Chapter - 30 7.\^J


Hae-yoon was looking outside, mesmerized, sitting at a cafe where she was supposed to meet her friend. Two months passed like the wind. I didn't count the days, but it's been almost two and three months. Since that day, Hae-yoon has often been distracted when he is alone like this.

People's coats have become much thinner, and bare trees have sprouted.

Now there's no sign of snow.

When will there be heavy snow again?

It was time to look up at the clear sky.


His friend, who was ignored after calling Hae-yoon, hit the table with his fist.

"Oh, you're here."

"I'm here already. You're really weird these days. Why are you so distracted?」

"Just a little."

"Are you eating properly? Haeyoon's plump cheeks look so slim. Are you on a diet?"

"Yes, I'm on a diet.」

"I heard slimmer things add up. I can't hit you when you're skinny.」

The performance playfully tapped Hae-yoon on the shoulder, but Hae-yoon did not respond much. Sometimes Hae-yoon, who we met, looked like she was going to cry.

"Are you stressed out about getting a job?」


Come to think of it, I completely forgot about getting a job.

I thought I should get my act together, but suddenly I remembered Asuka's face. A bad guy who hasn't contacted me since he left. Seoyoon tried hard not to say anything then. I was going to ask Ashan, but he wouldn't tell her a word about Asuka. He closed his mouth when asked if he was okay, saying he spilled a lot of blood on his nose even when he was with himself.

It was Hae-yoon's routine to search for the news of arrogance twice a day, in the morning, and just before going to bed at night. Just in case he's not sick or anything.

Then I found out that his wife was pregnant. They said that arrogance is now a festive atmosphere because they have not had children between the two for a long time.

I woke up today to watch the news.

"Anyways, thanks to you.」

We met today because of the news of Yeonju's wedding. She, who decided to become a bride in May, decided to buy a meal, saying thank you to Hae-yoon, who recognized the wedding hall. The concert hall, where the performance was first contracted, was damaged by the double contract. After learning the truth, Hae-yoon connected with many of his acquaintances as wedding planners, and thanks to that, he was able to reserve a ceremony in Cheongdam-dong, where the performance was canceled.

"It's easy to get a double contract penalty there, so Cheongdam-dong's ceremony is easy."」

Perhaps considering it as a blessing in disguise, the performer drew a V with his finger.

That's a relief.

"Oh, you soulless answer! I told you to bring your brother's friend out today because I thought you'd be so tired!」

Today was the day I wanted to cancel my appointment and stay at home. However, I didn't expect this to happen because I knew it would be hard to make time except today.

"I'm fine—I feel awkward with strangers."

"What are you talking about? A social queen who became acquainted with strangers in less than five minutes?」

"Did I do that?」

"Of course! You were famous when you were in school. There was no one I didn't know about you at our College of Humanities.」

Although his face was pretty, Haeyoon was famous because he had a cool personality and good personality. The groom's friend, who was supposed to come out today, saw Hae-yoon's picture in Yeon-ju's photo album and asked him to introduce it to her, and called her here because her job and person were okay."You broke up with Eun-gang and didn't meet anyone.」

Come to think of it, there was the Cha Eun River. I still get a call once in a while when it's worth forgetting.

At that time, Asuka went back and bought a cell phone again, so he didn't change the number. I couldn't change it just in case Asuka contacted me.

"I just don't want to meet anyone.」

"Wow, if a real love cell dies, it's over.」

It was only a few months ago that the love cells burned to the ground while dying. When Hae-yoon was just laughing without saying anything, he hit his chest as if he was frustrated with the performance.

"Don't worry. I'll take responsibility. The person who's coming out today is really good. I'm your friend, but you know the R&N law firm, right? You were scouted there this time. You said you're a job seeker, but they said it's okay. You don't have to worry about making money!」

"You're already talking like you're dating.」

Hae-yoon drank half-cold coffee and said bluntly.

"How reliable is that? Take this opportunity to get a bouquet and get married in October.」

"Hey, if you're going to say that, I'm leaving.」

"Hey, you have to eat before you have a meal!」

Holding Hae-yoon's arm, who was really about to get up, the performance smiled cutely.

In the end, the performance said so and the whole way to the reserved restaurant were bickering.

"So? What kind of wedding present do you want?」

"Wow, thanks to you, I got a wedding hall. That's the best gift, really. It's a ceremony for priests. I got my eye on it at first, and it says it takes two months just to set a consultation time. Does that make sense?"

Haeyoon laughed after a long time. For a moment Asuka's thoughts slipped out of his mind. You don't have to be alone. He keeps popping up when I'm alone. It's better to meet people like this.

"No way.」

"Right? You think so, don't you? The sister you introduced me to, she's so talented. I'm going to introduce my wedding friends one after another.」

"It's win-win for each other.」

"Yes, it's been ten years. You're my best friend!」

"Phew, stay away from me. My arms are going to stretch.」

At Hae-yoon's eulogy, the performer smiled and held her right arm tighter.


"Huh? You said you were going to be a little late!"」

Yeon-ju's groom Geun-ho, who was parking in front of the restaurant, called them. As the two have been dating for a long time, Hae-yoon also greeted Geun-ho with pleasure.

"Long time no see, brother.」

"I'm sorry. I've been busy, so I'm seeing you now.」

His chubby body size in the mid-170s has not changed much since Hae-yoon last saw him six months ago. Yeon-ju and Geun-ho have been dating since college. Haeyoon's couple and Geunho's couple often hung out together when they were in college.… one couple broke up and the other couple announced their wedding.

"Oh, this is my friend. Kang Yoon Tae.

The man standing behind Geun-ho lowered his head toward Hae-yoon.

"Hello, I've heard a lot about you.」

The man came forward and asked for a handshake, throwing a usual greeting at the first meeting.

"I heard it for the first time today.」

Hae-yoon spoke honestly and held hands together. Seeing that he was taller than Geun-ho, he seemed to be over 180cm tall. Hair combed neatly with no-rimmed glasses. It was a sharp impression, but it was not bad to greet with a smile.

"I see. I asked Yeonju a lot because I missed Haeyoon.」

Hae-yoon smiled at Yoon-tae's honest appearance. Anyway, it's not polite to have your face crumpled in front of someone who is kind to you."Come on, let's go inside and talk. It's still a little cold.」

Performers naturally pushed Hae-yoon and Yoon-tae's backs into the restaurant.

It is a restaurant run by a chef on a television program, and it has a separate private room because many celebrities visit it. I booked a four-person room two weeks ago to talk quietly among themselves," he said with a smile.

"I heard the food here is really good. I really wanted to come with you. It's my first time here, too.」

When he broke up with Eun Kang, he was sadder than anyone else. Hae-yoon laughed back because he was happy to meet good people after a long time.


In fact, if it was a meeting between the two of us today and the performance, I might have told you about Asuka's work. I wanted to confide in someone. I wanted to hold on to anyone passing by and ask if it was right for him to wait and how far this unreserved wait should continue.

"Oh, give me your coat.」

Hae-yoon tried to take off his coat and hang it, but handed it over to Yoon-tae, who reached out his hand. Yun-tae hung his neatly received coat on a hanger on one side of the room and sat facing Hae-yoon at the end.

Yoon-tae brought it up during the meal with wine. He's always been a funny guy. He threw a proper joke and was witty. He said that lawyers are also jobs that deal with people, and led the conversation smoothly against Hae-yoon, who is usually quiet.

However, the performance was more interesting than Hae-yoon's, responding to his words one by one.

"He's my ideal type.」

Then, at the sudden words to himself, Hae-yoon, who was drinking the last sip of wine, choked.


"Oh, I'm sorry. Are you surprised?"

Yoon-tae apologized, sticking out a tissue, even though red wine drops splattered on his white shirt.

"I'm sorry, too. My clothes are...………………

"There are several shirts.」

"Oh~ You have a great personality.」

Today, the performance raised the mood of Hae-yoon and Yoon-tae somehow.

"I need to go to the bathroom for a second.」

Hae-yoon smiled awkwardly and avoided the seat for now.

He asked an employee and came into the bathroom and stood with his hands on the sink. He looks a little pale in the mirror. As Yeon-ju said, I didn't weigh myself, but I felt like I lost weight.

"Was I such a lifeless face?」

Yun-tae's face was so messed up that I couldn't believe he said it was good. I haven't been able to sleep lately because of job preparations, so I tried to turn my mind to Asuka. It couldn't have changed like this because of just one man. I couldn't have had a hard time with a man who didn't even contact me.

Only the words kept ringing in my head that the queen was pregnant.

"Yes, because she's his wife.」

When I first saw his wife, did the child already exist?

Suddenly, Hae-yoon put his hand on his lower abdomen. Asuka told Seo-yoon that Hae-yoon might have a royal seed, so the two-week protection was overshadowed. She did not have Asuka's child.

"It's not that easy to have children.」

Would the story have changed if I had a child?

Eventually, when the thought flowed to a strange place, Hae-yoon couldn't stand it and poured cold water on his face.

"I'll just go home early today.」

There was a place to apply by the weekend. When Hae-yoon came out of the bathroom thinking that he should go home early as an excuse, he encountered Yoon-tae standing there."Hey, I think you're going to wash your face.」

"How did you know I was going to wash my face?」

Strangely, the words come out pointedly. Yoon Tae seemed to feel it, but he replied with a smile.

"You coughed up wine earlier. And you looked tired.」

When Hae-yoon didn't say anything, he added, 'I don't think the bathroom is urgent,' as an excuse.

"I'm sorry. Did you feel bad waiting here?」

Rather, it was Yoon Tae who should be offended. Haeyoon was barely responding to what he said.


"I've been waiting to give you a handkerchief. I came right after him, but he went into the bathroom first and missed the timing to give me a handkerchief.」

He's a kind man. As the performance said, he was a pretty, no, very nice guy. He put out a handkerchief to Hae-yoon, scratching the back of his head awkwardly. It was meaningless to receive a handkerchief because he had already washed his face roughly with paper towels.

"Well, can I get a little closer?」

Whether he knew how she felt, he eventually asked carefully, putting his handkerchief back in his pocket.


"Wait a minute."

As he approached, the distance became less than half a step closer. Soon after, the man's finger touched the lower jaw for a while and fell.

"Here, there's tissue on it.」

I guess I didn't see it when I looked in the mirror because it was below my chin. How did a man taller than himself see this?

"Thank you."

"Excuse me, are you going to the second round?」

What should I do? When I left the bathroom, I decided to go home after eating, but I felt sorry to answer his question so coldly.

"Yes, sir."

Yoon-tae smiled as if he was relieved by Hae-yoon's answer. Asuka, who was smiling at himself on that face, was heart-throbbing. He may have replaced rejection with pregnancy news. Maybe Hae-yoon said goodbye to Ashan or Seo-yoon with the news instead of contacting him knowing that he would hear about his wife's pregnancy.

Neither Ashando nor Seoyoon told me, and eventually he found out about it.

Seoyoon may not have talked to the end for fear of hurting her.

"I won't hurt you. I already finished then and he was the one who grabbed me on his knees.」

Hae-yoon clenched his teeth and said.


She shook her head when she looked back thinking Yoon-tae was talking to her.

"I'm talking to myself.」

"Ah, I'm so happy that Haeyoon said she'd go with me until the second round.」

He smiled broadly, with an unadorned face, as if he were really happy. Fortunately, the corners of Hae-yoon's mouth trembled when he smiled at his face was not seen because of the dark lighting.

Since it started with wine at first, I walked right away from the nearby wine according to the opinion that it would be better to drink wine for the second round. I drank wine there quite a bit more than I thought.

The time was a little past eleven. He came out and inhaled cold air when he was told to wait for a while, saying that he called a substitute driver.

"Excuse me, Haeyoon. Can you tell me your contact number?」

At the wine bar, he continued to lead the mood with interesting stories, and he didn't drink much to check how much Hae-yoon drinks. Hae-yoon was aware of that fact. He's a sweet guy. It usually starts out like this.

Hae-yoon grabbed and placed the cell phone in the coat pocket.

"It doesn't mean anything else. It actually means something else. If you feel pressured, it's okay to just eat comfortably.」Yun Tae plucked up his courage and bumped into each other.


When Hae-yoon was about to open his mouth, someone called her.

We finally meet again like this. Hae-yoon was not surprised to find out that it was Eun-gang's voice. This is close to his town. Even when we were dating, I knew that he sometimes hung out with his friends around here.

"Why aren't you answering the phone?」

When Hae-yoon turned around, Eun-gang, who confirmed it was her, snatched her arm.

"It's funnier to answer the phone while it's over.」

"We're not in a relationship that easy. You even thought about getting married.」

Eun-gang, who said so, smelled of alcohol. Just as Hae-yoon was about to open his mouth, Yoon-tae grabbed Hae-yoon's arm and grabbed Eun-gang's hand.

"Let's talk without arms.」

"Who are you? I'm Haeyoon's lover.」

"I'm not your lover.」

"I already know who you are.」

Yoon Tae answered without panic, whether he had already heard about Eun Kang from Yeon-ju. Looking at the two men holding their arms, Hae-yoon was not impressed. I just looked at Eun-gang once again and confirmed that I was not angry or annoyed anymore.

It's snowing.」

Snow at the end of March.

"The weather was nice before.」

I'll be fine after this season. I thought the memory of a man who hated desert nights more than winter in Korea would disappear after a cold day. I waited for spring to come with all my might. And with thinning clothes, I was relieved to see spring coloring throughout the city.

It's time to forget about him.

"Why is it snowing when winter is over and it's spring?」


When Hae-yoon said something wrong, Eun-gang shook her arm and asked. Like a scarecrow, Hae-yoon shouted, shaking as he shook.

"Why does winter come again and remind me of him!」

"Haeyoon, what's wrong with you?」

Hae-yoon and Eun-gang, who shouted loudly, were unfamiliar. She was a quiet talker when she talked to him and his mother about breaking up her marriage. It was Eun-gang who unilaterally got angry when he fought. Hae-yoon only listened to the story and apologized if I did something wrong, and quietly blamed Eun-gang if I didn't do something wrong.

"Why are you doing this to me?」

"Is it because I keep in touch? I missed you so much. Don't be angry, okay?"

"You little silver puppy! Not you!

"Let go of that hand!」

Hae-yoon shouted at Eun-gang, who kept giving different answers. I think I'm going to break my wrist trying to force it out of him. But Hae-yoon persistently twisted his hand.

"Haeyoon, stay still. If you do that, you will hurt your hand...….」

As soon as Yun Tae finished his words, black shadows wrapped around them. And in an instant, he pulled Yun-tae back and strangled Eun-gang.

"What, what, what?

When embarrassed Eun-gang let go of Hae-yoon's arm, someone gently grabbed her from behind and stepped forward.


A small-sized Korean man approaches from behind when the man sings the guide in short English. I came running and fixed my glasses.

"Don't put a finger on this lady.」

A Korean man was talking to Eunkang. And when the man who stood in front of Haeyoon said something briefly, he approached again. Say.

"If you approach her one more time, she will kill you and use your immunity.」

"What's this, this, this?」

With dozens of men surrounded, the river, a common man, was completely frozen."Did your brother-in-law even put these people together?」

No, Ashan wouldn't do this. Hae-yoon crawled through the face of an Arab man standing in front of him.

"……Mr. Mustafa."

"Long time no see."

"Why is Mustafa here?”

"Because it's an order."

Mustafa only answered questions in short English. When he beckoned, the guards dragged the Eungang River somewhere.

"Haeyoon, save me!"」

"I'm not going to kill you. I told him to drive me home. If I appear in front of Haeyoon one more time, I might die.”

"Asuka is…… Is Asuka here with you?”

Haeyoon looked around and asked. I wonder if Asuka is waiting for her somewhere.

"Your Majesty is in Oman."

"Then, last time, I vomited blood. I had a nosebleed a lot. Does it hurt a lot? You can't find out through the Internet news. How's Asuka doing?"

"Your physical condition is confidential because of your political opponents."

"Are you all right?”

Mustafa just looked down at Haeyoon with an unknown face, but did not reply.

"You're going to have a baby soon, so you'll be fine. Don't that right?"

I can let him go when I hear that it's okay. I just think that he's living somewhere in the world, somewhere on the other side, and that he's doing well with the news from overseas.

"I can't answer that."

"Why are you saying no to everything.

Mustafa looked at Hae-yoon's trembling lips. Her eyes were shining only with concern for Asuka. What would this woman look like if she knew what he was going to do for Hae-yoon now? I don't like foreigners. Mustafa was also opposed to the influx of foreign freewheeling blood into them.

He had Asuka, the Sultan, but he was a complete opponent of this love affair.

So I contacted the queen and went to Korea.

"He's a very important secretary. Why did you put someone like that here?”

He was so frustrated that he didn't answer. Hae-yoon didn't know that people around him were gathering and watching them, and that the performer was calling Hae-yoon's name in Geun-ho and nearby areas.

"Power is a strange nature that you don't want to let go once you get it. More scary than that is money. It's a time when money buys power."

Hae-yoon couldn't understand why Mustafa brought this up out of the blue.

He has protected her near Haeyoon for nearly three months. Asuka went back to arrogance alone. Technically, I was demoted.

"I thought I'd take care of you because you're a balance between them. If it wasn't for him, Ashan wouldn't be in Oman so peacefully."

Asuka was constantly persuading the senate. Persuade the old usurped elders, and insisted that he was clearly bleeding from the Sultan. They were only able to target Ashan underwater because of his efforts. For years Asuka persuaded them and in fact some elders agreed that new figures were needed in Oman. I didn't say I was sure it was Ashan, but I said I can't keep the tradition of changing the world forever.

They now have to close their eyes and hand it all over to the next generation anyway. Even if they stick to this attitude, it becomes nominal for their children to keep tradition if their successors are open-minded.Tradition is power and money anyway.

That's the only thing I'm trying to protect.

Mustafa follows his father around. I often saw such images of Asuka. In fact, Asuka and he were related by blood.

"Ashan was threatened with life there...….”

"If it weren't for Asuka, they would have driven tanks and wiped out the palace. Asuka and the late Sultan vowed that if Ashan were killed in Oman, they would work together to wipe out all those involved. That's why he used dirty methods such as hiring assassins without rumors. In fact, the Sultan, who died because Ashan didn't raise the issue, didn't know his son had faced so many assassins."

Asuka's father died and his family was a prominent figure in Oman. So Ashan could not be entirely alone. One of the biggest wings completely wrapped around Ashan.

And if Asuka's family wasn't such a great family in the first place, he wouldn't have made it to the Sultan's nomination.

"Why are you talking about this?”

"I thought you should know about Asuka."

Asuka, who became a Sultan, seemed to have lost his will to live after Ashan left. I was indifferent to everything. I didn't even find out who was behind it, knowing someone was trying to poison him to death. Rather, when Mustafa tried to find the background, Asuka stopped him and laughed, saying that his original position was like that. I've been prepared since I decided to stand by Ashan, when the sultan of the party decided to divide property and title.

"Oman's law states that the Sultan can forfeit all assets of his immediate wrongdoing."

The reason why he can't die yet. That's why I couldn't even do it.

"Now the Senate wants to bring Ashan into arrogance and use the Sultan to confiscate his property."

"No way...….”

"He's got a lot of money.”

Mustafa did not make any facial expressions. So even though I thought it didn't make sense, I couldn't think it was a lie.

"Ashan, I hope your brother-in-law doesn't matter.

"There is also a method called compulsory repatriation. It's simple if you designate him as a criminal in Oman and ask for extradition to Korea. Lady, it is your fault to keep it at bay."

Perhaps if Ashan is forcibly repatriated, it will be difficult to come back to Korea alive. Mustafa knelt down in front of Hae-yoon, who shouted with his small body as hard as he could.


Mustafa's actions made even the bodyguards around him kneel down to Haeyoon. They belong to the Oman royal family. Hae-yoon was the leader of the royal family of Oman and the Sultan, who ordered security.

"I have been ordered by His Majesty to follow you wherever you go."

I can hear the murmur of people.

"Where are you going, miss?"


A lot of people surround themselves. I can see a familiar face. Playing, Keunho, and Yoon Tae. And people gathered like spectators. The flashlight on the cell phone is giddy. It became unclear where he was standing now. I didn't hear anything.

There's a lot of people around him.

"……I'm lonely."

Haeyoon pressed her eyes with her palm.

Asuka left alone in Oman. After Ashan and Seoyoon left, there alone, with a certain heart, the man...….

Suddenly, Haeyoon started running.yoon. The men on their knees rose and chased after her. Whether they followed or not, Hae-yoon caught a passing taxi and stopped it."Mister, Gangnam!"」

There is no guarantee that Ashan will still be at work. It's just that I'm living at work every day, so of course I'm sure it's today, but Hae-yoon thoughtlessly and looked forward only after the men who stopped because he couldn't keep up with her.

I kept getting calls from Yeon-ju, but she didn't answer. It arrived at the company building in Ashan, Gangnam, after 12 o'clock. She also greeted the security guard who knew Hae-yoon's face, and pressed the top floor after taking the card she had for emergency.

"Oh, Haeyoon. What's going on without contacting you?」

Seok-ju jumped up from his seat and asked. The secretarial team at the hill takes turns working overtime, and Seok-ju seems to be in charge today.

"You have a brother-in-law, right?"

" always there."」

He knocked today, wondering when he would get off work.

"Haeyoon is here."

"Tell them to come in."

As Hae-yoon went inside, Ashan did not take his eyes off the document and just nodded. It means to sit on the sofa. As usual, Hae-yoon would sit still and wait, but he walked in front of him and punched the desk with his fist.



"Do you know why I'm here?"

"Isn't it because of Asuka?"

He knew exactly why Hae-yoon came here. Ashan still handed over the papers with a blank face.

"Look at me."

"Because of the time difference, I have to approve it now and hand it over to France. I'm listening, so tell me.”

"I don't know what Asuka is thinking."

I thought you meant to forget because you left and didn't hear from me. Why did he make me feel his presence when someone else approached me after forget everything.

"You knew, didn't you? Mustafa is following me around."

"You're too slow.”

I didn't usually feel someone following me, and if it was in a state of the fortress, I didn't think I'd know if hundreds of people followed me. Sometimes, I just stand there and get dazed.

"I don't know what he's thinking."

"Mr. Mustafa said Asuka did it for his brother-in-law...….”

Ashan put the papers down at the word. He pressed the middle of his forehead with two fingers and gestured to continue.

"You said you're still an elder or an elder, you're trying to steal all your brother-in-law's property."

"Well, that's what happens when he decides to."

"What is he thinking alone?”

"I've never really known what he was thinking.”

Wasn't he the closest opponent except Seo Yoon? Haeyoon got emotional. Asuka was feeling guilty for Ashan. So everyone stepped up to the plate for him and I was angry that Ashan didn't know.

"Asuka to your brother-in-law!"


Hae-yoon smiled briefly when he got angry. The smile seemed somewhat dejected.

"He must have told you.”


"Why are you so kind to me? I don't know that."

When he came to his senses, Asuka was always there for him. He didn't care if he was the same ugly guy who was after his fall. But he clung on constantly, and stuck like gum no matter how hard he tried. Usually, I'm out of course. Affection cannot be one-sided. Asuka also thought he would leave soon.

"Well, that's....”

"You don't have to tell me. I don't really want to know."

Asuka said it was a secret. For Ashan, the center of the secret, it was never said. Haeyoon lowered his head."That's why I thought I could let it go if it was fun."

Asuka protects Ashan. Before I knew it, it was a proposition for Asuka.

"I don't think it's a good idea to give you a lesson, but I think it's okay now.”

Ashan opened the drawer and pulled out a small box the size of his palm. A familiar product was painted on the outside of the box pushed to the front of Haeyoon. It's a lip balm that I always carry in my bag because I can't put it on because it's a waste

"You kept your promise, Asuka."

Oh, you don't have to keep this promise. Haeyoon's jaw trembled. I tried to hold it in somehow, but tears are falling down.

"When are you going to use all this? Ugh!"

A box of lip balm. The little promise to send it was kept. Is he trying to protect one by one?

"Huh! One, huh, huh, huh, huh, huh! Let me know more. Uh-huh.”

Seeing Hae-yoon drooling, Ashan kicked his tongue and handed him a handkerchief. Hae-yoon loosened her nose a lot and kept hiccups coming over, so she asked with hiccups.

"What's 'Ragba'?”

The strange foreign words stuck in Haeyoon's head and didn't disappear. I asked Ashan what I was going to ask when I met Asuka one day. Ashan tapped on the desk with his fingers.

"You told me not to tell you!"

I know that that is the reason for hesitation. So Haeyoon screamed. Ashan's eyebrows are obnoxiously distorted. It was clear that her cry was square.



"It's a wish."

His eyes were asking, 'What are you going to do now?' Hae-yoon began to cry to the point where her nose ran down again.

"Why do you think I'm your wish? Why……."

My Ragba.

"You're cowardly. You're cowardly. I did it on purpose. Oh, my God! Oh, my God!

Seok-ju was surprised to find Hae-yoon, who was sitting on the floor crying, while carrying a car. Seok-ju looked at Ashan who made the woman cry. Either way, Ashan rummaged through the papers again.

"Maybe I'll go to France and see for myself.”

"Oh, well, when should we schedule our business trip?”

Whether Hae-yoon sat down and cried or not, Ashan, who stood up from his seat, picked up his coat.

"Get the electricity ready. I'll be right there in the morning.”

Hae-yoon's head flashed at the words.

"Your passport... .. Your passport, where is my passport."

Oh, last time I used it, where did I put it? Haeyoon bit his lips nervously.

Wearing a coat and meticulously wearing a scarf that Seo-yoon must have worn in the morning, he returned to his desk and reached out to Hae-yoon, who was only muttering his passport.

"Wake up."

"Where did I put it when my brother-in-law went on a business trip to South America?"

He clasped her muttering hands and placed a box of lip balm on it. I felt something else hard on my palm holding the box. Let's get rid of the box. This is Haeyoon's passport.

"You want me to drop you off on the way?”

I've never been more pleased with that indifferent way of speaking.

"Yes! Drop me off when you go!"

Tears and a runny nose flowed again. He quickly wiped himself with the back of his hand and held on to Ashan's coat for fear of leaving him.

"Get away."

Brother-in-law is a cold man. It's warm only to Seoyoon. I didn't hate the coldness. She's on her way to meet a man who's only trying to be warm to her.