41-Episode 41   Together

'Ugh ... I couldn't speak, I didn't hear anything ...'

 Roselle muttered to herself as she walked out of the castle, holding her head in her hands.

'Looks like you were pretty nervous.
Yeah, because I didn't think it would be full of scary people.

 Some of the vassals at the military council were naturally martial men. With their beards and stern faces, they may indeed be frightening.
 But there are men like that in the Rovent family as well.
 Can't we have a lot of them?

'I didn't listen to you, so I don't know what happened to you after all, where are you going to go from here?

 I explained to Roselle that I was going to see Shadow now.

''Hmm, so when I say it's on schedule then it's on schedule... haha, but the mercenaries seem to be scared too... and maybe they'll catch us and sell us...''
Don't worry about that. Even if something were to go wrong, you'd be safe with Reetz and Charlotte.

 It's a little better, but it still doesn't seem to cure Roselle's negative personality.

'Reetz, where can I find The Shadow?
'It's a tavern called Tremps, in the town outside the citadel of Canale. I'll show you where it is.
"You did.

 We follow Reetz's lead.


Master Arus, please wait!

 I heard a familiar girl's voice.

 This voice was.....

 I turned around to check and saw a blonde girl, my forgiven marriage, Lysia.

''........Lysia-sama, I'm surprised. Did you follow Hamand-sama?''
'Yes. I was opposed to it, but I really wanted to see Master Ars. I was told not to enter the military council, so I waited in my room in the castle until it was over.
'I see. But it's been a while.

 He had corresponded with Lycia, but it had been about a year since they had met in person.
 Since that day when I first met her, I had the opportunity to see her once, but since then I hadn't had a chance to see her in person.

 Lysia had grown up a lot since I met her after a year.
 She's grown taller and her body has become more feminine.
 Lysia is thirteen years old. It's the second stage of s*xual development, so it's not surprising that she's grown up a lot in just one year.

''That's right. Arus-sama has also become more dignified after not seeing her for a while.''
No, no, no, Lady Lycia is beautiful now.

 Lysia blushed.

''By the way, Ars-sama and the others are going to meet with the mercenary group called Shadow, right?
Yes, but how did you know that?
'Actually, I was asking in secret. If you're going to go under the mercenary group, will you take me with you? Maybe there's something we can do to help.

 That's what I suggested.
 It's true that Lycia has a lot of political power, and she might be able to help us in negotiations with the mercenary group.

 However, the place with the mercenary group is likely to be a dangerous place. It would be safe since they have an escort, but it would still be a bit bad to take them there.

''Lysia-sama, the place where The Shadow is located is likely to be dangerous.
That will be all right. My father has given me permission to accompany Master Arth. Is that still not acceptable?

 Do you have permission from Hamand?
 Hmm, in that case, it's okay if I take him with me.
 It's kind of a shame to say no when you're asking me to do so.

 I ask Rietz if it's going to be okay.

'I don't think it's a problem. It's not like we're going to a dangerous place that requires that much vigilance. If it was such a place, I wouldn't be taking Ars-sama with me in the first place.
'I see. Well, then, Lady Lysia, let us come with you. Just be careful not to leave us, please.
Thank you!

 Lysia smiled happily and thanked us for our help.

 With Lysia as my companion, we followed Reetz's lead to the tavern Trenps.