124-123  God Food

"Yup! Let's go!

 The No-Life King's teacher is fired up.
 Isn't he a little too full of life, King of the Dead?

 It's basically a corpse, isn't it, anata?
 Will you remember the meaning of your own existence?

It's really a very cheerful corpse at the rite of passage, isn't it?

 Prathi also seemed to be baffled by the contradictory existence.

'It seems that servant gods are a hobby that the teacher hasn't had in hundreds of years. Once he learns to have fun, he'll have his energy back...

 Just try to put yourself in the shoes of a god who is summoned by it.
 It's a good thing that you have a good idea of what you're doing.

 That's why that dead man is sincerely happy when he gets an excuse like this.

''So there's no need to be so fearful, demon king?
That said... but if you're going to bother the No-Life King with every little thing...!

 Mr. Serious Demon King was horrified.

''What? What? What are you doing?
The doctor came in and you're having another festival?

 And the inhabitants of the farm gather around with a wild spirit.

'You guys haven't seen it yet, have you? .... well, just watch. It's going to be a hell of a lot of fun.

 The Puffa area is giving off a seniority wind........

''Oh no, Mr. Puffa, scare me!
'It's impossible when you're having a normal conversation with that no-life king, what more unusual things can happen?
Yeah, I'm just having a hard time getting used to being around teachers.

 A group of relatively new elves and satyrs were taking it easy, obliquely.
 But they would soon learn.
 There are still things in this world that are 'beyond imagination'.

''Did you call me?''

 ''Teacher, after successfully performing the rite of invocation, the Underworld God Hades appeared.
 He was still a dignified figure, with a rich beard, as always.

 Most of them got spooked and ran away.
 But please don't think that this is disrespectful to God in any way.
 When ordinary people were under the pressure of the gods directly, this was usually what happened.

''Our demon god Hades-sama, it's been a long time since we've seen you.

 Among them, as expected of the Demon King, he's bold and used to it, and he doesn't tremble at all at the words of greeting.
 Astares-san and Grashara-san kneel with the two demon queens in tow.

''Oh, it's the Demon King in this life. It's rare to see you here often.
"It is an honor for me to be granted an audience with the gods more than once in my life as a demon. I am both delighted and humbled by the honor of being granted an audience with the gods. But I am delighted to inform you that...
"You have destroyed Zeus' household.
Did you know?
"I am a god. 'I am God, and I am the ruler of this earth. And how could I be ignorant of what is going on on earth? Especially one so important that it could be re-written.
Thank you, sir.

 The demon king gave a deeper speech.

''Then let me add to that. It was not the human race that was destroyed by the human race, but the human race. The king of the human nation ended his own dynasty by behaving like a son-in-law and a king in the end.
"It doesn't matter.
"At this point, there is no need to shed any more blood, and the human race will rule together as inhabitants of the demon kingdom, and therefore of the earth.

 The demon king made this decision.

"I have come to see you in audience to make a new vow before God.
"A loyal man. But you're the first demon king to have dominion over the world in a long time, having defeated the annoying Zeus' kinsmen.

 The Dark God Hades says with satisfaction.

''From this day forward, I allow you to call yourself the 'Greatest Demon King of All Time'.
I don't deserve this honor.

 The Demon King responded politely.

''Uh........Well then, that's enough of the hard talk! So....!

 I step in between them.
 I can't stand it as their martial air spreads throughout the farm.

''Since it's a topic of congratulations this time, I've prepared an offering for the gods.

 This is my third vocation and my first offering.
Don't say, "What's the big deal now? You need to have a lot of occasions to come up with new ideas.

'This is auspicious. What do you propose to offer to me?
I'm on rice with bamboo shoots.

 I offered a tray of hokka-hokka rice on a tray to Hades, the god of the underworld.

 A bamboo forest growing in the spring area of the mountain dungeon.
 This is the rice I mixed with bamboo shoots from there and cooked.

 What's a spring-like dish? After hesitating, I felt that rice cooked with freshly picked bamboo shoots was more like spring.
 So I tried it out, and then I asked God to eat it first.

 It's not a bad idea.

It's an offering to the god of the land. Isn't it worth it?

 It could still be bad.
 I want something with more pomp and circumstance.

"...this is what you eat with your two little sticks, isn't it?

 God, I'm surprisingly good with chopsticks.
 No, before that, wait!
 We will have a gorgeous full course, after all!

 ........and by the time I tried to stop him, it was too late.
 God had eaten a bowl full of rice with bamboo shoots.


 The god Hades puts down his chopsticks and empty bowl and says a few words.

"I now declare bamboo shoots and rice to be God's food.

 I don't know, it's pretty obvious she's a certified consultant.

Well..., that's..., that's really...! Our precious spring specialty...!
"Do not be anxious. Only Zeus is the only one who would be so bigoted. Only Zeus would be so bigoted.'


"I recognized rice with bamboo shoots as God's food to praise him. Henceforth, everything on earth shall share the happiness of eating rice with God. Do not forget to thank the earth that nurtures it and eat rice with bamboo shoots.

 I've received some of the biggest accolades of all.
 Are you sure that's a good idea? It's relatively easy to make.

"I would like my wife, Demeter Sepone, to have some of this food and I would like you to wrap it up as a present for her.

 Oh, hi.
 Whatever you want.

"You'll be thirsty when you're done eating, so here's some food.

 And then Gala Rufa offered him a beer.

'Oh, wait...'

 As expected, that wasn't even on my schedule.
 But the god of Hades received the beer that was poured into the large mug made by the elves and gulped it down.

"....I now pronounce beer to be the drink of God.

 This is how the food of God increased.

              * * * *

 Incidentally, rice cooked with bamboo shoots, praised by the gods, restores all of one's physical and magical power when eaten.
 Also, beer, which was recognized as the liquor of the gods, would release poison, paralysis, and petrification just by drinking it.