Chapter - 31 8.\^J

Ashan's private jet turned on its way to France and prepared to land at the Sultan's airfield in Oman. Her face turned into tears when she heard that she would go right after Hae-yoon dropped her off.

"Can't you stay a few days?"

"Are you scared now?"


Glancing at Mustafa and the guards sitting in the back, she opened her mouth.

"It gets louder when I'm there."

Ashan thought of giving word to Asuka's coordination over the past three months, but shut up. And rarely for him, he patted Haeyoon's head and said.

"Don't trust anyone over there. All you have to do is look at Asuka.”

"Well, I'm just here to see your face."

Seeing Hae-yoon, who rushed in with Ashan at dawn and suddenly packed his clothes, Seo-yoon only said, "Have a safe trip." When asked if he was crying and not opposing, he said there would be a lot of opposition in the future, but Seo-yoon cannot help.

It's hard to make up your mind. Once you decide it, it's a moment. Before you know it, you're in the middle of a political battle.

Seoyun looked as calm as possible at her younger brother, who would probably be on a more difficult path than herself. He knows that if he is anxious, the anxiety spreads to Hae-yoon.

Ashan and I, and Asuka will protect you.

For the past three months Asuka has constantly persuaded Seoyoon. She eventually stepped down from Hae-yoon's choice, saying she should not die. I couldn't open my mouth even if people pointed their fingers at me, saying that I didn't oppose him to death because he was not my own brother. Because they don't know how Seoyoon feels about sending Haeyoon.

I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

For crying Hae-yoon, Seo-yoon chose thin and long clothes that she could wear easily there without saying a word.

She is as kind as her mother when she pats her back and forth. I've never felt my mother's touch, but I learned what it was through Seoyoon.

Thinking of Seo-yoon, Hae-yoon, who became teary-eyed again, shut up. Before I knew it, the plane was running on the runway of the landing site. Flags symbolizing Sultan and arrogance were seen here and there.

Beige cotton pants covering ankles, white sleeveless. And Hae-yoon, wearing a thin blue shirt on top, waited for the door to open.

Mustafa contacted Asuka that Haeyoon was going. Will he be out there? Will he be out when that door opens? The window didn't look the other way.

"But the fact that you gave me an airfield dedicated to the Sultan doesn't mean you shouldn't come, does it?"

"Why do you ask me that? Get out of here."

Hae-yoon hesitated until the door opened and the stewardess told him to get off.

"Mr. Haeyoon."

Mustafa called her. I couldn't put it off any longer. It was when Hae-yoon stood to step on the stairs outside the private jet.

"God's peace to you..."….( ?????? ?????)』

A man wearing a white bishit reflected in the sun was greeting Hae-yoon with his arms wide open under the stairs. I feel dizzy at the sight of a man smiling brightly. My legs are loosening. Hae-yoon, who was going down the stairs one by one, eventually couldn't resist and threw himself over him.


Suddenly, Hae-yoon blew himself up and hugged her and he fell back on his hips.

"Your Majesty!"

"Your Majesty, are you all right?』

As Arab men gathered nearby, Hae-yoon hugged him tightly.

"No, you're not! How can a grown woman be, hahaha!』Older people scolded Hae-yoon loudly, but it doesn't matter. Hae-yoon didn't warm up his throat because he was afraid of falling.

"Isn't a woman supposed to be like this in Islam?"

"That's right."

"Should I let go of my hand?”

Asuka lowered her head in the product, and wrapped Hae-yoon's mumbling shoulder affectionately in a small voice.

"You've lost some weight."

"You, too, Asuka.

When he suddenly heard that Hae-yoon was coming here, Asuka became frighteningly angry with Mustafa. He couldn't get angry anymore when he was told that it was Ashan's private jet, who was angry that she was not allowed to come.

"Why did you come all the way here?"

"I heard your wife is pregnant."


"I can't see that."

Suddenly, Hae-yoon clenched his fists and raised his head.

……If Asuka had turned his head a little late, his nose might have broken. People around me once again complained about Hae-yoon's violent behavior.

"I'm here to take it away. I don't like my second wife. That doesn't mean you should make me your first wife and kick her out now. No way. Asuka is a woman while I'm alive with my eyes blue, never."

Asuka held back his laughter that was about to burst.


"……You sent me too many lip balms. I'm going to share it with you.”

He eventually hugged Hae-yoon and rubbed his face and burst into laughter. Mustafa, who had been unable to come down because they were blocking the stairs, turned awkwardly.

"Will you kiss me?"

"I heard this is a conservative country. If I kiss you now...….”

Chewing his mouth, he swallowed Haeyoon's lips, which were wary of people around him. I smell the coconut of the lip balm he sent me. He held his chin and stuck his tongue in. The sweet saliva was washed like a hungry man.

When I heard an obscene sound, I turned my head one by one. They have no right to meddle in Sultan's love affairs. When Hae-yoon ran to Asuka first, he was eye-catching and criticized, but they closed their eyes to Asuka's first start.

As his tongue swept the inside of Hae-yoon's cheeks and stimulated the salivary glands, a weak moan broke out.


In his arms, Asuka's alter ego, excited between his hips, felt horrendous.


"I'm the king of this country, how dare you."

Asuka said, lips-to-mouth and still trying to dig into her. Such a kind and pretty Korean stewardess came down the stairs passing Mustafa without losing her smile.

"Excuse me, Mr. Ashan said the rest of us have to do it in the bedroom and take off, so get out of the way."

The stewardess said, pointing too kindly and tenderly at the exit with both hands.

A man who said, "You're the king of this country a while ago, how dare you?" rose up holding Hae-yoon without saying a word.


"You heard me, next time in the bedroom."

I can't tell if it's a joke or not. But considering the stuff that touched between the hips, I think it's true. Hae-yoon hugged Asuka's neck because he didn't want to fall. Then he waved at the private jet, which was moving away.

With Asuka and Haeyoon on board, Benz started running without hesitation. All the roads were already open to the destination he wanted. Dozens of bulletproof bents followed suit. The place where Hae-yoon was taken was a desert palace where Ashan used to live, which is now mostly visited by Asuka."Why can't you see my face?"

"I'm just shy."

"Isn't it because you're guilty?"

"What do you feel?"

"I told you not to meet men. You were on a blind date.”

"Have you been briefed on me?”


Must have been followed by Mustafa, so every move went into his ear. But this man says it too proudly.

"That's stalking."

"It's my first time stalking, too.

Asuka grinned back. That's why you didn't contact me. Because he knew everything about himself, this guy. I wanted to ask though. He searched the Internet every day, so I could only meet him on the world news with a single line of English.

"Why didn't you call me? You said you heard all about me."

His hands got tangled around his waist. She shook her head as she swept Hae-yoon's side with her fingers.

"Don't sneak up on me like this!"

"When I hear your voice, I'll miss you moving, and I'll be weak."

Asuka didn't look bad except his face was a little emaciated. I wrapped my palm around his face.

"You don't worry about me when you puked blood in front of me and disappeared?”

Now the bloodthirsty numbers are down. Maybe once a week. That's a small amount, too. The detox is almost complete. But I didn't want to scare her by saying this to her, who had barely braved it.

"It's all right now."

"What was wrong with you? Huh?"

"Really, I'm fine now.

Because of this I was able to muster up my courage. The woman, a wife, did not change a single color even though her husband was bleeding. Hae-yoon couldn't forget her dollish gaze at the motionless stranger. A real wife shouldn't have done that.

"Can I trust you?”

He didn't seem to want to talk anymore, so Hae-yoon just checked. He nodded, hugged her and clasped her together. He tried not to leave Hae-yoon on his lap with a wide seat.

"What would you rather do in my country than that?"

"Well, I just came to see you."

"Tell me everything you want, everything you want."

Asuka asked, attaching Hae-yoon's cheek to his cheek. The feeling of his lips moving on his cheeks tickles.

"I don't have anything I want...….”

His fingers smoothed the tip of his spine along his waist from his side. And Hae-yoon trembled as she felt her hips creeping into the cracks.

"What do you want to do?"

Black eyes bite straight without even blinking. Apparently, with heat.


He urged me gently once again. Hae-yoon showed his back and looked at the attendants sitting in front of him.

"They all have a duty to forget what we said and what intimate touches we had."

No, how can a person forget it when he saw it and heard it! Pretending to forget and keeping your mouth shut up. Hae-yoon glared at Asuka, who was saying nonsense.

"It's all right, I'm king, king."

Oh, if you were in Korea, you'd be a medicine dealer.

"But where are we going now?”

The scenery in front of me is definitely different from Korea. The car soon entered a deserted area. Only one stretch of road came out of the vast desert."Where I go when I want to be alone. Haeyoon, you've probably been here before.”


At that time, I stayed at the palace for quite a while and didn't think about looking around because it was right after something bad happened.

"I want to take them to where I'm staying, but there are always scary grandfathers there.”

It was their job to rush in from the morning and stir up Asuka as if they were going to work every day. The physical strength is good, and the people who lived twice as much as the younger ones were not tired. Rather, Asuka, who listened to their complaints, was exhausted.


"When you're with me?"

He laughed, putting Hae-yoon's backstabbing words freely.

"And Mrs. Asuka, I'd like to meet the Queen."

At that time, it was so shocking that I couldn't even talk properly. Just letting Asuka and her go was all Hae-yoon could do.

"You can't do that."


"That's a problem I have to solve. Hae-yoon will never meet her."

If you really loved each other, and that's why you married with a good feeling, you can't usually endure such insults when Asuka kneels in front of Hae-yoon. I couldn't remember very well, but she condoned all Asuka's actions. There was something he didn't know. Asuka says it's political, but there's no way he's going to marry her for political reasons.

"Girls have to solve problems."

"This is my problem. Don't talk about it anymore."

Asuka asked Hae-yoon not to bring it up again with a cold face.

"There's something I'd rather hear than that.

When he kissed the tip of his chin, Hae-yoon's head leaned back. Never missed that moment, he laid her on the sheet. The cars on the pavement were barely shaken. He pressed down with his whole body as if he was hitting Hae-yoon's stomach, and asked, looking down at her from above, with only one arm raised.

"Are you not going to do it?”


"I don't want anything, and then."

Haeyoon's nose turned red. Her eyes looked at the attendants, not Asuka.

"They don't exist. Tell me."

"……I missed you.”

"Me, too. And?"

Be frighteningly persistent. Hae-yoon couldn't avoid his face gradually coming down, so he watched and swallowed a dry saliva. The heavy, high nose crushed Hae-yoon's cheeks. And with his lips in contact, he demanded again.



"You really don't seem to want to do anything with me."

"Chub!" His wet lips touched and fell.

"So can I do what I want?"

Oh, I've been tricked. I feel like I've been tricked by him for saying that as if he's been waiting. And I've never felt so relieved after being deceived. Hae-yoon reached out and hugged him tightly.

"I can't help it. I don't have anything I want to do."

"Yes, yes. Do something fun with me.”

With a wicked smile, Asuka kissed Hae-yoon's skin that was revealed several times above. Without knowing that the car was stopped, he kissed from place to place without noticing the attendants. Hae-yoon, who was clumsily sucking Asuka's neck, was soon frightened to see her hand knocking on the tinted window.

"We're here, Your Majesty."

"f*ck it, Mustafa."

Even those sitting in the driver's seat and passenger seat were still like ice, and Mustafa, who followed him in the back car, broke the whole mountain."I want to walk on my feet."


Indeed, this man did not care about the eyes of his entourage. How can you hug him in front of everyone who works in the palace when they're lined up? Haeyoon got out of the car first without answering.

Both hands held out with their palms showing and kneeling, and the object of their worship was Asuka, the Sultan. He walked between them casually and held Hae-yoon's hand.

"You don't mind holding hands, do you?”

With his fingers tightly crossed, he explained everything that Hae-yoon could see. The white palace you see in front of you has definitely been here, but it's as awkward as it's your first time.

"Oh, I saw the swimming pool!"

"Do you remember?"

"In the picture you sent me."

When he complained that he missed Hae-yoon, Seo-yoon sent John a picture of him swimming in the pool at night. I asked where it was because the moon on the pool was pretty and the lighting was pretty, and it was a pool dedicated to employers.

"Do you know what I said because I'm worried about you, 'How can you swim like that in an employer's pool?'

"What did you say?"

"I said this in a way that I'm looking forward to. I'll be fired."

"Hahaha, it's Hani-like.”

At that time, Seo-yoon clearly wanted to be fired as soon as possible.

"Aren't you hot?"

"It's hot."

The water in the pool was shining so clearly. Hae-yoon sat at the end of the pool, confirming that Mustafa was the only one who followed behind them.

"Oh, cool!"

He rolled up his pants, dipped them in his calves, and smiled.

"Asuka, sit here, too."

"I'm in a bit of a hurry than that."

The sun in the desert reflects hot on the white calves. It glitters with water.


Asuka jumped into the pool without taking off his clothes.


And pulled Haeyoon's leg. With his fingers he swept droplets of water all over the bridge. Then I grabbed my ankle and kissed my calf. The lips licked the remaining drops of water one by one. Even if he wanted to take his foot out because it was itchy, it was not easy because his power was stubborn.

"Let me go."

"……I'm thirsty."

This man is too dangerous now. My mind flashed like a light. The lips burning from the legs stopped because of jeans up to the knees. It would have been a disaster if I wore a skirt. Hae-yoon calmed down his pounding heart.

"Then drink water, why are you doing this to my legs?"

"You really don't know?"

Why didn't anyone tell me that a wet man was so sensual? His clothes clung to his whole body, showing his naked muscles. Hae-yoon swallowed his saliva with his eyes wide open.

"Don't swallow. It's yours. Why are you looking at other people's stuff?”

"Can I touch it?"

Eventually, Hae-yoon couldn't resist the temptation and asked, reaching out his hand.

"Of course."

His palm swept the entire calf, bending his upper body toward Hae-yoon.

"Where do you want to touch? Face? Chest? Or...….”

The water was fluttering above his waist. As he approached more and more, Hae-yoon's legs were submerged. The tip of his toe pressed his lower body. The water is cold, but only the part where you press with your toes is hot.

"Su, is the Sultan supposed to be this racy?”

"It's okay."

There is nothing I can do about that answer. Haeyoon did hand fanning. I think this country is too hot. This man's behavior raises the temperature here by four or five degrees."Your Majesty."

Mustafa, who answered the phone a few steps away, called them.

"What's going on?"

"The elders are now outraged to learn that Ashan's private plane landed at the airfield.』

The news was that he was chasing and making a fuss in the palace.

"So what? "

They were talking in Arabic that Hae-yoon couldn't understand.

"Especially, Mr. Allard was very angry…"….』

I guessed what the blurry word meant. I'm sure what happened on the runway got into his ears. It was not long after her daughter was pregnant, but it was a matter of anger that she went to meet a woman, a foreign woman herself.

"Haeyoon, I need to leave for a while."

It was a matter for them to consolidate. Asuka was never going to stand by them again about Haeyoon and Ashan. It was also a promise with Seoyoon.

"Oh, yeah."

"Mustafa will show you around the palace.”

"I'm fine. Take him."

"No, don't move anywhere without him. And don't follow the bad guy."

I was only convinced that something serious had happened. Asuka was as sharp as he wasn't when talking to Mustafa. And soon, when I talked to Haeyoon, I returned to the friendly man she knew well. I even told her a joke and reassured her.

"What do I do with my clothes getting wet?”

"I have plenty of clothes to change."

I enjoyed making you worry about this little thing. Asuka replied with a smile.

"Let's have dinner together. Do you like indoors?"

"No, where you can see the pool! The pool is so beautiful at night in your picture."

"I like the outdoors, too. You're gonna chew some sand, is that all right?"

I asked him because I remembered the Queen, who was grumbling while drinking tea outdoors.

"There's nothing we can do about the desert. Chewing sand for the atmosphere is nothing.”

It's different from the women he knows, too. Asuka looked at her lovingly.

"I'll be right back."

"You can take your time. I've never seen such a large palace before, so it'll take a long time to see each and every one of them."

"You can go wherever you want. However,"

"With Mustafa," is the condition?”

"You're smart."

I could feel that he didn't want to go. In the end, however, he failed to win the appointment of his aides and left. Mustafa, who became familiar with Hae-yoon, talked to her for a long time.

"If you want to swim, I'll prepare a swimsuit and bite people."

"It's okay. I've been flying for a long time, so I'd like to take a shower, so could you show me where I'll stay?”

Asuka didn't give a word about her room. However, most of them used separate bedrooms. Mustafa is worried about what to do. Eventually, I decided to pretend to be a loyalist. It would be good to take this opportunity to regain the credit you lost to Asuka. After the calculation, he led Hae-yoon to Asuka's bedroom.


"This is the drawing room, and the bathroom is over there. They'll be here soon."

"Oh, you can take a bath alone."

"I've never done anything but massage to relieve my tired body, so take it.”

Is it some kind of aesthetic? In fact, I didn't refuse to recommend it twice because I was tired. You've had a lot of fun in your life. When Hae-yoon nodded, Mustafa said she would prepare clothes to change in front of the bathroom.

Four women came to Hae-yoon's bath.

"I think there are too many people…….”They grinned and ignored Hae-yoon's intention and pushed her into the bathroom. While watching it, Mustafa took out his cell phone.

Allah, why are you giving me such a hard time?』

The caller was another opponent he couldn't resist.

For whatever reason she was queen of this country. Besides, the only one.

Mustafa looked at Haeyoon's bathroom with a troubled face. It was obvious that you didn't have to see how angry the Sultan would be.

It was a one-sided notice that the queen was coming here, to the desert palace.


I was just going to take a quick shower, but it took more than three hours to finish the care. I applied oil all over my body and massaged it, but I was so tired and happy that I even fell asleep in the middle. It was when I came out of the bathroom wearing a dress that I gave to me to change to a refreshing face.

"Mr. Haeyoon."

"Have you been waiting?”

His face, which did not respond to Hae-yoon's words, seemed a little embarrassing.

"What happened?”

"That's... .. I didn't report it to the Sultan because I thought you had to meet at least once.

If he had posted a separate report, Asuka would have rushed here, whether the elderly were fighting or not.

"What is that……….”


Hae-yoon's eyes turned to the sound heard from behind Mustafa. A woman wearing a hijab was sitting in the drawing room. She wanted to meet her someday, but she didn't expect to see her as soon as she arrived in Oman. Haeyoon was not embarrassed.


I walked to her, saying hello face to face. As Hae-yoon walked in, the woman standing up smiled. Then he reached out one hand and asked for a handshake.

"I'm Fatima."

I looked younger then, but now I see that he is about the same age as himself. Smaller than she was, she looked nervous with deep eyes. It was a beauty with a gloomy impression as a whole.

"I see the Queen."

I didn't know what etiquette was like in this country, so I lowered my head for now.

"It's an empty seat anyway. And you don't have to be an example because you're a foreigner."

When Fatima, who said so, sat down, Hae-yoon sat on the other side. Mustafa stood at the door at arm's length from them. The car was still hot.

"I prepared a tea that's good for fatigue because I don't know what you'll like.”

"The car is still hot."

"I've been re-boiling it over and over again until you get out."

"You could have told me to come out soon…….”

"If you did something like that, Asuka wouldn't have forgiven you."

She calls Asuka Ms. Asuka Ms. My mouth was bitter because I found something in common in a strange place.

"I've been rude because I really wanted to see you again."

"Oh, I wanted to see you again.”

The first impression was bad for both. Fatima was angry with Asuka, who left his promise with him and headed to Korea. Nothing looked good at all. Hae-yoon also had a hard time maintaining his sanity because of the shock that Asuka had a wife.

There was a moment of silence between the two. We didn't know what to bring up first.

"I'm glad I'm able to leave now.”


Fatima smiled quietly at Hae-yoon. The smile wasn't smiling, but it was like crying.

"You've never had a woman near you since you became a sultan. That's why I know you're special."

"I don't understand...….”

"He looks light, but he's a big mouth, really."The last time I said it was at this palace. Even then, when I came to ask for a favor, I grumbled rather than sand in the car. I knew Asuka had cared about him from the beginning. On the first night I told him I was really ready to die, but he didn't ask me anything. I didn't even try to force her to get drunk. But I've only been seeing more women. Although no woman has been close to him since he became a sultan.

"You've even kept your mouth shut for my sake."

There's no honor left to defend already. Fatima paid tribute to Asuka, who was even honest. If the person he loved was Asuka, he would have been a little more comfortable. It strikes me that he will never win his heart, but he will never abandon himself.

"There's a baby in my stomach."

"Yes, you're pregnant...….”

Hae-yoon couldn't hide his mind. Apparently distressed, Fatima wrapped her stomach in her hands.

"I loved someone even before I got married. It's his child."

"Did you know all about Asuka?”

"Yes, what was the spirit at the time, and I told you the truth the first night because I thought I had to keep my temper with my loved one. You knew Asuka could kill me on the spot."

A teacup fell from Hae-yoon's hand. Fortunately, it didn't break and rolled on a soft carpet.

"When I found out I was pregnant, I felt like the sky was falling apart. When a child is born, everyone will know my injustice."

I couldn't take it anymore. The moment he found out he was pregnant, the man left. Fearing that I might really die, I trembled and said goodbye. Fatima did not catch such a man. Because I understood his mind.

Still, he asked Asuka to meet him, who was embarrassed to save the child in his stomach, and couldn't speak properly after the first night.

"He was a tutor who taught me English."

Her father was an open-minded man. I brought an English man to teach her English with my sisters. It was his mistake that he didn't think he would dare meet his daughter separately while teaching so many daughters at once.

Originally, the tutor who was supposed to teach English was a woman, but she temporarily sent her friend because she had a situation. At first, the father disapproved that he, a man, was teaching his daughters, but he did not make a problem of his daughters' English skills, which improved day by day.

"It was about to end."

"You mean the man left?"

"If I have pregnant children born with blue eyes, they'll all be killed. Not just me, but my whole family."

The crime of defaming the Sultan was unimaginable. It will be the scandal of the century. And Fatima couldn't stop a man who knew he would be killed by his father's hand before they died.

"How could you...….”

"You can look at me and curse me for being a shameless woman. I don't regret it."

Fatima said, like a spell on himself. Hae-yoon thought of the child in her stomach, who she was holding protectively.

"How can I speak ill of the Queen?"

I miss you so much, Asuka.

He was resentful of not saying anything even to himself for the honor of his wife who betrayed him, but proud of him. A warm man. I understand why Seoyoon didn't tell her that Asuka had a wife. I wonder if she could have been called a wife. He's been alone for too long."After Seira died, I thought Asuka would never love anyone again."

Then Asuka acted like a man who lost everything.

Hae-yoon guessed that Seira was the main character that Asuka said was painful whenever she remembered. After all, she didn't break up, she left him forever.

"And then I met you. I think I can look at that and hope for it."

Fatima still smiled with a gloomy face. The only hope for her seemed to be the child I was defending.

"He's been alone for too long. Seira and Ashan eventually left him behind. I'm not in a position to say this.”

With Asuka's tacit consent, Fatima continued to meet the governess. On the subject of betraying him in front of his eyes and enjoying his virtue. Is he being punished somehow?

"I'm going to raise you to the second rain while I'm alive."

I just came because I missed Asuka. The second rain, I never thought of that. But Hae-yoon felt something strange here.

"……while I'm alive?"

"I'm about to die."

Fatima calmly predicted my death.

"Oh, the child...….”

"With this child."

You hugged the child so dear. Haeyoon's hands trembled. Is Asuka really trying to kill her? Have we already talked to him?

"No way."

"After I'm dead, the Senate will be extremely opposed to it. Maybe it's because you're the first rain. But I'm supposed to be pregnant with Asuka's child, so if I rain you now, the opposition won't be so severe.”

"Why do you say you're going to die so easily!"


Fatima smiled broadly when she saw Hae-yoon who was about to cry. The melancholy energy washed away from her face. Hae-yoon was even more embarrassed to see the face after crying because he didn't know what to do. To the point where I forget all the stories I've shared so far.

"You deserve to fall in love with him because he's so honest. By the way, your ideal type is consistent."

Seira was also an honest person. I can see my feelings on my face. That didn't mean that the two looked alike, but it was the same to draw honest feelings to the other person. There are people who have that talent.

"Why are you laughing?"

"Let me ask you one question."


"Do you love Asuka?"

"I love you."

If it wasn't love, I wouldn't have run this far. As long as you've met him, you'll forget.

"Then are you ready to live as his queen in this country?"


"You have to decide quickly. The baby in the stomach grows up pretty fast."

Are you prepared for this? Are you ready to live here?

Suddenly, I was afraid. Black eyes looking at themselves seriously were urging them to answer. Hae-yoon bit her innocent lips.

"Then let's ask a different question.”

Fatima sighed and said.

"Do you want to stay with Asuka no matter what?”

She, who was his wife, is about to leave him for good reason. Knowing that, Hae-yoon couldn't think of leaving Asuka. All the more so because he knew that misunderstanding had arisen because he kept his mouth shut to protect his wife's honor.

"Yes, I can answer that."

"I'm so glad.”

Fatima looked carefully at the Asian woman who said she would stay with Asuka with her eyes shining in front of me. It was a hundred times better than myself.Asuka spent the night with Fatima, who said she wanted to get pregnant and leave. I didn't hug her, I pretended to hug her. So the child in the stomach became Asuka's child. Why he can't be tough to the end. A bitter smile came out. Even to myself who asked for a meeting knowing that he would eventually cover for me until the end, and even at the last moment when I regret not loving him.

"I'm glad to hear that's good.”

I repeated what Fatima said.

"But if you die just because you hear the answer, you shouldn't."

"I've already spoken to Asuka. Get the details from him."

Once again, Fatima burst into laughter at Hae-yoon, who said he should not die seriously. Soon after, he ran with a stiff face, saw Asuka open the door of the drawing room by himself, and handed it over to him.


"I just wanted to take advantage of my authority to see her for a while, Your Majesty.

Fatima didn't call him Asuka, but Her Majesty, as she did to Haeyoon.

"Get out of here now."

I don't know what Asuka said, but Hae-yoon understood because he pointed toward the door.

"Dear Asuka."

"Then I'll get going. I'll see you later."

"I won't see you again.”

Fatima greeted Haeyoon. It was blocked like Asuka growling. She walked out the door with a light step, not caring. Asuka, who watched her go out to the end, approached Hae-yoon.

"Are you all right?"

"Well……I'm fine…….”

It's not that she's done any harm. Maybe she came here because she felt sorry for this man. I wanted to do something for you.

"What about Asuka?"

"What did I do?"

"Are you all right?"

He asked, putting his hand on his cheek, which had become breathless, whether he ran all the way here. What's the hurry to come here? There's Mustafa, and there's no way anything happened. This man's behavior makes me realize how anxious and scary this place is.

"I'm worried about you. Did she say anything that hurt your feelings?”

"That can't be true."

"What did you say?”

"I want it to be Asuka's second rain. It's like the last thing she can do when she's alive...….”


cried Asuka roughly.

"Why? I think it makes sense. I don't understand when she's alive."

How many people know my death?

Hae-yoon had so much to ask Asuka.

'Never mind that word.'

"Wouldn't you have me as your wife?”

I said it myself and laughed. We've just been dating, and how long have you been out of touch each other than that. It was amazing that this word naturally came out like a whine. But it was by no means a joke. When I decided to come here, I thought that I had already made some decisions.

"You're right. You will be my wife."

Without a moment's hesitation, Asuka said sternly. Hae-yoon's thumb slowly swept Asuka's lips and cheeks. Her face looked calm, so Asuka wrapped her hands around Hae-yoon's cheeks. And he said his forehead and Haeyoon's forehead facing each other."I decided that I would bring them in the most precious place in the world. There's no such thing as a second rain."

"How hard does Asuka have to go to do that?"

Just because your wife is here, you're running in such a hurry, what kind of threat is he trying to accept?

"That's all right. I'll probably never be able to pay you back for what I've done to you."

He lied to Ashan and Haeyoon.

"A liar should be punished."

"For the rest of your life?"

"Yes, forever."

Hae-yoon smiled as if he was crying.

"I just made up my mind.”

Her eyes looked at the unfamiliar space. And the only familiar person in the space.

"I'm probably very lonely and struggling, but I can't help it because I've come to love someone who's more lonely and struggling than I am. I decided to live here with this person.”

Tears wet her hands. I'm the one who's about to cry, but why is this guy crying?

"I'm very adaptable. I used to live all over the country because of my dad's work.”

I want to comfort him somehow, but all I can say is this.

"That's a relief."

Before I knew it, Hae-yoon tried to comfort Asuka by saying that he had clenched his fists and made up his mind. That desperate figure is so adorable and cute that I can't help but embrace it. Memories of torn pain buried in the heart are dulled by Hae-yoon's words.


Hae-yoon flinched at the name Asuka calls. Her reaction convinced me that she already knew the name.

"As you said, it's not as painful as it used to be to call that name now."

"I'm glad if it's because of me.”

"Yes, because of you.”

Seira saved Ashan. Asuka was blind to her as such. I wondered if a liar could be saved if he had a presence like Seira.

"Then keep thinking, no more pain. Until I have only good memories."

I felt that Hae-yoon's generous smile was dazzling. I felt numb for a moment because I didn't think the day would come when I thought that a person's smile was dazzling at best.

"Well, shall we have dinner now? Dinner watching the moon in the desert. I think it's going to be so beautiful...….”

I was hungry after taking a bath for three hours and meeting Fatima. When I smiled away from him, my back was caught.

"Dear Asuka?"

"I don't want to eat more than rice?"


This guy's playing foul again! If you bite the back of your ear like this, you know that you can't refuse. He touched the bite with his tongue and began to suck it.

"Moo, I want to ask you something. While eating...….”

I had to ask Fatima's unknowable story, and I was full of questions about his future work. He pushed her with his whole body when Hae-yoon used his veto weakly.

"Ask me now. I'll answer them all."

Hae-yoon was lying on the sofa where he was sitting. On top of it, Asuka sat lightly on her stomach, sweeping down her flowing bangs.


"You're the one who made me do the cowardly thing in the first place."

He took off his bishit and even took off his gala at once. Hae-yoon covered her eyes with only underwear."Hey, don't do this."

"Did you think I'd stop being such a thin bunny?"

"I'm hungry!"

Asuka chuckled at the words.

"Then shall we look at the moon and eat?"

"Yes! Let's eat together."

"I'll eat something else."

Something else? What? Ununderstood Hae-yoon looked at him and Asuka smiled furtively, still on top of her. I have a premonition again. Is that what predators laugh like?



It was time for Mustafa, who was always waiting at the door, to close the door and leave after seeing their actions. Asuka instructed him to do this and that in Arabic.

"I have to go eat, so could you please come down?”

Hae-yoon spoke slowly and affectionately, as if to tame the beast so as not to provoke him as much as possible. The first thing to do is calm down his excitement, which is about to pierce his underwear and poke his stomach.

"All right."

Asuka replied with a slightly crooked head. Hae-yoon, who was slightly disappointed by the man who unexpectedly stepped aside, was surprised and frowned on himself. What do you mean disappointed? I didn't eat and almost did something in the drawing room.

However, Asuka, who seemed to be waking up, lay down behind Hae-yoon's back. The sofa was so big that it didn't matter if he hugged her from behind. His bare skin, hot chest clenched against his back.

"Asuka, you said you were eating."

This is why it can't even happen.

"I'm going to eat.”

Asuka stood up and answered by biting Hae-yoon's neck. Then there was a knock and dozens of people carrying trays came inside.


What's this? Teacups and refreshments on the table were quickly removed and delicious food began to settle on it. Freshly baked bread, soup, tropical fruits, various kinds of jam and honey, grilled lamb and chicken mixed with red sauce were also seen. And finally the servants closed the curtains and opened the terrace door wide.

Hae-yoon only moved his head and looked at the table they had set up in an instant. The lady-in-law smiled at her when she met her eyes. With Asuka's hand holding his waist and his chest gradually rising up, Hae-yoon couldn't even smile face to face.

"Let's eat."

Asuka said after they quickly withdrew.

"How can you eat like this...….”

He reached out and put dried figs pickled in honey into Hae-yoon's mouth. Reflectively, Hae-yoon chewed it with a sweet, chewy texture, Asuka said, licking the honey on his hands with his tongue.

"Isn't it good? Tell me when you're done."

The hand in the dress raises the bra and holds the chest.

"You've really lost weight."

The feeling of being touched in the hand is different from before. If not, Hae-yoon's face turned red when he correctly noticed the gloomy situation because a cup of bra was reduced. As the dress was rolled up, the bottom with only underwear became defenseless. Asuka's hard lower body was dangerously rubbed against Hae-yoon's soft hips lying sideways.

"Hold up your butt."

Hae-yoon flinched at the barrel of speaking in her ear. Unbeknownst to me, I put my butt further to his lower body.

"How cute."

He reached out and picked a green grape.

"Open your mouth."

He put green grapes in his mouth and delivered it from mouth to mouth to Hae-yoon. A round green grape, about a finger, rolled around the mouth with its skin."Hmmm……."

Holding his chin and making him look at himself, he kissed Hae-yoon deeply and touched the green grapes with his tongue. The tongues get tangled and the nectar explodes in the mouth. He hurriedly licked all the nectar flowing through his chin.

"Do you want more?"


If it's to be fed like this, I'd say no a hundred times. Hae-yoon shook her head with a frightened expression that something might come into her mouth again.


"……Eat what you want, Asuka."

It's a male laugh. Hae-yoon's heart pounded at his dark smile. In this case, this man does not develop immunity. Long, hard fingers peeled off Hae-yoon's underwear without hesitation.

"Please open your thighs."

Already rubbing between the thighs and the thighs, she strongly demands that she spread her legs on her own. His soft thighs, full of palms, were so soft that he lost his temper. When Hae-yoon was shy but slightly opened his legs, Asuka put a p*n*s in between, which had been pulled out as soon as he unloaded his underwear.


"Push me harder."

Hae-yoon put his p*n*s between his thighs and gave strength. A hot column strongly moves between the thighs. Then, he targets Hae-yoon's secret bushes. Crush the clitoris, kneading as if it's coming in.

"I haven't laid a finger on it, but it's already wet."

The laughable voice reminded Hae-yoon of it. Biting his shoulder, he moved his waist non-stop. Hae-yoon made a breathtaking nasal sound when the clitoris was crushed badly at the end of the fleet.

"Huh……Huh……. Stop……."

The testicles collide between his legs, which have not yet been completely peeled off under his hips.

"If you don't shut up more tightly, you might end up like this.”

p*n*s, covered with fluid flowing from inside Hae-yoon, was about to pierce her inside. Touching hard as if squeezing his chest, Asuka teased the straight nipples. As Hae-yoon's head turned back, his rosy cheeks looked appetizing.

"Raise your arms and hug my neck. It'll be a little more comfortable.”

There was no sign that you would be comfortable if you stopped moving. Hae-yoon raised his left arm and hugged Asuka's neck, and he bit and inhaled the flesh under his armpit.


His upper body was half turned to him, and neither his lower nor his upper body was a mess.

"Stop, stop…….”

"Do you really want to stop?"

p*n*s, who was "cooking" and stroking her thigh, squeezed inside Hae-yoon, pretending to be a mistake. He watched Asuka's upper body tremble with joy.

"Mr. Asuka…….”

"Stop it?"

Hae-yoon shook his head desperately in the preoccupation of the end of the fleet.

"Now it's my turn to eat, right?"

Persistent to draw an answer from Haeyoon. As if I would never enter without her permission. Hae-yoon was forced to nod. And at that moment, from behind, he violently opened up and came in.



No matter how sorrowful it was, Hae-yoon's inside was always narrow. The narrow body was tightly opened and p*n*s crawled in. The inner wall clung frantically to his, adsorbed, and came to a head immediately. Asuka breathed hard.

Her insides drive him crazy. It's dangerous.

"You said you wanted to see the desert moon, didn't you?”

At this rate, I'll send her out soon enough. He didn't even reply to what he said, but p*n*s slipped out of Hae-yoon's body. And Hae-yoon soon found himself holding the sofa's armrest and standing up.Asuka, who knelt behind her and opened Hae-yoon's butt, bowed her head.

"Oh, no, you can't. Hoot……."

"You smell the same as me."

I put my tongue in her secret place. Pulling out, Asuka said. Hae-yoon's sensitive body reacted to the point where I could feel the man's eyelashes every time he blinked.


Every time his tongue moves constantly, the slippery liquid leaks to the side of his lips. Two fingers were inserted and the place that drove him crazy opened wide. The sorrow flowed, leaving a black stain on the sofa's sheet.

"Look up."

Asuka said to Hae-yoon, who is leaning his upper body against the sofa armrest and lowering his head.

"I don't want to……."

"You have to look at the desert moon.”

Asuka held a cushion on her stomach and spread her hips wide with her hands. And he penetrated again at once as if it was hard to endure anymore.


Hae-yoon's upper body, which had been stretched weakly, curved flexibly. Breathing hard, she found a crescent moon floating high between the open terraces in front of her. It's still just before sunset. In the dark red sunset, the first hasty crescent was looking down at her and Asuka.


The clatter of wet sounds hits my ears.

Asuka, who overlapped her body, reached out her chest against Hae-yoon's back and clenched her shaky breasts.

The gap between his soft image and s*x is huge. Asuka was like a beast in bed.

"The moon in the desert...… how about it?"

He asked in a pleasant voice, who constantly poured kisses on Hae-yoon's back.

"Huh... Uh-huh...….”

I dug more persistently into her unanswered mind.

"Yes, it's pretty!"

As I dug into the roots, Hae-yoon screamed like a scream. Now the moon is out of sight. He was just praying that he would come to a head quickly, digging into himself. It's all black in front of my eyes.

"You're pretty, too.”

Asuka replied with a smile to Hae-yoon's answer. And when he soon laid her straight and dug back in, Hae-yoon predicted that the night would not end easily.