8-Episode 8: Premonition

 I was relieved to see Rietz win.

 I'm not going to be able to get the same thing done.

It's a good thing he won... and he's a Marka...

 None of the soldiers had any objection to the idea of making Reetz their retainer.

 It could be that no one dared to interfere with my father's opinion, but they wouldn't oppose it because it would be a welcome thing for them to have a strong one come in. If they had even one reassuring companion, they would have less chance of dying themselves.

 My father put down his wooden sword and then came down to me.

'You're right, I saw a definite talent for the sword in Reets. He'll be a superb swordsman in the future.

 My father said that after playing directly against him, he saw how talented Rietz was.

 The talent of warfare is only one of the talents that Rietz possesses, and it's really more of a talent as a general and politician.

You have seen through Millet's talent with the bow before. And now you've seen through Rietz's talent. I think you have some special powers.

 My father seemed to have guessed that I was equipped with an appraisal.

As I've said before, the ability to spot talent is a very important ability for a lord. But if you only detect them, there's a good chance you'll dig a grave. You have to have the ability to handle them.''

 As usual, this is not a story to tell a four-year-old.
 But the ability to handle........? It's a plausible story.
 No matter how much talent you gather, if you don't have the ability to handle it, it's useless.
 On the contrary, there is a risk of being betrayed by a talented subordinate and having your life taken away.
 We must keep this in mind.

I'm sure that your ability to spot people is genuine, and if you can learn to handle them better, you could be a big shot in this war-torn world. A great nobleman, no........

 My father took a breath.

You might even become an emperor.

 That's what he said.


 In other words, my father must have told me that I would be able to quell the warfare on this Samaforce continent and become the champion of the age.

 I don't think I can become such a grandiose existence, and I don't intend to become one. It sounds like there's a lot of trouble.

 Anyway, as long as I can stand around and not die.

"Hahaha, I'm just joking. How could I become an emperor from a small fiefdom like this? What do you mean, as long as you're alive to see this family survive to the next generation, that's all that matters.

 I think my father was joking about it too. He laughed as he patted my head. Then he left the parade ground and went back to his room.

 After my father left, the soldiers of the training grounds surrounded Reetz and asked him to have a mock battle with them as well.
 Do they want to feel how strong they are?

 But Rietz's hands were shaking from the fierce battle with his father, and he was unable to hold the wooden sword.

 Therefore, the mock battle with the soldiers was to be carried over to a later date.


 Now, it's good that Rietz has become a retainer, but he hasn't decided where he's going to live.

 The soldiers have a house in the village and they live there. We can either find an empty house in the village or live in this mansion.
 When I asked my father, he told me that there is a vacancy in the servants' room and that I should let them live there.

 I was also in favor of letting them live in the mansion because I thought they would be discriminated against and would not feel very comfortable in the village.
 In return, I got to do my job as a servant as well as fight.

''Um, is it really okay for me to be a retainer, me?''
That story again, you've said the same line 30 times since you decided to become my retainer.

 I had been giving Leets a tour of the mansion. The servant said he would show me around, but I wanted to talk to him about things and get to know him, so I said I would do it.

'No, because I couldn't believe it. I can't believe that I'm going to be a nobleman's retainer.
''This family is just the lord of a weak fiefdom, and you are only employed as a miscellaneous soldier. It's not something you can dream of.
No, no, but I really wasn't taken anywhere, so it's dreamy enough.

 Rietz gets a faraway look in his eyes. I wonder if he's remembering the struggles of the past.

 He then drops to his knees and hangs his head towards me.

'Lord Ars. If it weren't for you, I would have died in the wild. Thank you so much.

 He thanked me.

'There's no need to thank me. I made you my vassal because of your strength. I have great hopes for your future work.
Yes, I hereby swear that I will spend the rest of my life repaying the favor you have given me, Master Ars.

 Rietz swore, powerfully.

 I decided to believe that oath.

 He would never betray me in the future and would save me from my predicament again and again. I foresaw such a future when I heard Rietz's vow.