The winning team in the first interdivisional relay was the homecoming team!

The broadcasting club said something very pleasant.
That was good. That was really good.

We won! We won! I'm number one!

Alina with her arms outstretched, dashing toward us with a brilliant smile. Her tusk and hair are a mess, but she shows no sign of caring.
Okay, a hug?
I'm still not fully breathing, but I stand up and open my arms, ready to face him. It was like a scene from a movie where two lovers torn apart are destined to meet again, and my heart was racing.
On the back screen, Masao screams. And Takakura pedaling his bicycle in a circle around Masao. Each of them expresses their joy. Well, let me share my joy with Alina. With a hot embrace.

Oh, no!

Alina passes by me without looking at me. When I turn around, Alina and Rinne are spinning like a merry-go-round in each other's arms. So this is the truth of the world. Feeling lonely, I hug the air. Oxygen's hug was really the best.
I had to play a few tricks on him, but the best is the best. If anyone comes to me to complain, I will give him another dose of ariphana. Then, Masao will stomp them down and everything will be all right.

Why are you so low? It's the best!

Alina said this as she poked me with her finger while I was hugging oxygen. She seemed to be in a very good mood.

I'm in control. If you let your guard down even a little, you'll leak all your fluids with pleasure.
'Are you okay? Your legs are wobbly, aren't they?
'Don't worry about it. I just need to go to the bathroom.'

I'm so happy.

Unable to release the itch in our hearts, we were forced to leave as the second session was about to begin.
I wanted to advertise that the ruler of this world is the homecoming club, but Makoto of the badminton club, who had lost a big game, pulled me back and I had no choice but to leave the venue. Indeed, I might be blamed for trying to seduce a female member of the broadcasting club to borrow a microphone. But please forgive me. I was so happy that I was in a funny mood.

Veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! (Victory shout)''

The moment I passed through the exit gate, I expressed my joy like an animal.
My voice, which could not be translated into language, melted into the blue sky, and my mind flashed back to scenes from the past up to this day. The selection of the players at the former rose garden, the six of us running with the setting sun in the background, Takakura and Rinne arguing, Masao reading a pastry-making book, Eiji sliding the mouse on the desk, Alina dozing off...
It was both long and short. It was so fulfilling that a few weeks felt like a year. All of it was for today,
And it was a relief to be rewarded.

Well, theoretically our victory was proven. You can rejoice all you want, but please don't go out of control.
'I don't want to hear from the guy who was running circles around Masao!

By the way, the only one worse than me is Rinne.

'Alina! We can be school idols! I'm sure I can do it!
'Calm down a bit, Rinne.
'Because you know whose time it is now! It's me and Arina, isn't it! And now I'm the girl who won the number one spot! There's no way I'm not irresistible!''
No, I--'
'Dame! I can't let this chance pass me by!''

With a twinkle in her eye, Rinne pushes Alina closer and closer.

'Arina. I'll get down on my knees and support you if I can see 'Arina-chan' again.
'Gah! Don't remind me! It makes me want to die!''
'Alina! Alina Nyan!
'Oh ...... that's the biggest stain on my life ......'
'Alina for everyone!
'Don't, Comet-- oh, my God! You made a mistake!

Alina blushed and cowered. To be honest, she was so cute I thought tomato juice would come out of my nose.
I gave the mouse back to Eiji and he said, 'I can't tell you how many people I've killed with this ......'. It seems that his FPS syndrome has already returned. However, I felt a little sad that I would no longer have contact with him. So I'll watch the live video he mentioned. Good luck, pro-gamer.
As for Masao, he's a bit dizzy from the side effects of the mango. He has been mumbling 'I'm in heaven......I'm in heaven......I'm in heaven' since a few minutes ago, and he seems to be on his deathbed. This could be bad.
Anyway, the homecoming party has won. There is no better result than that.
But this means that the team is now disbanded. A sense of loneliness is growing. Alina wonders if this is reflected on her face.

Is she dissatisfied with something?
'No, it's not that. It's just that it's the last time I'm going to see you, that's all.
'Yes, it is. I'm sad.

But that's not always the case in the homecoming club. I'm used to losing comrades-in-arms. I can't tell you how many homecomers I've lost. I've lost countless comrades-in-arms because they wanted to be young or because they were bored.

Encounters and partings are always a set.

'I--I--I had a good time.
'Oh, you're back from heaven, Masao.
Thanks to Comet, I feel a little more confident. I'm really glad I got to know you guys.
'Me too. Thank you guys for hanging out with a weirdo like me. I'll never forget you guys.

Rinne started to get teary-eyed when I said the movie-like line.

'Hey, hey, Rinne. The only time you're allowed to shed tears is when I propose to you.
''You're so annoying! I'm just a little bit touched!
'You're a troubled young lady. Takakura, say something to her.
'Please don't do that, it's going to make the ground muddy.
'Hey, Benjamin. You'll never get married in the future.'

In the end, we were the only pair that didn't win the overall championship.
Such is fate. But the last gymnastic festival of my high school life was the most meaningful one of my life. Therefore, I have no regrets. If I ever get a chance to write my autobiography, I will write that it was a "holy war. I hope it will be a source of inspiration for future homecoming club members who will be born and born on this earth. Fin.
I don't know what I am saying, so I will let the machine translator translate it for me someday when it reaches the highest level.

A few days have passed since the gymnastic festival ended.
I'm completely burnt out, and I'm spending my days in idleness.
I'm a senior in high school, which is a turning point in my life, so I don't have much time for such things. If a ronin student saw me in this rotten state, he or she would say, "Yes! He's not my enemy. Please take a look. This is the darkness of human beings. You will fight against such darkness again.

You look like a shell these days.

Alina, too, is slumped over her desk.
I looked at her, drooping like a puppet that had lost its strings.

'You're just like her, you know.
'No, I'm not. I'm just relaxing.
'Then that's what I'm doing, relaxing.
'Yours is called bad manners.'

I've never lived a well-behaved life, and I couldn't help but point that out.
He said I had been misbehaving since I was still in my mother's belly. She used to kick me in the stomach a lot. That's horrible. You have no respect for your mother.

By the third year, I was used to bloody fights for bread at the concession stand, and it was very easy to get it. This is largely due to the fact that the first-year students still don't know how to fight and I've earned the magical status of a third-year student. But I can say so while I still can. The girls are beginning to tell the juniors how to defeat Comet Sakakiki, who is the most hated of the bread fighters. That's why my side has been creaking lately. He attacks me with his elbows.
Now, where will I get a bruise today? I roll up my arms and step out into the stall. Today we hunt.

'Is he here to s*xually harass me again?

Alina appeared in front of the squirming girls.

No. It's all about the bread.
'It's the only time I get a chance to touch a girl's body.'
'It's okay. Ugin will be there when I get home.
'Real life sucks.'
'So, you've come to interrupt me? I'm going to step over whoever you are.'
'I need to talk to you. Just for a minute.

With that, Alina walked toward the stairs. Not wanting to ignore her, I reluctantly followed her.
I heard the sound of shoes thumping on the floor above me. It sounded like she was going to the top floor.
The top floor is a dead end because the rooftop is sealed off. She is sitting on the step in front of the door leading to the rooftop. I went up the stairs, deliberately covering my eyes with my hands to prevent her from seeing my panties.

It's embarrassing.
'It's good manners. I'm a gentleman.

I didn't dare sit down with her, so I leaned my back against the wall and looked down at Alina.

'So, what are you talking about?

Alina opened her mouth with her face turned to the front.

'I still can't seem to remember you, after all.

I know that. When I talk to Alina, I never bring up the past.

Don't worry so much. It's fine the way it is.
'I'm trying. I've been going over my notes and phone history about you, but it doesn't seem to be working.
'That's pretty creepy from a third party's point of view.
It can't be helped that it's a special case. So let me get this straight, okay?
'I definitely liked you, didn't I?

That's a little too direct, don't you think?
She's talking about something else entirely. But you know, it's just a confession from my point of view.

Why are you embarrassed?
'That's because I'm a red-blooded person, you know. ......'
So, what do you think?
'As I have said many times before, only you can know that. It's not your concern. There's nothing wrong with it.

'What about you? I heard you said you love me.


'Huh! Why the heck not?
'That was when I called you on the day before Shirana was scheduled to confess her feelings for you. And you said you liked me. You remember that, don't you?

Come to think of it, that's what happened. No one knows my true feelings because they are stored in a black box.

'Well, I remember it, but it was more of a spur of the moment ...... thing.

What does it matter?

I felt a little sorry for him. I thought that if you liked me, I'd be cruel to you now more than ever.
It's none of your business. You don't have to probe people's true feelings so much.
'I'm sorry. I was just thinking about you. Oh, I don't mean 'curious' as in love or anything like that. ......'
'All right, all right. Take it easy, baby.

I knew that if anyone saw us going down the stairs together, they would spread strange rumors again, so I went down first, just in time.
One thing I was sure of. Alina's rehabilitation was over. There's nothing I can do about it. If that's not a healthy person, who is? And by the way, a psycho is someone like me.
She doesn't need to know if her existence is cruel or not. It does not mean that she can do anything or that she is guilty.
Whether she is cruel or not is what I think.
So only those who have been in the same position can know if this is cruel or not.
I dare not say. I don't like sympathy.