48-Episode 48: Reward

 We had received a summons and had gone to Canale Castle to meet with Lemeil.

 I was the only one meeting with Lemeil this time.
 There was no one else in the room, except for Menace standing next to Lemeil.

'Welcome, Ars. Once again, I must say that this was a great deal of work. Thanks to you, Perena County has decided to follow Master Clan.
I'm glad I was able to help Master Lemayre and the Clan.
'Hmm, this one really helped. Come to think of it, we haven't talked about it, but we can get some important strategic resources out of Perena County.
Strategic resources ... what can we get?
'It's an extremely rare magic stone called the Magic Stone of Explosion. It can only be obtained in Perena County in Meesian, and even in the whole of Samaforce, it can only be obtained in four counties, including Perena County. When the magic stone of explosions is processed into magic water, it can be used to create powerful magic and even more powerful weapons.

 Was there such a thing in Perena County?
 So, then, the fact that Perena County was one of them must have been much more advantageous, right?
 No, not really. Perena County had been on the Basamark's side for a long time, and perhaps they had been providing the magic stone of explosion until now.

The only thing is, according to Perena County Mayor, they've been providing the magic stone for the explosion to Basamark-sama for a long time, so it doesn't necessarily mean that we have the advantage. It seems that he set up a barrier to prevent people from passing through Perena County, but even so, he was still smuggling them in. But even so, they were still smuggling in. Well, of course, the situation is clearly better than continuing to be held down in Perena County.

 It looks like I was right.

'I'll let you take your reward anyway. Come on, Menas.
I'm sorry, sir.

 Lemayr gave orders to Menace, who was standing beside him.
 Menace left the room and then brought two boxes on a cart.
 Each box was a different size. There was a smaller box and a larger box.

There are three hundred gold coins in the box. In the box you will find three hundred gold coins.
Well, 300?

 I knew I would get some gold coins as a reward, but three hundred was more than I thought.
 I thought it would be about fifty pieces.

''Hmm, this time Master Clan gave me a reward as well. To tell you the truth, I'm ashamed to admit that I can't afford to spend that much money because of my own financial situation. The small box is my reward, and it contains fifty gold coins. The larger box contains two hundred and fifty gold coins, a reward from the clan.

 Did the Clan reward him?
 The clan governing Sempra must be quite rich. Does that mean they can pay out about two hundred and fifty tickets lightly?

''Thank you.''

 I thanked him and accepted my reward.
 He gave me the whole cart, but it still looked like a lot of work to carry.

'Yes, and there is one more thing I have to tell you, Master Clan would like to see you.
'What? To me?

 Even though I was active in this matter, I was surprised to hear that he wanted to meet with me because the difference in status between me and the Clan was so great.

 The status of a nobleman in this era was determined by the quality of the territory he ruled over.
 It used to be determined by the title, but now it is completely out of shape, and although it may be there, it is rarely used anymore.

 Sempraa, ruled by the Clan, is one of the best fiefdoms in Mythian.
 On top of that, he is the son of the former Governor. There is a huge difference between him and me, a weak lord.

 Yet, it's surprising that he wants to meet with me on purpose. There is no possibility that there is something behind this.

''Actually, when I was talking about your Lord to Clan-sama, he was interested in me. I had heard from Raven that you have a special talent for judging people. You said proudly that you were the one who discovered Rietz and Charlotte's talent. When I told him that, he became interested.

 You mentioned my appraisal.
 Certainly appraisal is a very useful skill. No wonder you're so interested.

''We're having a party to celebrate our successful strategy for Perena County. Perena County, which has been our enemy for a long time, is still viewed with skepticism as to whether or not they are really on our side, so we're having a party to dispel that skepticism. This is not a party for fun. The Lord wants you to come to that party, too. You said you don't have to come if you don't want to see me, but of course you will come, won't you?
Yes, I'd love to come.

 I agreed in two words.
 The Clan was someone I wanted to appraise at least once.
 Furthermore, this party will have many influential nobles who will be on my brother's side. I wanted to see how capable they were. There's no way we can't take advantage of this opportunity.

''Alright, then I'll report to Clan-sama that I'm going. Finally, this time it was really a great cause. I have great expectations for your future endeavors.
"Yes, Master Lemayr, I will now do my best for the Clan.

 We left the castle with our rewards.