51-Episode 51: Request

 The Clan was more capable than he had ever imagined.
 But the story goes that his brother Basamark was even more talented than the Clan, and that his father, the Governor, had taken a liking to him. How much better than the Clan would he be?
 Well, it's possible that the Governor just didn't have the ability to see through people. It's also possible that when it comes to my child, it's possible that he's less able to see.

'All of you, you have been well received today.

 The Clan's speech began.

'Today the two hundred and ten years of the Empire's history is over, and a new year begins tomorrow, and yet there is still no end in sight to this Samaforce warfare. It is no longer possible, in my opinion, to return to the original Samaforce Empire. We, the Salemacians, are a family that originally reigned as kings of Mythian. If I win this battle and unite the Mythians, I will establish the Mythian nation independent of the Samaforce Empire. Perhaps Basamark will have the same idea.

 Creating a Meesian nation. Did you have such an idea? Well, considering the current situation, it might not be so strange.

''That despicable Basa Mark is not a vessel to be king! We will win this war! And as a first step, we have succeeded in defeating Basamark's schemes.

 The Clan explained how Perena County Chief Lulu Luke had been tricked into joining the Basamark's side. And he didn't accuse him of having been on the enemy's side until now, but rather praised him for returning to our side so well. Then Lurk also came out in front of the nobles and he too began his speech. After apologizing, he expressed his determination to do his best for the Clan from now on.

'It was not I who broke Basamark's cowardly schemes this time. The young talent has played a major role in this. Ars Rovent, Lemayr Pyles, go forward.

 I was suddenly upset when my name was called. Lemayle stands up and urges me in a whisper, "Let's go. I manage to calm my agitation and I stand up as well.

 You want me to step forward and say something? I haven't heard of it.

 Fortunately, Lemayle was called in with me, so he might be able to handle it.
 Although I'm quite used to speaking in front of people, it's a different story when you're dealing with a large number of nobles who are higher in rank than you.
 I might be too nervous to speak at all.

 I step out in front of the nobles. I stood very close to the Clan.
 When you see the Clan up close, you can understand their style, or rather, their dignity.
 Anyway, since it's our first time meeting, I have to greet them, I bow my head and

It's a pleasure to meet you. I'm Ars Loebent.
Yeah. That's a first. I am Clan Salemakia.

 The Clan returned the greeting with a smiling expression.

'As you can see, he is still a child, but he is a lord who governs the Llanberk territory in Canale in good standing. This time he has seen through Basamark's ruse.

 When the Klan said that, there was applause.
 After that, the Clan laid out their praise for me, without talking about how exactly they had spotted the ruse. Maybe the way he had snuck in the mercenaries was not a very good way to do it.
 After praising Lemayr for leaving me in charge of the role, he went on to say a few words.

''I will continue to do my best to be of service to Clan-sama.

 At any rate, I made a normal, bland statement. The applause happened, so perhaps this was a good thing.

 I was about to return to my seat, relieved, when the Clan handed me a letter secretly.

'You don't have to come if you don't feel like it, but it would be nice if you could.

 That's what he whispered to me.

 Does this letter say you don't have to come, or does it say you have to come somewhere else?
 I'm anxious to see what they're going to do. He told me I didn't have to come if I didn't feel like it, but that's not possible because of my position.

 The fact that it was handed to me secretly means that it is likely to be something that should not be seen by others, so I didn't open it and put it in my pocket.
 I'll have to go to the bathroom later, or get some air, or read it when I'm alone for some reason.

 The party gets underway and the food is brought out.
 The food was quite sumptuous, given that there was also a clan of stone. It was one or two of the best dishes I've eaten since I reincarnated in this world.

 After the meal, the entertainment would take place.
 The program list for the entertainment is written out on the wall, but it is very long. I guess they plan to keep it going until the end of the year.

 I slipped out before the entertainment started, saying I was going to the bathroom.
 Then I find a place to be alone and read the letter.

 After the third act, the magic performance, I will leave the party temporarily and I want you to leave too. I have some questions and a favor to ask.

 I have some questions to ask and some things to ask.

 What do you want to ask and what do you want to ask? To be honest, I'm a little nervous. It's hard to say no to a reckless request, and I have no choice but to accept it.

 I put the letter away in my pocket and return to the party venue.

 The entertainment begins.
 The two acts are over and the magic act begins.

 The magic act, which was a combination of various attributes of magic, was quite a sight to behold.
 The Clan applauds after the performance. Then he said he was going to the bathroom and left the room.

 I slip out of the room as well.

 When I got out, the Clan was waiting for me.

'I'm glad you answered the call,'
No, of course not.
Now, you will follow me.

 The Clan walked out of the castle.

 As it was, he even went outside the gates.

 Once outside the gates, he was joined by a tall, slender man.

'This man is Robinson Range. He is the vassal I trust most.
Robinson Range. It's a pleasure to meet you.

 With a brilliant gesture, Robinson bowed his head and greeted me.
 I return the greeting as well.
 Upon appraisal, I found that his status is mediocre in leadership and military prowess, but he has 88 in intelligence and 91 in politics. He seems to be a moderately talented man, as he is the one I trust the most.

 After meeting up with him, we walked around town.
 How far do you think he's going to go?

 In the first place, is it necessary to take this roundabout way to ask for a favor?

We're almost there. I apologize for the stupid turn of events. I have a favor to ask of the other noblemen that I'd rather not have to ask.

 I had a bad feeling about that.
 He didn't want the other nobles to hear it....
 Do you have boyish tastes in the Klan, and you're going to attack me?
 If that were the case, I wouldn't be able to resist. I'm going to have to be beaten.

 The more I thought about it, the more anxious I became.

We've arrived.

 The Clan said in front of the small shop. It looked old-fashioned on the outside, not very much like a place where the Governor's son would come.

 When he entered the shop, there was no one there. There were no customers, or even the owner of the store.

'We pay gold to make sure no one comes here,'

 The Clan said, and sat down in a chair in the shop.

'Have a seat,'

 I sat down in the chair in front of the Clan.

'I'm going to try you for a bit now,'