65-64 mermaid prisoner one person

 His name is Puffa.

 He's a criminal mermaid who was sentenced to five hundred years in the mermaid court.
 But mermaid countries are really small in spirit and nostalgia.
 They didn't understand Atai's great work, and even threw him in jail.

 If Atai's research had been successful, the mermaid kingdom would have been the most powerful nation in the world by now, and the land people would have been eradicated.

 But what a pity. That bright future has turned into bubbles and disappeared like a princess in a fairy tale.
 And all because of the vagaries of a few ignorant people.

 Well, that's enough.
 I'm going to use my precious brains and magic to help the mermaids, and if you're going to stand in my way, I'm not going to do anything.
 The mermaids will continue to sleep in peace and quiet and be destroyed by demons or humans.

 Thinking this, I spent my days in my cell without any stimulation...........
 Atay was suddenly sent out.
 Then he was told that it hadn't actually been two years since he was sentenced.

 Kuso, seriously?
 Nothingness in solitary confinement is too boring, too painful.
 I can't believe it's only two years, but it feels like ten years.

 That's too harsh a punishment for a genius like you, who can think faster than most people.
 Are you going to be sent back to your cell when you're done?
 Shit, if you can't get out of there until you're dead anyway, why don't you just go ahead and put him to death?

 But then, in the visiting room where I was let out of my cell, I met someone I never thought I'd meet.

 Oh dear, handsome handsome.

 He was a handsome man with a good-looking face to the extent that I thought.

'I am Arowana, the eldest son of King Nagas, the ruler of the Mermaid Nation. You have heard of that name, I presume?

 And then you're a prince!
 No wonder he's so handsome. No, I'm not.
 He's the head of the junta that Atai hates. The future king of the future.
 Shit, I think I've lost my mind.

"One of the Six Mad Witches, the Puffa of the Frozen Witch, is she not?

 Don't do that, that nickname.
 It's embarrassing because it's full of the feeling that you're an eccentric kid who twisted your head so hard to come up with it.

I'm a specialist in the manipulation theory of undersea mana flow, which is prohibited by the laws of the Mermaid Nation. He is suspected of trying to destroy the mermaid kingdom by manipulating underwater mana as he sees fit. A crime that certainly warrants a sentence of close to life in prison.

 That's not what I'm saying!

 If the theory Atai espouses is put into practice, it could destroy the world, which means it's about as practical as it gets!
 You just don't have to abuse it!

'We've been through a lot of arguments around that in court. Let's put it to the side for now.

 You're going to leave it there?
 Then why did you come to see Atai?

I'm here to make a deal with you.


"You have been sentenced to 500 years in a trench cell. Normally, it would be impossible for you to serve your time while you are still alive. But I have made it possible to shorten your sentence by changing the type of punishment.

 How much less time will you get?

Ten years.

 Ten years?
 Does that mean the 500 years in prison will be 490 years?

No, no. It means that the five hundred years in prison will be ten years.

 Yes! I'll do it!
 I'll switch over to punishment. If I can walk free in just 10 years, I'll be happy to oblige!

"They're all biting off more than they can chew! But is that all right? Without even asking what exactly the new punishment is...?

 I'd rather spend the rest of my life fumigating to death in a boring place like this, for sure!
 We need to process it now! Before some idiot who thought up such a great opportunity said "I quit"!

"Alright, alright...! So, Puffa, the Freezing Cold Witch, 'yes'. That fills one capacity.

 There's not enough room for this.
 I'm glad I agreed to it instantly, after all! I'm so glad I didn't get lost and then say "your application is closed"!

Then you'll have to wait until I finish interviewing the rest of the candidates. You'll have to wait until the rest of the candidates are interviewed and then we'll call you back. Then you'll be sentenced to a new place of imprisonment. By the way, you're going to be sentenced from imprisonment to jail time and that's what you'll be doing.

 Yes, yes, yes! I guess you'll have to do your duty!
 Boredom is far more painful for Atai, so it's rather helpful!

 This is an awesome day! I feel like a regular guy who's been released!
 Hurry up and finish your interview and come get me! I'll be waiting for you!

 And then the Prince!
 I forgot to ask the most important question!

 You have a girlfriend now?


 Thus, Atai was sentenced to a new sentence in his new location.

 There were two other prisoners who made the same choice as Atai and went with him to the new heaven and earth.
 Both names were familiar to me.

Lamp Eye, the "Hellfire Witch".
The Plague Witch Gala Rufa.

 They were both one of the six crazy witches, just like Atay, weren't they?
 It's bad.
 The six witches are embarrassingly known as the Crazy Six Witches, but the people who are counted as members of that group are really talented and crazy.
 I'm not sure if it's fair to say that Atai himself is one of the members of that group, but...

 What kind of place is the new place of service where half of the six witches will be put together?
 You don't mean to tell me that they will be deployed as a suicide attack force on the battlefield of the landed men, do you?

 Well, it's still better than being bored in a cell until I'm an old lady.
 Swimming while being closely escorted away by mermaid soldiers....
 How long?
 They had no idea where they were swimming because they were blindfolded.

 And here we are.
 We were on land.

 What's the new prison camp for you guys, on land?

We've arrived!

 The prince who was accompanying Attai and his men said.

This is the settlement where our saint lives! From this day forward, you will be here to serve your labors according to the orders of the Holy Father! That is your new punishment!