Chapter - 32 9. Epilogue

Three months later.

Hae-yoon, who was searching for articles on his tablet, saw an overseas topic.

The Sultan of Oman, a luxury vacation to Sicily! But the end of the vacation is a tragedy?》

Sultan and Queen of Oman on an early vacation to Sicily, Italy, for a month.

An astronomical amount was spent to prepare for this vacation. A 150-meter-long freighter first entered the port of Palermo in Sicily. The freighter was full of 22 bulletproof bents, two helicopters and equipment needed for the Sultan to enjoy the vacation. When the authorities refused to rent the entire port of Palermo, he rented two of the largest central docks and signed a blank check to pay taxes on the spot.

Arriving at the port following the freighter was the king's luxury yacht and frigate. The frigate to escort the yacht was a battleship equipped with hundreds of soldiers and surface-to-air missiles.

Tragedy occurred despite such tight security and preparation.

The queen, who went out on a yacht to see Sicily at night, could not return. Even a super-luxury yacht could not escape the reef, and most of the yacht's crew and passengers quickly fled to the frigate, but the queen could not find it even during the sinking. According to the maid who served her, she disappeared, leaving a message that she was tired and would sleep in the bedroom.

The super-luxury yacht sank. But neither the body of the late queen nor any trace were found. It has been searching the area for two weeks now, but even divers have not been able to enter the area because of the fast current.》

"Uh, were you reading this article?」

The performance asked, sticking out his head behind Hae-yoon's back. Not long ago, she got married and went safely to her honeymoon, and called Hae-yoon, saying she had a present to give.

"It wasn't a real mess. Our new destination is Italy, of destination is Italy. Italy was a mess at the time.」


"Yeah, but isn't that weird? Why wasn't the queen in her bedroom when she went to bed? Is he really dead?」

Hae-yoon did not answer. It wasn't until I saw the article that I understood what Fatima said. You two were preparing for this.

"By the way, aren't you still going to tell me who they are?」

Three months ago, Hae-yoon suddenly disappeared for two weeks and then appeared. And Hae-yoon, who appeared, only said sorry for making you worry, but I didn't hear anything else. The reason why the performance was not asked more is because Hae-yoon has regained his vitality. Rather, it seemed brighter than I had known her before.

Even if I asked him if he had a man, he smiled and changed the subject.

"This is a present."

"Oh? How did you know I needed a card wallet?」

"It's just me, isn't it? I went to the leather market in Florence and bought it because it was your style.」

The leather wallet, which is moderately tanned in red, was of great quality to the point where it was said that it was also the market for Florentine leather.

"Look at her, she likes it. Your sister doesn't say anything because you disappeared like that, I thought you couldn't come to your wedding.」

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry.」

"Your face is very wide open.」

That's because Asuka calls every night now. The time difference would make it difficult to meet that time, but he always called at the same time. I want to see you every day on video calls. I sang a song."Isn't there a real man?」

If the performance knew, it would be a freak. No, her dad actually freaked out, so whoever knows will move on. When he heard that he was having a serious relationship with Asuka, the Sultan of Oman, he dropped the spoon he was holding and fell back. And I woke up in less than a minute and asked what's in arrogance. What was there, both of them shouted, "Are you trying to take your daughter away?"

Furthermore, after learning that Asuka had his first wife, he moved on to the second. She even raised a bloodthirsty saying that she could not send her second daughter to a married man.

"There is."

"Wow! I knew it. Who is it? It doesn't seem like a normal person. The, what is it? The...… you don't belong to the dark world, do you?」

I asked, remembering the unusual foreign men who showed up at that time.

"It's not like that.」

"Then what?"

"Later. I'll tell you later.」

"What? I'm so curious.」

Hae-yoon didn't have anything to answer to what Yeon-ju said, so he just smiled.

"But it's better to see you smile. Before that, I thought I was just dazed and a screw came off. Speaking of which, when you broke up with Eun-gang, you woke up surprisingly quickly.」

"Did I do that?」

"Yes. I saw your sister once, but surprisingly, she woke up much faster than I thought.」

"Oh, but how is Eun-gang doing?」

Then I was dragged home and I don't know if I went home safely. Just warned Mustafa that he would not let him go if he approached him one more time.I used to...

"You seem to be going on blind dates everywhere these days.」

Like a lie, Eun-gang cut off contact with Hae-yoon. Like someone who really felt life threatened when she wasn't watching.

"That's a relief."

"Oh, you and I are all out of love. I still have lingering feelings for you. I thought you didn't know it was all because of your brother-in-law.」

"That's how people change.」

"His mother should make a big deal out of it.」

The performer stretched Hae-yoon's cheek and said, "Good job, good job."

"Even if I were married, I would have had it someday. so」

"Yes, sir.

"How's his in-laws?」


Hae-yoon, who was listening to the performance while putting the cold coffee in his mouth, spewed coffee. The face of Yeon-ju facing the tablet on the table was struck by lightning.

"Hey! Whoa!"

"My tablet!"

"Is that more of a problem than your friend's face right now?」

The tablet showed the Sultan's face of Oman, who lost his wife while on vacation. He wiped the coffee splashed on his face with a tissue, still handsome, and laughed as he explained what Hae-yoon was so good about.


There was a heavy atmosphere in the hall.

Fatima's father and uncle, who had invaded to death if he had to bite his tongue out like this, were lying down and screaming in front of Asuka.

"Finishing the search, Your Majesty! Fatima could still be alive!』

Asuka, who was sitting in the upper seat, resting his chin and staring at it, raised his hand and bit around him.

"Patima, my queen is dead, uncle.』

"This is the child of His Majesty! He was the one who was trying to put the foreign girl on the second stele, your mistress, right before she died!』

"So what? "

"I will find the man who made the child so. Find…… 찾아서"Looking for it?"

It was definitely referring to him. The king who was blinded by a foreign girl and killed the queen who had her child. The meaning behind his words was funny, so Asuka laughed languidly.

"I will avenge the honor of the whole family.』

My uncle's eyes were burning. The two words, honor and revenge, have always coexisted in the Islamic world. And they were also the most troubling words.

His maternal uncle did not speak out, but he was vengeful that he would kill Hae-yoon if he put her on the queen's seat and Fatima's vacancy.

"Sadness period would be six months. If it's more than that, I'm so anxious.』

"Your Majesty!"

Prepare the Director General. For my queen who went to the underworld.』

"I haven't even found my child's body, and yet I'm the Director!"』

Asuka slowly rose to his feet. He saw a sharp ornamental knife in his eyes. As he moves, the guards move together. He approached the wall and pulled out a knife, strode up to his uncle lying on his stomach.

"My maintenance in six months will come to me with an astronomical amount of dowry, more than the dowry that many Sultan's maintenance has ever brought." So please be polite.』

"You're admitting now that you killed my child because of her!』

As his uncle rushed in to strangle Asuka at any moment, the guards' blades and guns quickly turned to his uncle's stomach.

"Why don't you stop looking for your daughter's body, uncle.』

"Your Majesty!"

"She's committed a crime of course. I tried to bring someone else with me.』

"My daughter can't do that! Everything is your play. That's why you buried him in the cold sea!』

"If you keep looking for her body, I'll bring her back alive. The child in the stomach will be proof of denial.』

"Is he, is he alive or is he alive?』

"I wouldn't kill her? Don't you think your uncle will be on my side if you keep the living proof of injustice for a long time?』

Asuka laughed coldly. He raised his hand and the guards were stabbed. Instead, Asuka's knife touched his uncle's neck. It's for decoration, but it's a real sword. My uncle trembled in the chill of the season.

"If I bring her, all of your uncle's clans and household gods will be hanged for defaming the king. And I will stone her to death by hanging her from the front of the gallows.』

It was not the appearance of the Sultan, who always smiled and mediated the fight of the Senate and sneaked out when the arrow returned to him. Chillingly and brutally, he had already made up his mind to brandish that sword. The man who lived for a long time read Asuka at once.

What has changed him so much.

"Do you want that to happen?』

Fatima is now under the protection of the Sultan. That's why he can be so confident. If the king's words are true, he should first find Fatima and kill him without a trace to protect his family.

"You'll never find her. Don't go to any trouble.』

Asuka warned with a blank face. The blade grazes my neck. There was a slight gush of blood at the end.

"My uncle told me. Take away all of Ashan's rights under the authority of the Sultan. I can now use that right to my uncle and your retainers who insulted me.』………What should I do?』

It was the voice of an old man who was struggling as if he had aged in an instant. But Asuka knows to be vigilant. He will find Fatima somehow, kill her, and destroy his weakness. That was the honor of the Muslim he lived in. Fatima is no longer a living person, as his family's honor has been tainted and he has been vulnerable to the Sultan.

"Let's compromise and hold hands. Haeyoon will be here in half a year, on my watch. With some of Ashan's wealth as dowry, which the Senate so requested.』

So what?』

"You must be her guardian. Actually, I don't want to look like this to her. She should feel like this is just a safe, level place.』

"Do you think that's possible?』

"It's the elders' association that makes anything possible with the family."』

Asuka laughed bitterly at them.

"Do you think we'll see the blood of foreigners blend into the noble lineage? There will be blood and wind like Ashan again. Just as the Sultan kicked him out, the child he will have in the future will be threatened by a lot. How long do you think the Sultan will stay strong?』

Even if they kill their spirits, wolves are wolves. Glaring eyes never die. Asuka thought bitterly.

"So when the time comes, I'll take both sides. Someone you can trust. If you don't believe me, I'll issue you a document with my seal on it. I would never put me and Rain's child in this seat here.』

Now I can see all the cards I can show. Asuka wondered what answer the old wolf would give.

"Hahaha, do I have the right to refuse?』

"No, if you refuse, I'll tear down my uncle's family first.』

The family has to survive. That way, we can look forward to the future.

"All right, I'll be her guardian.』

"Don't even think about it. If anything happens to her and me, I and Ashan are thinking of committing the most terrible thing. Don't think it's easy for me to let her in without such determination.』

Then Asuka snapped a small pouch at his uncle's feet.

"The poison that poisoned me. Don't tell me, your uncle didn't put it in, did he? Who's the best person to oppose my national spirit? You know that better than I thought, right?』

Good thing I got addicted to poison. The poison would have been just a warning one day. If you actually wanted to kill him right away, you wouldn't have used this long-lasting poison. Still, Asuka had no desire to identify who had used the poison.

However, I had every intention of using it politically.

"I'll be the living Sultan of this country, so put it on your head.』

The sooner the blood and wind ends before Hae-yoon comes, the better.

His poker face collapsed on his uncle's face for a moment when he was told to manipulate his opponent who tried to poison him outright. Looking at it joyfully, Asuka put the blade aside.

"I need to clean up my house, uncle. Good things are good things. Everyone has only a few days left to live, so I left it to put up with it and it's a mess.』

Why did you postpone cleaning up earlier? Tsk, tsk, tsk. Asuka's tongue is unfamiliar. The reason they recruited Asuka was that he was the most intact and had the highest taxes, but the overwhelming view was that he would be the gentlest and most finite Sultan of all time.I wonder if that's true.

Is that the face of the most gentle and finite person?

His eyes are colder than the moon in the desert, and his voice is gentle, but the tip of the knife is hidden, stabbing the other person. The sly eyes were hidden by the soon-to-be-built, meaningless laughter.

"Get out of here. I have an important appointment.』

Asuka reached out to Mustafa a couple of steps away.

He soon connected a video call to Asuka.

In an instant, the atmosphere warms up as if it were in a flower garden. Asuka, who is always gentle and thinks back, is in front of his eyes. But that gentleness is limited to one person. He opened his mouth brightly, looking like he was annoyed by the gesture to get out of here without giving a glance.

"Haeyoon, did you sleep?"

The smile on the tip of his mouth is as bright as a child.



Hae-yoon blew his frozen fingertips. Before I knew it, the end of the year was fast approaching. There has been no contact from Asuka since a few days ago. When I asked Ashan because I was worried that Hae-yoon wouldn't answer, he only shrugged.

Hae-yoon was on his way down to Sokcho at Seoyoon's suggestion to hold a quiet year-end family gathering in Sokcho for the first time in a while.

Ashan said he would come as soon as he finished his work at the company, and his father said he would leave when he closed the store. Seoyoon said he would come with Ashan, so he ended up heading to Sokcho.

"I'm going to go decorate the tree and everything.」

It's a Christmas party and a year-end party. It has been a long time since the family gathered together after Chuseok.

"Madam, there's so much traffic that I think I'll have to go around.」

As I entered the downtown of Sokcho, heavy snow began to fall. Hae-yoon nodded at the driver's words. There was no rush anyway. I looked back at my cell phone thinking about the tree decorations in the trunk.

Asuka is still out of touch.

Do you know that tomorrow is Christmas?

He said he had no religion, but I think he knows. And there's no way such a sweet man doesn't know.

I called back, but I just got stuck on the line. I don't know what's going on. My heart pounded at the thought of that. Long distance relationships are really uncomfortable at times like this. For the past few days, his face looked tired, so I couldn't ask him when I could see him again. In fact, I wanted to meet at the end of the year and spend the New Year together, but I couldn't stop talking when I saw him tired on the phone.

Eventually, Hae-yoon turned his head with his cell phone tightly in his hand.

The car, which had crept out of Sokcho's congested downtown, was just driving out of the way. The black sea spreads out on the right. The snow falling through the windows is quite fierce.

"It was like this back then, too.」


"No, it's not."

Haeyoon smiled and shook his head.

There seems to be a lot less work to drive these days. Whenever she drove, Asuka asked her to be careful every day, and at some point she let go of the wheel because she didn't want to worry him. At first, I laughed with great concern, but I didn't want to drive while looking into his gloomy eyes.

The sea at night.

And eyes.

If Asuka was here, all three beats of Sokcho would be prepared.

Hae-yoon soothed his disappointment with useless thoughts. I decided to focus on Christmas with my family after a long time.

"Oh, I guess someone arrived first?」

The light was on in the villa from afar. Everyone said they were going to be late. Maybe the janitor left the light on in advance.The driver who parked his car in the yard of the villa called Ashan and said he would go back to Seoul.

"Go up safely. It's Christmas and you're having a hard time.」

"I got paid that much. Merry Christmas to you too, Miss, have a good night.」

The driver smiled and saw him off, lifting a bag containing Hae-yoon's tree decoration. The janitor said he had brought a tree that could be used as a small tree, so now all he has to do is go in and decorate it beautifully.

When I opened the front door, the lights of the fireplace and the warm energy came in.

"Merry Christmas, Haeyoon."

Like this.

The bag in my hand fell helplessly to the floor. It is strange to see Asuka wearing beige cotton pants with a warm-looking navy knitwear with a wine glass in his hands.


"It's cold. Come on in."

"Why, why... are you here?"

"Isn't Christmas meant to be spent with lovers? I heard so in Korea. Hani?"

Rather, Asuka tilted his head and asked as if Hae-yoon was strange.

It was only then that I realized why everyone stepped out because they were coming late. Everyone knew it first. The fact that Asuka came to Korea. Even my father, who was so opposed to it, was a part of it. My father, who watched Hae-yoon talking on the phone with Asuka, said nothing at some point. No, no, no.


Still on the spot, Hae-yoon couldn't move, and he put a glass of wine on the table and dragged his hand.

"You're lying to me, even though I've touched you'really?”

'I was so worried that you didn't pick up the phone!'

"If you answer the phone now, surprise me, you can't.”

"What's going on, why aren't you answering the phone, Mr. Mustafa? What are you doing?"

"I'm sorry, I've been working on this and that. I guess I'm the only one who enjoyed it."

Wrapped in a warm embrace. He lifted Hae-yoon, who was smaller than him, lightly hugged him.

"That's mean, really."

"It had to be here. The other place is meaningless. I had to see you here."

The tree that the uncle had brought behind his back was already decorated and shining white.


"Show me your face. Don't bury yourself like that."

He hurried Hae-yoon, who was burying his face in the air of going inside his shoulder.

My heart is about to burst at what Asuka will say. With a fluttering heart, Hae-yoon looked up and looked at him. Still not dropping her off, Asuka grinned.

"Don't you think we've had a long relationship?"

It's been less than a year and I don't think it's long."

"How long have you been away?"

Haeyoon's tears welled up at the words. Then again, he replied, burying his face on Asuka's shoulder.

"It's too long.”

I can't touch it even if I make a video call. It was impossible to gauge how soft his skin was and how strong and warm his embrace was.

"You said you wanted to bring me here most preciously, didn't you?”


"I'm all set. I'm going to announce it to the whole world. Everyone is ready to look up to you and envy you. Our long relationship, let's call it a day."

What kind of preparation made this man so tired?

Haeyoon couldn't lift his face. I'm sure he's as red as a carrot. If I had known this would happen, I would have put on some makeup. I came without makeup thinking about decorating the tree, washing up and going to bed when I arrive."Face, show me."

A short kiss on the top of the head, Asuka demanded. I was rather surprised when Hae-yoon looked up again because I couldn't avoid it until when. His face was also flushed.

"It started snowing while I was coming here. Did you see that?"

He bit his sweater with a handful of clenched hands.

"Yes, I've been waiting for you."

"With Asuka here, I thought it was the same as when I first met her."

"You thought the same thing as me."

Hae-yoon swallowed a dry saliva while looking at his laughing and gently moving pool. Asuka did not urge an answer. It was just that he still walked through the living room window with Hae-yoon in his arms.

"You will always be free. If I make you sad, you can leave me."

"I'll make Asuka angry."

"I don't want to take away your dream, but there are many children in my country who are hungry and oppressed. There are many children who are poorly educated, neglected or orphaned."

Slowly he dropped Haeyoon on the floor. Then he knelt down and hugged her waist tightly. Now I'm looking down at Asuka from above.

"Help the children, you. Next to me, as queen of arrogance. I promise you that I will spare no support for what you want to do.”

This man was even thinking about my dream. A dream that even he left behind in pursuit of him.

Hae-yoon bit her lips in tears. Asuka reached out and said as she pulled out Hae-yoon's lips.

"Please, marry me. I really need you.”

"I haven't prepared my heart yet, and I haven't done anything."

"That's why I'm telling you. It's Christmas. Please grant my wish."

My Ragba.

Hae-yoon nodded at the words. It's a wish, but it can't be done it. There is no reason why you can't grant a wish to a dead man.

"I don't know what I should do, but I think I can do it all, listening to Asuka."

"I love you very much."

Hae-yoon collapsed at Asuka's confession and hugged him face to face. There was still a burden of living in another country, but I thought I could do with just this man.

"No second or third wife."

Asuka burst into laughter at Haeyoon's words. Waiting for that moment, Asuka inserted a ring with a big blue diamond the size of a thumbnail into Haeyoon's fourth ring finger.

"The wedding ring is being set up now."

"What about this?"

"This is a proposal ring."

"It wasn't until I saw it that I realized it."

I've never seen such a big diamond alive before. Hae-yoon smiled despondently.


"The fact that I'm really getting married to the oil king of the Middle East."

"Hahaha, would you like me to give you a inheritance as a wedding gift?”

Oh, I can't tell. What a big scale this guy is.

"No, I'll think about what to do with this heavy ring for now."

Chips, pinched lips like a bird. She kissed the man who said she was going to die of beauty and that she would not have a wish if she carried her back like this. Outside, it was snowing silently over the sea at night.

"Let's watch the morning sea together this time."

"Yes, let's start with what all lovers do for Christmas."

He laid Hae-yoon on the rug, seriously committing the error of generalization against all lovers in the world."Go to bed."

"Please, don't tell me to put up with it that long."

I lost to a man pleading above like a abandoned puppy. Hae-yoon smiled and put his hand in his sweater as if he couldn't help it. The man's hard muscles at the fingertips remind me of the past.

The last Christmas in Korea was perfect.

an end

*Romance: The Sultan's Vacation part is based on the fact that the Sultan of Oman actually left for Sicily in 2008.