95-a liar

Tsuru does not know that Alina has a dual personality. Tsuru does not know that Alina is a dual personality, that she had amnesia, or that she has a past all her own.
If she had regained her memory, she might have confided in Tsuru, but from the way Tsuru looks at her, it seems unlikely. He has not even told his best friend Tsuru.
So I decided not to tell Tsuru the secret.

Don't cry. It's not like you.
I'm not crying.
'Then what's that liquid flowing from your eyes?
'Well. Uncle Dan's surprised.'

He wipes his tears with his sleeve, revealing the red, swollen corners of his eyes. The corners of her eyes are red and swollen. They are slightly bloodshot, indicating that she has cried a lot.

It's disgusting to yell at me out of the blue.
I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
'I was scared, you know! Mooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
'Please calm down. Don't shake the desk.

She grabbed the long desk and shook it wildly. She hit me in the solar plexus several times, and I moaned in pain, but she was uncontrollable in her frenzy.
I felt sorry for Nagasuki-kun, who was being violated unreasonably. You probably never thought that you would be mutilated and processed by human hands to be treated like this, and that you would continue to exist even in death, rotting and not returning to the earth.
Taking pity on him, I grabbed him with both hands, hugged him and endured until this absurd reality subsided.

'Huh ......'
'Okay, I'm running out of energy.
'You stupid ......'
'So . . what's the brilliant Niwadatsuru thinking?''
'I'm going to investigate every detail of Alina's current situation.'
''What do you mean?''
'I know that you have completely forgotten about the comet. But he seems to remember us. If comets are the only thing missing from Alina's mind, the only thing I can think of is that comets were special to her, right?
'You mean you forgot about me because you hated me to death inside?'
'Idiot. If you really think so, you're irredeemably stupid. I think it's some kind of amnesia, and I honestly don't know why. Maybe I hit my head, or maybe I had a hard time. So the cause doesn't matter at this point.

Tsuru crossed his legs and continued speaking with a serious expression on his face.

''Extreme. I'll let you meet again in the natural course of events to remind you of the comet.

I immediately denied it.

No. I won't get involved with Alina.
'Are we back to square one again? Why do you avoid Alina so much? Why? What are you hiding?
'Alina has a situation she doesn't want you to know about. If she hasn't told you, I can't tell you.
'You just can't tell me?'
'Yeah. Never.
'I'm going to shake your desk again, aren't I?'
'Go ahead. If you start shaking, I'll hold you and stop you this time.'
'Hmm. I'll do my best to resist, okay?'

A stalemate ensued, and silence enveloped the place.
They stared at each other like tigers, their mouths tightly shut. We stared at each other with such intensity that our eyes burned as if sparks were flying in the air.
Tsuru does not take a step back, so I make a proposal to him.

Tsuru. I'll say it again, your daily life won't change even if you stay as you are. You will be able to deal with Alina as usual and you won't have any problems in your school life. Think about it. How many of your classmates will you keep in touch with after high school? You don't mean all of them. Most of them are never seen again. Couldn't it be that this has been moved up? And it's not about Tsuru himself, it's about me.
So you're just going to let Alina and I be alone?''
'Mooo!!!! You're a lousy liar! You say it's for Alina's sake, but that's self-sacrifice!
'I don't think I'm sacrificing myself.'
'Then you wouldn't have said, "It's so hard that I want to forget Alina"! You f*cking giant tribe!''

I was closed to your reasonable comment.
No wonder the crane is angry. I know he is right.
The cranes will understand if we tell them our secret.
And maybe he'll apologize. She may not expect that Alina has had a hard time in the past, and she may regret scolding me for asking her about her past. I will only feel sorry for her if she apologizes one-sidedly for something that is not necessary.

There was a sound of a sliding door.

Our deadlocked attention focused on the sliding door.
It was slightly ajar. It was only a fistful of space, but we were sure that we had just heard it. Tsuru nodded his head in silent agreement.

Please come in.

Tsuru called out to him. But there was no answer.
We turned our heads and forgot to argue about the strange phenomenon. I don't believe in ghosts, but when I experience something strange, I think, 'No way. If it comes out, I'll throw tomatoes at it. Oh, I don't have any tomatoes in my bag. I mean, how could there be?

'I'm sorry. I didn't know you were here.

Alina appeared with a pout.

One thing is bothering me.
It was a boy named Comet Sakakiki.

I have not had any contact with him since I called him more than half a month ago. It is because of what he said that I used to hate him.
I tried to talk to him several times but he would not even look at me. If he hates me too, I can't talk to him.
But I knew right away that he was lying.
There was no word of dislike in the pages about him in my notebook. It was strange because I don't remember writing anything about him.
Rather, they wrote very favorable things about Comet Sakakiki. How could I dislike him when I rated him as a trustworthy person? I had a lot of call logs and messages with him on my phone. It is hard to believe that I do not like him.

So the question of why he is lying is swirling in my mind.

What I have learned from his notebooks and phone is that he was very devoted to me. He was helping me to cure my amnesia, my dual personality.
I keep it a secret from my friends. Only my mother, Comet Sakakiki, Dr. Akakusa, and Mr. Kanzawaguchi know about it.
I searched for his shadow in my memory and found many of them. But I cannot remember what he was like. I can't see what he was like or what he looked like, as if there is a fog over me. So I was a little afraid of my memory of working with a mysterious person.

'Alina-san. Where are you going?

Shirana approached me in her tennis wear.

I'm a little concerned about something. In the former teacher's office.
'Ah~, there it is~. With Comet?
''No, I'm not.''
'Be careful. If he tries anything, call me right away!
It's okay.'

I let it slide and left Shirana. I try not to let it be known that I forgot Comet Sakakiki. I am nervous when I feel I am about to lose it, but surprisingly, it is not obvious.
As you can see from Shirana's words and actions, I was convinced that I did not hate Comet Sakakiki after all. Then why did he lie to me like that? I couldn't help wondering.

In my fragmented memories of him, I vaguely remembered the former teacher's office. I remember reading there with my mother's preserved flowers that I had brought. I do not remember if he was there.
So this is a daydream-like memory. It is worth a visit to see if my memory is correct. To find out more about my unacknowledged amnesia.
So I went to the former teacher's office.
When I arrived at the former teacher's office, I had a sense of d j vu. I remember that I had changed into my gym clothes here. I remember putting my hair up and putting my underwear in my bag. Why is this ambiguous?
When I put my hand on the sliding door, I felt the presence of someone inside. It was the sound of life, or rather the scuffling of shoes against the floor. Someone is there. I was about to leave when I heard a crane's voice coming from inside.

Please come in.

Why are there cranes? Could it be a secret meeting of youth with Tsuru's boyfriend ......! You can't do that! Keep up with the public morals! No school! Oh, so if it was outside the school, it would be ......? Ugh, anyway, no!
Curiosity got the better of me and I took a peek.

'I'm sorry. I didn't know you were there.

There were cranes and a wide-eyed and surprised Comet Sakakiki.

I looked at him for the first time in about a month.