52 - 051 Torture

"Hmm? You don't seem to understand your position, do you? If you don't listen to me, your parents will ......"

 That's .......

"Ugh. ......"

 At night, when I went to the bedroom as instructed, I came across a scene where Viscount Lostel was wooing one of the maids.

"This is how I get involved in unnecessary things, and that's why the princess's mood is on edge every time. ......"

 But, well, now that I've seen it, I don't feel good about overlooking it.

"Master, weren't you supposed to be taking care of me today?"

"Oh, you're ......."

"I can't wait. I'll be in your room right away."

"Ho,ho......Ghehehe...... good. I'll give you all the love you want."

 He pulls Lostel, whose face is twisted in an ugly manner, away from the maid and enters the room.

 He wished there were some guards in the room, but there are none. He is defenseless. ...... Well, he doesn't expect the maid to do anything to him, does he?

"Well, let's start with ......"

 Rostel's fat arm reaches out toward me.

 I cast a spell around the room to keep people out, then removed my disguise.

"What is ......?"

"Tell us everything you know about this country."

Who the hell are you?

Don't talk nonsense.


 I'm going to take it to the extreme so that I don't break it.

 In some cases, I may torture you like ...... starting from your fingers, but today I want to leave your body clean.

"First of all, what were you doing in this area when the empire invaded?"

"Gosh ...... ah ...... okay! I'll tell you! I'll tell you."

 Just like that, Rostel was completely quiet. We decided to just restrain him and let him talk.

 But behind the restraints, he starts sneaking around, looking for something.

Is this what you're looking for?

That's it!

 In his pocket was a magical tool for calling security.

 I've checked everything of that sort and held it first.

"By the way, they won't come when I call for help, okay?"

"No way, you ...... security ......."

 I didn't do anything, but I'm desperate for a misunderstanding, so I'll leave it at that.

"Don't think you're going to get away with this for free. ......"

"You still don't seem to understand your position."


"You're overreacting ......"

 Shoulder off.

 I can fix this later.

Now, tell me what you want to say.

"Gggh ......"

 The words that came out of Rostel's mouth were worse than we had expected.