62-<> Tomato Addict 1 next door...

My friend is a joke.
Yes, the joker. Comet Sakakiki is a joker. I don't think he ever runs out of jokes. He must have a stock like a bottomless swamp.
This strange man was the first friend I made in high school.

It was a glorious April when the cherry blossoms were in full bloom.
I watched from the school gate as the new students were led into the school building by the seniors.
As a new student at this new high school, I too was filled with hope for a wonderful high school life. But I was also filled with anxiety. It was because of the class list that had just been posted. I found my name and looked through the names of my classmates, but none of them were my friends from junior high school. It would have been easier if I had known even one of them, but unfortunately, I had never met them all before.
I wondered if I would get along with them.
The seed of anxiety is still lingering in my mind.
I wandered around with the map of the school handed to me. The school buildings are different from those of junior high school.

Finally, I arrived at the school. I arrived at the school, but I realized that it took a lot of courage to take a step into the classroom. As I peeked into the classrooms, as I had expected, I found a few small groups of students talking in small clusters. Of course, some of them were tidying up their surroundings, but I was getting more and more anxious.

I wondered if I would be able to make it ......?)

That's all I have to say.
But we are going to spend a year in this class. Standing still won't make any difference.
I tried to keep my composure as I entered the classroom and checked the seating chart on the blackboard.
The seats were in order of name, and I was usually in the center of the classroom.
I turned around and looked at my seat.
There was a boy sitting next to me on the left side of the table with three cans of tomato juice on the table with a mysterious expression on his face.

(The fourth can!?!!).

The boy reached into his handbag on his desk and took out another tomato juice. He made a nice sound and popped it into his mouth. He moved his larynx up and down and gulped it down.
I turned around again and checked his name in the class list.

Comet Sakakiki.

Sakaki, Sui? No. No, no, no, no.
I also checked my seat again and found that it was next to this strange comet Sakakiki.

(It's hard to go to ......)

That's what people call an "oddball. I think he is the type of person who does not understand some common sense.
I was so absorbed in him that I did not notice the presence of a female student who was standing beside me. She seemed to be checking her seat. Then she turned around and said, "Ah! I gave a shout.
He ran out and headed for the tomato juice high school student.

Comet! You're in the same class!''
'What a coincidence. There are five classes, but I never thought we'd be together. I feel the artifice of the teachers. ......'
'Hey. Nice to meet you.'

Is it a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship? If so, they must be very happy.
I went to my seat with heavy feet like I was stuck in a swamp, because it would be weirdly conspicuous if I stayed in front of the blackboard any longer, although it was still hard to go there.

'So, hey, wait a minute, comet. How many tomato juices did you drink?
'Seven bottles.'
''What about the other three?''
'I drank it on my way to school.'
'You'll die from too much salt. ......'
'I'm fine. I trust my sister.

(Is this guy a bakkemon? ......! (You've been drinking too much!)

I shoved my pencil case and notebooks into my desk, screaming in my mind. I don't have much since I haven't gotten my textbooks yet. So I was in trouble because it was obvious that this work would be over soon. Should I stay in this seat or go to the restroom and leave? The air that clings to my skin is so uncomfortable that it feels foreign.
I decided to go to the restroom, including a walk around the school, and was about to stand up. I was about to stand up when a girl, Comet Sakakiki's girlfriend (?), who was swaying her skirt by my side, came up to me and asked me if I wanted to go to the restroom. started talking to me.

Takane, is your name Makoto-kun?

He stretched his head and looked at the piece of paper with my name written on it, which was stuck on the left side of the desk.


I stuttered at the promptness of his voice.

My name is Shirana Namiki. I'm looking forward to working with you for a year!

At that moment, I saw her as an angel. I felt a burst of freshness, as if the world was opening up to me, and I felt saved.

Oh, by the way, I'm Comet Sakakiki. Let's be neighbors.

Comet Sakakiki introduced himself in a very natural way, shaking a can. What's this? You seem more normal than my first impression.
I breathed a sigh of relief and said, 'Takane Makoto. Nice to meet you too,' I said.

The hallway began to buzz with activity. Leaning my back against the corridor wall, students were staring at our blind spots.

What is it? Is something wrong?

Shirana raised her eyebrows and muttered.

'That's it, isn't it? Maybe some students started to take off their clothes. Considering the number of students in this freshman class, it wouldn't be surprising if there was at least one person with an extreme proclivity for exposure.''
'It's the comet's head that's crazy. ......'

The three of us stood up and peeked out the door to see the center of the crowd.
There was a girl in the corner of their gazes. She was approaching with a school map in her hand and her shoes clacking.

'Wohee soooo beautiful JK'.

Comet Sakakiki reading from a stick.

'Yes, that's right.

Shirana Namiki, puffing out her cheeks in agreement.
If I had to describe this schoolgirl in one word, it would be "art.
She stands tall and slender, with long, delicate, shiny hair. She has a beautiful face that is not like that of a doll-like creature. Her jewel-like eyes were like galaxies.

She is really beautiful, isn't she? If she becomes a model, she'll sell like hotcakes.
I'm curious about the name. Maybe she really is the daughter of an actress?
'Which one, let's follow them.

Comet Sakakiki, Shirana Namiki, and I formed a line in that order and followed the beautiful girl.
The beautiful girl entered the next class next door. The boys in that class were lucky. To tell the truth, I envied them a lot.

When I looked into the classroom, I did not need to look for her, she stood out. She had the undivided attention of the class. If you could visualize the eyes of the students, you'd probably see a line of concentration.

Hiwa? You say your name is Arina Hiwa. That name sounds more and more like an actress.

Comet Sakakiki looked at the blackboard and the seat where Arina Hiba was sitting alternately and blurted out.

At this moment, I had a great impression of Arina Hiba. To be frank, it was love at first sight. I could feel my heart beating so fast it was painful. I was so nervous that I thought the two people who were standing beside me had heard me.

As the months passed by, I couldn't help but notice Hinoh.
I got used to my classmates and became the most talkative person with Comet. My first impression of Comet, that he was a "weirdo," remains unchanged, but I can see more of him now than I did at first. He was not a member of any group, nor did he stay out of the circle of others. I think he is good at organizing relationships.

I joined the badminton club. I had played badminton in junior high school, so I decided to continue playing in high school. Comet, on the other hand, never seemed to join the club temporarily or observe any club activities, and he was always away after school. He is sometimes seen fighting at the store.

'Comet doesn't join the club?

I asked this to Comet, who was playing with canned tomato juice in a triangle shape during his lunch break. As is well known, Comet is a tomato juice addict. He asked me to call him 'tomato addict' but I have never said it. And I never will. I'm not ashamed to say it.

It's in there.
'What? Where is it!

Comet's mouth tightened and he snapped his fingers.

'I'm a homecoming boy.

(It ain't a club activity. ......)

I thought it was a joke as usual, but from my analysis of his past, I know it's an undeniable fact.

I thought you and Shirana were going to join the tennis club, but you're not.
Why did you think I would choose to go with Shirana?
''Well, aren't you two dating?''
'Makoto-kun. I'm a man who has decided to remain a bachelor. The seat next to mine will remain empty for the rest of my life. Not for anyone. I won't let anyone sit next to me. Do you know why?
'They make you sit on the money. I'm not going to let people sit on it.

Oh, may God send down the punishment on this man. I secretly wished to God.
I pity her. I knew intuitively how she felt from the day she entered the school. Only he knows if he is aware of his feelings toward her, but I thought it was a little cruel that he didn't show even the slightest casual answer to her.
It may be that he is really unaware of her feelings. Even if that is the case, he should show some reaction for Shirana's sake, even if it is just a little. Otherwise, she will not be rewarded.

So, so, so.... Who's 'who' smiling in the flower garden in Makoto's head?'
'Is that the sound of a broken femur?'
No, no, no.
'You like Alina Hiba a lot, don't you? Hmmm. Isn't that right? Alina Hiba is the ultimate in beauty. It's inevitable to fall in love with her, isn't it?''
What the hell? What's wrong with you?
'At all? I'm just looking out for you as a friend. You've heard the rumors. I mean, it's true.

Alina Hiba had a tongue. It would be funny if her tongue was meant to make fun of others, but hers was a real tongue that tried to humiliate others. She would thoroughly show her fangs to any student who came close to her and drive them away. She was supposed to be an idol of the school, but now she is a problem child of the school.

'I'm listening ...... I've seen the scene too ......'
I was also peeking in on them in my spare time to imitate espionage activities, but no, that's terrible. The boys were clutching their chests and falling down one after another. You have a disgusting face," "You have dirty fingers. I'm going to throw up." "Why is there a bipedal pig? They say it without reservation. I guess I put too much status on looks and brains. God should have thought about that a little.
'Rumors of Hiwa are awesome. ......'

The Toxic Rose
girl with a poisonous tongue.

The term "the world" is becoming a cloak for the word.
Still, my feelings have not cooled down. Day by day, my feelings grew bigger and bigger.