11-10 harvest

Because the Ba Herring is a fish-shaped monster, it has a lot of mana in its body, and I adjust it as I add magic to it. And since I adjust it by adding magic to it, it's only natural that it will be hundreds of times more effective than normal fertilizer!

 Is Platy actually a great guy? That was the first moment I thought.

 Anyway, I can't keep on being dumbfounded. Now that the fruit is there, we have to harvest it.
 If we miss the best time, the taste will be even worse.

 We hurriedly harvested the vegetables, still in a drowsy mood.

 The harvest season has come and gone for a good portion of the field, and we're dizzyingly busy.
 Prathi, who originally lived at sea, seemed to have no experience in farming at all, and the harvesting was almost useless.

 After all, it was my place to be the 'supreme bearer', and by the time the sun climbed into the south-central part of the country, there were boxes filled with harvested vegetables.
 The boxes were assembled in an attempt with scraps of wood from when we built the hut.
 It was really good that I had made them early.

 We didn't finish harvesting everything, but we took a break here.
 It's not enough to finish all of this in one day.

"Hey~ I can finally rest. I'm so tired~

 Prathi seemed to be extra drained by the unfamiliar task.

''Land people get their food through such a messy process. I really don't understand it.

 With that, Prathi picked up one vegetable on a whim from the harvest.
 It was a tomato.
 Bright red and ripe and delicious.

''Hey, what's this vegetable called?''
Have you never heard of tomatoes?

 As a mermaid, does Prati have a lack of knowledge of the ground?
 No, it's a different world before that.
 The vegetables that were commonplace in the previous world may not exist here.

 After all, they grew on their own when I picked up the soil and reminded myself of it.

"Can I try this?
Oh, oh. Good.

 If it's a pumpkin or a potato, but if it's a tomato, it's probably okay to just go with it.

 Prati opens her mouth wide and takes a bite out of the tomato.
 Making a crunching sound, he chews it a couple of times while dripping bright red juice from the edge of his mouth.......


 Hey, what's up?

''Uh-oh, woo-oh!

 I got a reaction that was beyond my imagination.

"What is this? It's so good! Yummy! It's too good! Do people on earth eat such delicious food? Or what makes your vegetables so special?

 I'm glad to hear that he was pleased with it.

 Prathi was so impressed with the taste of the tomatoes that he tried to reach for the onions and even the radishes to taste the other vegetables, and I stopped him in a hurry.
It took me a while to explain, "These have to be cooked before you can eat them.

 It reminded me that the crops in my former world are the products of advanced research and repeated breeding and improvement to make them 'tastier'.

 It's hard to say for sure without comparing them, but I think there's a big difference in the quality of produce between this world and the one in which we have reached the level of civilization of medieval Europe, as I see it.

 These vegetables that have been brought to other worlds by my 'supreme bearers'.
 Maybe they are on the level of being revolutionary.

 Anyway, since Prathi was nagging me for more, I decided to make a full-fledged meal out of them.
 In other words, we're going to cook the harvest as soon as possible.
 However, with the lack of seasonings and cooking utensils, it is unlikely to be able to do much cooking at the moment.

 We had to throw the vegetables cut into pieces and stew them in a pot.
 There was only a little bit of salt to season them.

 Still, Prati said, "Yummy, yummy! And then he scratched in.
 I'm glad I made it.

 After all, there are a lot of things we lack to improve our quality of life.
 For now, we only have a few pots and knives that we bought from the royal capital.
 In addition to that, I would like to have a frying pan and, if I were to talk about luxury, an oven.

 I also want a wide variety of seasonings.
 I've heard that sugar and pepper can be made from plants, so it would be possible to obtain them through the "Supreme Bearer".
 I'd like some spices, too.
 Pepper is a kind of spice, and herbs. I'll pick up the soil in my hands again and try to remember that the plant-based products can be made inexhaustibly through the supreme bearer.

 Now I also have Prati. I'm sure she's very good at mixing potions and spices as well. I'm sure she'd be able to create some delicious spices for you, as long as you can find the right ingredients.
If you use the "supreme bearer", you could even make it yourself," a comment might be heard from somewhere, but that would be a lonely way of thinking.

 Life in another world is hard, but it's fun.
 One thing after another, it becomes clear what you need to do.

 The repertoire of ingredients is not wide enough to include only vegetables, so I'd like to have meat as well.
 Eggs and dairy products too.
 As expected, we couldn't grow those things out of the field through the "supreme bearer", so we had to do something else.

 Oh well.

 There's no deadline or deadline.
 Just take it in slowly and slowly, one at a time, and accomplish it.

 For now, we'll work with Prathi to clean up the rest of the harvest.

              * * * *

 Then I immediately began to grow herbs and spices.
 He cultivated the field as he had done the first time and spread it out, taking the soil directly into his hands as a reminder.

'Spice growing...! Grow herbs. Pepper, nutmeg, turmeric, pepper, pepper, sage, basil...!

 Surprisingly, I can say a lot of different kinds of herbs.

 I scattered some magic fish fertilizer from the platy.
 We were able to harvest it in the blink of an eye.
 I left the harvests to her, but she was mixing them with a glint in her eye.

 It seems that medicinal herbs from other worlds are quite rare.

 I also grew some other sugar cane, so I'll try to refine it and make sugar while trying out different things.