3 - 002 Princess Kirik

"I'm home! Riit! No snacks. Prepare the food now! Lyto! What's your answer? I told you to answer within ten seconds of my call!"

 Princess Kilik calls her butler, Lyto, as soon as she returns from a long ride.

 She had asked him to prepare a snack for her, but he pretended that she had not.

 The people around her felt no particular discomfort at this scene. Liyto mysteriously appears within ten seconds. And if he were his usual self, he would have already prepared his meal.

 Wherever he is, he will answer the Princess's call in ten seconds. No matter how crazy the task is, Lyto will do it.

 He has a feeling of trust. But their pride does not allow them to admit it outright. It was such a complicated relationship.

 Seven seconds have passed since Kilik's call. Normally, he would appear around this time at the latest.

"Sorry to keep you waiting," he would say.

 But that day was different.

"Lyto? Lyto! What is he doing here when I'm calling him! You're useless!"

"It's absolutely true."

"It is lamentable that the Princess has called on you personally. ......"

 The nobles whom Kilik had taken on the excursion verbally expressed their agreement.

 Following this trend, the next person spoke up as well.

"After all, it's not appropriate for an orphan to be a steward. ......"

 However, they soon learned that their choice was very wrong, as Kilik's voice delivered coldly from the bottom of their hearts told them.

"Shut up."

"Hic ......"

 The last one had been scaled back.

 There was a reason why those around him treated him badly.

 If he displeased the princess, it would most likely be directed at him.

 It is good as long as Lyto is the target.

 Because Lyto himself had been meeting Princess Kilik's demands with his unbelievable specs. But no one but Lyto could have done such a thing.

 It is impossible to fulfill the orders that change from time to time depending on his mood without any time lag, unless he has supernatural power. Therefore, it was a common view among the people around him to sacrifice Lito for his own protection.

 But at the same time, there was something that had to be protected.

 While the princess was selfish and forced her demands on Lyto, those around her were well aware of the high regard she held for him. That is why it would offend her to speak ill of the orphaned Lilit just because of his birth.

"I think you are ...... ah, I've never seen your face before. Are you a baron somewhere?"

"I am ...... honored to receive the title of Viscount ......."

"Then tomorrow you'll be a baron."

"Do I have a problem with that?"

"No, ......, not at all. ......"

 The former baron, who was instantly made to switch to baron, replies in a cold sweat.

 To begin with, it is extraordinary that Lyto has been a squire for so many years and even became the personal butler of a princess who is so unruly.

 He always reads her moods, what she says and what she doesn't say, and does everything without making mistakes.

 The skills required for this are not half-bad. There were some problems that the entire knighthood had to tackle by itself, but he was able to complete all of them by himself in a short period of time before the princess changed her mind.

 Insight, knowledge, combat and negotiation skills: ....... Because he had acquired all kinds of power, the people around him were impressed with his problem-solving abilities.

 A monster. That was the evaluation of people around him.

 Therefore, making fun of Lyto was a kind of self-preservation, envy, and a kind of trust that it would not affect Lyto in any way.

 But on this day, Lyto never showed up.

"What is he doing ...... if he comes back?

 Princess Kilik, still not dreaming that she would never see Lyto in the palace again, called for the other attendants.

 The fact that the squire who had been appointed was too weak to work the next day was a direct indication of Lyto's importance.