After being discharged from the hospital, I was able to come into contact with modern civilization again, and the days of shock began.
I heard about the death of a famous person, the latest smartphone models with amazing functions, and virtual currency. It seems that the world can be completely redecorated in three years.
It's been three years, but for me it's been only a few weeks since I've been in my house, and the smell and the atmosphere have changed, making me realize once again that a great deal of time has passed.

I realized that a great deal of time had passed.

My sister is no longer at home. She is living alone in another prefecture, and I envy her.
Nothing had changed in her room. I thought it was full of cardboard boxes, ready to be disposed of, but it seems that hope is waiting for me. I am very thankful for that. On a personal note, I breathed a sigh of relief that my hard drive has not been snooped on. I will be grateful for passwords for the rest of my life, even though they are often blamed for being troublesome these days. Thank you passwords. Thank you password for protecting my identity from my family.

Now, how am I going to live?
I recently found out that I am a high school dropout. When I heard that, I immediately thought, 'What? I asked my mother if I was going to die, but it seems that my life is not in danger.
I hope that I will not have to go back to high school for three years when I am a freshman. I might have a chance to meet someone nice, but Alina will probably strangle me, so I have decided not to take this route.
So, I am now determined to take the high school equivalency examination. The only thing that the incompetent detective Sui, who has the body of an adult and the brain of a high school senior, can do now is to study to pass the high school equivalency exam. And the essential ingredient for studying is tomato juice.
But I restrained myself. I froze in front of the refrigerator, reminding my right hand that if I drank, I would lose, and if I drank, I would be unemployed, trying to escape my neural control.
The doctor told me to 'cut back for now. I've been a little scared ever since I was declared a freak, 'the connection between the symptoms is not clear, but apart from that, the intake is abnormal. You may think I'm a coward and say, "Don't be afraid to drink it, you little prick," but think about it. If you drink it, you might time jump three years later, right? As someone who has experienced it firsthand, I can tell you that time is money, and you should not take it lightly.

Alina sometimes appears unexpectedly in the life of study and rehabilitation that started for the high school certification.
She usually calls and asks for permission. When I told her that she could just send me a message, she said 'No, it's not binding enough', which made me feel danger to myself. So I have recently developed a ring-phobia. If I ignore the call, I have no choice but to answer it, because if I ignore it, I will be met with a look of despair on my face, as if the world has ended. I wish it were an incoming call from an insurance company, a provider, a poll, or something else that doesn't matter.
But 90% of the incoming calls are from Arina Hiba, a beautiful girl with a super yandere tongue.

Hello? This is the French Embassy in Japan.
What the hell? Papua New Guinea, then France? Why does your phone number always lead to the embassy?
Please check the number again.
'I'm going to cry. I'll cry in the street.
That's not a threat at all.

She has been very energetic since this morning, and as usual, her voice was high and shrill.
I lay down on my bed and continued the call, wondering what on earth she was calling me about today.

'Do you know what today is?
'It's my birthday.
'Your birthday is May 10th at 2:24:41 a.m. It's summer now. Are you crazy?
'I'm so scared. How does he know about the birth of a second that he doesn't even know about?
'The password for my computer is sakaki510. What a terrible and easy password, sakaki510.
'What? Seriously? How did you know? I mean, don't call it robbery.'
'On a different note, are you free tonight? Are you free tonight? If I'm not available, I'll kill her.
'Killing' what? What woman? What? I don't know what's going on anymore. Can I go to the bathroom to calm down?
'You evil bladder manager.

It's time to stop this energy-intensive preamble every time. She seems to like this nonsense so much that I have no choice but to go along with her, but it's all so chilling that I thought my heart would stop again - or maybe I'd sleep for three years. The blackest joke of all.

'I'll send you a map, come back today at 19:00. You don't need to bring money. You are going to be arrested for eating and drinking without paying.
I won't let that future happen! I'm paying for it!
'Please keep that kind of hot-bloodedness to shounen manga only. Okay?'
'...... yes'
'Don't be late. And be well-groomed.'
'Yes, ma'am.'
'I'm gonna kill you.'
'I'm sorry. Please don't kill me, I won't say it again.

The call ended with a mystery from start to finish.
Just talking to Alina was exhausting. It seems that she has regained her memory and some of her poisonous rose has returned. I was almost discouraged at ...... for my efforts, but fortunately she was not at all tongue-tied when talking to people other than me. She was not acting. She was really just a beautiful girl with a good personality who was the center of the world.

Bottom line, she seems to love to play with me.

So, I can say that "Angel Arina", who was Arina's second persona but has disappeared now, asked Dr. Akakusa for help, and the cure for the poisonous rose she asked me for was completed by making a sandbag named Comet Sakakigaki. I was intoxicated by ...... what a beautiful self-sacrifice. I hope they will put a statue of me in the schoolyard as a hero who stopped the collapse of the school. If you do graffiti on it, I'll make you unable to eat tomatoes for the rest of your life.
She said that her memory came back and that she could read not only the memories of the poisonous rose but also those of the angel Alina. I have no idea if this is a integration of personalities or just the ability to access to the memory areas that were inaccessible to her. At any rate, if she seems happy, it must be the "right answer" that I have been desperately trying to find in the darkness.

This seems to be the end of the story.
But in fact there are two choices.

The end or the beginning.

I still haven't answered Alina properly.
Three years ago, just before I collapsed, I was in a daze and my memory was hazy, but all I remember is that I felt deep regret. The regret of having fallen asleep after the summer vacation without giving her an answer flooded my heart at that moment when I was filled with the fear that my ego would disappear.

I wish I could have answered her properly.

I was speechless and could neither write nor sound.
I wonder if that's why I was able to wake up. See you again. I wonder if that's what I made up my mind to do. I don't remember.

There is a part of me that strongly wants to give a positive answer, but on the other hand, there is a part of me that lacks self-confidence.
I'm not like this, I'm not the best athlete, I'm not the best looking like Alina, I'm not the best looking like Alina. There are many people who are better than me, and I think that my existence is a negative thing for Alina's future.
As I let my mind cloud over in this way, I realized that Arina Hinoha is the person who takes precedence over everyone else in my life. I feel that I always act with her future in mind and her happiness in mind more than anyone else.

I sent a message to Ugin, a specialist in love.

Why love transcends theory

I ask her what she always says, as if it were a cliche.

Because I can be blind. No one can unify, no one can rule, no one can explain. Theories are meaningless because it's your own world.
'Is it normal to feel guilty?'
That's only the beginning. In the end, everyone will be so blind and selfish that they won't feel guilty anymore. It's the vector that matters.
"Are they pointing at each other in a straight line? You're really blind, aren't you? I imagine we are looking into each other's eyes with a telescope!
'I don't know, but thank you very much. Enjoy your college life.
Why the sudden clericalism. Aaaaah.'

Well, isn't that sinful?

I got into town before nightfall.
Partly because I was afraid of being late, but mostly because I was looking forward to it. Today was probably the day she had told me that she was going to call her friends to celebrate her release from the hospital.
I decided to kill some time by wandering around the city at random, looking for what has changed. As I was doing so, I started to get scared. It had been three years since I had seen her. Of course I wonder how they have changed, but at the same time I feel a mysterious fear.
Maybe this is more anxiety than fear. I can't help but feel that my anxiety about the future is going to be strongly manifested by the fact that I've been left behind. Without being able to dispel this feeling of uneasiness, I arrive at the promised restaurant at 19:00.
I gathered up my courage and put my hand on the doorknob.