103-Episode 103: Mireille's younger brother

Ha, good exercise.

 After Mireille went out, he came back and started drinking like he was bathing in liquor.

 He was grazed, but didn't seem to be seriously injured.

'Don't be too reckless with me,'
"Do you think I'm crazy? I didn't deserve to die in here. You should've brought Rietz with you.
Well I'd like to get in a fight soon too.

 Surprisingly, Riets also seemed to have a martial side to him.

I was not able to fight this time. I want to fight an even stronger opponent.

 Charlotte also complains.
 ''What a bunch of valiant people seem to basically like fighting.

''Well, we only managed to defeat a few small fry this time. Next time I want to take out a bigger fish.''

 You're going to go back...

'Yes, I actually got some good information from a soldier who surrendered earlier. Apparently, my brother was sent by Basamark to join the Bertsd.
Yeah, the guy who works for Basamark. He's not very good, but he's my younger brother, so he's more capable than a lot of small fry. Maybe Bertsd won't be easy to drop. It's getting interesting.

 Mireille speaks with some kind of happiness.

'You seem awfully happy that you're going to fight your brother. Wouldn't you normally have the opposite reaction?
'The opposite reaction? Why?
No, I don't think I'd normally want to fight my brother, would I?
'Oh, yes. There was a time when we used to be close, though. Not so much now. I don't really have a problem with it, even if I had to kill him.

 Mireille said that without seeming particularly strong.
 He seems to feel little or no compassion for his immediate family.

 I'm sure that Mireille's way of thinking is still unusual.

''What kind of person is your brother, doctor?''

 Roselle asked Mireille that.

 While I was gone, Roselle had taken to calling Mireille her teacher.

'What kind of guy?' I guess so. I used to be a dumb, dumb kid, but I guess I've gotten a little better as I've gotten older. I've heard rumors in the wind that he's now Basa Mark's right hand man.
So it's pretty great, huh?
I don't know. I don't know, though I'm sure I'm better than most of the ordinary people around here.

 I'm not sure if Mireille thinks his brother is competent or incompetent.
 But the fact that Basamark went out of his way to send him to Bertsd makes it clear that he's not incompetent.
 If he is incompetent, then Basamark is probably too blind to see.

 Anyway, the next Bertsd seems to be superior to Samuk Castle in terms of manpower, number of troops, and the robustness of the castle.

 Even though we have a higher number of troops, it would be difficult to attack down so easily.
 We should not be caught off guard just because Samuk was easier to defeat than we expected. 
 We'll have to make more plans and be more prepared to invade.

 After that, the Clan gathered their vassals and began a military discussion to decide on a strategy to attack Bertsud.