Rudolph and his friends avoided the city streets and rode near the forest.
It was impossible for horses to ride in the forest.

A forest, if you will.
A place with sparse trees where a horse could manage to walk.

He chose to go slower but less likely to be spotted by the enemy.
And to get some food.

'There they are! A rabbit!
After praising the soldier who had taken the rabbit with his bow and arrow, the group began to prepare a meal, just in time.

They managed to find a stream, secured water, and prepared to boil and cook.

Two of them prepared the meal, while the rest of them kept an eye on the surroundings.
Rudolph did nothing, but slept next to the hastily built stove.
He had never ridden a horse before, and he was exhausted from the unfamiliarity of the camp.


The running dragon can run in the forest.
Patrick met up with Mirko and the others after the main gate opened, and they were hunting for the remnants of the enemy.
A deserter becomes a bandit.
It's a common pattern.
And most deserters hide in the woods.
He would find them and slash them repeatedly.

'Hey, look at that.'
I whispered to the other three and made them look in the direction I was pointing.

'An Imperial soldier, or an officer?'
The inspector says.
'Yeah, judging by their conspicuous white clothes and equipment, they're pretty high up, aren't they? He might be a nobleman, and if we catch him we might be able to get a ransom. 20% of the ransom is a reward for the captured soldiers.
Let's make some money.

Patrick smirked.