14-information agent belonging to the homecoming depa...

Today I helped the newspaper club.
The newspaper club is seriously understaffed, with only five members. They seem to have a great need for information due to the nature of the club's activities. They are in charge of sending out all kinds of information on school committees, club activities, current affairs, events, and so on.
They are short of 'personnel' who are indispensable to gather such information, so the recruitment requirements were stated in their article in a straightforward manner.

Please give us a story for the newspaper club! Or people!"

It really was written on a newspaper club flyer that happened to be posted in the hallway.
I decided to join the newspaper club, especially since I had no plans to join the Alina Rehabilitation Project.
After school, I told Alina to come to the rose garden and we headed for the newspaper club.

'So you've finally decided to expose your disgraceful behavior to the media,' she said.
'The newspaper club's ability to disseminate information is limited to the school. If I was caught browsing pornographic sites, publishing a newspaper wouldn't kill me socially. Do you know why?
'That's because it's only spread within the school.'
Yes and no. The correct answer is that it is normal for high school boys, so there is nothing surprising about it. In this day and age, no one has a beautiful browsing history on their phone.

He said so with a smug look on his face. And then I got kicked in the stomach. My lunch was about to come out. That's a really bad story. I felt all my internal organs contract from the impact, and I fell down in the hallway.
My consciousness fades like fog. My eyelids blacked out part of my vision and tried to lead me into the darkness.
Is this death? I had no fear. I just feel better with every breath I take. The last thing I saw was Alina looking at me like I was a cockroach. And then I closed my eyes.

'Wake up. Shame on you.

Of course I won't die. The murder factor is R18.

Arriving at the newspaper club, I knock politely and ask permission before entering.

'Well, I've come to the newspaper club because we're short on staff...'.

A male student in the newspaper club stands up with a bright look on his face.

'Really? It was worth writing!

He raised his hands and looked up to the sky like a certain cover of a war movie. Vietnam War.
Then I summoned Alina.

'And this guy will help us. Thanks for your help.

Sure enough, they all rolled their eyes in surprise. I was used to seeing this reaction by now, so I continued.

So, what kind of help does the newspaper club need?

Toma Asakura, the head of the newspaper club, answered triumphantly.

As you can see, there are not many members in the newspaper club. That's why we need people who can bring us information! I mean, we need you to do stories and interviews and stuff!''
'Do you think we can be of any help?'
'Don't worry. Anyone can do it!
'Good. That's right, Alina.
'Well, let me explain!

Toma Asakura started talking about what he wanted us to do.
First, an interview with the club. The open school is coming up, and he wants to write an article introducing the school's club activities for the people who visit the school. However, with a small number of club members, it would be a very difficult task to visit many club activities and write an article on each of them. Therefore, they would like to ask us to help them with the interviews.
Next, he would like to know what is popular in the school.
They are not in a hurry, but they would like you to find out what is trendy in the school for publication in the local news genre.
Lastly, the job they would like to have. They would like to compile a ranking of everyone's dream jobs in order to give those who are preparing for entrance exams or looking for jobs a chance to broaden their future paths.
These are the three things he asked us to do. Naturally, the newspaper club will also take action. We were to act as assistants.

I see. I get the gist of it. Do you have a deadline?
'Hmmm. Well, maybe two weeks? I'd appreciate it if you'd ask me, or any of my classmates, every now and then during this period! Are you okay with your schedule or something?''
No problem. Me and Alina go home.
Don't put us together. Don't talk to me like I'm pig feed.
'From now on, when you eat pork, think of me. You'll thank me.'
I'm going to throw up.

I don't like it when people say they're going to throw up with no expression on their faces. The conversation was at its usual silly pace. Toma looked surprised at the exchange.
I have seen a stuttering face like Toma's many times before. It is extremely rare for Alina to talk to other people, so this is a normal reaction. And there are rumors floating around about who I am that I talk to her. Yes, I am, I'm just a gentleman.

So we were allowed to read the past articles of the newspaper club, taking notes where we could and trying to figure out what to ask.
Alina next to me looked like she was not thinking, so I said to her, 'Hey, your soul is missing. Sure enough, she stepped on my toe as hard as she could. This gorilla wants me to have a compound fracture?

After making a rough decision, I reported it to Toma.

I had a rough idea of the questions I wanted to ask. All I have to do is submit it to the newspaper club, right?
'Yes, yes. We'll write the article, you give us the story! That's really helpful! Thank you!

We have decided to accept such a pleasant thank-you and move on tomorrow. Alina will do the same, but it is unlikely that she will talk to us on her own, so we'll be buddies after school.
Tomorrow we will talk to her as if she were a prowler.