240-Kevin and Aisha's worries.

The mansion in the royal capital of the Canaan barons, many people were gathered there that day.
The Canaanns were an ancient bloodline, but they had long remained barons. Well, it was proof that the kingdom was at peace.

However, due to the rebellion of the second prince Henry, the Canaan family was made a viscount thanks to the contribution of the former head of the family.

And the house was taken over by the new head of the family who became the first wizard of the human race.

A new mansion has been purchased in the capital, and the wedding ceremony between the new head of the family, DeCourse von Kanaan, and Clarice Simon, the third daughter of the Marquis Simon, is being held there right now.

The first human wizard in the kingdom, DeCourse Von Canaan, a royal court magician, and his wedding would have attracted many people even if the other party was not the daughter of a marquis.

However, with the marriage to the daughter of a marquis, and the fact that she is the cousin of the Earl of Snakes Frontier, the Barony of Canaan in the royal capital is full of people for the first time in the history of the Canaan family.

Of course, the nobles of the Marquess Simon's faction are here, and although the number of the Snakes' faction is still small, there are many families that have relations with them even if they are not part of their faction, and the Abbott's faction that is allied with them are also here.

In addition, the Marquesses of Dixon, the family of Kevin Dixon, the fiancé of Decourse's sister Aisha, and their faction are also here.

A long time ago, the Kanaan family was a baronial family that had nothing to do with factions, but now they have become a viscountial family surrounded by large factions.

The family that came to this wedding is called the Snakes Frontier Count Acceptance Faction.
This is because a new faction, the Snakes Frontier Count Deniers, has been formed.
It was formed independently of the Royalists and the Neutrals, and it has turned the simple factional struggle into a complicated and complicated one.

To return to the topic at hand, the fact that the ceremony was so lavish for a Viscount was probably due to the advice of the various families.
When you take a wife from a marquis family, you will be criticized for lacking ambition if your family's rank is appropriate.
But if she was a count, she would be ridiculed for being vain.
In such an aristocratic society, the Canaan Viscount family, who held their ceremony at just the right time, can be said to have successfully survived.

'Congratulations again, Brother Decourse! Mrs. Clarice, please take good care of Brother Decourse.

Patrick greeted the bride and groom with a smile.

'Pat! Thank you. Thanks to you, I was able to come and say hello to you then, and I'm here now.

DeCourse replied to Patrick,

'Now that you've asked me, Count Snakes, I'll take it!

Mrs. Clarice replied in a good mood.

Her beard is tied up in a bow, which shows that she is in a good mood.

Aisha watches from the family table.

'Mr. Kevin, we're not the patriarchs, so we can be a little more modest, can't we?

She asked Kevin Dixon, who was sitting next to her as her fiancé,

'Yes. I'm the third son and I'm independent from the family, so I'd say a knighthood at most.
Kevin replied.

'But I'm sure there's not as many people as this, but it's a lot. Your family's faction and Brother Pat's faction will probably be there. ......'

'Maybe the Simon Marquesses will come, too.

'Do you have enough money?'

'I'll borrow it from my father. The sergeant's salary is not enough.''

'I didn't think Brother Decourse was getting married, and I didn't have to worry about it then.

Their wedding was scheduled for two months later.