.

The lips, which were poking around his neck with his lips, were heading to the collarbone he swept with his hands, bothering Hae-yoon persistently. To the point where I can't hear anyone coming outside.

"Stop, stop."

"Why, don't you like it?"

"I can't hear anything!"

Asuka's self-restraint collapsed in the trembling eyes of looking toward the visit. Really simply, really just wanted to touch Haeyoon. He sprang to his feet and approached the door and locked it. And he looked at Haeyoon with a stiff face and said,

"That's enough, right?"

What do you mean, do you really want to spread the rumor that we did it in the neighborhood? You should come and open the door and ask what you're thinking about when you see the locked door, but you should...… on a face that approached me seriously without a laugh, in a heavy breath, I couldn't say anything.


"Bite when you feel like it's going to make a sound."

Asuka, who didn't like Hae-yoon, who was biting her lips in case she could hear a groan outside, put a couple of my fingers into her mouth without hesitation.

"I don't want to... uh-huh!"

Even the slight bite of his finger was good. As long as her lips are safe. Smiling, he wrapped Hae-yoon's chest with his palm. A warm chest wound all over my palm. I only swept it with my thumb a couple of times, and a nipple the size of a fingernail rose immediately.


"Don't twist your waist."

"Hurry up……."

Haeyoon was wanting him, too. The anxiety of who might come in was acting as a strange excitement. Her lifted waist was just in contact with his lower body. I could feel Asuka's p*n*s, over-excited through the thin collar.

"Darn it……"

I wanted to swallow nipple more slowly and taste it one by one. Even though I couldn't hug him, I thought I would live if I touched him as much as I wanted. But Hae-yoon's lower body, which touches his lower body, too.

"I'll get it over with."

Hae-yoon nodded with a red face.

The elastic pants rolled down the hips easily. Two fingers quickly dampened as she tucked her hands under her panties to make sure she was wet enough. Unbearable, she pushed her two fingers inside and her thighs twitched.

"How can you be so wet?"

"Yeah... It's moving...….”

He pulled out his finger. A finger wrapped in silver thread was held in front of Hae-yoon.

"I'm glad I'm not the only one who's so excited.”

The shiny fingers disappeared into his mouth.

"Why would you eat that!"


With that word, he calmed down Hae-yoon's mouth, followed by taking off his pants. With his legs spread out with his hands, he brought the end of the fleet to the entrance of Haeyoon. The fleet rubbed slowly but urgently around the clitoris and the entrance.The feeling of the two wet ends rubbing makes the hair stand out.

"Huh... uh...….”

Unknowingly, the end of the fleet slightly came into the entrance as my hips shook.

"Haeyoon put it in first."

In this situation, tears are likely to come out from his friendly words that even confirm it. It was good anyway. Haeyoon wrapped his legs around his waist. A short scream broke out at the heavyness of p*n*s entering the area at once.


I feel like I'm opening up tight.

His large p*n*s interlocked, filling the whole body. My mouth vomited a rough breath. The lips were licked affectionately by Asuka.

"It's still small and hot inside you.”

He tightened his waist a little and p*n*s, who came underneath, wriggled as if he were alive.

"Stretch your legs more."

"Oh, don't move yet!"

"I'm going crazy.

Asuka whispered as he stopped him from moving before he could adjust to this size and weight. I can't stand it when he says so, with languid eyes soaked in aspiration right above my lips. My lower stomach was throbbing.


He escaped to the end of the fleet and made a rough move on his back.


The groan exhaled soon swallowed under his lips. Rather, the wet sound from below sounded more obscene than the moan. A faint groan was soon buried by the racy sound of the flesh bumping against each other.

"Huh! Huh...………."

He dug in dreadfully. There's nowhere else to come in. I thought, but he pushed in like a ghost. To the point where I wonder if it's penetrating like this way. At that moment, he swung up Hae-yoon's pajamas, half-covering his chest. And swallow in one bite the nipples that he touched. The rough movement turned into a shallow one by that.


At the end of this, he chewed it carefully and licked around the fluid with his lips and tongue. And down below, the fleet crept in near Haeyoon's entrance. He went out and stimulated me. I feel like something hot is rising from my stomach.


"If it's hard, shall we take it slow?”


It's still fresh, but I'd like to feel the heaviness in my stomach again. Asuka smiled broadly as if she had read Hae-yoon's mind.

"If you're tired, scratch me, hit me and scratch me."

"I don't like it. Then, the wound on Asuka's body...….”

"But I won't stop.”

Once again, p*n*s broke through the body at once. He did not stop, as he affirmed to Hae-yoon, who was screaming silently. When I put my finger in Hae-yoon's mouth, the scream and fingers are swallowed together. It didn't stop there and pressed the roots of the tongue. The saliva flowed through the gap in the mouth.

Puck! Puck!

Every time he churned down roughly, something seemed to pop out of his mouth. Hae-yoon didn't even realize he was crying. Only, the whole body feels betrayed and let go of his will by his full stomach movement.


Nails dug into his forearm.

It passed to my wrist with long marks. Hae-yoon, who bit his own tightly, only looked up at him with a blank face. All the heat was gathered underneath. I didn't want to stop. I wanted to go with her to the end.



Asuka collapsed over her, sowing her seeds deep inside Hae-yoon. Still the heat at the bottom lingered, wriggling, squeezing what was left in her. Hae-yoon rubbed his face, hugging him with his head down as if he had waited.Asuka smiled and hugged her at the lovely move.

"…sheet…… What should I do?”

I can't hear anything from the outside yet.

As soon as he came out of Hae-yoon's inner body, Hae-yoon flinched at the strange feeling of semen flowing through his hip bone.

"I'll wash it."

A man who had never done laundry with his own hands said confidently.

When Hae-yoon came down after taking a shower, Ashan and Seoyun, who ate simple toast, were getting up from the table. She stood in front of him, looking at the two wearing the same animal pajamas she bought for him.

"Would you like some coffee?」

"Huh? Yeah, yeah. I want coffee.」

Seoyoon just took a shower and lowered the coffee pot after seeing Haeyoon's wet hair.

"Dry your hair. You'll catch a cold.

"Yes, sir.

"Your face is red. Do you have a fever?"

As Hae-yoon's face looked redder than usual, Seo-yoon's hand approached. Then Hae-yoon turned his head and avoided the hand.

"No, no. It's okay. I guess I've been in hot water for too long.」

"What about Asuka?」

"Oh, well... You must have been tired. He was so asleep that I wouldn't even know he was washing up.」

'Sorry, sister. In fact, he's doing laundry in the bathroom next to our bedroom,' I couldn't really answer.


I heard Ashan laughing lightly next to me. Because he was a rare smile, Seo-yoon and Hae-yoon's eyes turned to Ashan at the same time. Twirling an empty coffee cup, he smiled as he looked exactly at Hae-yoon, a little darker than he had just now.

"You're all having fun.”

"Tongue, brother-in-law!"

"I'm not deaf.”

He answered Hae-yoon, who shouted back, and held out an empty coffee cup to Seo-yoon. Seoyoon filled the cup with coffee again, looking down at Haeyoon's wet hair with an unknown face.

"Hey, sister...….」

Hae-yoon carefully noticed Seo-yoon because he thought he should say what he had been hesitating for several days now.

"Yes, sir.

"I've decided to meet Asuka.」


The sigh from Seoyoon's mouth is heavy. I felt like I was committing a crime. I felt more like that because I was an older sister who followed her like a mother.

"I know there's not much time left. He said he'd be here for about two weeks, and I know he's already halfway there. Actually, I don't know what to do here when Asuka dies. I get frustrated 12 times a day.」

Asuka didn't say anything about the future. When dealing with Haeyoon, he whispered that tomorrow would be the same as today. I don't think it's a contractual relationship. However, if this continues, it will become a long-distance relationship.

Oman and Korea.

Can the relationship continue?

"But I just wanted to tell you. I don't want to fool you.」

"I know, because you've never been a liar.」

Seo-yoon knows that Asuka's entry and exit the room is possible due to Hae-yoon's consent to some extent. And whenever Seoyoon turns his eyes, the eyes that they exchange, or the touch that he touches while walking by. Seo-yoon, who did not open his mouth until Hae-yoon told him, could not hide his complicated mind when he heard it in person.

"It's just a relationship. It's not like I'm getting married.

I was thinking about correcting my opponent as a man who would not end up in a relationship, but Seo-yoon finally turned to Ashan. He was looking at Hae-yoon, who was quietly vomiting with unknown eyes."Haeyoon, it's a more conservative country than you think.」

Looking at Asuka, I didn't feel that arrogance was conservative. Because he didn't force Haeyoon to do anything.

"Asuka is a good person. That's a fact I know better than you do.」

"It's just a relationship, sister. Why do you look so serious?」

Hae-yoon deliberately tried to reassure Seo-yoon by wandering innocently.

"I'm afraid you'll get hurt.」

"Unni, people who get hurt even after getting married, and the same goes for relationships. All relationships get hurt.」

When did his brother become a person who can say this?

"I won't say anything for now.」

"Really? Well, can I hold hands and show my affection?」

"If you want to.」

The thought of no time made Hae-yoon very impatient. I felt frustrated that I could only hold hands while avoiding the eyes of Seo-yoon and Ashan. They don't have a lot of time. Asuka will leave Korea soon. I wanted to hold hands, hug and kiss all day. I just want Seoyoon and Ashan to see them as lovers who just die of love.

"Thank you."

Haeyoon smiled. Seo-yoon patted Hae-yoon's wet hair, putting fresh coffee and toast in front of her.


Several cars were heard stopping in the living room window that was opened for ventilation. Mustafa, who was sitting on the sofa, stood up and reassured them.

"I know them."

Hae-yoon did not miss Seo-yoon's hand wince at the sound of several unannounced cars stopping. He looked up at Seoyoon's face, who was holding his shoulder tightly. The stiff face was staring at the front door.

The sound of the car was obviously several, but little noise was heard. The sound of the car door closing was all the noise. Mustafa had already left the front door. Ashan put the mug on the table.

"You must have a visitor."

If Mustafa knows him, does Asuka know him?

Haeyoon glanced toward the bathroom. Should we bring him in? If he was supposed to come out, Mustafa wouldn't have said it first.



Only after hearing Seo-yoon's call did Hae-yoon realize that he was too nervous. Suddenly, many people came to this quiet villa and comforted themselves, saying they were just surprised. However, the anxiety comes in strangely and makes my fingertips tremble.


The front door, which Mustafa had closed, reopened.

At that sound, Hae-yoon jumped up and went out to the living room. Mustafa was wide open at the front door, and it was a woman who came in under his escort. She was an Arab woman wearing a tweed two-piece, fur vest and wrapped in a head and neck hijab. Hae-yoon, the face that looked younger than you was clear, and the big double eyelids were impressive. Overall, it was small, but there was a sense of naturalness in the way he was playing his subordinates with one fingertip.


The woman waved her head and greeted Ashan in English first. Her eyes slowly looked at Hae-yoon and Seo-yoon standing behind him. And smiled gracefully, not at a young age.

"It's a long way from the airport.”

Only a woman stood alone in front of the front door, blocking the bodyguards who were trying to follow her. Only Mustafa followed in her footsteps.


Hae-yoon knows that he is not in a position to ask, but he opened his mouth without realizing it. Mustafa's facial muscles were particularly visible."First, may I come in?”

"I see the Queen."

Seo-yoon grabbed Hae-yoon's shoulder strongly, stood behind him, and bowed to the queen.

"We've met once, haven't we?"

The queen gently spoke to Seo-yoon and pretended to know.

"I'll tell his secretary that Asuka is missing and I can't stand still. I was a little late because I had to get permission from my father."

The voice is perfunctory and arrogant. English pronunciation, which is pronounced with a snap, is surprisingly perfect. She was a well educated woman. Hae-yoon felt numb when she heard that she was a queen.

"Can I come in now?”

"Come on in."

Seoyoon replied reluctantly. The woman nodded slightly, then took off her beige shoes and entered the living room.

"Where is Asuka?"

Asuka was nowhere to be seen, the woman asked. Hae-yoon stepped forward at the confident question of finding her husband's whereabouts.

"I'll show you around."


"It's all right, sister."

Having said she was fine with a white face, she first stepped on the stairs on the second floor. Ashan grabbed Seoyoon's shoulder to dry it.

"Until when are you going to stop me?"


"Nobody could get in between us. It was our only problem."

Ashan said calmly. He continued by grabbing Seoyoon's jaw, who couldn't take his eyes off Haeyoon's stiff back, and forcing him to turn his eyes to himself.

"It's just their problem. We can't get in between them.”

Seoyoon's face is distorted. He was right. But, still, only 10 minutes ago, Hae-yoon told her she had decided to go out with Asuka. I managed to pluck up the courage to say it, so I tried to shake off my anxiety in a cute way to see a little affection, but it was shattered.

"What happens to Haeyoon?"

I hoped her heart wasn't too deep. He also hoped that he would be able to wake up after a few days. Hae-yoon endured the shock alone when she broke off her marriage. This time it's less than a broken marriage.

Seo-yoon grudgingly stared at the second floor where Asuka would be.

Asuka was stepping on the sheet with her feet as Hae-yoon told her to get full of water in the bathtub. He took the stained sheet and let Hae-yoon, who was in tears, into the bathroom to wash first, searched the closet to find a new sheet, and laid it was clumsy. All that was left was a peeled sheet. Asuka thought easily that it would be a crime to wash it and hang it on the terrace railing, and walk secretly when it was dry because it was cold.

knock, knock

Thinking it was Hae-yoon at the sound of knocking on the bathroom, Asuka ran to the door in a single step. Then, he almost fell and died because of the slippery soap, but managed to keep his balance.

'I'm sucking hard!'

Open the door wide and say Asuka like a child trying to be praised.

What he saw was definitely Hae-yoon. Hae-yoon, who bites his lips with a white face and raises them up, looked like a person who saw something scary. And the familiar face behind her.

"Because we have a guest."

Haeyoon managed to open his mouth. With a face that wants him to say something. Asuka turned away from Hae-yoon's face and reached out and grabbed the Bastowel and put it on her naked upper body.

"I heard from Mustafa that you were missing.』

"Did you manage to get here for that reason?』

"Even the senate was excited to hear that you were missing. Isn't it natural for me to come as a queen?』I don't know Arabic. Hae-yoon was still listening to them talking in Arabic. I should have learned Arabic since Seoyoon first went to the country of Oman. At that time, I listened to the Arabic lecture with a brief interest, but I quit quickly because I couldn't keep up with the lecture alone.

What am I talking about?

"You're rude. You know we're talking, but you don't move.』

The woman complained to Asuka about Hae-yoon. Hae-yoon suddenly avoided the look in her eyes at him.

"Keep your mouth shut.』

Asuka blocked Haeyoon's front. Her eyes no longer saw Haeyoon.

"No matter how hard you try to decipher it, there are many other countries, but why Korea? If you know you met Ashan again...….』

Otherwise, I came here with a lot of nagging from my father. I'm already suggesting to lose Ashan and Chuck every day, but I can't believe I'm going to Korea. Even the woman didn't understand Asuka. "This is why the elders are so upset that they try to pull them down," was so loud that they tried to unconsciously pop out of their mouths.

"Are you all right?"

"Oh, yes, yes. It's okay."

"I'm down for a second."

It's not her who's going down, it's her. Looking back at Hae-yoon, Asuka pushed her back out of the door with a friendly touch.

And Hae-yoon sat down at the sound of the door closing behind her back.

I don't know how long I've been sitting there.

I actually couldn't remember what face I was talking to Seo-yoon and Ashan. All I remember is that Seo-yoon chased him out and put his coat on. Seoyoon soon went in and she began to walk aimlessly.

"We really didn't see the sea together on a bright day."

It was completely dawn, but the sea was still hazy. Like it's about to snow or rain.

Hae-yoon walked alone on the beach that Asuka and Tired of walking. Closer to her back, several bodyguards chased her, but she did not have the courage to look back. I wanted Asuka to come after me, not as a bodyguard. I looked back and thought I would be disappointed if it wasn't Asuka.

It would have been nice if you had made an excuse for yourself first.

If you didn't tell me to stay out of there, but you told me to be sure. No, it was Haeyoon, her who didn't ask for sure.

What if his mouth really says "wife"?

She said it's okay to have multiple wives there, so would she be cool about her existence?

I had a lot on my mind. It was hot to the end and then it cooled down.

I stopped walking and looked at the gray sea. Will the heat go away if I soak my head in the sea like this? I had a headache from thoughts that I would never normally have done. I was thinking and my head was about to explode.

"You were with me until now.」

I hugged him, kissed him and slept with him.

Hae-yoon wiped away the tears that were flowing without realizing it with the back of her hand.

"No, no.」

Dad always has to think about the other person's position. I taught you to listen to it and judge. One hope was that she might not be a wife. Because when I asked Asuka here, he didn't tell me he had a wife.

Seo-yoon or Ashan couldn't have told him that he had a wife."Why are you doing this here?"

Hae-yoon's body, who was standing without knowing that the tips of his sneakers were wet by the surging waves, was hugged from behind.

"Your hair is frozen. Wasn't it cold?"

The voice full of worry is still sweet. It hasn't changed. His wife appeared out of nowhere, but he couldn't continue to show such affection unless he was a shameless man.

"What about your wife, Asuka?"

"It's in the villa."

Hae-yoon turned his back and faced Asuka. I had to look closely at the look on his face talking about his wife.

"Oh, my God. Why are your cheeks so cold? Did you cry?”

"Who would cry?"

"Go inside quickly."

"Why don't you explain? You have to explain it to me first! If you're after me, give me an excuse me!

Haeyoon shouted, pushing him away. He was pushed back and Haeyoon was pushed back. The waves retreated one step back toward the coming. The tip of the ankle was soaked with cold waves.

"Come here."

"No, answer first!"

She stepped back, shaking her head obstinately as he reached out his hand. Now, icy waves devour to the calves.

"You'll get frostbite. Please come out and talk to me."

"Let's talk first. Say something first."

Hae-yoon looked thirsty because he could see Asuka hesitating. I'm sure the bridge that the waves are swallowing will freeze and break. Why is my face getting so hot? I really need to cool my head in the sea water.

Asuka sprang up with a scary face as Hae-yoon stepped back one more step. And picked her up regardless of her intentions. So that the waves no longer bother her, that she can no longer abuse herself.

"It's a political story, so I don't really want to talk about it."

"So? Is that why you cheated?”

"Yes, why should I miss you because of a woman who has never met her face properly?”

Asuka replied without hesitation. Hae-yoon struggled in his arms at the words.

"Get off me! Get off me!"

The more he struggled, the tighter he hugged her. Nails scratched his face and made long marks up to his neck. Haeyoon paused while watching it. There was light blood coming out, but he waited for Hae-yoon to stop without even blinking.

"Get off me, please. I can't have the nerve to meet someone with a wife."

And worse for a second wife or something.

"She is the Queen of Oman. He's more appropriate than my wife.”

Why does that sound more poignant, and why the calm tone is actually shaking. I blamed this guy.

"Mr. Haeyoon."

"Let me go. I don't want to be held like this. Please……."

"But I won't let you go.”

That's why I couldn't say.

No matter what I say, it's obvious that Haeyoon will get hurt. I didn't mean to make it so public. This is because Mustafa, his secretary, was too sincere in the first place. I wanted to go back to when I ran away holding her hand.

I didn't mean to hurt you, but when the other person was already hurt, Asuka didn't learn how to do it.

He was confused too. His position was such a position. An uneasy position where Hae-yoon can't be taken away by his greed.I can't wait to see her come to his country and dry up.

"If I knew this would happen, I would have worked hard."

If I knew I'd meet you. If I had told you in advance that heaven would give me such luck.

Asuka laughed painfully. If I were a more powerful ruler. If someone tried to poison him or assassinate him, he would have been a king who relentlessly held his sword against his opponent like Ashan.

"Then I could have brought you to the most precious place in the world.”

Asuka didn't explain anything, but his self-help voice burst into tears.

"I'll forget it soon. I will completely forget about it and meet a good man and get married. I can forget everything. It's only a few days in my life. It's nothing."

If you put another date as normal as the one you spent with him, will it really go back to when it was nothing? I hope so, please. I don't like this guy saying this heartbreakingly, or trying to do something for himself. I don't know anything, but I have a sense it's a dangerous thing to do. Hae-yoon, who had been kidnapped in the country, knew best that Seo-yoon and Ashan never went smoothly.

It was the same in Ashan, not in the Sultan, but how scary it would be to achieve it with him who became the Sultan.

"Some people live their entire lives with only a few days of memory."

"Lie, don't say that! Tell me you can forget! You'd better forget about it!"

The burning desert, the romance with the sultan in the desert, is also something that happens only in books. This was too realistic. Hae-yoon, an adult, also felt that he could not overcome the difficulties of reality. I've seen several times when things that I believed I could do when I was a child turned impossible to "I can't do this" the moment I became an adult.

"That's right, I'm lying. I'm not a man who can live a lifetime with a few days of memory."

I've tasted the sweetest thing in the world, and I can't let it go to memory. Asuka said coldly. Holding Hae-yoon, he moved to the villa without hesitation. Haeyoon, who was tired of screaming, didn't even pretend to hear Haeyoon cry, asking for her to get off.

The villa was already ready. Dozens of cars were stopped. They were just waiting for Asuka to return.

His vacation is over. Asuka realized what I had to do as soon as the queen appeared and turned his dreamlike reality into reality.

It was after arriving at the villa that Asuka dropped Haeyoon off.

As soon as the ground touched her feet, she tried to run toward Seoyun. Holding Hae-yoon's hand and kneeling on one knee below it, he kissed the back of his hand.

"Don't forget me. No other man. When I think of someone hugging Haeyoon, my blood rises upside down."

He held his hand tighter as if it were out of the question. The slanted black eyes were glowing with a clear warning color. Was he the one who spoke like this, too?

"This hand asked me to run away. I can't do that. I can't run away like you. I'm surprisingly a coward."

His wife was looking at this place clearly. But regardless of that, Asuka kissed the back of his hand several times."You're my Ragba, and we'll meet again."

And Asuka got up from his seat. Hae-yoon's heart suddenly fell down the cliff.

He's, now, about to leave.

Asuka slowly let go of Haeyoon's hand. I just have to look down at his hand, his fingers tingling as if I don't want to let go until the end. His wife flew from Oman on news of her disappearance here. Someone who can stand on his equal as a queen.

A man who didn't want to say political reasons.

But a man who says she's the queen of arrogance.

And the man who confessed to Haeyoon that it was all his first time.

What do I have to believe? Hae-yoon didn't say anything after all. Asuka turned around and got in the car. He didn't take his eyes off Hae-yoon until the car door was closed. And just before the car door closed, he stopped the bodyguard and walked back to her. Then he knelt down again and took off his coat and wrapped it under Hae-yoon's knee.

"Don't cry, please."

Under the bridge, which is already cool due to the contact of the sea, his coat with warmth does not warm up.

Dripping tears fell on Asuka's face, still looking up at her from below on her chin. He reached out affectionately and stole Hae-yoon's tears several times.

"My cheeks are freezing. Don't cry, okay?"

"Then don't go."

And before Asuka answered he choked up, spilling blood on her thighs.

"Oh... oh... Why, why... ..."

Mustafa and bodyguards rushed to separate Asuka from Hae-yoon.

"Ashan! Ashan! Sister!"

Hae-yoon screamed and refused to step away from Asuka. With a burst of voice, he called Ashan and Seoyun, the only ones who could save him. However, Seo-yoon and Ashan, who approached, did not return Asuka back to Hae-yoon, but only held her to make it easier for him to leave.

Crumpled into the car, the door closed immediately.

And cars quickly drove out of their villa.


Haewoon, who was mesmerized, eventually hit Seo-yoon's chest, who grabbed his arm, and burst into tears. That's how the late winter day passed, when no one could comfort me.