68 - 067 ambush

"He did it!"

 Awen, who had calmed his horse before the rest of the cavalry, shouts out.

"Awen! Your voice to reach your allies!"

"Hey! Enemy general, cavalry leader Walker! Lilt-Lyrle took them down... oh, oh, oh, oh..."

 Awen's raised voice echoed across the battlefield.


 Cheers erupted from their own troops.

"What a ...... idiot⁉ Captain Walker⁉"

"I was never even pinned down once on horseback. ......"

 The enemy forces were in disarray, but Walker's cavalry was the only one that had not lost its will to fight. Instead, they were boiling with blood, determined to avenge their master's death.

"We still have them surrounded! Don't let them get away!

You're the second in command?

"Hey, ......, when did you get here? You aaaaaaah!"

 The horse that the walker was riding was borrowed and used to close in on the enemy's second-in-command.

"You can stab me in the back if you want to! Take this man down!"

"That's a fine instruction, but ...... are you guys the right unit to be here and break balls?"

"Smash ......? Speak nonsense. It's easy enough to take you out. ...... what⁉"

 The reason why the enemy's second-in-command was astonished was again on the cliff.

 The prearranged magic had been activated.

"No way! A subterfuge.

"Vice Admiral! If we don't do something about it, we're going to have to go to ......!"

 An invisible magical attack rains down from the cliff.

 Some of the cavalry have already been dropped by the attack.

"d*mn ......! But ......"

"Are you sure? If you want to do it, I'd be happy to deal with you."

"Ggh ......"

 The rest is just momentum.

 Of course there are no ambush soldiers on that cliff.

 It's practically impossible to place troops there in the first place, which is why neither we nor our enemies have deployed there. That's how precipitous the cliff is.

 But the time-limited magic I'd put in place worked well.

 If we can draw them away, we win.

Fall back! Black Knights, retreat! Do not let Captain Walker's wreckage touch you!"

 The knights surrounding us immediately move to the sound of the deputy general's voice.

 The only thing left was the enemy's small army, which was no longer keeping up with us.

"Awen, let's get the hell out of here."


 We're getting back on our horses and we're retreating from the battlefield.

 Even if we don't kill Tyrell, we'll still come back alive, having killed one of our targets while losing Lt. Cheb. We will not complain.

"Let's go back to the main camp to report to Lieutenant General Gugain for the time being."

 I trust they will let me rest there for a little while.