88 - 087 Western Front

"Are you the Ensign Lilt we've heard so much about? ......"

Yes. I am joining the Western Front today."

 Major General Regin, the commander of the Western Front, who was on his way to greet us, looked at us quietly, pushing up his glasses with his middle finger.

 I could not determine what he meant by "rumored," as I had many ideas about it, but I could clearly see from his expression and demeanor that he was not very welcoming.

 As if to prove this, Rear Admiral Regin added

"Let me tell you something first. I will not tolerate any unauthorized behavior here. You are just a pawn. If you behave yourself, it will be detrimental to my command. I don't know how much you learned at the training school, but I will treat you well whether you are incompetent or competent, as long as you do as I say. I have no intention of taking care of pawns who do as they please, so please remember that.

 He may be a kind of opposite of Lieutenant General Gugain.

 He has a nervous expression on his face and a well-fitted suit that matches his slender figure.

 I had heard that the Western Front has been in a state of rigidity for many years, and this may be a part of the Commander-in-Chief's personality that shows well. He is said to be one of the best strategists in the Empire in his ability to build up an iron wall by thorough basic tactics without taking any risks.

"On the contrary, ......"

 Major General Regin's words follow.

"If you wish to continue to do as you have always done, you may request a change of station at once. I can complete the formalities for you now, if you like.

 He seemed to have already been recognized as a nuisance.

 Well, after all the things I've done, I can't help it if I can't help it. .......

 Even though I am no longer a lieutenant, I have led Awen, Merilia, and Salas to the site. If I do anything selfish here, it will affect all three of us.

 To Major General Regin's words, I decided to reply only this.

I am an Imperial soldier.



 The sharp eyes behind the glasses are looking at me as if they want to shoot me in the face.

 After a moment, Major General Regin pushed his glasses up again with his middle finger and said

"I see. I'll tell you what's going to happen.

 The paperwork began in an unobtrusive manner.

 ◇ ◇

 After the trial in the capital, I had joined the western front as planned.

 The only change was that after the trial I was demoted to second lieutenant and .......

"What? You're the one who said you'd protect me for a while? Riit."

"Princess ......, but I can't believe you followed me all the way here ......."

"You said I'm not a princess now. I'm just Kilik. Call me that."

"Master Kilik ......"

I don't even need a "sir"!

 After all, we can't leave the princess alone in that house. If the king had known, he would have given her protection, but I couldn't wait that long.

 I had no choice but to send a letter to the capital and take care of the princess, but I did not expect that she would come with me on my expedition to the west.

 Thanks to Lieutenant General Gugain and Major General Girun, the princess is now treated as a guest general, and the Kingdom of Athralita and the Galderd Empire have effectively formed an alliance, although there has been no outward movement.

 The Empire was able to avoid having to deal with the Kingdom of Athralita, one of the great powers in the midst of a war with other nations, and to keep Lord Calum, who was still a bomb in the air, at bay.

 This alliance was formed because the kingdom felt guilty for having been saved by the "imperial soldiers" from the danger of losing either its princess or its territory.

 In the process, my identity and actions were exposed, but thanks to the efforts of Lieutenant General Gugain, Major General Girun, and Her Highness Merillia, I was able to lead a military life without being demoted.

 On the other hand, because of this, Lord Kalm was further cornered, and he and Geek were pinned down in the territory.

 You never know what will happen.