71-Episode 71: Two Conditions

 The Torbekista territory ruled by the Plaid family is not that far away since it is within the same Canale County.
 If we hurry, it would be a distance of less than a day.

 Accompanied by Rietz and the rest of my bodyguards, I hurriedly drove my horse to Torbexta.

 We left early in the morning and arrived in the evening of that day.

''It's been a long time. Lady Ars, we've missed you.''

 Lysia came to meet me.
 It's been about two months since we've seen each other.
 Well, it's been a long time since I've seen her.
 Since it's been two months, there are no major external changes than before, but she seems to have taken a lot of care with her clothes and is wearing a gorgeous dress.

''It's been a while,''

 Lisia then politely greets my vassals, including Rietz.

''Then let me show you to the mansion.

 He followed Lithia's directions to the mansion.
 The Plaid family's mansion looked a little older than the Rovent family's mansion.

 There were beautiful flowers in bloom around the house, which Lysia seemed to be growing.
 It was currently the tenth of February, and it was autumn in season. When it gets cold, many of the flowers die, but there were still many different flowers in full bloom at this time of year.

 I went inside the mansion.

 The inside of the house was not so different from the Lumberk family's house.

 We were ushered into the parlor.

I'm glad you're here, Ars," he said. We're very pleased to have you here.

 Hamand greeted us with a smile.

'It's been a long time, Master Hamand, and thank you for allowing me to visit you today.
No, no, I've missed you too. Come on, sit down.

 Hammand urged me to sit down in a chair and I sat down.
 Lysia sat down in the chair beside Hammand.

'I'm sorry I didn't offer you any particular hospitality. Your letter said I didn't have to entertain you, and I didn't think it would be rude to put you in a buoyant mood to talk about the war.
No, we're just grateful that you're willing to listen to us.
'So, let's get right to it. I read that Lycia needs to be present, but what does that mean?

 I explained that the Clan was looking for an assistant to assist in the negotiations with the Emperor's family and the Paradile Viceroy's family in the future, and that I had recommended Lysia to the Clan.

 Lysia and Hamand seemed to be very surprised when they heard what I said, and they rolled their eyes.

''........Lysia for such a big role? Is that an order from Master Clan?
'It's more of a recommendation on my part than an order. Mr. Clan didn't want to force me to follow them, and he said he hoped he could get permission from both of you to do so.
''Hmmm... but I don't know if Lysia can assist in negotiations... she's only thirteen and inexperienced in public service... and it's a long journey, so there may be some risk.''

 I had expected Hamand to show some difficulty, and I was right.

'I have the feeling that Lady Lycia has a very high talent for government. It would be enough to fill a major role. And, as dangerous as it is, Master Clan is also sending his son to the negotiating role, so I believe the security will be solid.

 Incidentally, Lycia's current political strength is 89. It hasn't reached 90 yet, but it's high enough.

''Hmm........I'm also Lysia's parent, and I've noticed that Lysia has a special talent.

 He seemed to have changed his mind.

'Lysia, what do you think?'

 Hamand asked about Lysia's intentions.
 This was going to be a conversation that would happen if Lysia shook her head.
 Lysia would sit still and think for a while.

You can go, but on two conditions.

 Lysia said as she held up two fingers.

''First of all, I'd like you to accompany me, Arus-sama. Even though there are soldiers to protect you, you won't feel very safe if you are protected by people you don't know. With Arus-sama around, you'll feel safer.''
'What? No, I don't have the talent to fight and my muscles haven't developed yet, so I'm weak to say the least... but... why don't we take an escort from among the Plaid family's vassals?
I feel safer with Master Arthu around.

 He said it in a strong ending that didn't allow for rebuttal, and I had to agree with him, "Oh, I see.

'And one more thing,' he said, 'when the war is over, you will marry me. When the war is over, you will marry me.

 Hearing that statement, everyone here had a puzzled look on their faces.

''Well, wait, Lisia, isn't it a little early to get married? It's true that you and Mr. Ars are engaged to be married, but...
'The war will probably be over in about two years. I'm fifteen years old, and Master Ars is fourteen. That's not fast at all.

 If you apply Japanese common sense, it's fast, but in this world, it's not so fast. From my parent's point of view, though, it seems to be early.

 It's kind of ominous that he's putting up a death flag, like he's going to get married after the war, but there's nothing wrong with the marriage itself.
 She was a forgiven wife, and she knew that they would eventually get married. All I have to say is that I'm going to decide for sure this time when it will be. The image of Lycia has also changed a bit since we first met.
 Since marriage is an advantage to us, I feel it's not right to treat it as a condition. Is there any reason for Lysia to want to rush into marriage as well?

 The problem is that I'm going with them.
 Inevitably, I'll be away from home for a long period of time.
 Will it be okay during that time...?

Rietz, do you think you're okay with this whole idea of going together?

 He consulted with Reetz in a whisper.

'Yes. There are many inconveniences without Ars-sama's presence, but if we succeed, we will gain the Clan-sama's trust even more. Besides, traveling to various lands such as the imperial capital and Paradile will be a good experience for Ars-sama. Perhaps he might be able to meet talented people he hasn't seen yet. As for me, I think you should go.

 Well, if Reetz stays, we might not have to worry about the mansion in particular.
 The advantages of going are many, just as Reetz said.

''I understand. I'll drink on both terms.''
'Well, thank you. Now I would like to take on the role of assistant negotiator.

 I gave my permission with a smile on my face.
 Hamand seemed to have slightly mixed feelings as a father about the marriage, but he gave his permission, saying, "I have no objection to it either.

 He agreed to discuss it and accept it.
 I was to accompany Lysia.