26-Episode 26 Greeting

 The day's plan for entertaining Lycia went like this.

 First, I will escort her to the mansion and then all of us will be greeted with a full house. After that, I plan to serve lunch, but that may change since Lysia came earlier than I expected. We may have an early lunch, so we may leave it at that.

 After that, Lysia and I will walk through the village for lunch, so to speak, on a date. When I say just the two of us, it's a little far away, but I hear we'll have an escort.

 Then we come back and take a short break.
 After a nap, they have dinner in the evening.
 During dinner, they host entertainment. They would play music and do magic tricks.
 The Loebent family is always ready to entertain their guests in case they have an unexpected visit.

 The servants have been trained in the art of playing, and the soldiers can not only fight but also entertain.

 However, it's just a sideshow to entertain adults, so I don't know if the child Lysia will be pleased. What to do about that is completely up to Leets. He'll figure it out.

 Then, on the way home, I'll present him with a bouquet of Miramis flowers and other things that might make him happy.

 I don't know how long I'll be there, but I'll probably leave tomorrow, since there's basically some sort of aristocratic etiquette that says you shouldn't stay more than one day.

 If we were to stay for more than two days, we would be very busy.

 Therefore, the moment I entered the mansion, the moment I entered, the vassals greeted me with "Welcome, Lysia-sama," bowing in a snappy manner.

 All of them are dressed more tightly than usual.
 The interior of the mansion is also more beautiful than usual. There were flowers of Miramisu, and some artworks that are usually stored in storage rooms.

 All of us were there to greet him, but my father was gone.
 He must have thought it would be a bad idea for him to appear in front of Lysia while he was catching a cold. Well, it wouldn't be good if he caught it. It would be a wise decision.
 And for some reason Leats isn't there either. What do they want?

Hi. I'm Lysia Plaid, as I'm sure you know. It's a pleasure to meet you.

 She also bowed her head to her vassals and greeted them.
 There are rather a lot of noblemen who are arrogant to those of a lower status, but she doesn't seem to be that type.

 After that, Lysia said, "I would like to become friends with those who may become my vassals as soon as possible," and greeted each of them politely.

 It's a good idea to be able to have a good idea of what you're looking for when you're looking for a job.

''Ars's wife-to-be, she's a beautiful girl.

 There was also Roselle, who was neither of those things.
 In his case, he would be in a position to be hired directly in the future, but for now, he is only the third son of the hunter in his position.
 Well, Roselle has always been a tattle-talker to me, but he's a boy who knows how to be polite, so I have no problem with him being here.

'Where are the leets?'
Hmm? If you're a teacher, you said you wouldn't answer the door because the Marcas might think you were uncomfortable if they greeted you, and then you pulled out, right?

 That's what he was worried about.
 Rietz's fame is growing as he is beginning to play an active role on the battlefield, and although he was ridiculed by other families at first, I've heard that such voices have completely disappeared recently.
 So I don't think there's anything wrong with him coming out here.

 Sooner or later, Lysia will know about Reetz's existence, or more likely, she already knows about it, so if there's a problem, I don't think she'll be able to get an appointment to meet him in person and not be there.

 I'm sure Rietz would have thought about that, but after thinking about it, I wonder if he concluded to pull back just in case.

 Lysia shakes hands with each of the vassals and each one of them and has a light conversation with them.
 Anyway, she seems to be planting the first impression of being a good girl on her vassals with her perfect smile and glibness.

 He looks like a good kid by all accounts, but it was still the status I saw in the appraisal that stuck in my mind.

 It's not the height of politics that has stuck with me, but the height of ambition.
 If you think about it, if it's just high politics, it might be explained by being natural and easy for people to like you, but if it's even high ambition, it could be a calculated thing to do.

 And if that's the case, you could be caught off guard and find yourself in the grip of real power.

 Don't allow your heart to be taken lightly.

''Hmm, my first impression is that she's a beautiful girl.......but.......there's something scary about her.......''

 Roselle, who had been observing Lysia beside her, said.

'What makes you think that?'
It's not easy to find a way to make a good impression, but it's not easy to find a way to make a good impression, and it's not easy to find a way to make a good impression, but it's easy to find a way to make a good impression.

 He warned me in a whisper.

 Roselle has a rather keen intuition.
 It's possible that she's just being a little too negative.

 What kind of person she is, I guess I'll just have to find out for myself from now on. The depths of a person's heart can't be seen, even with an appraisal.

'Oh, it's my sister Charlotte's turn.

 I think Roselle's words put me off.

 I haven't taught Charlotte much in the way of etiquette.
 I don't know what she's going to do because I don't know what she's thinking.
 He could do something very rude.

 I thought it was rude that I should have let Charlotte pull back instead of Leats.

 Lysia told Charlotte that before she shook her hand

'Is it, by any chance, Miss Charlotte of the House of Loebent? I have heard that she is a woman who uses great magic and has killed many enemies on the battlefield.

 I said.

 Charlotte was dressed in robes like a magical soldier, so that's why Lysia must have noticed her.

 She was happy that her name was known to the other family.

Yes, I am Charlotte.

 I greeted him with such pride that he said, "Who are you?

 It was a completely disrespectful act.
 Oh man, I thought it was over.

'I knew it! I respect you as a woman! Please shake my hand!

 And Lysia was as excited as a kid who went to a hero show and asked for a handshake.

 Apparently it was all right. I was chilled.

 After shaking his hand, he still hasn't changed his pompous attitude. I'm not going to have that kind of arrogant attitude with an adult, but Lycia is probably acting like that because she's a child and younger. I'm sure he needs to be taught some manners, too.

 Then everyone and Lysia finish greeting each other.

''Um, isn't Raven-sama here?''
My father seems to be getting a little worse, and he doesn't want to see me because he doesn't want me to catch it.
'Well I'm worried about you, but if you don't intend to see me, I can't blame you. Oh, and isn't there a Marka Rietz-sama in the house? I've heard that you've done a remarkable job on the battlefield, and I was hoping to meet you.

 Apparently, Lycia doesn't have much of a discriminatory attitude towards Leets. It looks like he could have come out. I'll let Leets know about this later.

 We had lunch, albeit a little early, and then it was time for lunch, the most nervous date of all.