148-Chapter 148   Messenger

 A few days had passed, and as the temperature had risen and the snow had begun to melt, they had begun to prepare to go into battle.

 The soldiers had begun to train in order to relieve their bodies from the rest.

 Military discussions were also held and they discussed how to bring down Bertsd Castle and finally decided to bring it down in a siege.

 The siege would take some time, but reinforcements could no longer come to Belzud, and Belzud Castle was as robust as Sturt's Castle. A siege would be a good idea in this situation, as the strategy with the least chance of losing troops unnecessarily is a siege.

 It seems that the Clan will not go into battle this time, but will send instructions from the castle.

 The only thing that could tip the odds in this situation would be for the Clan itself to be killed. Carelessly leaving the castle here would increase the risk of assassination, so he decided to remain in the castle.

 He asked The Shadow to escort him to prevent the assassination. The last time he was saved by Pham and Ben must have made an impression on him. There was no option to refuse, so I accepted with two replies.

 The risk of clan assassination could be reduced to almost zero, and we have a huge advantage in terms of strength.

 It seems as though victory is now assured, but I was still feeling uneasy.

 What Mireille had said the other day, that my brother might try something, had stuck in my mind.

 Will he use some kind of trick?

 When I asked Mireille what kind of trick he was most likely to use, he said

No matter what they say, I can't say for sure that this is what's going to happen under the current circumstances. We're in a situation where we can do a lot of things if we want to, and I'm not sure which one we'll be able to do.

 I replied.

"Can you do a lot of things in this situation?
We have an overwhelming advantage in this situation, but in the end, if the general is defeated, we lose. There are many ways to defeat the general. You can make a false surrender or do something to drag the general to the battlefield. However, the general seems to know this and is taking the utmost caution, so I think it's almost impossible to succeed.
Does that mean that it's impossible to reverse the war situation under these circumstances? Last time I told you not to float...
My brother is the kind of guy who sometimes comes up with things that people don't even think of. You may be thinking of a strange idea that even I wouldn't have thought of. Either way, we still need to see what he does.

 The best thing to do is to have a plan that even Mireille couldn't come up with? It seems that he is a great general after all.

 On the very same day that we spoke of this, someone claiming to be an emissary of the head of Bertsd County, Canses, arrived at the Starz Castle.