54-dating plan...

What do you associate with the word 'date,'?
'Uh. Amusement park or aquarium?'

Makoto talked to me during recess.
He is dating a classmate, Mimori Ryuka.
I have no idea how they are progressing, but the fact that he asks me about it suggests that they haven't done anything like dating yet.

Those were the two things that came to mind. I've never been on a date, so those are the only things I can think of. Or perhaps I am asking the wrong person.

I guess that's it. I wonder if you think the same thing about comets.
'Hey, don't talk about me like I'm not involved in dating. It makes me sad. It's true.
Sorry, sorry. So, where would you like to go?'
I don't know why you're asking me. Did you ask Ryuka?
'I can't do something that difficult.'
'Is it a high ......?'
'Of course not! Even asking someone out on a date is the ultimate in difficulty. I haven't decided where to go yet, but would you like to go on a date?" It's impossible. It's theoretically impossible unless you have at least decided on a place.
''But isn't it more fun for the two of us to think about such things together? I'm sure Ryuka will be pleased.''
'Don't say random things like it's someone else's business'.
''It's someone else's problem.''
'Please! Help us!

The reserved, ladylike Ryuka and the unchallenged Makoto. I saw that he was troubled by the lack of progress.
It's not that I don't support this couple, but I've never had the heart to interject. But when they asked for help, I felt compelled to lend a hand. I have known Makoto for a long time. He's my best friend.

All right. I'll ask a guy who seems to be a love specialist.
I don't remember anyone like that around Comet. I have a bad feeling about this.
'Don't worry, it's just my imagination.

I left the classroom on the pretext of going to the bathroom. I don't have the urge to urinate at all, but I go to the bathroom, pull out my phone, and make a phone call.
Of course it is her.

Yes, this is Hiwa. Who is this?
It's a comet. Didn't you see my name on the incoming call?
I don't know. It just said "dead," so I don't know.
'I'm supposed to be dead, ...... at least make me a living person.'
So, what? When I called you, you insulted me by saying, 'You're in the next classroom, so come directly to me.' Is this a new kind of sarcasm?"
'Because I don't want to hear too much about it.'
Can I talk to you on speaker?"
'Are you an ogre? Do you want to make a certain boy cry?

According to Shirana's information, Alina has been in the classroom more often since the Rose Garden space disappeared. She has also started to talk a lot. She also started talking to other students besides Shirana, Yuri Hiiragi, the head of the women's tennis team, and Ran Miyanaka.

I have a question for the love specialists. Remember the horse face?
That thing you're used to.
Yes, that's it. Makoto wants to ask Ryuka out on a date, but he can't decide where. Do you have any good ideas?
What, is he in a relationship? I thought you liked me.
Past tense. I had PTSD after you tore me to shreds. Don't you remember?'
Yeah. But you can't ask me about the date spots. You know my personality.
'You don't look like you've ever been in a relationship. Right, right!
You're pissing me off. I'm gonna blow up your house. I thought cranes would know better than you.
Oh, that's a blind spot. I guess that gal looks like she knows what she's doing. I'm going to kidnap Tsuru and interrogate her during lunch break.
If I had recorded it, your life would be over.

So we terminated the call and decided to kidnap Tsuru. Let's quickly grab her and bring her to Alina's class during lunch break.
Returning to the classroom, I sent a message to Makoto saying, "Leave it to me. In response, he lamented, 'Oh, I said it to the wrong person. Don't worry, Makoto. I have the best brains in the class and the most beautiful girl in the class. First of all, you're safe.

I didn't miss Tsuru's movements during my lunch break and dinner with Makoto. From the outside, I'm just a stalker. I wonder if Tsuru noticed my eyes on her or not. She sometimes turned her head to appeal to me with her eyes, but I ignored her and continued to watch her. He was a complete pervert.
Anyway, thanks to this perverted behavior, I didn't miss the moment when Tsuru finished eating his meal.

Tsuru. Can I have a word?
What is it?
'Can I kidnap you?'
'I'd like to kidnap you to the next class, if you don't mind.'
'What? You were staring at me the whole time. If you want to take me to Alina's, just say so.

Uniqueness must be kept alive in every generation. Let's go.
'Yes, yes.

He takes Tsuru out and enters the next class. Alina was sitting as usual with a paperback in her hand.

'We've kidnapped her. Let's have a strategy meeting.
'You really brought him here. ......'
'Alina, is this still a crime ......?'
'Yes, it is. At least we can arrest him because his existence is a crime.
'I'm the embodiment of sin?

We decided to borrow the seat in front of and next to Alina and discuss the situation in a triangular fashion.

'Well, ladies and gentlemen, thank you very much for coming. The subject is 'Makoto & Ryuka's dating spots. I'd like you two specialists to think about this topic.
'Well, well, well, you two keep your fangs in. Please cooperate.

Alina and Tsuru looked at each other and sighed.

'I told you to ask Tsuru because I don't know much about that sort of thing.
'Yes. Well, Mr. Crane. Do you have any good spots?
'Suddenly it's one against two! Hmmm... I wonder where. What kind of person is Makoto-kun? I don't care if it's more to Ryuka's liking.'
'Makoto is a serious and pure-hearted guy. He changes when he wears a mask, though.
'Not the opposite of your impudence and impurity.
'Quiet there, you little viper. Shut up for another 700 years. What do you think, crane? Any good?
'Nn~~. Ryuka is not an active person. Aquarium or flower garden?
'...... I could have thought of that.'
'Oh, no.'
'I knew you'd like the aquarium! I wasn't wrong, Makoto!
'Perhaps the discussion is over?'
I guess so.
'Thank you, both of you. I'll call Makoto as soon as I can!

They sighed again, their eyes downcast. You're going to miss out on all the happiness. Thank you!

'He's really an idiot.
Hey. Alina, you're good with her too.

Hey, I can hear you.

Makoto. Conclusion. Aquarium.
'What's wrong with you, comet? It's like a Google search.
'The conclusion that came out of our conference was "Aquarium."'
'I guess Nippa thinks so, too. ...... I guess Comet is right... or maybe a template spot is a winner after all.'
'Yes. Let me know if you need anything else. I'll help you.
'How did you get there ......'
'We're friends.'
'Zqun! Heart'.
'Don't say the sound effect. It makes me nauseous.'
'Well, I'll only ask you for one thing. What am I supposed to do on a date?
'You'll have to figure that out on your own. It's like I'm in control now.
'Well then, I wonder if you could secretly track me so that I can give you instant advice when you're in trouble.'

This guy wants me to be a real stalker. He keeps calling me a stalker, a criminal, and a walking pervert, and now he wants me to be a real stalker?
Alina will be overjoyed to abuse you.
She's going to make a good plaything, but I'm going to take her along for the ride.

Okay. Let me know when you have a concrete plan and a date.

I'll be your stalker.
But I'm not the only stalker, Alina. We'll fall together.