150-Episode 150: Aim

'Listen. You're bluffing now.

 Robinson said, but most of them had a look on their faces that said they were not going to simmer.

 It's certainly possible that he's bluffing. But there could be a contingency. The expression on their faces was filled with such anxiety.

''I said I didn't use it because I didn't want to destroy the city, but if there is such a thing in the first place, you should just shoot at our troops that march to the castle without bothering to tell us about it. If an attack to the point of destroying a city was launched into the army, not only would a large number of troops be burnt out, but their morale would be drastically reduced and they would be unable to fight. I'm sure Thomas, the great general, would understand that much.
But Vince said that even though he was an enemy soldier, he was still from Meesian, and he asked for a truce because he didn't want to kill his people with a weapon of massacre.
'If they were confused about killing civilians, they wouldn't be confused about killing soldiers. If they were, they would have surrendered, not fought in the first place.

 No one outright denied Robinson's words, but even so, they couldn't seem to shake the fear of what might happen.

 This is going to be troublesome. Even if it's the Clan, they can't completely ignore the words of their vassals. There is a possibility that they may be of the opinion that the truce should remain in effect.


 Mireille, who was near me, sniffed.
 The nobles look at Mireille.

This is a bluff, of course. You see, such a powerful weapon can never be created by Bertsd alone. It can only be made by the governor of the province of Myssian. If it was developed in Belzd, it was no doubt at the instigation of the former Governor of Meesian. And no matter how many secrets they made, it was hard to imagine that his son, Master Clan, didn't know about it. If he knew that such a weapon existed, he would have changed the way he attacked Belzud.

 Hearing Mireille's words, the nobles are almost convinced a bit, ''That's true.......''

''Anyway, just call Master Clan and listen to what he has to say. There is absolutely no such thing, and I think he'll assure you that anyone who is worried about it is a fool.

 If you let the Clan assure you of this, it may indeed relieve some of your anxiety.

 His words have weight and conviction. I'm sure many of his vassals respect him, too, and that might relieve some of their anxiety.

 Later, Robinson called the Clan.
 As Mireille declared, there is no such thing. He assured them not to believe it. This seemed to eliminate most of the worries of the vassals.

 Vince's request was rejected and he was let out of the castle.

 I was relieved, but Mireille and Roselle were discussing the matter with some serious expression on their faces.

 I was curious, so I decided to join the conversation.

'What are they talking about?'
Hmm? Yeah, I'm not quite sure what the real purpose of the emissary's visit was.
Yeah, there's no way that thing could pass. I'm sure they know that, but I'm not sure what to do about it.

 Certainly, if Thomas is a man of intelligence, that doesn't seem to be the best plan.
 But I personally wondered if there was a real purpose behind the current plan.

''I guess that was just a tryst for the first or second time, and there's no particular aim in mind. Maybe there's another plan, though.
I suppose that's a possibility, but...
'That sounds like too general a plan for that, though. Well, maybe I'm overthinking it, but it's better to think about it.

 We discussed it afterwards, but we still didn't know what the enemy was after.