Shiho Saeki, an officer in charge of the festival, took me to the activity base of the festival committee.
The committee was neither hectic nor in a state of urgency, and each class member was presenting his or her opinion in a casual manner. I had expected them to be more busy walking around from place to place, so I was disappointed.
Most of the plans are already completed and will not be changed now. So they are working on the details.
By the way, our class was a coffee shop. So the committee members of class 2, year 2 were checking with the treasurer about the submission of expenses and the place to return equipment and so on.

So, first of all, let's talk about what we were going to do to help.

Shiho's role is to attend the festival committee meeting to grasp the movements of each class and club activities and report them to the student council. By doing so, the student council will be able to cooperate with the opening event of the festival. Other tasks include the creation of bulletin boards and bridges with the local community. I thought she was going to do something like that, since she hinted that we would do the same kind of work as Shiho did yesterday.
But it seems that our real purpose is different.

Shiho-san, Shiho-san. What are we supposed to do after all?
'I guess I'm just a temporary student council member and a guide.
The cultural festival is a fun event, but it's also an event to get carried away. If there is no one to stop it when it becomes bad for public morals, it becomes impossible to stop it. That's why the student council, which is also the executive committee, plays the role of a public morals committee member for a while. And in addition, they are the ushers! If a member of the public is in trouble on the way around the school, he or she will be assisted. That's what Comet and Alina's role is.

You mean security guards?
According to Shiho, the members of the public morals committee are not supposed to do security and surveillance. The role of the committee members is simply to encourage the students to continue to improve the appearance of their clothes, raise their awareness, and improve the rules. If that is the case, they should do it by themselves.
However, the student council does not have the manpower because each one of them holds an important position in the council. That's where we come in.

So we are supposed to keep the whole picture of the festival and maintain the public morals.

Alina interrupted.

'Yes! Quintessential Alina! Did you understand the comet too?''
But it's not like there's a complete festival like in the textbooks. We just need to join the student council and the executive committee to understand the big picture! Then you'll understand and you won't have any trouble.
I see. I'll leave the details to you. We'll follow your lead.
'Thank you! Well then, good luck to you!

So Alina and I got to work.
The first thing we did was to count up all the presentations of each class and club. To get the big picture.
Shiho is doing something separately.
Alina and I were shown the materials by the tally clerk, and we decided to make copies of what we needed.

'Well, I'll take care of the classes and you take care of the club activities, okay?
'I don't mind, but are you sure you're okay? Can you read Japanese?''
'How many people am I? And who are you to understand my language?
'No way. How can I talk to a sea cucumber?

From what I've heard, sea cucumbers shoot their intestines out of their asses when they sense danger. Unfortunately, I have no such function. But if I did have such a powerful self-preservation mechanism, I would lavishly squirt Alina with it. I'll give her my entire small and large intestines. It'd make a nice necklace.
I thought it was a bit too vulgar, so I tried to be careful, but I forgot that Alina has a temperament of an esper. As a result, she poked me in the side with her elbow. There was a nasty sound. I think I cracked. That's how much it hurt.

Now I have control of all the class presentations.
It's a treasure trove of spoilers.

There are so many different kinds of performances. Some of them always have a haunted house. Some have concerts, some have plays. Some look like restaurants. Amazing.

I flipped through and found Alina's class.
It said "fashion show.

'Fushon, shoo?

I said it out loud without thinking.
Alina, who was standing next to me, turned her head to me.

'What the hell?
'-- so...'
'Cause I'm not answering.
'Don't ever come here because I won't answer. Okay?'
It's like saying to yourself, "I'm in..."
'Come and we'll tear you to pieces. Okay?
'Ki-meta. I'm going to watch the fashion show with Makoto.
'...... is not a good way to die. If you come to class 2 or 3, your life is over. Echelon, the US National Security Agency, will expose your browsing history, your emails, your downloaded videos, your compressed files, anything and everything to expose your proclivities. You'll be stepping in dog poop every day, and you'll have to buy a pair of shoes every three days.
When you go to school, your pornography history will be plastered all over the walls. Every time you want to buy a loaf of bread at the kiosk, you'll have to write a 10,000-word reflection on your trip to the fashion show. You have to put a reflection in the mailbox to open the front door of your house. You can't take a bath without licking your sister Ugin's feet. You are only allowed to sleep for one hour, and the rest of the time you spend writing your reflections. In the morning you will go to Hokkaido, and the next time you will run to Okinawa. Then you must go to school or you will not be admitted. Do you still want to go to the fashion show?

'Yeah. I'm going. I've made up my mind.
'Eh. I refuse. ......'
'I was listening to you and I was thinking that Alina is pretty kinky. ......'
'No, I'm not!'

A few people turned to look at me when I raised my voice.

'Sh, excuse me. ......'
'Don't be so happy, Alina. I'll videotape you too, don't worry.
'Someone kill me ......'

Needless to say, I know I'm not running for office and participating in the fashion show.
I think she was compelled to do so by the enthusiastic support of the guys in her class. Alina is over 170cm tall, much taller than the average girl. If she wore heels, she would be in line of sight with me, who is 180. In addition, she has a beautiful face and good style, so it is no wonder that she is recommended to me.
I guess he did not reject them completely. In fact, they seem to be participating. If so, Alina may have changed her mind.

I write down a list of presentations by each class and summarize their requests. There were many kinds of events such as haunted houses, cafes, plays, fashion shows, concerts, mini restaurants, and so on. Each information is brought to the student council.
Alina was gliding her pen like a machine. The difference in efficiency between the two of us was so obvious that I wanted her to get away from me as soon as possible, but there was no seat available, so I had no choice but to stay.

'What did you do on the student council in junior high school?
Vice president. Shadow ruler.'
'You seem to like to do impressions and propaganda and stuff.'
'Yes. I was tempted to destroy the student council by spreading anarchist propaganda, but I played it safe and served as vice-president. It was boring.
That episode is forbidden in the student council. I'll be persecuted along with the rest of you.
'You're going to Siberia. I'll at least give you a pocket warmer.'

Oh, God. Please put her in a black hole.
We stopped talking and concentrated on our work when we became conspicuous. We only have this conversation once a year.