15 - 014 Entrance Exam Part 6

"Whoa! Wait for me, Princess!"

 Merillia's gaze was quickly turned to Birdra.

 She had a cold, unapproachable expression on her face that sent a chill down my spine.

 The perspiration of Birdra and her cronies increased as she called out to them.

"Hic ......"

"What is it? Mr. Varda."

 Varda managed to regain her composure and continued.

"It is a great honor for you to remember my name. ...... But more importantly, that man has been dishonest. It was I, Birdra, the fifth son of the Milt family..."

 Varda's words were not spun to the end, but were interrupted by the words of Her Highness Merillia.

I have already heard those words. I have already heard you say that, and that is why I said what I did.

"Oh no ...... why ......?"

 For Varda, if my wrongdoing is not recognized, it will be a blow to the family name.

 If I can't even conduct such an investigation because of a single word from the princess, it might be natural for me to despair.

"That's good for you, Lilt.

 Awen clapped me on the shoulder, but I bowed my head to Her Highness Merilia and said, "I'm sorry.

"With all due respect, Your Highness Merilia. If my innocence can be cleared by Lord Girn's investigation, then so be it.

 I was a little nervous that I had overstepped the mark, but what came out of Her Highness' mouth was unexpected.

"Oh, you don't call me 'Miss' like before, do you?"

"Oh, ......, that's ......."

"Hmm. It's okay. And you don't have to worry about it. You three are the ones who have been cheating.

Is that true⁉?

 It was Major General Girun who responded.

 Looking at the three men, it was clear that their expressions, perspiration, and demeanor were all black.

"Yes. "Yes. Because the three of us were taking the test together by memory sharing magic.

 Oh, that didn't work. ....... I see.

Wait a minute! Such evidence is nowhere to be found at ......."

"After all, people who do this kind of thing can't seem to get their heads around it. ......"

 The trio, including Birdra, is immensely moved by the harsh words of Her Highness Princess Merilia.

"Have you not wondered why there are so few children of noble families besides yourselves?"

"It's ......."

"Those who have already achieved excellent results among the noble families are exempt from this examination."

"Gosh ......"

 I didn't know that.

 By the look on Varda's face, it seemed that she had known.

"Did I look like a mere incompetent to you, coming here as a member of the royal family?"


"Then you should have used your head a little more: ......"

 After a quiet pause, Her Highness Merillia continued.

"I was present in this examination room in a position rather close to Rear Admiral Girun, you know.

"PURPOSE: ......"

 Varda freezes.

 I'm surprised. I didn't know there was such a pattern.

 No, but it's not hard to see. ....... I'm sure the Princess must be quite talented to take on such a role.

"I am the only one free to use magic during the test. It's easy for me to record the magic power of you cheaters.

 Her Royal Highness Merillia shows the record papers as evidence.

"I am disqualifying you from the examination. You will also be informed of the punishment to be meted out to each of your families, so I suggest that you return to your parents' homes as soon as possible to explain your situation.

 The only two people left behind were Baadra, who was too pale to say anything, and his cronies, who were frozen by what had just happened.