122-121 Cake

 With the participation of the Satyrs, our farm is finally being supplied with milk.

 I don't call it milk.
 It's not exactly the same thing.

 And the dairy products associated with milk are now available at the same time....
 Another possibility opened a door in front of me.

 Western sweets.
 Western sweets.

 I said it twice because it was important.

 Cakes, cookies, cream puffs, pies, tarts, chocolates, ice cream.
 Just listing the examples like this makes my mouth water.

 This time, I would like to try to make western sweets.

 Western sweets are usually made of flour, eggs and butter.
 I'm not prejudiced.

 So I can't start making pastries unless I have all three ingredients.
 Flour and eggs became available relatively early on, but butter and dairy products were not available in the first year.

 Now that it has been brought to us by satyrs, there's no reason not to step up.

 Bubbles! Bowls! Sieve! I've even worked with the elves to create a set of equipment!
 And I got a hot oven for you when I built the house!

 It's all there, and there's nothing missing!
 It's time to take the crown! No! Time to make a cake!
 The cake is in the honourable place!

 Yes, I decided to make a cake for the first part of my western baking session.
 It's a classic.

 While I have the recipe memorized from my time in the previous world, the most important thing to do in baking confectionery is to make sure you follow the measurements of each ingredient.

 No eye contact or anything like that.
 Be precise to the gram at all times.

 However, in this fantasy world, there is no such thing as a scale.
 Is this a setback for pastry making? But I have the familiar 'supreme bearer' every time I think about it.
 If I leave it to this kind of person, he can guide me to the perfect amount of ingredients in a very nuanced way.
 The "supreme bearer" will compensate for the details of the recipe that I don't know.
 If I don't think about it in my head, but let my hands do what they do, the supreme bearer will naturally choose the best way to make a delicious cake!
 Super convenient!

 On such a light note, start making cakes!

 First, make the dough.
 Put all the eggs and sugar in a bowl and stir.
 Isn't that a lot of sugar?
I leave it up to the "supreme bearer" to do it by hand habits only, but isn't that a lot of sugar?
 The right amount?
 The response back from My hand convinced me so.

 The stirring is done by my hands.
 Of course we use a whisk, but we don't have a fancy electric one in our house.
 This is a different world.
 In another world, an electric motor is the wickedest of the wicked!
 It's time to take advantage of the wrist snaps you've been working on daily in farm work!
 So, unravel the mixture of eggs and sugar (a bit of a subtraction) in the bowl.


 ........I want an electric whisk.
 Sorry. I was licking the cake baking.
 It's super hard to stir it up. My wrists are already starting to hurt.
 Speaking of which, most of the hard work on the farm has been done by Gobukichi and his crew recently.

 .........or am I not good enough?

 Was the farm building getting back on track, and the basic tasks were getting sparse?
 What a noble task baking a cake was to remind us that we need to go back to the beginning!

 Yes, I'll stir in silence.

 I'll consult with the elves and Verena next time and make a magic-powered foam stirrer.
 Yes, there's magic in this world without electric power!
 All you have to do is use your magic to fix everything! Viva magical civilization!

 I can't go on and on with the simple process of stirring the dough unless I'm thinking of the futility of it.

 Depending on the consistency of the dough, I add milk and flour.
 And butter.

'Butter! Butter!
Can I have some butter? I'm happy!

 The spirits of the earth have smelled the butter!

'Wait! Hold it right there, boys! I need this butter for a new dish!
There's nothing like butter.
'No, because I can make something better than butter! Stay put!
What's better than a banner?
"There is such a thing in the world!

 I wonder if I slipped up.

 But I still had to serve up some of the original butter, though.
 It's a good thing I prepared more butter for this kind of situation....

 Well, now that the dough seems to be ready (nuance request by the "supreme bearer"), let's put it in the mold and bake it!
 Beat it into the oven and bake it.
 Burn it up, wood for the kiln!
 Like that day at the Hondoji!


 The baked goods are well done!
 It's puffed up nicely.
 Since this was the first attempt, it's probably even better than good. Various "supreme bearers".

 After taking off the heat, I spread the whipped cream that I had prepared. Another gift from the satyrs.

 Shape it into a shape with the cream and top it with just the right amount of strawberries from the garden.


 The classic strawberry cake is done!

 Mmmm, good job.
 So, let's get right to the tasting.
 Where shall we eat it? Can I have my own room in the villa? And when I left the kitchen with the cake....

 When I left the kitchen with the cake, the zombie army was there.


 No, that's not it.
 It was the women who lived on this farm!

 Starting with Prathi, mermaids, demons, elves and satyrs, dozens and dozens of them were forming a group with their hands outstretched towards us!

 The sight of them was so reminiscent of the zombie movies I'd seen in the previous world that I had mistaken them for each other.
 No, their eyes are also bloodshot like zombies!
 What's wrong with that?

"Sir! Sir!

 Prathi says on behalf of the army of zombie girls.

'Didn't I make something sweet for you! 'Don't you dare get shy! There's a sweet smell outside the kitchen!

 And that's why everyone is here?

 No way, the girls are zombie-like because the sweet smell of baked cake has robbed them of their normal thoughts?

'Saints! Bite! Please take a bite of that worldly delicacy!
Our milk is part of your milk supply! If it is, we have the right to be part of it!
What's better than butter?
Just feed us!

 What could make a girl lose her mind like this?

 The fact that sweet things attract girls from different worlds doesn't change.

That absurdly sweet smell! I have a feeling that I'm going to have the biggest fever since Mochi-filled Zenzai! Just shut up and feed it to me!
"Let me eat it too!

 Veerle rushed in in in his dragon form, and the chaos on the scene reached its peak.

 In the end, there is no way we could distribute the first batch of cake to all the people we made, and I had to bake all day that day.
 I had to spend the whole day baking that day, whisking and mixing the dough.


 .................and my wrist breaks!
 Tendonitis inevitable!