76-the condition of being unusual...

I found myself sandwiched between Shirana and Yuri, an autonomous meat-grilling machine. With tongs, I arrange the meat on the net, watch it to make sure it doesn't burn like a militiaman monitoring a drug field, and turn it over at just the right moment.
They are forced to work in exchange for the tomato juice. It was worth it, so I agreed. The only problem is that I sit next to Yuri.

I am prejudiced, but I had thought that girls eat little. With the exception of Alina, I had assumed that women in general do not eat much, but the girls' chopsticks never stop. I wondered if it was just a coincidence that all of them were big eaters.

'You all eat a lot, don't you? ......'
'Really? I'm not so sure about that,' Yuri said.
It's just that you have a small stomach,' added Hakuna.
'I think it's average. ......

Everyone moved to their seats and chatted among themselves, and the gender barrier seemed to have been broken down. It's a sort of a mixer, and everyone seems to be getting along well. I thought I would spend the rest of my time chewing on hormones while sipping on tomato juice, but it seems the world is not as it seems.


An an. I love you so much~," Yuri said, thinking that she had started singing the theme song of Doraemon, the autonomous artificial intelligence, and I felt sorry for her.
The reality, however, was a horrifying scene. Yuri brought a piece of meat to my mouth and said "ahhhh" in a sweet voice. Yes, the legendary 'ahhh'. A kind of supernatural phenomenon witnessed in anime, manga, and other creative works. It is a kind of love skinship between a man and a woman. Ordinary people would envy it as a reward. However, this act is based on the premise of great trust in one's partner.
Think about it. Yuri is holding the meat between her chopsticks and pointing them at me. Now, let's see. This is where trust comes into play.

Do I go to the table?
Or will Yuri bring it to me?

Be careful about both of us moving at the same time. If you don't, you'll knock my front teeth in and pierce my palate. That's when an "ah-ha" turns dangerous.
Don't get me wrong, there's no need to worry if you know each other well enough to be lovers. Don't worry. They know each other well enough not to be concerned. Maybe.
Unfortunately, Yuri and I are not like that. I mean, I'm on my deathbed. My palate, so to speak, will be skewered like a roasted chicken. I want to avoid it at all costs. I want to protect my throat fat by all means.

Yuri is puzzled by her expressionless face .......

There is another reason why this 'ahhh' is so bad. Yuri puts her mouth on the chopsticks, which are covered with Yuri's bodily fluids, and the chopsticks make contact with the mucous membrane. This is what is commonly referred to as "indirect kissing. It is a restricted word that is highly irritating to men and women of sensitive age. I am about to engage in such graphic indirect contact, which is only allowed between lovers. It is so forbidden and sinful.
Yuri is doing it to enjoy my reaction. Because she does not see me as an object of love, she does not reveal her passion like Ryuka or Hakuna, who are standing next to me with their hands clasped over their mouths and blushing, and there is not even a trace of her melting expression filled with love on her face.
No, maybe Yuri is testing me?
Are you testing whether I like Yuri or not? If I am ashamed, it means I am conscious of Yuri. If I eat it without hesitation, it means I'm not a mark. That's what you're saying, right?
Then we'll get to the point. I put the meat in my mouth with no emotion or expression on my face and kissed the girl indirectly for the first time. My first indirect kiss tasted like meat. Is it natural?
Ryuka blushed and Shirana said A small shout. Tsuru burst out laughing, and Alina looked at her with a stony stare and licked her soft serve ice cream.
Yuri smiled at her and picked up the cream again.
I shuddered.

Are you still testing me, ......?)

Once you do it once, it should be black and white. I don't have feelings for Yuri. What's the point of this second time? Shit, I don't know. Somebody get me the Kojien.
Are they really just making fun of us, or are they just going through the motions? Okay, okay. Yuri Hiiragi is that kind of a guy. I'm just going with the flow.
Ran poked me with a spoonful of ice cream as if to catch up with me even though I was in the middle of a brainstorming session. Wait a minute. Did the spoon come in contact with your mucous membrane? If so, am I indirectly kissing two girls at the same time?
Oh, forgive me, God.
I have bad lips.
I have bad eyeballs.
I'm a bad person.

'...... no more. You eat it.

I said no.
I should have done this from the beginning. No matter what Yuri thought of me, my life would not be ruined.
It was a psychological battle.

You look like me when I'm doing math.
'Really? I'm perfectly fine. I won't be swayed by your temptations.'

Yuri ate the meat she was holding against me.
Hey, hey! I put my mouth on that.

'No, it's nothing now...'
'What the hell. You're not being cool about it! That's funny!

'Hyahaha! The Titans are upset! I'm upset!
'Hey, quiet, slut. Keep your dignity.

No one could stop Tsuru, who was laughing with joy more than ever. Alina, the neighbor, seemed to be having a hard time.

'Well, I see that most of you are humanities majors.

Shirana said so.

'I'm the only one in the humanities, aren't I?
'Yeah. Are all the girls in the humanities?''
Gento is a science major. Everyone except me and Gento is in the humanities.'
'I'm surprised you took science. It's so hard.'
'No, no, no, Ms. Shirana. I'm a science student because I hate humanities subjects and I'm not good at them. Physics and chemistry are just many times better.

Classical and Chinese literature. I don't get it.

"The only thing that hurts is that you two chose the humanities.

I pointed at Alina and the crane.

'I thought I could count on you two if I couldn't figure it out. I'm going to miss them.
'You. You have feelings.
'Don't forget, Alina, that even automated meat grilling machines have feelings.

Tsuru followed with a 'yes, yes, yes! He raised his hand. I said, 'Yes, Nidokun,' in the kind of tone you might use to call a member of the Diet.

Please don't make out with me.
'We're not flirting.
'Please don't show it off.
'They're just making fun of you. It's just a sad man's reality.
'If you take Alina away from me, I'll curse your comet family, won't I?
'I'll protect my sister even if it costs me my life. Even if the world is covered with nuclear flowers.
'Whew. Cool.
'Rest assured, I'm a bachelor aristocrat. I'm not going to take anyone and I'm not going to interfere in anyone else's life.'
'That's terrible. You'll cry.

Alina quieted Tsuru and said, 'Don't worry. He promised to donate all his organs and parts or use them as fertilizer for the fields. I don't know of any such promise. When in the world did we sign such a contract? I don't even remember putting my seal on it. Did he put his seal on it without your permission? You're guilty of forgery of a sealed document.

Shirana poked me. Then she said in my ear, out of earshot, 'Tell me a joke about you and Alina.

I said, 'No, I don't want to!

I hastily denied it. Yuri, my neighbor, took aim at my flustered reaction and looked at me again.

What is it? What's missing?
There's nothing here. Here, eat some meat. Grow like a big tree.
'No digressions.'
'No, simply. Stop time in my body and create another me, one that matches me on a molecular level. Then I'll prepare two rooms with the same structure, furniture, and location, and you'll each wake up in one of them. Now, the thought experiment is to see if two people with identical memories, bodies, and everything else will behave the same in the same room under the same environment...''
'There's no way Shirana would talk about that.'
'Surprisingly, Shirana also talks about such things. Ha-ha. It's true that Yuri has been friends with Hakuna for a long time. But I've known her since middle school. You're not so convincing, are you?
'I don't talk about that kind of stuff.'

Shirana cut him off brutally.

'Not anyway. Even if there is, this is not a good place.
'What, do you have one?'
'No. As bad as the Gobi Desert.'
'Noroque story?'
'Noro. There is no such thing as a neurotic story.

Shirana has said the forbidden word. Tsuru and Yuri were the first to react.

What's this about noroque? Could it be with Alina! Talk to me, talk to me!
'Absolutely not! Not even with Alina!

I tried desperately to make excuses. This is the best I've done all day. Because Alina's eyes are as sharp as snakes. It's because Tsuru added an extra word, 'Alina.
Tsuru went on to talk to Alina.

Hey, Alina. How are you doing? How's it going?''
'There's nothing. Why would I have anything to do with a man who looks like a praying mantis?

Oh, my God.

I guess you're right. Comet, if you're going to take Alina, you'll have to defeat me first, right?
'Oh, that sounds easy.
'By study.'
'Oh, I couldn't do it.

How can there be any hope for this tomato addict when even Alina can't win?

I moved again, and next time I shared a seat with three girls I didn't know. I don't know which class they are in, so I have never met them before. We may have crossed paths somewhere, but I don't remember. This is really a blind date, isn't it?

'Sakakiki-kun, right? I know, right?

Said the girl with the ponytail.

'Really? Have we met somewhere?
'Because, you're dating Alina, right? I know because there was a rumor going around for a while...''
'We're not dating. It's a complete hoax. It's time to control information on a school-wide scale. Let's apply to the student council to set up an information bureau.
'What! You're not dating?''
'Alina and I aren't dating anyone. Think about it. How can a girl with such a sharp tongue have a relationship with anyone? Sure, he's got great looks, but what he's got on the inside is--''

From a short distance away, Alina held up her middle finger with both hands.

'Like that. It can't be. It's crazy to fall in love with someone as screwed up as me. At least not in the right way.
'That's not true. Sakaki-kun, you're tall and I think you're cool.

I was struck like a bolt of lightning.
I'm cool ......? How can this be? I think they're going to get caught. Ugin often commiserated with me with a sigh, saying, 'You're only tall because of your height, brother.
The pony-tailed girl in front of me looked prettier than anyone else. A conniving person would have said, 'This guy's a joke. But just now I thought it was okay to be an idiot.

'Excuse me, what is your name, ......?
'Mugiyama Hwasai. It's a pair.'

Huacai Mugiyama. Class 1, Year 2. Ponytail. I remember.

Tsuru and I were in the same class in first grade. That's why I'm here today.
'Mr. Crane, seriously good job ...... you weren't just a food bird ......'

I was surrounded by nothing but homo sapiens who toyed with me, so I could see Kasaia-chan shining. Why didn't I meet her earlier? I was saddened to think that my mother and Ugin were my only allies of the opposite s*x in this world, but it seems that the goddess has smiled on me. Too late, Goddess. And thank you.

'What's your club activity, Hwasai?

That's the top school caste organization in America. Queen Bee. I should have joined the baseball team. Then she would have cheered me on and we could have had a good relationship.
For me, the number one of the school caste is 'the champion of freedom, the homecoming club', but I was a little shaken. She looked like such a gem.
I was excited to imagine her dancing and performing in a cheerleader costume.

I'm a homebody, so I don't have a chance to be cheered. Too bad.
'I'll do it for you someday, okay?'

Hey Alina. Learn a little bit about her care and kindness.
Am I dreaming? I didn't know there were still people in the world who would agree with me. I'll tell Ugin a story.