70 - 069 Reunion

 After defeating the enemy general Tyrell, he thought he was going to have a decisive battle with General Clyde, but was told by Lieutenant General Gugain that this was as far as he would go.

 He said, "I don't need to use you against a man with no arms and legs.

"Does that mean you're getting some recognition?"

"That's it? I'm glad I'm not the type to take all the credit."

 Awen and I left the Cologne front and went back to Lindo Castle.

 There we met up with our classmates from the training school for the first time in a long time.

"It's been a long time! I'm so glad you're back safe and sound!"

"Oh, Merilia. Thanks to you.

"Hmm. I heard you had a rough night. I'd like to hear what you were doing.

"I heard that Salas was also very active."

 They both made second lieutenant after serving in their respective theaters of war.

 The guys from the training school are cadets.

 It is true that one becomes an Ensign after an officer-in-training, but it is unusual to see so many of them at such a fast pace.

 My promotion to the second grade was the most unusual of all.

"I heard you became a lieutenant. What do you think? How do you feel now?"

 Merilia asks jokingly.

"I don't really feel it."

 It's not official yet, it's just been passed down verbally.

"Hmm. But what in the world did you do to become a lieutenant in such a short period of time? Well, of course, it was the Cologne front, so just getting back alive might be a medal."

"Rumors of the Cologne front were always coming our way. But I heard that there was an enemy general and his four able generals under his command there. How did they gain the upper hand in the battle?"

 Merilia and Salas's question was answered by Awen.

"We took out all four of them. This one."


"Are you serious ......?"

 They were wide-eyed.

 Even Salas, whose facial expression did not change much, could see that they were blatantly surprised.

"But, you know, two of us fought on the battlefield, and one of us was perfectly set up for the other."

"How did you end up in a place that wasn't a battlefield in the first place? ...... No, it's okay if you're Lilt, I can kind of understand. ......"

 For some reason, Merilia looked at me with a half-amused look.

"Well, this guy was already a mess."

"No, Awen has messed up enough. I don't think I'll ever experience running through the middle of hostile territory like that again.

 At least that's what I wanted to think.

 Because I would normally be dead.

 It was only slightly better than the princess's recklessness.

 I wouldn't have been able to hold it if it had been the other guy.

"That was only possible because you were by my side! So, are we going to rest here in the castle for a while?"

"Oh, you haven't heard anything?"

 Melillia says with a mischievous smile.

"We're going to fight the next battlefield under Lt. Lilt, who's a promotionist, right?"


 Merilia was smiling happily at me again when she saw my surprise.