16-a girl who begins to poison...

Makoto is slumped over my desk. He is down with PTSD. He'll get over it, so I let it pass.
Next is Shinji Miyazaki. He is the head of the art club, so I go to ask him about publicity.
Shinji was drawing his own hand. He seems to like drawing a lot, since he spends all his free time on it.

Thanks for the other day.
''If it was Alina's modeling for me, I'd be grateful too.''
I'm glad to hear that. So, can I do an interview with the art club? The newspaper club wants to write an article introducing the club's activities for new students. ......'
'Okay! Our club membership is dwindling, so we'd love to have something like that!''

Thank goodness Shinji was so enthusiastic and eloquent. It was a hellish experience in the class next door, so it was a big difference. It was heaven. It's wonderful!
Having finished writing Shinji's interview, I decided to ask him about his dream job.

Do you have a job that Shinji aspires to? Are you still in the art field?''
''At the moment, I think I'm a CG creator. After graduating from high school, I plan to study technology at a vocational school.

Oh. I have no idea what's going on here. I wonder if they design objects or characters in games. I don't understand a single millimeter. I'm sure the drawing skills I developed in the art club will be put to good use in that career.

Lunch break was almost over, so I asked around about the job I wanted to get. I didn't even know who was the head of the department, so I just asked around about jobs that anyone could ask about. It seemed rude to ask around about other people, but surprisingly, they answered with smiles, which was a good thing.

After school, I first went to the kiosk. And I was sunk. Well, there was no way I could win. There was no way to move the judo club unless I ran over them with a tractor.
I asked one of the judo club members about his dream job. He said that he wants to become a licensed tax accountant, and that he is aiming to go to college first. I have learned the hard way that you can't tell what's on the inside from what's on the outside.

Alina was already sitting in the rose garden, and there were more flowers I had never seen before. This place is turning into a flower garden.

'What have you accomplished?
Good luck future chick appraisers. 'All right, let's go around the club.
'I'll make you scrambled eggs.'
'Yes, yes, my brain is scrambled eggs to begin with.

Alina and I left the rose garden immediately.
We decided to go to the baseball club first. The sun was shining even though it was mid-September, and Alina quickly put on her hat.
The ground was filled with shouts and the metallic sound of balls being hit. The dust from kicking the dry dirt and the dirt stained clothes were typical of the baseball team.

'Wow, the baseball team is full of energy,' she said.
'Yes, it really is. It's too hot for me.'
'Don't say that. People are not cut out for this. You're worse at socializing than any extraterrestrial intelligence.

Yes, that's right.
We walked up to the baseball coach and talked to him.

Excuse me. Are you the baseball coach?
Yes, that's right. What's wrong?'
The newspaper club wants to publish an article advertising each activity for next year's freshmen, but they are short on staff, so we've come to ask on our own behalf. Do you have any time to spare, Mr. Director?'
Oh, I see. In that case, can you wait another 10 minutes or so? There will be a short break after that, so you can ask the head of the department there.''
'Thank you very much. I'll wait around there.

Alina and I sat on the grass for a while.
Feeling the breeze in the air, time passed by in a blur, and each moment wasn't so bad.
Alina had her hair pulled back into a ponytail. She's a beauty when she's quiet. What a waste.

'Keep your eyes forward. If you look at me again I'll skewer you from the brain.
'Alina, so I'm supposed to get a stick out of my ass? Or is it the front? The last one was just in time--''
'Please die.'

Spin the words and all hell breaks loose. Frankly, I'm used to it. But I won't be put down for a moment or two. The ones who are depressed are usually the ones who really fell in love with Alina. It's hard to recover when someone you really love rejects you down to the tips of your hair. It destroys not your instincts but your reason. You're a scary man. You've got a clear face.

I said I'd skewer you.
'In that case, the stick sticks out from either the front or the back--'
'Okay. I'll go break the lightning rod on the roof. It's best to give it a try.
'Don't do it, don't do it, don't do it.

We were talking nonsense when the whistle blew. Apparently it's recess.
We got up and walked over to where the baseball team was hanging out.
We didn't know who the manager was, so we asked a freshman who was nearby. The freshman pointed to a stranger with a hot-blooded look on his face. I went up to him and talked to him.

'Is he the head of the baseball team?'
Hm? Yeah, I know, but...'
'I heard that the newspaper club is planning to publish an introduction of each activity for next year's freshmen. We're here to interview on behalf of the newspaper club.
'Nothing wrong with that, but...?
''What's wrong?''

The manager was astonished to see Alina.
Alina raised her eyebrows and tilted her head in an intimidating manner. She was as confused as I was.

No, it's nothing.
'Okay. Then please do.'

Nakatsu Hitotaki, the head of the baseball club, spoke while acting suspiciously. He spoke with his gaze fixed on the lower right corner of the room, occasionally gesturing with his hand. The content of his speech was quite exemplary.
The only unnatural things about the conversation, other than the sequence of events, were Nakatsu's suspicious behavior and Alina's crossed arms, which made her look like a guy in a game character selection screen. I think I'm slowly beginning to understand their relationship.

I felt like I was starting to understand their relationship.
'Okay, okay. I'll give it to the newspaper club.'
'Please. Okay, here you go: ......'

I was about to say to Alina, 'I'm done, let's go home.

'Wait a minute, Mr. Stalker.

Alina said in a mocking tone of voice.