75 - 074 The Trap

"I knew you'd come. Rats."

 In front of me is Lord Kalm.

 My hands are behind my back, and they've tied a noose around my neck.

 Did I completely miscalculate? This is a mistake I never made while taking orders from the princess.

"So this is what happens when you move of your own volition. ......"

 I realized that I had been kept alive by the princess.

"What are you mumbling about? Hey, you ...... are guilty of that sin of milling around me, aren't you?"

 His hair is lifted and Lord Calum gives him a hard time.

"No reaction. You're a dumb rat, though. Did you really think my son would travel in such a way that you could detect him? A trap to lure you in. You're the one who fell for it."

 It was really dumb of me.

 I should have thought of that possibility.

 Geeks are good.

 I heard that he had the help of two of his cronies on the battlefield, but still, a second-class promotion is unusual.

 I underestimated that fact because I was one myself.

 Above all, I was proud that I had already won once.

"Well done. Geek."

 I expected the geek to stare at me with a proud look on his face when he was called that, but he showed an unexpected expression.

 For some reason, he looked as if he was complaining about the current situation.

 I don't know if it was out of awe of my father or something else.

"You're such a fool!"

 Sir Callum tells him with a mocking smile.

 I really don't think so. I was wondering what to do, but Lord Kalm's next words had such an impact on me that even that thought was erased.

"Who in the world do you think made that letter go viral?"

"Nah⁉ Don't tell me ......"

"The perfect stepping stone to the kingdom, that selfish princess. There's no better person to take out the people's frustrations. So I did some research and found all the information I needed with surprising ease. The people of the foolish kingdom soon became her allies. If you really think I've been able to survive so long unprotected like that, ...... I'd say it's because you left.

 I'm sure you're right.

 My leaving has brought to light the danger to the princess, which I had prevented before.

 The popular army's venting of gas has also stopped working.

 I see. But ...... have I been dancing with this Lord Callum all this time?

 More to the point, Geek has a .......

 It was Geek who was leaking information about me.

 And now I'm being held captive because of Geek's actions.

"Now ...... what shall we do? It's hard to believe that the dogs of the kingdom have infiltrated our Imperial Guard."

 Lord Kalm then turned and looked at Geek.

 He then turned to .......

"You kill him, Geek.

 He gave short instructions.